Wix vs Squarespace – Who Wins in 2021?

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Introduction: Why consider Wix or Squarespace for your next website builder platform?

Those looking for a tried, trusted and popular website builder must surely take the Wix vs Squarespace comparisons seriously. Both of these powerful builders may seem similar on the surface, but our Wix versus Squarespace review is here to prove there are key differences.

Dependent on your needs, our comprehensive Wix vs Squarespace comparison is intended to go a long way in helping you to decide whether to throw your hat into the Wix or Squarespace ring.

Wix vs Squarespace is certainly a major comparison you should make when looking at website builders and, in this respect, it will pay dividends if you delve further by also looking at our in-depth reviews of both as well as other major contenders in this arena

After all, being well-informed will keep you ahead of the game!

We have dug deeply into the Wix versus Squarespace platforms in order to help you clearly see what both have to offer. Here is a side-by-side view on what we feel are most important when looking at these two web building platforms. To help you clearly understand the differences we have also placed a Wix Squarespace winners verdict at the end of each section.

Pros and Cons for Wix Squarespace:

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Let’s start the Wix versus Squarespace comparison with a firm baseline to work from. Here are concise overviews of the Wix Squarespace website builder offerings:


Anyone with even a smidgen of interest in web building platforms will surely have heard the name ‘Wix’. Their aggressive and successful marketing campaigns have put them at the head of the ‘drag and drop’ website building arena.

In terms of ease of use, they should be rated as leaders in this field. So much so that those with no experience at all can rapidly create a website for their needs.

Manipulation and insertion of content onto web pages is simple and straightforward. The design and overall appearance of your website is yours to choose and this is largely thanks to the wide array of templates available.

From what has just been mentioned above it would be easy for many of you to think that there is no reason to go further in your Wix or Squarespace comparison, however, please do not be so hasty!

One extremely important thing to bear in mind with Wix vs Squarespace comparison is the importance of choosing a template that will meet your immediate and future needs. We say this because it is not possible to transfer content from one template to another with Wix.

This means that as your website progresses and you wish to change your template you cannot transfer content from your existing template to a new one. You will need to start from the beginning. For those who have a maturing site this can be very time consuming.

From an overall point of view though. Wix popularity speaks for itself. The platform is easy to follow, intuitive and the number of tutorials as well as solid support options certainly make it a favourite of many.


Those who have creative abilities and are ready for a steeper learning curve may consider the Wix versus Squarespace comparisons differently.

This is because the development of a graphically stunning site is certainly a main focus of this platform. This extends through their fully mobile optimised, classy templates that really will wow visitors to your site.

On this point it is important to note that Squarespace only uses very high-quality images. If you are to replace these with images of your own, they also need to be of high quality otherwise the end result will give a very different look to your website.

The Squarespace resources in terms of tutorials, help icons, and particularly their live chat support is a definite plus when assessing whether Wix versus Squarespace best suits your needs.

Another angle to consider when comparing Wix versus Squarespace is if you intend to sell services or products online.

While it may be a close call in the Wix vs Squarespace ecommerce offerings, Squarespace is seen by many to be a more flexible and acceptable option.

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Ease of Use:

When considering whether to use Wix or Squarespace as your online platform, ease of use is a key factor. We will consider this factor and start with our side by side comparisons:


In terms of ease of use you will not find an easier platform than Wix.

No coding experience is required and the ‘drag ‘n drop’ functionality is simplicity itself.

Images and text boxes can be placed exactly where you wish. This gives extensive freedom to create exactly the type of website you are looking for.

To make things even easier, you can also consider availing of the platforms Artificial Design Intelligence (Wix ADI) feature.

By doing so, this function will automatically design a website for you based on a few straightforward questions asked.

The process will be complete in just a matter of minutes.


The Squarespace website builder is not as intuitive or as easy to use as Wix, but with patience and practice, creating a site that meets your needs is eminently possible.

An issue that some find is how minimalistic the Squarespace user interface is, and following the requirements to build and improve on your website is not always self-explanatory.

However, sticking with it and growing your knowledge of the Squarespace platform functionality will reap rewards.

While the Squarespace web building procedure may be more technical than Wix, it certainly does not lose anything in terms of the creative freedom offered.

Those with creative aspirations will undoubtedly find this to be a real plus.

Winner – Wix! within this ‘Ease of Use' Wix vs Squarespace comparison.

Features and Flexibility:

In terms of features and flexibility when considering Wix versus Squarespace, it is a very close call. Here’s a few key pointers on both.

Out-of-the-box: The requirement in terms of available features and tools is something you must bear in mind. Wix offers a good choice of both. For example, creating contact forms and adding video backgrounds is quite straightforward. If you intend selling services or products online the Wix website creator allows for the creation of coupons or discount codes. As your site exposure and visitor numbers increase the platforms ShoutOut feature allows you to spread the word among subscribers. You will also be able to share updates on various social media outlets. It should also be said that Wix are very active when it comes to updating features. This means there will regularly be new features and tools to take advantage of. While Squarespace offers a host of features and tools it should be noted that these all come as ‘built-in’. The features you can take advantage of are designed in-house and can be used instantly via your Squarespace editor. This may appear to give a disadvantage over the number of features and tools Wix offers, but the fact that these are designed solely by the platform gives solid, ‘across the board’ quality and standardisation of the available features and tools set. Highly useful tools such as an analytical visitor tool show key statistics, a contact form offering a good range of field options is quick and easy to establish, and while there is no newsletter tool available, those who have an existing Mailchimp account can connect this. By doing so it will allow you to collect customer email addresses once they advance to your checkout page.
Themes & Templates: In excess of 510 templates which are professionally designed there is no doubt that you will find a template to suit your needs. It could not be easier to customise a Wix template. All you need to do is swap out the example content given with your own. It should be said that you can also build pages yourself, but the ease of customisation mentioned means this is not a necessity. While the templates offer full flexibility in terms of designing them for your own purposes, it must be reinforced that a major minus point is that once you have chosen your template you cannot transfer existing content to a new template. Think very carefully before deciding on your template of choice. In the Wix, Squarespace template arena there is no denying that the former offers a greater choice. Those plumping for Squarespace will find 60+ templates to choose from, however, each of these are of exceedingly high quality and are beautifully designed. Rather than comparing quantity in the template comparisons between Wix vs Squarespace, perhaps a ‘quality’ measure would be a more satisfactory gauge. Another excellent plus is that you have the flexibility to change your template whenever you wish without losing any content. This flexibility is certainly worth bearing in mind particularly for those who have aspirations to add extensive content as their website presence grows.
3rd Party Apps & Plugins: The number of apps offered from the Wix App Market is 200+. You can decide on Inhouse apps as well as those offered from 3rdparty providers. There is a mix of free and premium paid for apps to choose from and those plumping for Wix as their website builder of choice will certainly not be short of choice. In the Wix versus Squarespace apps comparison it is important to understand that Squarespace doesn’t have an apps store. All apps are designed in-house and pre-built into their editor. This offers a standardised quality of available apps, but there is certainly not the choice of apps offered by Wix.
Hosting & Back-up: Wix is a fully hosted platform and hosting is inclusive on all subscription plans. Back-up and restore may not be your first consideration when setting up your web presence, but it is something to bear in mind. When opting for the Wix platform you cannot export your website onto an alternative host. Indeed, even if you could import it, the WIX drag and drop functionality would be lost. Taking this into account means that once you decide on WIX as your platform of choice it will need something major to encourage you to change host. We say this because it would mean you would need to start again from scratch with your website although it is possible to easily save any number of Wix website versions created. This makes it recommendable to regularly save updated versions of your site content so that any errors, or indeed things which have unintentionally been deleted can quickly be restored to a previous version. Squarespace is a fully hosted platform and hosting is inclusive on all subscription plans. In the WIX or Squarespace back-up and restore consideration, Squarespace do not really do themselves justice. We say this because when it comes to backing up and/or restoring your Customer Management System (CMS) along with all other site elements this is not supported by Squarespace. The advice given from their customer support team, on what must be considered a highly important function is: Anyone looking to back-up their content in order to restore it if required should paste it into a Google Doc. This is far from an ideal solution and those opting to use the Squarespace platform should look at alternatives to safeguard historic site content.
Winner – Draw! within this ‘Feature and Flexibility' Wix vs Squarespace comparison.

eCommerce Tools:

Whether you choose Wix Squarespace or any other platform the availability of eCommerce tools is absolutely crucial to making the most of your online presence. Both platforms offer extensive choice.

Here are some that those looking to establish an online store will certainly benefit from:


Our Wix eCommerce review will major on the platforms eCommerce capabilities but when it comes to eCommerce tools, Wix offers a straightforward way to establish your online store.

Those who decide to sell products or services using their Wix website can do so easily. The platform allows for all the basic tools including discount codes and coupons, Wix ShoutOut to promote their website through e-mail campaigns and share updates via social media.

Online inventories can be monitored, any visitors who abandon their order before completion can be automatically emailed, shipping and tax costs as well as the printing of labels are all easily ‘do-able’.

The attractive Wix ecommerce templates are certainly a plus and for those wishing to sell internationally there are options to help you present multilingual sites.

For small businesses or ‘small niche’ entrepreneurs the Wix ecommerce offering is a sound choice.


Our Squarespace eCommerce review will major on the platforms eCommerce capabilities but those looking at presenting an eye-catching online presence without requiring too many external add-ons will appreciate what the Squarespace eCommerce platform has to offer.

Small and simple online store requirements can be seen as a good fit for a Squarespace store and by opting for their premium subscription plans you are on the way to getting your products out there.

Again any small business will do well with the Squarespace eCommerce offering.

Winner – Draw! within our ‘eCommerce Tools' Wix vs Squarespace comparison.

SEO and Mobility:

In the Wix vs Squarespace decision stakes the SEO & Mobility features cannot be ignored. The good news is that both offer advantages for your online presence. Here are highlights of the Wix Squarespace SEO & Mobile functionality;


Effective SEO is a vital tool in your website progression and recognition.

Both the Wix Squarespace SEO features offered include such things as optimised headings, image alt texts and the all-important mobile responsiveness.

Using the WIX SEO Wiz tool effectively will ensure your website gets noticed.

You can take additional advantage of meta titles and use details of your site name and keywords to further enhance and personalise your SEO efforts.

Another plus is that the SEO resources offered via the platforms extensive learning centre give good scope to continually develop your SEO.

Each one of the Wix templates offered is fully optimised for mobile device viewing.

This should mean that those visiting your site via a mobile phone or tablet should have a satisfactory viewing experience.

Another benefit is that once you get to grips with the Wix mobile editor, you will also find you can choose which pieces of content you want to hide or display from those mobile visitors.


The Squarespace SEO tools are also highly effective when used to their full potential.

The platform offers a comprehensive SEO checklist which can be followed and offers tips on how best to utilise SEO.

The Squarespace SEO has three downsides that we feel should be pointed out:

  1. While their blogging tool is effective you cannot edit page titles in Blog posts.
  2. In our Google Speed Tool tests, the Squarespace templates produced lower response rates. This could affect mobile user viewing and page ranking status.
  3. The SEO tool is not as ‘beginner friendly’ as WIX, meaning more time needs to be invested.

Once again, all template designs offered from Squarespace offer huge positives when it comes to mobile responsiveness.

This makes them ideally suited for any visitor to your site using a mobile device.

As we all know, mobile visitors to sites are increasing exponentially so delivering a first-rate mobile viewing experience should be something that is uppermost in your mind. Squarespace certainly offers this.

Winner – Draw! within our ‘SEO and Mobility' Wix versus Squarespace comparison.

Support and Resources:

A Wix Squarespace comparison when it comes to support and resources puts Wix in a stronger position.


There are solid help and support options available from Wix.

Their “Knowledge Base” offers extensive online video and text tutorials while their support team can be accessed via email, WIX forums, social media and a dedicated telephone support centre that is available from 06.00-17.00hrs PST.


Squarespace does not currently offer phone support. This can be seen as a negative by many.

However, they do have a very useful live chat function from 0300-2000hrs EST (Mon-Fri). They also have a 24/7 email response team with a policy of responding to all emails within 1 hour.

Access to their fairly extensive knowledge centre and forum is available to all.

Winner – Wix! within our ‘Support and Resources' Wix vs Squarespace comparison.


Cost is obviously a very important issue when looking at whether Wix or Squarespace web builder is right for you. To fully understand the full details of each platform’s pricing structure and what you get for your money, we have gone into extensive detail in our detailed Wix Review and Squarespace Review.


WIX can be used for free without any time limit.

However, to remove their ‘forced’ ads you will need to upgrade to  the Combo paid plan. These plans cost from $8.50 per month.

It should be noted that there is also a 14-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the paid plan taken out.



Squarespace does offer a 14-day trial. This should certainly be long enough to give the platform an extensive ‘trial spin’.

Once the trial is over you will need to select a paid plan and these come in at between $12-40 per month.



Winner – Draw! within our ‘Pricing' category for Wix vs Squarespace comparison. Costs are very similar for what they provide so shouldn't really be a main factor in choosing your website builder.


Comparison Winner:

BuilderBattle ScoreFull ReviewVisit Official Website
WIX 6 / 6 Wix review www.wix.com
Squarespace 4 / 6 Squarespace review www.squarespace.com

Whilst both platforms are excellent choices for your online presence, we have used and studied both platforms thoroughly and find Wix the Winner within this WIX Squarespace comparison platform test.

Remember; everyone's needs are different so what we have found the better of the two, may not be the best option for you. So please do your own research based on your businesses needs.

Conclusion and Recommendation:

Wix or Squarespace? We would say that even though our vs battle above showed a winner as Wix, we do not think this is maybe a 100% fair conclusion. Instead the choice of Wix vs Squarespace as your website builder really does depend upon your aims.

What is Squarespace best used for?

If you are looking for a highly creative site and wish to dig deep into fantastic designs then Squarespace wins hands down. Anyone with a little understanding for online software will excel with this platform.

What is Wix best used for?

However for those looking to get online in an instant with a platform more geared towards beginners then Wix should be your preferred choice in the Wix vs Squarespace comparison.

The Wix ‘free’ plan will allow you to test the water for as long as you wish, although it should be said that a paid plan is needed if you really wish to progress your site and/or sell products/services. Wix offers something for everyone through its large app market and very solid support options.

Final Word:

We do hope our Wix vs Squarespace comparison has helped clarify what both platforms have to offer and made your decision that little bit easier.

Remember; everyone's needs are different so what we have found the better between Wix or Squarespace, may not be the best option for you. So please do your own research based on your businesses needs.

For those who are still undecided, a final important note when considering Wix or Squarespace. Both platforms offer free trial periods. It would do no harm whatsoever to take advantage of such an offer and test-drive each to see which fits your business model most appropriately.

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That’s all for now:

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