Wix vs Weebly – Who Wins in 2020?

Why even consider Wix or Weebly for your next website builder platform?

Two giants of the website building platform arena come head to head in our Wix vs Weebly comparison.

This comprehensive insight into both should give you a huge helping hand when considering whether Wix or Weebly is the right platform for you.


Before we get down to the details of Wix versus Weebly let’s give a concise overview of what each platform is all about.


This really is seen as the “go to” web builder when it comes to drag and drop. No experience is required to begin your website building experience. Content can quickly and easily be inserted anywhere across the wide range of very attractive, professional looking design templates.

What this means to you is that when designing your web presence, you have major control over design.

While this is seen as a plus for many, it does need to be stated that once you have selected your template of choice for your website design, that is it!

If, down the line you want to change templates the content previously created will not be transferred over, so it means starting from scratch. What does this mean? Think long and hard before settling on your template of choice.

There is no doubt that anyone can build a total, fully customisable website with the Wix user-friendly options and when help is needed, they offer excellent tutorials and a very efficient help-desk service.


When looking at Weebly, Wix comparisons it does have to be said that Weebly is far more structured. While this makes it very easy for those wishing to follow a Weebly template, the potential downside is it is more limiting for those who do not have coding experience but want in-depth creative control.

A definite plus in the Wix vs Weebly comparison is that from a Weebly template point of view flexibility is yours. This is due to the fact that templates can be changed without the need to rebuild your completed content.

It should also be stated that those who wish to customise their website to a greater degree can use code editing to achieve this.

You can also rest easily in terms of a learning curve when getting to grips with Weebly. Wix is certainly easier from the off, but with a little extra keyboard knowledge and availing of the excellent tutorials as well as the solid helpdesk support offered by Weebly you should be up and running in no time whatsoever.

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Interface & ease of use:


Wix really is super easy to use. The drag and drop functions are performed with ease.

You simply drag elements such as text boxes or images to exactly where you want them placing on your page. This obviously gives huge creative freedom.

No coding experience whatsoever is required to build your website and the Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) feature is there to make life even easier.

Using Wix ADI means a site is automatically designed for you.

Simply enter your chosen name and the general purpose of the site you want to create, pick a design, and the Wix ADI function creates a personalised website for you in just a matter of minutes.


The Weebly drag and drop builder offers users less creative freedom.

You cannot just drag and drop required features anywhere. The Weebly templates are far more structured than those of Wix.

While this could frustrate some, it should be said that those looking for extensive guidelines to follow will find Weebly a far clearer web building experience.

Do not be concerned that coding experience is required, it is not (although if you have it, unlike Wix, Weebly allows you to use it to your full advantage).

The other huge benefit to Weebly’s structure is that templates can be switched after your website goes live. You cannot do this with Wix.

Verdict: This is a very close-call. While WIX is easier to get up and running very quickly we give the winner in this section to Weebly due to the fact that you can change templates after going live.


Winner – Weebly

Features & Flexibility:

Feature Wix Weebly
Out-of-the-box: A very decent selection of high-quality site builder tools for customisation of your Wix site is available. It is relatively straightforward to add such things as video backgrounds and create contact forms. Another positive’ in the Wix versus Weebly comparison is that Wix update their features on a more regular basis meaning you get the opportunity to discover and use anything which is newly introduced. There is no doubting that in the Wix vs Weebly debate that the latter has more “inhouse” features than Wix, although fewer customisation tools. Some standout features include custom headers and full-width image backgrounds.
Themes/Templates: With more than 510 professionally designed templates you are sure to find a design suitable for the image you are looking to project. It is possible to build pages from scratch, but the ease at which you can customise a Wix template is seen by the fact that you simply swap out ‘example’ content and insert your own. We must reiterate the major drawback in terms of Wix templates: Once chosen, if you decide to switch templates then your existing content will not automatically be transferred to the new template. Weebly’s choice of templates is far smaller – They offer in excess of 50, however, these are industry and image specific. This means that you should certainly find one to suit your needs. It also needs to be understood that anyone looking for something unique in terms of a template can import external premium templates using Weebly, Wix does not allow this. In addition, it should be remembered that those who have coding experience can access the template code. By doing so it means that true customisation really is yours.
3rd Party Apps Solutions: When considering Wix or Weebly in the availability of applications, the Wix App Market comes with in excess of 200 applications. It is possible to choose from their range of inhouse as well as 3rdparty apps. These range from free of charge to paid for premium apps with new ones being added on a regular basis. Weebly certainly wins here. They offer well over 300 apps to choose from when visiting their Weebly app centre. Included are in excess of 50 free applications and a host of paid-for premium ones. Popular examples (all of which can be viewed via star ratings and user reviews) include such things as the ever popular “Facebook Like” app.
Hosting & Back-up: In the Wix vs Weebly decision making process, Back-up and Restore limitations make interesting comparison. A drawback when using Wix is that you cannot export your website to a different host. It should also be understood that even if you could import it to a different host that the drag and drop capabilities offered by Wix would immediately be lost. This means once you plump for Wix as your website builder of choice it will take something major to decide on change. This is because you would have to start again from scratch. On a more positive note, it is possible to save any number of Wix website versions that you have created. The advantage here is that by getting into the habit of regularly saving any updated versions of your Wix website content, any mistakes made, or anything you have unintentionally deleted can be restored fairly effortlessly to the previous saved version. The Weebly, Wix debate gives the former far greater freedom due to the fact that you can export your website wherever you wish. This is achieved through the download of your site onto a Zip File. However, caution is still required. Although you can transfer your Weebly website to a new web hosting there could be limitations on the Weebly drag and drop functionality. If you ever intend to do this, please check with your new host the exact limitations. Also note: Once you have taken your website from Weebly you cannot re-upload it. This means that while site back-up should be a given, when it comes to the available export option, careful thought is required before going ahead. It is also important to understand that any changes made to your site can only be made before you publish your site or before exiting the Weebly editor. Those who delete pages in error must seek support from Weebly’s helpdesk for restoration.
Winner – Weebly

E-Commerce Tools:


Those who decide to sell products or services using their Wix website can create discount codes and coupons, use Wix ShoutOut to promote their website through e-mail campaigns and share updates via social media.
When it comes to ecommerce tools, Wix offers a straightforward way to establish your online store.
Online inventories can be monitored, any visitors who abandon their order before completion can be automatically emailed, shipping and tax costs as well as the printing of labels are all easily ‘do-able’.
The attractive Wix ecommerce templates are certainly a plus and for those wishing to sell internationally there are options to help you present multilingual sites.
For small businesses or ‘small niche’ entrepreneurs the Wix ecommerce offering is a sound choice.


Selling on Weebly is eminently possible and the use of their e-commerce features certainly makes running an online business easier.

Such things as tracking any coupon batches issued and the ‘value’ of such promotional performance are part of the wide statistical options Weebly offers.

It must be said that Weebly also offers a solid set of ecommerce tools.

Those who are just starting out will be impressed with what they get from the lower end ecommerce pricing plans.

The number of features included in these plans make them excellent value.

It should be said that the Weebly ‘back-end’ is not as user-friendly as that of Wix. This means a little more manual intervention and analysis is required; stock level procedures being a point in case.

We also feel that in the Wix vs Weebly checkout options, Weebly is a little trickier to adapt.

One big plus for those who also have ‘bricks & mortar’ shops is the ability to offer customers an “Order online – Pick-up in store” option.

Verdict: In the Wix versus Weebly ‘eCommerce Tools’ category we declare Weebly the Winner.

Winner – Weebly

SEO & Mobility:



The Wix SEO features centre around their Wix SEO Wiz tool. This is aimed at helping your website get noticed.

Key built-in inclusions are such things as meta titles and optimised headings.

The tool also utilises information you enter such as the name of your site and keywords to help further personalise your SEO effectiveness.

Fairly comprehensive SEO resource material is available through the Wix learning centre.


Weebly also has effective SEO tools which are built in. Such as meta titles and alt tags. The platform also offers SEO prompts which will assist in site optimisation.

The “Ultimate SEO Guide” is Weebly’s main tool in this respect. Its aim is to take you through the SEO process and uses a checklist that can be ticked as you progress.

When used to its full extent this extensive guide is certainly an effective SEO resource.



Every Wix template is fully mobile optimised. This means whatever mobile device visitors are viewing from they will have a great viewing experience.

The mobile editor also allows you to choose which content you wish to display or hide when your site is viewed from a mobile device.


You will find no problem whatsoever with Weebly’s mobile responsiveness. All templates are fully mobile responsive. This means mobile viewing experience is unhindered.

The mobile editor also allows changes to be made without concern for the viewing experience.

Winner – Weebly

Support & Resources:


There is email and phone support across all of the Wix plans (see plan costs link, details of plans and comments below).

In terms of “self-help” the Wix “Knowledge Base” is extremely good.

You can avail of easy to understand video and text tutorials across the board. They also offer “help” buttons in abundance during any creation or editing process. These save lots of potential frustration.

One other resource is the extensive Wix community forum. By joining the discussion, you can glean valuable information on how other users have solved issues you are currently struggling with and gain valuable tips from more experienced community members.


Weebly also provides phone and email support however the phone support is only available to those subscribing to the higher price plans (Pro, Business or Performance plans – See below for plan costs link, plan details and comments).

A plus on the Weebly support is that they also offer social media support channels and a very useful live chat support option which can be a real blessing.

Tutorials are more than adequate and there is also clear links and access to the Weebly community forum.

Extensive advice is available here, discussions can be entered into and it is possible to vote on available/proposed features as well as being a place to give suggestions.

Winner – Wix


The importance of pricing when looking at either Wix or Weebly as your web building platform of choice is such that it deserves in-depth analysis.

We have delved deep to explain the Wix versus Weebly differences in terms of their price plan structure and what each platform offers. For full details each builders pricing plan please read our detailed reviews on each provider.

To give a fair analysis I have compared some of the key functions you would receive by from an equivalent business plan.

See Weebly Pricing

See WIX Pricing

Winner – Weebly

Comparison Winner:

Builder Battle Score Full Review Visit Official Website
Weebly 5 / 6 Read full review Go to Weebly.com
WIX 1 / 6 Read full review Go to WIX.com

Whilst both platforms are excellent choices for your online presence, we have used and studied both platforms thoroughly and conclude that Weebly wins against WIX in this comparison platform test.

Remember; everyone's needs are different so what we have found the better of the two, may not be the best option for you. So please do your own research based on your businesses needs.

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Conclusion & Recommendation:

It must be said that in the Wix vs Weebly decision making process there is a lot to admire from both platforms.

Wix by its very nature and popularity is sure to tempt. This has to be seen in the extremely strong following the platform currently has. For those simply looking at building a website it makes a very sensible choice.

However, this Wix versus Weebly comparison review gives the decision to Weebly on points. This is because of its greater focus for those smaller businesses and entrepreneurs along with the raft of high-quality features offered. We believe at the very least their feature-set matches that of Wix.

But, for us, the two real deciding factors when considering Wix or Weebly are the ability to switch Weebly templates once your site has gone live, this cannot be done with Wix, and the fact that you can export your Weebly content and take it with you to another host down the line should you ever wish to.

With Wix you are essentially tied to their platform because there is no export option. In business, as in life; it’s always good to have a solid Plan B!

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