XY Find It Review 2022: Ever lost something important?

Updated May 8 2022
Loy Heaton
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Xy Find It

Ease of Use 9.5
Design 10.0
Features and Functionality 9.5
Reliability 10.0
Pricing 9.5


  • Small and compact
  • Very long lasting battery life (5 years)


  • Not really a con, but you do need your phone with you to use the gadget

XY Find it, never lose anything important ever again!

It’s not everyday that such a particularly useful technologic advancement occurs, and this is why I have to share with your my XY find it reviews. When I first heard of the XY Find It test and it's XY find it gps, I was incredibly excited. I am by nature a typically quite forgetful individual. I always end up wasting a lot of time having to retrace my steps back throughout the day in order to remember where I left my phone, which pockets I may have left the house keys in and so on.

So with XY find it GPS, I was thinking, this is something not only I can review, but this is actually something I can use every single day to find misplaced items.For me to get XY find it is definitely something I will put to use when it comes to being able to remember where I left things.

So, what is XY find it GPS and how does it work?

xy find it gadget and map

I've spent some time with xy find it GPS and conducted a lot of xy find it test, so I feel confident in sharing my results. XY find is essentially a tracking device and it uses Bluetooth technology to help users locate their valuables via their XY find it gps. The bluetooth item finder works by the xy find it user attaching the provided Bluetooth beacons to which things you don’t want to lose. Then accessing either a web browser or their mobile phone xy find it app, to help locate your missing item. Simply open the app and tap the button, then the bluetooth tracker will emit a sound from its built in buzzer to help you quickly locate it.

However, if you are hearing impaired, or in an area that you can’t hear the buzzer for some reason, don't worry. XY find it gps has you covered by featuring a hot and cold feature. During my xy find it test, this basically works off the signal strength between the device and your phone. So, the closer you get to your missing item, the stronger the signal bar reading will be. I also found out during my xy find it test; that the xy find it gps also has a stolen item finder. This works by setting up the device to send an SMS to a phone number of your choosing with the xy GPS coordinate location information for your missing valuable.

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Now let's go into some of my tests. I quickly attached one of the gadgets to my smartphone, by hooking it onto its case. One on my wallet, this was quite simple because it fit snugly into my coin case without taking up too much space. One to my laptop, as I wanted to use this to be the ultimate XY find it test in order to see how accurate the Stolen SMS feature worked. One to my always disappearing car keys (it makes for a great key finder), and final one was attached to my dogs collar, as I wanted to use him in order to see how well the XY find it test on a constantly moving object.

XY Find it Test

When I finally got to really test the gadget out for my XY find it reviews; I first placed my wallet parked in my car outside and wanted to determine how the XY find it test when collecting data through several walls and metal. It actually performs really well; I know my Air pods are constantly disconnecting from these distances so it was great to see that the XY find it was even more reliable.

xy find it gadget tool on keys

How about the dog collar attachment? Well I didn’t get an exactly accurate reading due to my dog running around the back of the house. However, I was able to test the response time of the beacons when I had my dog stay 30 feet away verses him running towards me when I called it. It took the app about seven seconds to update its signal strength metrics. I was really impressed. The next test I conducted involved me placing my wallet with a beacon inside its coin compartment inside my refrigerator. I wanted to see how far away I could walk from the fridge before the signal cut out. The signal was solid until about 250 feet. But even then; that was so much further than I had even imagined, and it does come quite close to the 300 feet that they advertise.

I had to check my phone multiple times to see if it was malfunctioning. After multiple attempts with the result coming back the same. It was clear to me I had to begin writing the XY find it reviews. The final challenge was to test the SMS stolen feature. A friend of mine took my laptop with a beacon attached back to his house. I waited, then activated the Stolen SMS function and soon received a notification via the number I had setup with the GPS coordinates. Simply placing these Coordinates into my google maps showed me that it was sure enough at my friends house. Once I went to actually go retrieve it, we determined that the longest range and the accuracy is within ten to fifteen meters upon retrieving the laptop from his house. The gps tracking is Amazing! The XY find it alcance and XY find it distance is quite good. Even car rental companies are known to use XY find it gps, such as XY find it Avis.


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How is the build quality for my XY Find it review

Immediately out of the packaging I noticed the sturdy build quality, the material looks to be made from a hard plastic, which seemed to be quite durable. I purchased a bundle of five to really get into the xy find it gps system and conduct my xy find it test. As I opened them up. I realized something that didn’t occur to me before. XY find it has been designed to have very distinct and stand out colors. This really actually helped me visually locate my valuables without even using the app sometimes, which is a bonus point if you ask me and really helps it be the best finder on the market. You may be wondering what about XY findit vs Tile. Well, they are both similar, however, I find in my XY Find it reviews that the product design of XY Find it GPS gadgets are typically better. As for the other features, I'll help you make your decision in this XY find it review (and I'm sure you can find more information in other XY find it reviews).

product image of xy find it

Registering new beacons were incredibly easy. Just simply open the free to install app that comes with the devices. Tap on the pairing icon in the top right corner to bring up nearby beacons to your phone. It will show you a list of beacons that are already paired to your device, and some that fall under the “Unclaimed” category. Simply tap on an unclaimed beacon and it will ask you to place said beacon next to your device. Within 20 seconds, we had paired our new beacons up to our phone app.

They really went above and beyond with the app’s features as, right after registering a beacon the app will prompt you to take a photo of what you plan to attach your beacon to. The XY find it test so far was going well. XY find it reviews easily with flying colors for its design and ease of use.

When it comes to privacy; the application has the option to simply delete your XY find it data by unlinking your beacons. It enables those of us who don’t feel comfortable being tracked to stay anonymous easily. Personally, I have too much of an issue with that, but it’s a nice feature that they have included and something I had to share in my XY find it reviews.

xy find it image of battery

XY Find it Pricing

When I first looked up the XY find it to do my XY find it reviews and feature XY find it review; I was pretty shocked to see how fairly priced it was. For something that clearly has had a lot of engineering gone into it, I was pleasantly surprised by the price. It's really easy to get one yourself too, as I've made it super easy for you to buy it from the comfort of your home with the links below. The best part is, once you get it; you won't have to change the batteries on them because the batteries will last up to 5 years. That's right: a 5 year battery lifeSo, don't wait and get your XY4 device and XY finders now.

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Judging by the other XY find it reviews and testimonials I’ve heard. I’m not alone in thinking that this is a great product. This is one of the many gadgets and products I've tested and I had a great time with my XY find it reviews and XY find it test. I still use this product frequently. Indeed, a great product for a great price, to which I hope you'll see from this XY find it review. I will definitely be getting lots of use out of my XY find it in the coming years. With the long battery life and good build quality; there’s no doubt.

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