Shift4Shop Reviews 2024: Does This eCommerce Site Builder Impress?

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Shift4Shop is a cloud-based e-commerce platform that provides small to medium-sized businesses with the tools to create and manage an online store. It offers a user-friendly interface, customizable templates, and a range of features such as inventory management, payment processing, and shipping integrations, making it an all-in-one solution for online businesses.

  • Ease of Use - 90%
  • Features & Flexibility - 91%
  • SEO & Mobility - 90%
  • eCommerce Tools - 91%
  • Support & Resources - 88%
  • Pricing - 90%


  • Offers a wide range of useful ecommerce-centric features;
  • Mobile responsive pages enable users to expand their customer base;
  • Free to use edition offers the same functionality as the premium version


  • Free edition is only available to users in the United States;
  • Learning curve can be quite steep;
  • Monthly rates are on the high end of the scale

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Introduction to our Shift4Shop Reviews:

Welcome to our Shift4Shop reviews!

Ecommerce website builders have been a boon to just about everyone who has shifted from brick and mortar enterprise to the digital marketplace. But not all of these digital storefront builders were made alike; especially now in the context of a more competitive industry, the real game involves offering specific features to aid those who want to expand their core markets – a tool suite that would include features for international shipping and delivery, currency exchange, and even dropshipping.

In our Shift4Shop reviews, we’ll see how this particular ecommerce builder stacks up as a viable option for the current generation of online entrepreneurs. We will see how it fares in ease of use, features and functionality, and value for money.

Overview: Is Shift4Shop the real deal?

Shift 4Shop is actually the third iteration of an ecommerce-centric site building platform introduced back in 1997. Since then, thanks to a series of mergers and purchases, the entity has evolved from Infomart 2000, to 3DCart in 2001, and – thanks to having been bought by Shift4 Payments – Shift4Shop in 2020.

In its current iteration, Shift 4Shop is a software as a service (SaaS) entity with its own cloud-based ecommerce building platform.

Its technical framework involves Microsoft. NET 4.5, as well as AngularJS, Elasticsearch, Entity Framework 6, and Lucene. The platform's UI is composed of a basic builder and ecommerce-centric tools. It also offers APIs for storefront management, shipping and payment interfaces, and integration with a number of the most widely used payment gateways.

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Ease of Use:

What we like about the platform in this Shift 4Shop review is that even those with no prior knowledge of site creation, let alone storefront building, can create a working online shop front relatively quickly.

So is Shift4Shop legit user-friendly? We think so.

The platform’s UI is arranged in such a way that you can easily navigate through it almost as soon as you’ve created a user account and logged into it. Likewise, Shift4Shop’s quick design bar makes it easy to swap through layouts and elements anywhere in your site without needing to fiddle with the HTML.

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Features and Flexibility:

Next up on our Shift4Shop reviews, to answer the question “Is Shift4Shop legit?” what features can you expect with this builder? And are they effective?


Shift4Shop proudly boasts that it has more features than the competition – and rightly so. After logging on, it offers how to create a working site. Specific features are as follows:

  • Drag and drop user interface for easy layout and site design;
  • Quick design toolbar to help swap templates and aesthetic elements;
  • Business management toolkit;
  • Inventory management toolkit;
  • Customer-centric services kit;
  • FTP and API access for easy uploading of files;
  • Advanced analytics with periodic metrics reporting and dashboards; and
  • Proprietary customer feedback system.

Shift4Shop Themes and Templates:

For our Shift4Shop reviews, let's talk about themes and templates. Shift 4Shop probably has the most extensive collection of free-to-use site themes and templates. The platform offers over 100 professionally designed templates and theme sets, many of which are grouped per industry to make it easier for users to choose an aesthetic in keeping with their specific area of expertise or specialization.

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Customisation Tools:

Is Shift4Shop legit when it comes to customisation?

One nifty feature that is already built into Shift 4Shop’s user interface is what it calls its quick edit tab. This allows users to make immediate changes to their site even through their actual online storefront.

The quick edit tab’s key features are as follows:

  • Enables users to edit key areas or whole pages in one's Shift4Shop site directly from the home page/storefront;
  • Adjust categories, configuration, and even item sorting through the Category Page; and
  • Make minor or major changes to product details, products, and sales options through individual product pages.

In doing so, Shift4Shop gives users a more convenient way by which they can customise their websites without having to go through the entire rigamarole of accessing the back end to make any changes.

Shift4Shop apps / 3rd Party Integrations:

What Shift4Shop apps can you use to enhance your site's functionality?

One of the neat things about Shift 4Shop is just how extensive its compatibility can be when it comes to third-party applications – but this tends to raise eyebrows as the platform can stand well on its own given the extent of its features and overall functionality.

Nevertheless, compatibility comes in handy, especially where ecommerce is concerned in this Shift 4 Shop review. Regarding social media integration, sites built on the platform can easily be linked to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts. Likewise, we emphasise in this Shift 4 Shop review that the platform also works with several of the industry's most widely used payment gateways, including Stripe, PayPal, and proprietary gateways from its parent company Shift4.


So – is Shift4Shop legit? How does it perform when it comes to hosting?

On our Shift4Shop reviews, scalable ecommerce hosting is one of the key advantages of using Shift4Shop as one’s primary storefront creation platform.

The built-in managed web hosting feature offers guaranteed 99.9% uptime, as well as PCI certification and online security measures. Users also get their own custom domain name which they can easily renew for free annually, transparent upgrades every month, a 256-bit SSL certificate, and FTP access to ensure secure file uploading.

Likewise, Cloudflare is what keeps online stores made and hosted on the platform up and running at all times. This also gives users access to a global content delivery network, while Argo smart routing allows sites to load at optimal speeds.

The platform's key security feature is its built-in measures for protecting sites against DDoS attacks and other threats.


For this Shift 4 Shop review, Shift 4Shop users have the advantage of daily backups to ensure that their sites remain available regardless of technical issues.

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SEO and Mobility:

Is Shift4Shop legit in helping you rank well in search engines? Stik with this Shift4Shop reviews to find out.


Shift4Shop offers a range of SEO tools for its users and comes up with upgrades and/or improvements on these tools on a regular basis. Over the past year alone, these have included the following:

  • SEO Traffic Analytics, a feature that enables users to understand how customers interact or engage with their online stores. It’s a great way to show users how well their stores are performing, which pages or products are the best in terms of performance, and which areas require improvement;
  • Title and Meta-tag Optimization to ensure that one’s site appears in the highly-important top ten results in an online search;
  • Title Tag Optimization which allows users to customize their tags (as long as these are made up of 60 characters
  • or less) rather than rely on auto-generated ones; and
  • Custom URL improvements to ensure that a site’s website address is not cumbersomely long. This also makes it easy to find and access online.


So, is Shift4Shop legit in improving your site's mobile responsivity?

Mobile responsive sites have a greater advantage than desktop-only sites: anyone can access them on the fly, adjust for easy reading from a smaller screen, and offer easier access to links.

Mobile responsiveness is included in the Shift4Shop UI, which extends to online storefronts. For this Shift 4 Shop review, the platform also gives users a way to manage their online stores through a mobile device, making it much easier to work on and monitor the performance of one’s online retail hub even on the go.

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eCommerce Tools:

Is Shift4Shop legit in its eCommerce offerings?

Certainly. In our Shift4Shop reviews, we find that as an ecommerce-centric platform, it’s not surprising that Shift4Shop has an extensive array of tools at an online entrepreneur’s fingertips, some of which are available at reasonable Shift4Shop fees;

  • Among the platform’s aces are the following:
  • Unlimited product variants, categories, and subcategories;
  • Secure shopping cart system, including saved and persistent carts;
  • Real-time shipping and label printing service;
  • Gift wrapping order feature;
  • Tax rate calculation and currency exchange;
  • Shift4Shop Dropshipping tools; and
  • Features allowing for the sale and distribution of digital downloads.

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Support and Resources:

Unfortunately, for our Shift4Shop reviews, the platform's weakness tends to be its technical support options.

While service through LiveChat and email work quite well for users within the mainland United States, they don’t work as well for users overseas.

Likewise, we feel as we wrote this Shift4Shop reviews that its response team needs to brush up on its bedside manner, so to speak, as the responses we got for even the most basic queries were somewhat brusque and vague.

However, the platform’s saving grace lies in its regularly updated blog which features a wealth of information, including regular updates and improvements to features, basic troubleshooting procedures, and news regarding upcoming changes.

See more Shift 4Shop support features

Shift4Shop Pricing:

If you're wondering “Is Shift4Shop legit?,” you're probably asking yourself if it's worth the money for its features.

For our Shift4Shop reviews, we're glad to tell you it offers a free eCommerce version.

Shift4Shop cost range between $29.00 monthly for the Basic Store option and $229.00 monthly for the Pro Store option which includes the ability to automate several store management features to make running your online store easier.


Shift4Shop Free trial/refunds/money-back guarantee:

For our Shift 4 Shop review, we find that a Shift4Shop free-to-use option called the End to End Commerce plan is unique. This enables users to create high-functioning online stores without having to pay a single cent. Unfortunately, this feature is only available for users in the United States.

Shift4Shop legal page states the platform does not offer refunds or a money-back guarantee for those who are not satisfied with it or want to terminate their subscriptions.

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Conclusion and Recommendation to our Shift4Shop Reviews :

Now to wrap up our Shift4Shop reviews;

While Shift4Shop, the platform formerly known as 3DCart, works beautifully, we can’t help but feel that it has a bit too much going on. However, it helps users save a great deal of time – and money – when it comes to creating an engaging online store.

What is it best for?

Works best for those whose knowledge of site creation/shop management/coding is practically tabula rasa. In which case, we recommend this for those who are just starting to consider the ecommerce route for their businesses.

What is it not best for?

Probably not the best choice for more established businesses or those located outside of the United States as we noticed that most of the features are only available to American users.

Shift4Shop Alternatives:

In this Shift 4 Shop review, we recommend the following Shift4Shop alternative platforms to build your eCommerce presence:

  • Shift4Shop vs Shopify: Shopify is often the platform of choice as it offers maximum user flexibility, making it a good choice against Shift 4Shop.
  • Shift 4 Shop vs Squarespace: Squarespace offers value, especially for those who are in the service-centric sector of the eCommerce field. While Shift4Shop offers the option to sell digital downloads, Squarespace offers the option as well as the ability to set appointments and collaborations.
  • Shift4 vs Square: In this Shift 4 Shop review, our opinion is that since Square is a payment technologies developer like Shift4, it gives the platform a serious run for its money in terms of proprietary tools and specific services. Also, Square steps things up by offering its wares to all its users anywhere in the world.
  • Shift4Shop vs Ecwid: Ecwid is more of a plugin rather than a standalone eCommerce platform. In which case Shift4Shop is a more reasonable option to use.

Shift4Shop Reviews Final Word:

So, is Shift4Shop legit as an ecommerce website builder?

To conclude this Shift4Shop reviews, while we have given readers a general overview regarding Shift4Shop, we recommend shopping around for an ecommerce builder that meets their specific needs.

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Can I Use Shift4Shop for free?

Yes, as mentioned in our Shift 4 Shop review, the platform offers an End-to-End Commerce package that allows users to create their websites free of charge. Take note, however, that this is only available for users within the United States.

What’s the price range for a Shift4Shop subscription?

Depending on which subscription you opt for, you stand to pay between $29.00 and $229.00 a month. As discussed in this Shift 4 Shop review, the features and functions are also dependent on the subscription you choose.

That’s all for now:

Grateful to you for reading our Shift4Shop reviews! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our ever-growing blog of review and comparison articles of eCommerce platforms, SEO software, screen capture tools, webinar and conferencing software, education platforms, website builders, and more such as;

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