E-commerce Websites

E-commerce Websites: Charting My Course Through Online Retail

The adventure into E-commerce Websites has been a pivotal part of my digital journey, a realm where entrepreneurship meets the digital age head-on. This exploration has shown me the vast potential and unique challenges of selling online, from creating an engaging storefront to optimising the user journey for conversion and customer retention. In this section, I delve into my experiences with building, launching, and growing e-commerce websites across various platforms like Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce.

Navigating the e-commerce landscape, I’ve encountered the critical elements of successful online stores: intuitive design, seamless navigation, robust payment processing, and effective product showcasing. Here, you’ll find my insights into leveraging these components to craft e-commerce experiences that not only attract customers but also encourage repeat business and brand loyalty.

I also share strategies for overcoming common e-commerce hurdles, such as cart abandonment, scaling issues, and navigating the complexities of shipping and fulfilment. Through reviews, case studies, and how-to guides, I aim to equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your e-commerce strategy, from selecting the right platform to implementing advanced features like AI-driven recommendations and omnichannel marketing.

Join me as we dive into the dynamic world of E-commerce Websites. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur ready to venture into online sales or an established brand looking to enhance your e-commerce presence, this section is designed to guide you through the intricacies of online retail, ensuring your venture into e-commerce is both successful and sustainable.

Redbubble vs Zazzle Comparison 2024: Which Is Better?

Print on demand sites have been a boon for many creatives. Those who had trouble keeping jobs throughout the pandemic have benefited from it. Indeed, it is a blessing for those who have long thought about turning hobbies and creative pursuits into meaningful careers.

TeeSpring vs Shopify 2024: How They Stack Up in POD

With print on demand POD services increasing over the past few years, even conventional ecommerce platforms like Shopify are getting into the game. But, that said, how do they compare to platforms specifically developed for creatives who may not have much of a budget or know-how with regard to creating a full-scale online store?

BigCommerce vs Shopify vs WooCommerce vs Magento Test 2024: Whats your pick?

BigCommerce vs Shopify vs WooCommerce vs Magento, It is difficult to point to an evident leader amongst the independent shopping carts, CMS plugins, and API platforms for e-Commerce. Each solution has its own distinguishing features that can meet the needs of various e-merchants. At the same time, these similar functions will be ineffective and even irritating to other store owners.

13 Magento Influencers to Follow for 2024, Years to Come…

The online retail business is on the surge already. As predicted earlier this year, 2016, the trend of online shopping grew up by 45%, and ‘mobile shopping’ tend to be the lead game changer for the retail businesses. Retailers are moving more and more to e-commerce platforms to grow their activities online.

14 Magento Pre-Launch Checklist For An Error-Free Website Launch

Designing and coding a website is certainly captivating for a designer and developer. It involves long-drawn-out processes that make any website attractive and operational. BUT – the journey is not easy as it looks like. If you are a web designer or a developer, you know that how nerve-racking is to launch a website smoothly, right? There are a lot of things in the process, and due to deadlines from the clients, you might forget an important change to push online. Such an event can lead to frustration and your project can fall in stagnation.

How to Find & Hire Right Magento Developers for Your Business

Let’s be honest and face it that you cannot run your Magento store on your own you will need to take on board an expert Magento developer to run the work smoothly for your ecommerce store. Why? Because as a marketer, or a business person you must have great ideas in your mind, but to translate and host your products, you need someone skilled in Magento to keep all checks green of your Magento store.

8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Magento for Your Ecommerce Store

Great businesses are not only built on user experience alone, but robust infrastructure and framework also plays a significant role in the success. When any business plan to go online, especially an online store, they most daunting task for them is to find the right CMS to host their products. When we say CMS, we are referring to platforms that are designed to host and deliver products on clicks of users.

Webflow vs Shopify Comparison 2024: Which is best for eCommerce?

Nowadays, site builders have begun to offer ecommerce features. These help enterprising individuals or small to medium-scale enterprises offer their wares online. But, as with all the platforms we have reviewed, not all these platforms are made alike. Some tend to have a more significant advantage in several aspects over the competition.

16 Best Dropshipping Websites 2024

With dropshipping, sellers save money as they don’t need to pay for warehouse rental or even wages for inventory management staff. Conversely, suppliers benefit from the arrangement as it gives them another channel through which to sell their products.

Best Dropshipping Stores 2024: 10 To Inspire You!

By learning how dropshipping stores are designed, organised, and operated, you can build your very own best dropshipping stores to achieve your sales goal. Since these top dropshipping stores are only inspos, you can get ideas – but remember not to make an exact clone!

7 Best Ecommerce Credit Card Processing Services 2024

In today’s highly competitive ecommerce field, it pays to have a payment processor that works best with how your business works and the nature and size of your business. To conclude, among the payment processors with the lowest payment processing fees we vetted, we find Helcim to be the best ecommerce credit card processing service.

Top 9 Best Dropshipping Platforms 2024

Based on our review of the best dropshipping platforms, we can easily conclude that Squarespace is best in class for those who want to consider the online retail sector. The former works for specialty outlets, as well as for small and medium enterprises. Magento is the best choice for larger enterprises with a more sizable range of annual sales.

5 Leading Print On Demand T Shirt Companies 2024

If you are looking for the best print on demand t shirt companies, the answer depends on what you need. We have five recommended eco friendly print on demand t-shirts services and each one has its own specialisation. Printful is the most popular among them and our top pick. It has logo creators and mockup generators – tools that are great for beginners. 

Best Free Online Store Website Builder 2024: Top 5 Picks!

Selling products online has become more popular and many entrepreneurs incorporated it as part of their strategy.  They either pursued online selling along with their local stores or switched to online selling entirely. However, selling online is not only about getting a website and then opening the shop right away. It requires passion, knowledge, and the right tools in order to succeed.

6 Best Shopping Cart Solutions 2024

Not all software platforms are created equal, and this particularly applies to shopping cart platforms. The best shopping cart software will enable users to modify the source code in order to create features specific to their website/online store certainly appeals to many online businesses as it allows them to have a completely bespoke storefront.

OpenCart Reviews 2024: An unbiased take

In this article, we’re going to learn more about OpenCart, an open-source eCommerce platform that might be just what you need to launch your online store. Let’s take a look at its ease of use, features, support, eCommerce features, SEO and mobility, and of course, pricing.

EKM vs Shopify UK Comparison 2024: Which eCommerce Platform Wins?

If you’re about to build your online store, you might as well consider EKM or Shopify. Both platforms are packed with features and tools that will not just put your online store up, it also ensures that you reach your target market and earn adequate if not above-average sales.The question is: which between them is a better fit for you and your needs?

Shopwired vs Shopify Comparison 2024: Which eCommerce Builder Wins?

While providers like Shopify have pretty much cornered the global market, there is a subset of ecommerce builders which specifically cater to local entrepreneurs within their country of origin. Japan, for example, has Rakuten and Mercari; Germany has Strivals and Inpsyde; and in the United Kingdom, there’s Weebly UK and Shopwired. For this review, we’ll see how Shopwired stacks up against a global player like Shopify.

Etsy Reviews UK 2024: Is Etsy legitimate?

When it comes to selling products online, it is unlikely that you haven’t heard of Etsy. Although products you can stock in Etsy are limited to handmade, craft, and vintage goods, Etsy reviews have highlighted the resiliency of the platform over the years. But with this Etsy review UK edition, we look beyond what the public knows about this marketplace.

Shopify vs BigCommerce vs Magento (& Volusion) Comparison 2024

Which of these online store builders work best for you – Shopify vs BigCommerce vs Magento? One of the key challenges of the ecommerce sector, especially now that even companies in the very large enterprise (VLE) sector are making the shift from brick and mortar to online and wired. But with the sheer number of ecommerce builders currently available, how do companies decide on what to use given the immense volume of transactions they need to deal with every day? In this review, we see how each of these platforms stacks up in terms of functionality, ecommerce capabilities, the stability of their hosting services, and – of course – pricing. 

Shopify vs Squarespace vs Wix Comparison 2024: Which To Pick For eCommerce?

In this review, we are looking at three of the field’s major players: Shopify vs Squarespace vs Wix. All three have been hailed at one time or another as the gold standard in eCommerce builders. Here, we will take a deep dive into each platform’s features, ecommerce capabilities, and price packages. Hopefully, you will see which one delivers the best possible product to their growing customer bases.

Shopify vs Squarespace vs WooCommerce Comparison 2024: What’s the best eCommerce Builder?

Basic ecommerce site builders are a godsend for companies who shifted from brick and mortar to virtual. They not only make things easier for store owners. These builders also help them expand to markets that they would not normally be able to access. But how do companies choose an ecommerce builder with which to set up shop online? What factors need to be taken into consideration before you settle on what platform to use? In this review, we pit together Shopify vs Squarespace vs WooCommerce.

BigCommerce vs Magento Comparison 2024: Which Works Best for a Growing Businesses?

BigCommerce vs Magento – which works best for your growing business? Magento has become the favourite ecommerce builder of companies that are scaling up from medium to large-scale operations. But hot on its heels is competitor BigCommerce which also offers a plethora of solutions growing companies can choose from to boost their online sales.
In this review, we stack up the best – and not so best – points for each of these ecommerce power players. 

Wix vs BigCommerce Comparison 2024: Who’s Better?

Which produces the better online store – Wix vs BigCommerce? In this Wix vs BigCommerce review, we show which of these builders is your best bet for creating a high-impact web store. Our Wix vs BigCommerce match-up will be looking at how each of these SaaS platforms stacks up in terms of usability, functionality, cost, and integration.

BigCommerce vs WooCommerce Comparison 2024: Which Solution Works Better?

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers have been churning out any number of site building platforms that have been specifically created for the ecommerce sector. BigCommerce and WooCommerce are just two of an increasing number of currently available options. In this review, we see whether BigCommerce or WooCommerce works better in real-world ecommerce site building scenarios in terms of features, functionality, ease of use, and pricing.

Free eCommerce Platforms 2024: Our Top 5 Picks

Today is the perfect time to be entrepreneurial, especially as brick and mortar businesses rapidly shift to the digital. A Fortune article highlights this reality: web hosting services saw their subscription up the roof by 141% in 2020. However, if it’s your first time selling products – physical or digital –online, it will take time and financial resources until you can get your sea legs on. That’s why we prepared this guide for newbies who are looking to create an online store without emptying their pockets. In this article, we answer the question – are there free eCommerce platforms you can use? What is the best free eCommerce software that can help you get your online store up and running?

Top 5 Best eCommerce Website Builder Options! (2024 Ultimate Guide)

With so many eCommerce solutions currently available, entrepreneurs tend to get flummoxed as to which one to choose. Obviously, one-size-fits-all ecommerce solutions won’t cut it and people need to shop around to see which programmes will work best for their business based on the size of the shop, the clientele, the products it offers, and its specific market. So how in the world does one determine the best possible choice for their needs?

Our 8 Best eCommerce Platform UK (Updated 2024)

The economic impact of COVID-19 on the British economy cannot be understated given how extensive and longstanding quarantines have affected the commercial sector, particularly the retail and foodservice industries. This unprecedented historical event has led to a serious paradigm shift: purveyors, entrepreneurs, and franchisees are now looking into (and have delved into) the possibilities offered by online commerce or eCommerce. As a result, many software development companies are ramping up the notion of offering online/cloud-hosted site builders as a Software as a Service (SaaS) to help entrepreneurs make the shift. But that begs the question: which programme is the best eCommerce UK platform?

Volusion vs Wix Test 2024: Who’s The Better eCommerce Choice?

In this review, we’re pitting Volusion, one of the oldest eCommerce-specific web building platforms in the industry, with Johnny-come-lately-to-the-field Wix. We’re going down to the brass tacks on this one. Let’s see how these two perform in terms of ease of use, eCommerce tools, design tools, overall functionality, and pricing.

3dcart vs BigCommerce Comparison 2024: Who Takes the Lead?

3dcart vs BigCommerce – these are two big names in eCommerce.

The online marketplace has grown exponentially over the past year. As a result, developers are in a mad rush to offer users better, more eCommerce-savvy building platforms.

In this review, we pit 3dcart vs BigCommerce as the site builder of choice for many eCommerce companies. Let’s take a deeper look into what both platforms offer, how much they charge, and how effective (and efficient) they are for the end-user.

Square Online Store Review 2024: How does it compare with the best?

Welcome to our Square Online reviews, where I will give you a comprehensive analysis of what has become one of the top-rate eCommerce platforms right now. This platform merges the best of two worlds – payment processing and website building – to develop a winning online store builder. This all happened in 2018 when Square bought Weebly. As a result, Square Online was born. The platform is peppered with fresh and neat features that are different – plus the very attractive free eCommerce plan. Learn how Square Online eCommerce platform is turning heads.

osCommerce Reviews 2024: Is It A Smarter Way To Build An Online Store?

The emergence of Shopify and, in this case, osCommerce, has revolutionized the scene by making it much easier to create and manage online stores. The osCommerce platform known as Online Merchant boasts of 352,924 members and the creation and management of 21,076 live online stores. In this osCommerce reviews, how well does this open-source builder stack up in an increasingly competitive market?

Ubercart Review 2024: Is this Open-Source Online Store Builder For You?

Ubercart is an open-source eCommerce solution used to integrate a shopping cart feature for online stores. Specifically, it uses the Drupal content management system (CMS), the leading open-source CMS built by a dedicated community of developers over a decade ago. Indeed, you can download and install this free module package to any Drupal-based website. It also provides websites with an easy add to cart and checkout functionality. With this software, you can upload products to your website, apply attributes, use different categories, and set up a payment system for free. However, in this Ubercart review, a question needs asking: is this free software good enough?

BigCartel Reviews 2024: Is This eCommerce Platform Reliable?

With BigCartel UK artists are in for a treat with a free eCommerce platform to sell their works online. The software has many attractive features. On its site, Big Cartel has listed over $2.5 billion in sales coursed through its platform. Big Cartel pricing is also affordable – and even comes with a free plan. Website users can also change the plan or cancel at any time, making it consumer-friendly.

ShopWired Reviews 2024: What’s Great About this eCommerce Platform?

ShopWired is the most esteemed eCommerce solution site in the UK and with good reason. The web-based platform builds websites for UK businesses to sell their products, providing features such as bulk uploading, multicurrency, dropshipping, tax settings, and a selection of payment gateways. Established in 2013, it quickly grew and has since launched 8,500+ eCommerce sites. Its popularity has prompted several ShopWired vs Shopify comparisons. In our ShopWired reviews, let’s dig into the ins and outs of this eCommerce platform, including ShopWired pricing and ShopWired dropshipping integration.

EKM Review 2024: What Makes this eCommerce Platform Stand Out?

As businesses pivot to the digital, building an online store should be something to consider seriously. Therefore, in this EKM review, let’s examine how this UK-based eCommerce should be on your shortlist of online store builders. Learn how an EKM shop can drive your sales and growth targets. Also, how does it compare to its main competitors, such as EKM vs Shopify? Find out all the must-knows in this EKM.com review.

Shift4Shop 3Dcart Reviews 2024: What is 3Dcart by Shift4Shop?

Shift4Shop 3Dcart provides stable and reliable features for startups and growing online businesses while offering features that allow brands to expand and cater to their mobile customer’s needs. On the other hand, 3Dcart eCommerce, compared to other eCommerce builders, offers limited creative freedom and control. If 3Dcart reviews are to be believed, these are perhaps, the platform’s most significant value propositions.

GoDaddy Online Store 2024: A No-Holds-Barred Review

This GoDaddy Online store review provides insight into the pros and cons of using GoDaddy for eCommerce. Unsurprisingly, there are numerous site-builders and e-Commerce platforms in the market. If you’ve read GoDaddy eCommerce reviews, you’d know that all platforms come with highs and lows. All of these should be considered before signing up for a commitment. But with named brands flooding the market now, does GoDaddy eCommerce meet expectations?

Ecwid vs Shopify Comparison 2024: Which eCommerce Platform is Better?

When you’re starting to build your brand name, you’ll need a good e-commerce platform that suits your business needs. With numerous online platforms, Ecwid Shopify, like many others, help you make your business stand out and make the running of your e-commerce store smoother.

In this article, let’s dive deep and find out why Ecwid Shopify are leading names in the e-commerce industry. By the end of this article, you’ll see which platform can help take your business to a whole new level – Ecwid or Shopify?

Weebly vs Shopify Comparison 2024: Who wins?

Nowadays, you don’t have to be a coding expert or computer science graduate to be able to build a website. There are numerous software and online platforms, Weebly Shopify, and others, that help makes the process easier. Weebly vs Shopify are two platforms usually involved in the debate on which is better for eCommerce purposes.

How to choose e-Commerce site building services? (2024 Guide)

eCommerce is already a huge global industry but it is never too late to get your own eCommerce store up and running with top quality eCommerce website design in the UK. An eCommerce store breaks the limitations that you would face with a physical store and will open you up to a global audience and the potential of global sales coming with it.

PrestaShop vs Shopify Comparison 2024: Who Wins?

Looking for an online store presence and undecided which platform to use? Our latest comparison review of PrestaShop vs Shopify goes deep into two platforms that will meet different needs.

In our Prestashop vs Shopify comparison we will give you the lowdown on both. This should help you to fill your e-commerce trolley platform requirements and make your checkout decision on which provider to use that little bit easier.

Volusion vs Shopify Comparison 2024: Who Wins?

When establishing an online store, you have a good choice of platforms to choose from. Some like Shopify are extremely well established, others such as the Volusion ecommerce offering have been around for a long time.

The latter may not be as popular, but that should not discourage you from seeking in-depth information on exactly what is offered.

With this in mind, we have put together a comprehensive Volusion vs Shopify review that gives you the lowdown on what each platform has to offer. Our guide is a side-by-side view on what we feel are most important when looking at these two web building platforms. To help you clearly understand the differences we have also placed a Volusion versus Shopify winners verdict at the end of each section.

Shopify vs Squarespace Comparison 2024: Who Wins?

If you are looking to set up an online store for selling products or services then you want the best ecommerce platform to meet your needs. Two of the renowned providers in this arena are compared in our Shopify vs Squarespace review. We will take a detailed look at what each has to offer and then give our assessment of which is best for your particular business needs.

Our guide is a side-by-side view on what we feel are most important when looking at these two web building platforms. To help you clearly understand the differences we have also placed a Squarespace Shopify winners verdict at the end of each section.

Magento vs Shopify Comparison 2024: Who Wins?

Magento or Shopify for your ecommerce platform? Two big hitters in the ecommerce platform arena clash in our extensive, informed and in-depth comparison review.

In our Magento vs Shopify comparison we will give you the lowdown on both. This should help you to fill your e-commerce trolley platform requirements and make your checkout decision on which provider to use that little bit easier.

We have dug deeply into the Magento vs Shopify platforms in order to help you clearly see what both have to offer. Our guide is a side-by-side view on what we feel are most important when looking at these two web building platforms. To help you clearly understand the differences we have also placed a Magento Shopify winners verdict at the end of each section.

Squarespace eCommerce Review 2024: Is a Squarespace Store Worth It?

Welcome to our Squarespace eCommerce review. The ever-increasing need for your business to reach out online to existing customers, and to find new markets makes the choice of an appropriate ecommerce platform crucial to your business success.

One such ecommerce platform is Squarespace and our Squarespace ecommerce review is here to tell it how it is.

Shopify vs WordPress Comparison 2024: Who Wins?

Shopify and WordPress are two major players in the eCommerce platform arena. Anyone looking to make the most of online store success needs a robust platform to achieve this.

In our Wordpress vs Shopify comparison we will give you the lowdown on both. This should help you to fill your e-commerce trolley platform requirements and make your checkout decision on which provider to use that little bit easier.

Shopify vs Wix Comparison 2024: Who Wins?

Wix or Shopify? Decisions, Decisions! When it comes to an online website builder with E-Commerce punching power which corner will you side with? It is clear that there are lots of web builders and E-Commerce platforms available for you to choose from. Wix vs Shopify for E-Commerce certainly falls into this category.

In our Shopify vs Wix comparison we will give you the lowdown on both. This should help you to fill your e-commerce trolley platform requirements and make your checkout decision on which provider to use that little bit easier.

Shopify vs BigCommerce Comparison 2024: Who Wins?

BigCommerce or Shopify for your ecommerce platform? This is an extremely worthy question because any business adding an online outlet to their bricks and mortar ‘high street’ business, or those embarking on a new business venture need to choose carefully.

Two major players in this league will be compared below. In our Shopify vs BigCommerce comparison we will give you the lowdown on both. This should help you to fill your e-commerce trolley platform requirements and make your checkout decision on which provider to use that little bit easier.

Volusion Reviews 2024: What is Volusion Website Builder?

Welcome to our Volusion reviews! Given the paradigm shift from brick-and-mortar establishments to online retail, several companies now offer website builders for the specific use of start-ups, entrepreneurs, and companies making the significant shift from analogue to digital. The Volusion website builder is one such product. So, let’s get into it: what is Volusion doing right. And, conversely, what is Volusion doing wrong? What about Volusion pricing – does it offer value for money?

eCommerce PrestaShop Reviews 2024: Prestashop pricing & features

Welcome to our PrestaShop reviews. Any brand with online retail ambitions needs a platform that allows easy customer checkout functions.

Achieve this and whether your ambition is to sell locally, nationally or globally, you have the ability to leverage a constantly increasing online community of buyers.

The eCommerce PrestaShop reviews gives you the lowdown on this global shopping cart solution.

WooCommerce Reviews 2024: The Ultimate WordPress WooCommerce Shop!

The popularity of the open source WooCommerce platform has made it one of the most popular selling platforms on the globe. Being a plugin for WordPress it has the ability to turn your website into an extremely powerful online store.

Both WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin are free for personal as well as commercial use. This means that once installed they can be used immediately to establish an online store presence.

BigCommerce Reviews 2024: Does the BigCommerce Page Builder Measure Up?

Welcome to our BigCommerce Reviews. BigCommerce is classed as an all-in-one eCommerce platform offering features that allow businesses to create, maintain and expand their online store with ease. The complete set of tools offered for building online stores include the integration of payment gateways, advanced marketing tools, solid hosting and security features.

Shopify Reviews UK 2024: The ultimate selling on Shopify review!

Welcome to our Shopify store reviews! The Shopify web application allows businesses to create their own online store using a wide choice of customisable templates. The flexibility of this customisation ensures that your individual product and branding requirements can be displayed exactly as you wish.

Wix eCommerce Review 2024: Is Wix good for eCommerce?

Welcome to our Wix eCommerce Review. In this Wix store review we will look at why the world’s largest ‘drag and drop’ web builder is a perfect fit for small businesses looking to build a website and quickly get their products and services online and start selling just as fast!