How to invest in pre-owned expired domain names?

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Domain name is not synonyms with GoDaddy, despite what you think. GoDaddy is simply one of the biggest domain name sellers who has made a good name for itself. There are dozens of other great resellers who are doing great job of providing hassle-free, cheap and popular TLD domain names to the users. However, today, we will concentrate on something special, used domain names. Yes, those domain names which were previously registered but they are not renewed after the registration expired. You need to renew your registration of domain names, you can ‘own’ it, hope you know that.

Why invest in pre-owned expired domain names?

Coming back to the point, there are several advantages of buying a used domain.

  1. Firstly, there is hardly any easy to remember, short domain name left in the world. to has been booked.
  2. Secondly, all these sellers want premium pricing for premium domain names. Trust us when we say this price can be extravagant. Why would you spend a fortune in securing a domain name, especially if you are just starting a business.
  3. There is another advantage of buying used domains. If the company or individual who previously owned the website used SEO on it, there are hundreds of inbound links which come free for you. As your business is in the same field, (you wouldn't buy if you are selling chocolates, you would rather buy the used domain rather; both fictitious domains used for example purposes only), your online marketing would receive a free boost and this boost can be hugely beneficial. In fact, you can test the boost you would receive, even before you buy the domain name. We would explain that trick in this article as well.

If you want to buy used domain names, where would you go?


You must have heard of GoDaddy even if that's the only domain reseller you know if.

You must already be familiar with this name if you know a thing or two about the market of domains. This platform is where all the possible expired domains are listed along with the number of bids already placed, the market price, traffic, valuation and a box where you can place your own bidding offer to buy the domain.

The method is simple and once you click on a particular domain name, several more details are going to appear and help you to move along with your choice. With a list of everything provided at your disposal, any time can be the best time to grab the opportunity to get a reputed and experienced domain name.

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Like GoDaddy, you can find both expired domains and new domains on Namecheap. You can simply choose your domain name, make an offer and move on. You will get the price or bids, the auction closing date and an array of related information which would help you make your mind up.

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ExpiredDomain is the best source for expired domains if you are into SEO. See, hundreds, probably thousands, of domains expire every day because this reason or that. Sometime the owner forgets to renew those or sometimes they don't want to work on them any longer. If you want to invest in some of those sites only after checking the SEO value of the site, go nowhere else. You can check the PR, backlink profile and SEO of any expired domain before you place the order or the bid and you don't need to spend a penny for this. Moreover, you don't even need to sign up before you check up the expired domains or even their SEO value.

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Pick up the freshly dropped domain name before someone else. Again, this site is very handy, just like ExpiredDomain, because it lets you check a whole lot of information before you place your order.

While ExpiredDomain lets you check SEO information related information in details, FreshDrop allows you to use different filters to fine-tune your search and arrive at the most desired domain name easily.

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This is more like GoDaddy, a big player with lots of frills which the big players offer with their services and products. are big enough to be reliable and they have, but obviously, a huge list of expired (As well as new) domains listed for picking up. They have those coupon codes available everywhere on the net which makes the deal even sweeter.

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This might sound a new name to you but this site is taking it seriously. The features DomCop offer, that too within the comfort of a few clicks, are amazing. Among others, they offer PageRank. MozRank, SEMRush Rank & Traffic, Domain Authority, Page Authority, SimilarWeb Rank, Majestic SEO Trust and Citation flow. This is not an exhaustive list as this site shows around 40 metrics to compare different domains. Told you, they are taking it seriously.

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NameJet is another source of getting a desired domain name which has expired. Whatever might be your purpose, a scavenger of domain names or just want a domain name for your upcoming website, you can find it here. The interface is cleverly designed so everything is pretty much intuitive. They have won awards for their innovative approach as well. You can participate in domain auctions easily and their trustworthiness is surely something you could bank upon.

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All these sites we mentioned offer the best buying experience for desktop users but if you are happy with shopping your domain names from your mobile, SnapNames is where you should go. They are in the business for a decade and they offer services like domain broking, daily auctions and premium auctions, all aimed towards the smartphone users. You can trust them surely.

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The best feature of this domain seller is how they offer spam-free domain list, exclusively. Whether you are an investor or an aspiring website owner, you can get authentic expired domains from DomainPeel. This is a great starting point for newbies who don't understand all those metrics like domain authority, page rank and more.

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If you need a service which is exactly opposite of DomainPeel and offers enough information to make even the most hardened investor think twice, then Flippa is right for you. You can check all the different types of domain names, the expired ones, the about to expire ones, the deleted ones and the already sold domains, there are so many options and filters available for the expert users to choose from. They maintain a greatly informative and helpful blog which educates you about the best ways to pick up the most appropriate domain names.

Once you click on a domain name, you are redirected to a page which contains all the information in the world about that domain and you can place the bid on that site from that page itself.

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DomainHole is a nice choice if you are after some nice domain names which recently expired. A lot of filters are present and they make the whole operation smoother and more comfortable. They have a list of TLDs and you can check that list manually as well. They update the expired domains list every day and you can continue to search every day till you find what you are looking for.

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DomainsBot is a great resource to find expired and soon expiring domain names. There are ample number of filters available to help you to narrow down the domain names available. Once you like a domain, click on the domain to get a pretty exhaustive list of information. Once you like the details you see, just buy it from the same page. They are in the business for more than a decade which makes them pretty reliable.

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That is pretty exhaustive a list for you which took me almost two days to compile. We have already explained why investing in expired domains is such a good idea and with all these websites offering helpful features for you to select the most appropriate domain name, the process is not a rocket science either. If you can't find a good enough domain name to start your business, you can check all these resources to grab some awesome domains which expired recently. If you are a domain investor or SEO chap, again, these are excellent resources. Pick up for a few pennies and resell at great prices.

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