Wix vs Weebly Comparison 2023: Who Wins?

Last Updated on   September 17 2023,
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⏳ Do you want to skip the read and get right to my winner? It's almost too close to call but Weebly wins this Wix vs Weebly battle and is our recommendation for most people.

Introduction to our Wix vs Weebly Comparison.

In this Wix or Weebly comparison, two site building titans duke it out to determine who gets your vote.

We understand how complex the decision-making process can be when it comes to software. Many questions surface on the ease of use, features, and pricing of Wix vs Weebly. Don't worry – we'll hold your hand until you achieve clarity on what site builder makes more sense for your business.

Therefore, allow us to give you a rundown on both platforms.

To simplify this side-by-side comparison of Wix versus Weebly, a verdict on who wins in each category is called.

Quick Comparison Table For Wix or Weebly

Criteria Wix 🥇 Weebly (My Top Pick!)
Ease of Use Intuitive drag-and-drop editor, easy for beginners. Simple drag-and-drop builder, also user-friendly.
Key Features & Flexibility Highly customizable with a large App Market for additional features. Offers basic customization options and an app center for extra functionality.
SEO & Marketing Good SEO features with Wix SEO Wiz tool. Marketing tools available. Basic SEO features. Integration with marketing platforms like Mailchimp.
E-commerce Wix Stores is suitable for small to medium-sized online shops. Weebly offers an e-commerce platform, but it’s more basic compared to Wix.
Customer Support and Resources Offers phone support and ticket system, but no live chat. Extensive knowledge base. Offers chat, email, and phone support along with a help center.
Pricing Free plan available. Premium plans start at $14/month.

Check Pricing

Free plan available. Premium plans start at $6/month.

Check Pricing

My View Wix is excellent for beginners and those who want creative control and features. Weebly is a solid choice for those who need simplicity and ease of use over extensive customization.
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Overview: Is Wix or Weebly better?

Before we get down to Wix versus Weebly's details, let’s give a concise overview of what each platform is all about.


Wix is considered the gold standard as far as smart website builders go. It's a beginner's dream come true! You don’t need to know how to code to build a website. All you need to know is what you need your website to do.

However, as you'll read later on, it's not perfect software. Users have found that its rigid template choice and complex migration process to be a hassle.


Visit wix.com


Weebly is also one of the simplest website builders out there, even if it doesn't overcome Wix's ease of use.  It's optimised for business as it provides marketing and SEO tools. However, when placing together Weebly v Wix, it's slimmer on flexibility due to its structured nature.

Nevertheless, in Wix vs Weebly reviews, we always note that, independently, Wix or Weebly are the best website builders for beginners who don’t have any coding experience.

But ultimately, which of these two best builders is better? We’ll go through each pro and con in this Wix vs Weebly face off.


Visit weebly.com

Ease of use:

When considering whether to use Wix or Weebly as your online selling platform, ease of use is a key factor. We will consider this factor and start with our side by side comparisons:


Both Wix and Weebly are drag and drop builders, which means you can drag a frame, images, logo, icon, text box, you-name-it anywhere on the page and drop it where you want it.

There is a lot of creative freedom allowed with Wix’s drag and drop builder. However, it can get somewhat overwhelming if you’ve never built a website before.

You could instead use the Wix ADI or Artificial Design Intelligence feature. All you do is type in your site's purpose and pick a theme, and Wix ADI creates the full website for you, which you can then customise further.


Weebly is more structured than Wix, perhaps not allowing as much creative freedom, but works well in guiding beginners to where things should go. The editor is organised and uncluttered so that you’re not confused when adding and editing elements.

It’s also very intuitive, particularly when setting up an online store.

But what makes Weebly one step ahead of Wix in ease of use is that it allows you to change your mind. Once you select a template, you can un-select it and choose another even after it goes live. Wix does not allow you to switch templates.

Winner – Weebly! within this ‘Ease of Use' Wix vs Weebly Commerce comparison due to the edge where templates can be changed after going live.

Features and Flexibility:

In terms of features and flexibility when considering Wix versus Weebly, the former has the edge. Here are a few key pointers on both.



You can have a website up and running on the same day you open their platform; it’s that easy to manoeuvre Wix. Its customisation features seem limitless, and there appears to be nothing it can’t do when it comes to creating and promoting your website and business.


Weebly aims to deliver a reliable and substantial website, particularly for online selling, as its platform is explicitly enhanced for eCommerce.

Wix vs Weebly Themes and Templates:

Which among Wix versus Weebly would create strikingly beautiful sites?


Wix has over 510 templates to choose from, which you can easily customise. The downside is that not all of these designs are breathtaking, and some of the design elements on some templates seem to be repetitive and uninteresting.


check the latest wix Themes and templates now


Weebly has fewer templates than Wix, with only around 70 designs, most of them beautiful and polished.


check the latest weebly Themes and templates now

Customisation Tools:

Which among Wix or Weebly gives you more freedom to play around with your site's design?


Wix is the apparent winner in the Wix versus Weebly competition when it comes to customisation. They provide complete freedom for all of the elements that go on your page.

The only thing that Wix doesn’t allow is changing your template once it’s live. If you want to change your site design with a new template completely, you must build your site from scratch.


As mentioned earlier in this Wix vs Weebly comparison, there are limitations to Weebly in this area. You can't drag and drop site elements, unlike with Wix, which lets you drag and drop wherever you want.

You also can’t play with colours – after choosing one colour theme, it appears throughout your site. However, you can change the Weebly Code Editor elements if you know how to edit code on the backend.

Wix vs Weebly 3rd Party Integrations:

If you're aiming for maximum site functionality, which between Wix vs Weebly offers greater integrations?


Both Wix or Weebly have app stores to enhance your website's functionalities, such as forms and banner makers for lead collection and marketing, video and music, social media integration, email marketing and other communication apps, and so much more. Compared to Weebly, Wix app stores offer parallel feature free and premium apps, which only cost a few dollars per app. As with the rest of the site, it’s easy to drag and drop apps from the Wix App Market onto your page.



The Weebly App Center features around 100 more apps than Wix but fewer categories, so it may be challenging to find exactly what you need right away. Clients can suggest new apps that Weebly can offer in the future.


Wix vs Weebly Hosting:

Both Wix or Weebly are fully hosted site building platforms. You don't need to contract an external hosting service.


For your peace of mind, which works better – Wix or Weebly?


You are allowed to make as many backups and versions of your site on Wix.


You can save versions of your site.

Wix vs Weebly Migration:


Migrating your site to another platform is not an option with Wix.


You can download your site and transfer it to another platform, but you cannot reupload your downloaded file back onto your site.

Winner – Wix! within this ‘Feature and Flexibility' within this Weebly Wix comparison.

Wix vs Weebly eCommerce Tools:

Whether you choose Wix or Weebly, or any other platform, the availability of eCommerce tools is absolutely crucial to making the most of your online presence. Both Weebly Wix offer extensive choices.


Wix has a straightforward eCommerce platform that is enhanced by apps from the App Market. Design-wise, compared to Weebly Wix templates are much more attractive than Weebly.

You can sell products and offer coupons and discounts. Its email marketing service Wix ShoutOut lets you promote your website to leads captured by your Wix website.


Weebly’s recent major update has vastly improved its eCommerce platform, making it a hardworking online store builder.

However, Weebly is better for small businesses and online components of physical/brick and mortar stores. Weebly has a tool that lets your customers order items online and pick them up at your store. But if you’re a quickly expanding business, it may be challenging for Weebly to keep up with your growing needs.

Moreover, concerning Wix vs Weebly checkout options, Weebly is a tad difficult to use.

Winner – Weebly! within our Wix vs Weebly eCommerce Tools comparison.

Wix vs Weebly SEO and Mobility:

In the Wix vs Weebly decision stakes, the SEO & Mobility features cannot be ignored.

The good news is that both Wix or Weebly supports your campaign for higher search engine rankings. Below are highlights of the Weebly Wix SEO & Mobile functionality;


Like Weebly Wix has built-in SEO tools, such as meta-titles and targeted headings. The Wix SEO Wiz can build an SEO plan for your site based on your sites name, purpose and identified keywords.

As a primary feature, of course, Weebly vs Wix would have both platforms fully optimised and adaptable for mobile versions.

Also, Wix boasts that its page speed is one of the fastest loading speeds amongst website builders and can maintain its 85% to 90% page speed.


Aside from having built-in SEO tools, all pages are optimised for search engines, and the builder will make suggestions as you build your site. It allows you to customise meta titles, meta descriptions, and alt tags.

If you have any SEO-related issues, Weebly's The “Ultimate SEO Guide” can point you in the right direction.

All Weebly pages are mobile-responsive and will appear stunning on any device.

However, Weebly’s page speed tends to slow down with the weight of 3rd party apps, but this issue is being resolved.

Winner – Draw! within our ‘SEO and Mobility' Wix versus Weebly comparison.

Support and Resources:

A Weebly Wix comparison when it comes to support and resources puts Wix in a stronger position.


Wix offers email and phone support for each of its plans. The Knowledge Base is vast and helpful, with both text and video tutorials for reference. There are also valuable discussions in the Wix community forum on their website.

Wix vs Weebly help-center



Weebly offers email support and social media channels, and live chat, but phone support is only available with the upper-tier paid plans. The Help Center is useful but not as extensive as Wix’s.

Wix vs Weebly support
Winner – Wix!  within our ‘Support and Resources' Wix versus Weebly comparison.

Wix vs Weebly Pricing:

The importance of Weebly pricing vs Wix cannot be overemphasised.

Therefore, we have dug deep to explain the Wix versus Weebly differences in their price plan structure and what each platform offers.

Wix Pricing:

You may create Wix sites for free but get better options with the paid plans.

There’s not much more you can get from the lowest plan besides 1GB bandwidth, 500MB storage space and a custom domain name.

The most popular plan is the Unlimited plan, with unlimited bandwidth and 10GB storage space, while the VIP plan yields 20GB storage space and priority customer support.

Wix has a free version but with limited features.

Wix terms of use allows for customer peace of mind offering a 14-day money-back guarantee.

wix vs weebly pricing

Click for the lowest Wix plans today

Weebly Pricing:

Its Free and Connect plans don’t allow you to build your online store.

eCommerce is only available with the Pro and Business plans, which features unlimited storage, marketing and analytics tools, phone support, and is ad-free.

Those who are focusing on eCommerce should consider Weebly's two plans:

  1. Weebly Business – best for smaller businesses;
  2. Weebly Business Plan – suitable for large eCommerce ventures.

As can be seen from Weebly terms of service customers are also offered 14-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind.

wix vs weebly pricing

Click for the lowest Weebly pricing plans today

Winner – Draw! within our ‘Pricing' category for Wix vs Weebly comparison. The pricing is very similar so should not be a deciding factor.

Wix or Weebly Comparison Winner:

For this Weebly Wix comparison, it's almost too close to call even score a draw in our battle test. Both Weebly Wix platforms offer a selection of features that can power your online presence. However, based on our thorough study of both platforms, we find Weebly as the best website builder for most people.

Conclusion and Recommendation to our Wix vs Weebly Comparison:

So, is Wix vs Weebly better? Weebly is easier to use for total beginners, then Wix has more to offer once you know what you want. Overall for most people who in our experience are just starting out, Weebly is the better website builder, but Wix doesn’t lag far behind.

What is Wix best used for?

There's little to complain about Wix, as far as site builders go. It's extremely user-friendly and saves a lot of time and brainpower on your part. Additionally, its affordable pricing options make it the builder to choose for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs.

The only major-but-not-fatal flaw with Wix is that it doesn't let you change templates once your site goes live. Moreover, since migration is a tedious process, it can be difficult to switch providers should you decide to.

Nevertheless, we are awed by the freedom and simplicity that Wix brings. All things considered, Wix is our recommended site builder for general use.

What is Weebly best used for?

It has to be said in this Wix versus Weebly platform comparison that Weebly checks many boxes too. Like Wix Weebly is user-friendly and has even more built-in features than our recommended platform. However, it lacks the capabilities you need if you want to scale your business.

Therefore, Weebly is best for beginners who need a solid, full-functioning website and all the essential marketing and analytics tools to help an online store succeed.

Weebly Wix Alternatives:

Needless to say, Weebly versus Wix aren't the only options available to you. You can opt for Wix Weebly or Squarespace. Here's a list of the best Weebly Wix alternatives to create a website;

Rank Key Features Price (Basic Paid Plan) My View
🥇 Squarespace Beautiful Professional design templates, blogging tools, powerful marketing tools, great eCommerce features for small to medium-sized stores Starts at $12/month Check Pricing Perfect for creatives and small businesses needing a visually stunning site Try For Free
2. Webflow Visual CSS design, CMS features, eCommerce capabilities Starts at $12/month Check Pricing Best for designers and developers wanting deep customization Try For Free
3. Weebly Easy-to-use, eCommerce capabilities, range of templates Starts at $6/month Check Pricing Good for small businesses and e-commerce Try For Free
4. Shopify Comprehensive eCommerce tools, large app store, SEO features Starts at $29/month Check Pricing Best for creating an online store Try For Free
5. Wix Drag-and-drop builder, wide range of templates, App Market Starts at $14/month Check Pricing Great all-around website builder with flexibility and features Try For Free
6. Wordpress.com Blogging tools, large theme selection, good for large sites Starts at $4/month Check Pricing Best for blogging and larger sites Try For Free
7. Carrd Simple, one-page sites, ideal for personal profiles and resumes Starts at $19/year Check Pricing Best for simple, one-page sites Try For Free
8. Jimdo AI-powered builder, eCommerce tools, SEO features Starts at $9/month Check Pricing Ideal for beginners with its easy-to-use interface Try For Free
9. 1&1 IONOS Wide range of templates, marketing and eCommerce tools Starts at $5/month Check Pricing Good all-rounder with a focus on business websites Try For Free
10. GoDaddy GoCentral ADI, email marketing, eCommerce tools Starts at $9.99/month Check Pricing Easy-to-use, but limited in terms of design customization Try For Free

Wix versus Weebly Final Word:

To end this Weebly vs Wix comparative review, it has been our pleasure to help you understand how both platforms work so you can decide with less stress.

And while we make a recommendation based on overall performance, our vetted winner in this Wix versus Weebly showdown may not fix your business like a glove. It's always safer to do personal research and make an informed decision based on it.

A last word: take advantage of the 14-day free trials period offered by Wix Weebly! What better way to cement your decision than test-driving both choices?

That’s all for now:

If you've read our Wix or Weebly comparison up to here, we are grateful. Remember to always keep abreast of the latest developments on website builders, eCommerce, and other Weebly Wix alternative comparison articles, such as the ones below;

Please share any comments below!

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