Wix vs Shopify – Who Wins in 2021?

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Introduction: Why consider Shopify or Wix for your next website builder platform?

Wix or Shopify? Decisions, Decisions! When it comes to an online website builder with E-Commerce punching power which corner will you side with? It is clear that there are lots of web builders and E-Commerce platforms available for you to choose from. Wix vs Shopify for E-Commerce certainly falls into this category.

In our Shopify vs Wix comparison we will give you the lowdown on both. This should help you to fill your e-commerce trolley platform requirements and make your checkout decision on which provider to use that little bit easier.

We have dug deeply into the Wix and Shopify platforms in order to help you clearly see what both have to offer. Our guide is a side-by-side view on what we feel are most important when looking at these two web building platforms. To help you clearly understand the differences we have also placed a Wix or Shopify winners verdict at the end of each section.

Pros and Cons for Wix vs Shopify:

To assess major Wix and Shopify highlights in terms of Pros and Cons for these two powerful website builders please click on the following links;


Looking at user take-up and what is on offer from Wix and Shopify should tell you that both are solid choices. Here is a quick overview why:


is a dedicated, comprehensive E-Commerce platform that has, to date assisted 600,000 businesses (and counting!) generate $55 Billion in revenue (and still counting!) To get an online store presence up and running.


is seen as the ‘go-to’ in a very competitive website building drag-n-drop sector. It also offers effective E-Commerce power for smaller size businesses. In excess of 131 million websites in 190 countries have been built on Wix, they currently host in excess of 90 million domains and have touching 4 million paying subscribers. For our comparison, it must be said that numbers above are not all using Wix as an E-Commerce platform.

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Ease of use:

We are not all technical wizards! This means the mere mortals out there, ease of use is crucial to ensure you get the website and selling platform capabilities required to get up and running quickly.

It is true to say that if you or someone within your operation do not have technical skills then a sound investment to be made is availing of the services from a professional eCommerce Design company. This will ensure you get exactly where you need to be in your highly competitive business sector.

Here are key reasons to be seen when comparing Shopify vs Wix in terms of ease of use:



Those planning to set up an online store and start selling have excellent, flexible functionality at their finger-tips

Little design knowledge:

Limited technical or design skills do not inhibit the creation of your online presence. Shopify themes are a plenty and those who are familiar with HTML and CSS will find they have extensive control relating to site design preferences.

Hosted solution:

Being a hosted solution means you will have nothing to worry about with regard to web hosting, software installation, data security or technical upgrades, and because Shopify is a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool, you will have access to manage your store as long as internet connectivity is available.



No matter what your skill level, the powerful Wix template editor gives complete control. Again, the more technically knowledgeable you are, the easier things become

CMS flexibility:

Content Management Systems (CMS) is the key to fast, flexible and relevant changes to your web presence. The Wix platform gives you this and more with a very easy inventory management system.

Simple yet sophisticated:

The drag ‘n drop flexibility means setting up your website and/or online store is easy while offering sophisticated functionality

Online store capabilities:

You can set up an online store in just 7 steps

Winner – Draw! within our ‘Ease of Use' Wix vs Shopify comparison.

Features and Flexibility:

The success of any platform in this sector are the features and flexibility offered. Both Wix and Shopify offer these in abundance. Here are some of the key factors of each that please so many.

Out-of-the-box: With all tools required, access to WixStore app, you will have everything required to get your website complete and if necessary an online store up and running. When signing up to one of the Wix premium plans you can opt to connect your web presence to any domain you own. There is also the option of transferring a previously purchased domain to Wix. Choosing this option ensure your entire online presence is in one place. Again, everything is available for you to create, manage and sell online products or services out of the box. Dependent upon the pricing plan you take will depend on the number of features available to you. Use your existing domain name, or choose a new one for your online E-Commerce presence. The technical team at Shopify will assist in configuration of an existing domain, or sell you a new one.
Themes & Templates: In excess of 510 templates which are professionally designed there is no doubt that you will find a template to suit your needs. It could not be easier to customise a Wix template. All you need to do is swap out the example content given with your own. It should be said that you can also build pages yourself, but the ease of customisation mentioned means this is not a necessity. While the templates offer full flexibility in terms of designing them for your own purposes, it must be reinforced that a major minus point is that once you have chosen your template you cannot transfer existing content to a new template. Think very carefully before deciding on your template of choice. Shopify offers more than 60 themes. These are all well-designed to meet your needs and can all be fully customised. What this means is that you will find a theme to meet your initial needs and from there you can individualise it. The benefits of this customisation are many: You are at liberty to add individual product pages - this is particularly useful for ‘best-selling’ products. Place an ‘About Us’ page where you can clearly describe your company and aims. Flexibility is yours to change page elements – You can move, add, remove or re-size page elements to reflect your business style. Another benefit is that the integration of social media feeds is very straightforward. Do bear in mind that while there are free themes to select, it is highly likely you will want to use one of the ‘paid-for’ themes. We say this because the split is 10 free themes against 50+ paid for themes. While this may add to cost it does give value in terms of flexibility for your specific needs.
3rd Party Apps & Plugins: The comprehensive 3rd party apps available for Wix will enhance your online presence When looking at the Wix vs Shopify for E-Commerce choice it is important to understand that the Shopify apps platform offers in excess of 1,200 different free and paid for apps to use through its App Store.
Hosting & Back-up: All Wix subscription plans offer hosting. This means you do not have to worry about technical or security issues. Back-ups are also automated. The fully hosted service offered by Shopify is available on all subscription plans and this powerful E-Commerce platform automatically creates backups on a daily basis
Winner – Shopify! within our ‘Features and Flexibility' Shopify vs Wix comparison.

eCommerce Tools:

Whether you choose Wix or Shopify or any other platform the availability of eCommerce tools is absolutely crucial to making the most of your online presence. Both platforms offer extensive choice. In our Wix vs Shopify comparison, Shopify is a more powerful ecommerce solution than that offered from a Wix store.

Shopify offers highly commendable shopping cart management features with attractive product pages. One of the latest additions Shopify have included makes it easier than ever to find exactly the product(s) being searched for. This search function includes a search bar placed at the top of the dashboard. By simply inputing any appropriate keyword you will find what you are looking for. Results will be delivered without the need to search in a variety of places. Examples being:
A collection, a piece of inventory, a specific customer, or discounts applied.

Shopify offers in excess of 70 payment gateways – These payment options include PayPal, Stripe, PayMill and Authorize.net.

Wix on the other hand has improved over the years and currently offers 17. These include PayPal, Stripe, Square and Wirecard.

Both come with similar transaction fees and it could be stated that those in need of a less complex online store selling a relatively small number of products or services will be well-served by Wix ecommerce. But if you need to add products on a larger scale or services ready to sell, or you are clear that numbers will increase quite quickly then Shopify will suit better.

Winner – Shopify! within our comparison for Wix vs Shopify for eCommerce Tools.

SEO and Mobility:

In the Wix vs Shopify decision stakes the SEO & Mobility features cannot be ignored. Both SEO and mobile are crucial for any online presence. The growing number of mobile device users accessing online websites and stores means that visitor experience needs to be flawless. As for SEO, if you are not maximising SEO to its full capability, you will not receive the recognition deserved.


Both Wix and Shopify offer excellent mobile functionality for visitors as well as the ability to manage your site via a mobile device.


In terms of SEO, again, both offer a reasonable number of tools to help you improve your website rankings. However, because SEO is such an important feature in getting your brand out there and recognised we would strongly recommend you invest in the services of a well-respected, professional Digital Marketing agency to ensure you get full benefit from this highly important aspect of the online world.

Winner – Draw! within our ‘SEO and Mobility' Shopify vs Wix comparison.

Support and Resources:

Support and available resources are vital for the setting up and advancement of your web presence as well as online shopping aspirations. A Wix and Shopify comparison when it comes to support and resources is a close call.

The good news is that both Wix and Shopify score very highly on this point. There are user communities, copious amounts of documented information, online tutorials and help desk support in the form of e-mail contact, 24/7 phone support and live chat features.

When considering Wix or Shopify assistance, you can be assured of prompt, professional help.

Winner – Draw! within our ‘Support and Resources' Wix or Shopify comparison.


In any Wix vs Shopify comparison, understanding costs is an absolute must. To fully understand the full details of each platforms pricing structure and what you get for your money, we have gone into extensive detail in our detailed Wix online store review and Shopify store reviews.


WIX can be used for free without any time limit. However, to remove their ‘forced’ ads you will need to upgrade to a paid plan. These plans cost between $17-35 per month. It should be noted that there is also a 14-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the paid plan taken out.



You can choose between 3 ’regular’ price plans;


Two other plans are available.

  1. The first is their Shopify Lite plan for $9 p/m, but this does not allow the establishment of an ecommerce store. Instead, it allows you to simply add a ‘buy button’ to your existing website.
  2. The other is called Shopify plus, a to end ‘Enterprise’ solution for large organisations. Pricing needs to be discussed with Shopify to understand your needs.

While lots of features and services are included in the monthly price plans, you do need to bear in mind that any paid for apps and add-ons will add to your set-up/running costs.

Winner – Draw!  within our ‘Pricing' Wix vs Shopify comparison. Pricing for like for like is very similar and she shouldn't be a deciding factor for you.

Comparison Winner:

eCommerce SolutionBattle ScoreFull eCommerce ReviewVisit Official Website
Shopify 5/6 Shopify reviews UK www.shopify.com
WIX 4/6 Wix ecommerce review www.wix.com

Whilst both platforms are excellent choices for your eCommerce store, we have used and studied both platforms thoroughly and conclude that Shopify wins in this Wix vs Shopify comparison eCommerce platform test.

Remember; everyone's needs are different so what we have found the better of the two, may not be the best option for you. So please do your own research based on your businesses needs.

Conclusion and Recommendation:

So Wix or Shopify? From the information given in our Shopify vs Wix comparison review, despite Shopify winning our battle, we have to give both a separate points victory.

What is Shopify best used for?

When considering Wix or Shopify, it is very important to understand that Shopify are a dedicated E-Commerce platform and as such offer a wider range of functionality for those with mid to large selling ambitions. The costs may be higher than Wix, but the reality is that you get what you pay for. When it comes to Shopify vs Wix for your immediate E-Commerce needs then Shopify is the way to go. You can start small and then build as your online presence blossoms.

What is Wix best used for?

Wix is however stronger on web building than e-commerce, but I feel this comparison should include, and mention both the web builder functionality and e-commerce capability of Wix because many small schools, personal websites and those with aspirations of selling on line at some time in the future may only initially need a web builder. Those therefore who are looking to build a website without needing immediate E-Commerce capabilities would benefit from using Wix. As would those who want a website presence and are selling a small number of items, those with the intention to sell online but “not just yet”, or anyone who wants a website but has no desire to sell online.

Final Word:

We do hope our Shopify vs Wix comparison has helped clarify what both platforms have to offer and made your decision that little bit easier.

Remember; everyone's needs are different so what we have found the better between Wix or Shopify, may not be the best option for you. So please do your own research based on your businesses needs.

For those who are still undecided, a final important note when considering Wix or Shopify. Both platforms offer a 14-day free trial period. It would do no harm whatsoever to take advantage of such an offer and test-drive each to see which fits your business model most appropriately. Two weeks should be ample time for you to test-drive each platform in order to decide as to which suits your needs best.

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