Zyro Website Builder Review 2024: Zyro pricing & huge discounts!

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Zyro is a website builder that offers a variety of templates and drag-and-drop tools for creating websites, as well as hosting, domain registration, and SEO tools. It also offers e-commerce and blogging features.

  • Ease of Use - 90%
  • Features & Flexibility - 85%
  • SEO & Mobility - 85%
  • Help & Support - 85%
  • Pricing - 95%


  • Reliable uptime
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • AI-based tools
  • Cheap


  • You can’t switch templates
  • The free account has limited add-ons
  • You won’t be able to schedule posts

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Introduction to our Zyro Reviews.

Say you want to build a website from scratch. Before, this would require time, effort, and some technical knowledge. Not anymore. If you want to develop a lightweight, hassle-free website, then Zyro is the solution for you. The site-builder is perfect for users that have little to no coding skills and background. But, this doesn't mean that technically advanced users are at a disadvantage. But, what about Zyro pricing? Is getting this website builder worth it? Here's our contribution to several Zyro reviews you can already find online.

Overview: Zyro at a Glance.

Zyro builder is a newcomer in the site-building world. It's branded as a budget-friendly and beginner-friendly builder that's packed with features for everyone. Introduced by Hostinger, it aims to be a minimalistic site-builder that lets you build fully functional sites in less than an hour, and with very pocket-friendly Zyro pricing to boot.

Most Zyro reviews laud its unique features. Let's find out if the features offered are a match for Zyro pricing in this Zyro website builder review.

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Ease of Use:

In this Zyro reviews, we find the site builders' ease of use terrific. If you've ever used a graphic user interface, then you're probably going to like Zyro. It has a beginner-friendly and straightforward interface that doesn't cram all your options in a single scrollable screen.

Also, in our Zyro reviews, we give props to its drag-and-drop editor lets you preview changes made to your website. Consequently, it makes it easier for you to work on your CMS. Zyro didn't spare any expense with ease of use and functionality. Web development GUI, AI content production scripts, AI heatmap, and more features make it easier for anyone to build and optimise their website.

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Out of the box:

On the other hand, considering Zyro pricing, it's a functional site-builder that perfect for anyone who wants to get their site off of the ground in no time. It provides users with an easy-to-use interface right of the bat. Additionally, there are numerous tools and add-ons that you can use to customize and launch your website or eCommerce store.

There are no coding skills required, nor does it have a steep learning curve. The uniqueness of Zyro stems from its AI-based tools that can highlight parts of your site and generate content.

Themes and Templates:

First, this Zyro reviews find that all free plan users have access to over 70 templates. These templates are aesthetically pleasing for any industry and are mobile-friendly. Secondly, templates cover different sectors from design and fashion to hospitality and more. The downside, however, is that, in terms of customisation, there isn't much you can do with these templates for now.

3rd Party Apps Market:

Compared to other site-builders, the Zyro doesn't have an extensive app market. This could be understandable, given the Zyro pricing. However, it offers essential integration with various services such as Facebook Messenger, Google Ads, and Hotjar analytics that you can use for the betterment of your site.

Hosting and Backups:

Tests we've run, and even by other Zyro reviews, confirm that it has excellent uptime and reliable hosting. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that Zyro is the foundation for your site, and comes at an affordable Zyro pricing.

Depending on your subscription plan, you can enjoy weekly backups for your site.


Our Zyro website builder review wouldn't be complete if we didn't talk about migration options. Zyro web sites can easily be backed up, restored, and migrated to between themes. There is also cool functionality to import your website contents into Zyro easily, so basically gives you access to the Zyro website builder without losing any of your content. Also, as stated in several Zyro website builder reviews, Zyro offers an extensive knowledge base through Hostinger that gives you a run-through on migrating your Zyro site.

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eCommerce Tools:

Zyro boasts of a complete eCommerce solution to help any vendor build their online store. Here are some of its eCommerce features:

  • Inventory management
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Tax calculations
  • Shipping/tracking
  • Ecellent 3rd party integrations (Amazon, eBay, and Facebook)
  • Several payment options

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SEO and Mobility:


Zyro website builder reviews give a thumbs up to its AI content generator that creates SEO-friendly content. The unique AI also highlights suggestions for your site in a few clicks. Zyro ensures that your site is optimised from the get-go that gives you more time to focus on your business and end-users.

In addition, All Zyro plans include SEO tools. At the same time, Zyro Premium gives you access to Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, therefore, ensuring positive site's SEO.


Considering Zyro pricing, its refreshing to know that a budget-friendly site-builder produces mobile-responsive sites from the beginning. Because of the speed, you can rest easy knowing your site will look good regardless of screen size.


Several Zyro reviews kudos for their 99.95% uptime and impeccable speeds. Google favours a site that has at least an average page speed of 200ms. Considering Zyro pricing, they deserve a pat on the back for delivering optimal page speeds on most of their servers.

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Support and Resources:

We know that in this Zyro website builder review, it's essential to talk about lines of support. Despite its drag-and-drop editor and user-friendly interface, you might need help. It's vital to have something to lean on when you encounter obstacles.

That being said, Zyro does not have your typical live chat support. Although it's common for site-builder, Zyro has other support options. It, on the other hand, has a chatbot that forwards your concerns to its technical support team. You can also reach the support team via email, but, there is a wait time, according to some users' comments in Zyro website builder reviews.

For Zyro website builder tutorials, they have a limited knowledge base. There are how-tos and basic tutorials on how to tweak and troubleshoot common issues.

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Zyro Pricing:

For our Zyro reviews, the official website states there is no longer a free plan. It did have until recently with a 500MB bandwidth allotment and 500MB storage. It seems they have now moved to a heavily discounted pricing instead. Makes this the cheapest in the market!

When it comes to Zyro pricing, there are, essentially, four subscriptions you can choose from;

zyro reviews of pricing

All plans include the AI Writer and logo maker.

First, the Basic plan includes 3GB of bandwidth and 1 GB of storage. It removes Zyro adds and lets you connect your own domain. Plus, it includes SSL security and SEO optimization.

Second, the Unleashed plan includes unlimited bandwidth allotments, unlimited storage, and all the previous plans' features plus a free domain for a year.

Third, the eCommerce plan is perfect for selling online. it includes unlimited bandwidth and storage, free domain for a year, and all the perks of lower-tier plans. Messenger live chat, Google analytics, Facebook pixel, eCommerce functions, discount coupons, gift cards, and more.

Lastly, the eCommerce+ includes all the features of the eCommerce plan plus Facebook Shop, Instagram store, and access to feature your products on Amazon.

Zyro Free trial/refund policy/money-back guarantee:

This Zyro website builder review is glad to report that the terms of service page states a 30-day money-back guarantee covers all plans.

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Conclusion and Recommendation to our Zyro Reviews:

Thank you for getting this far in our Zyro website builder review.

What is it best used for?

Zyro, despite its infancy, is best used for launching functional and mobile responsive sites and eCommerce stores for beginners. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to customize your site without a steep learning curve.

What is not best used for?

On the other hand, if you want to insert HTML/CSS scripts, Zyro isn't for you.

Zyro Alternatives:

Here's a list of the best Zyro alternatives to create a website;

Zyro Website Reviews Final Word:

However, if you want to launch an impressive site quickly, Zyro is the perfect solution for you. It gives you a sneak peek at what Zyro offers with a risk-free with it's 30-day money-back guarantee. This is sure to give you the leeway to explore.

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Which Zyro plans offer unlimited bandwidth and storage?

There are three Zyro plans that offer unlimited bandwidth and storage: The eCommerce, eCommerce+, and Unleashed.

Where is Zyro based?

Zyro headquarters are located in Lithuania. With multiple offices in Germany, Indonesia, and Turkey Zyro has support teams from all over the globe.

That’s all for now:

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