Email Marketing

    Ah, Email Marketing! A craft I’ve been perfecting for two decades now, much like the continuous evolution of the iconic London black cab. Allow me to take you on a journey through the busy streets of Email Marketing, stopping at the most critical stations along the way.


    Newsletters are the pulse of your marketing efforts, similar to the chimes of Big Ben, resonating with your audience at regular intervals. I’ll guide you on how to create newsletters that engage and inform, echoing your brand’s message.

    Campaign Automation

    Campaign automation, a fine innovation in Email Marketing, brings efficiency to your endeavours. Join me as I explore various tools and services, just as one would explore the curated collections of the British Museum.

    List Building: Building Email Lists

    Building an email list is akin to gathering loyal supporters at a football match in Wembley Stadium. Together, we’ll learn to attract the right crowd and keep them cheering.

    Email Marketing Campaign Strategies

    Strategising an email campaign requires precision and creativity. I’ll show you how to blend these elements like a perfect cup of English tea, savouring every drop of success.

    Email Marketing Software

    The right tools make all the difference, and I’ve had the pleasure of working with the best in the industry. We’ll explore various platforms, picking the right ones to suit your specific needs.

    Analyzing Email Campaigns

    Analysis is the compass that guides our journey. I’ll show you how to dissect your email campaigns like a detective at Scotland Yard, extracting valuable insights.

    Personalization in Email Marketing

    Personalization is the warmth of a friendly greeting. It turns mere messages into heartfelt connections. Together, we’ll add that special touch to your email campaigns, reminiscent of the cordiality found in a cosy London pub.

    As we conclude our expedition through Email Marketing, I hope you’ve found the insights as enriching as a leisurely stroll through Hyde Park. It’s been my privilege to share the strategies, tools, and wisdom gathered over 20 years in the heart of London’s digital landscape.

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