Wix vs BigCommerce Comparison 2024: Who’s Better?

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⏳ Do you want to skip the read and get right to my winner? Wix is the Winner within this Wix vs BigCommerce comparison platform test.

Introduction to our Wix vs BigCommerce Comparison:

In this Wix vs BigCommerce review, we show which of these builders is your best bet for creating a high-impact web store. Our Wix BigCommerce match-up will be looking at how each of these SaaS platforms stacks up in terms of usability, functionality, cost, and integration.

Quick Comparison Table For Wix vs BigCommerce

Criteria 🥇 Wix (My Top Pick!) BigCommerce
Ease of Use Very user-friendly with drag-and-drop functionality Slightly more complex, aimed at medium to large stores
Key Features & Flexibility Solid features for small to medium-sized stores More advanced features aimed at large-scale ecommerce
SEO & Marketing Good SEO tools but somewhat limited compared to BigCommerce Extensive SEO tools and marketing features
Ecommerce Good for small to medium-sized online stores Excellent scalability, best for large online stores
Customer Support & Resources Good support and resources, slightly faster responses Solid support but may have slower response times
Pricing Plans from $23/month

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Plans from $29.95/month

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My View Best for small to medium-sized businesses looking for ease of use and solid features. Best for larger online stores needing advanced eCommerce features and scalability.
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Overview: Which is the better eCommerce platform?

Making the jump from brick and mortar to the virtual marketplace is a daunting prospect for many companies. Still, it’s a blessing that many software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers are offering a variety of site-building options that make it so much easier for a business to go online.

But first, our two contenders Wix BigCommerce in a nutshell:


Considered the site builder of choice for many digital newbies, Wix first came to the public eye as a generic web builder in 2006. It has since grown into a service that has created and hosted over 160 million websites globally, of which 600,000 are online retail hubs.



The Texas-based SaaS provider has a more modest following, with almost 100,000 ecommerce-specific sites built with and hosted on its servers since 2009. To be fair, though, BigCommerce’s clients aren’t exactly the type you can turn your nose up at: Martha Stewart is one of them, as are globally-recognised corporations like Toyota and Ben & Jerry’s.


Ease of Use:

Which between Wix BigCommerce is more user-friendly?


Wix’s AI-driven building platform is one reason why it’s such a favourite among those who don’t know a lick of either coding or HTML: you can dive right in and start working on your site without any prior experience or prep.


BigCommerce’s builder is intuitive, but comparing Wix BigCommerce, the latter is less intuitive. You need to sit down with the SaaS platform for an hour or so to figure out how to navigate through it. Once you get the hang of it, though, it’s relatively easy.

Winner – Wix! within the Ease of Use comparison in this Wix vs BigCommerce showdown.

Features and Flexibility:

What features can you expect from Wix BigCommerce?



A drag-and-drop builder paired with an incredibly diverse tool suite is what you get almost as soon as you sign up for an account. If your subscription is one for one of the platform’s top of the line packages, it’s also easy to hook your site onto any domain you may already have.


This particular platform comes with a drag-and-drop UI. Much of the tools built into the platform are specifically created for ecommerce, including solutions for inventory management, online and offline marketing, and local and international taxation.

Wix vs BigCommerce Themes and Templates:

People are drawn to a great-looking website. How does Wix and BigCommerce stack up in terms of themes and templates?


An extensive lineup of over 500 themed templates is at any user’s disposal where Wix is concerned. These are organised based on aesthetic elements or even by industry – quite a plus for those who want to create a striking-looking online storefront.


The platform currently offers its users twelve free thematic templates and 150 premium [paid] templates, each of which comes in three colour variants, enabling users to choose a set of hues close to their own brand device colours. Note that paid templates are priced between $150 to $300.

Wix vs BigCommerce Customisation Tools:


With Wix’s App Market, you get a variety of options for customising your site's overall look and feel by way of design apps or easy-to-use widgets.


No time to track down programmes or apps to enhance the look of your site? There’s no need for those with BigCommerce: the platform comes pre-loaded with customisation tools that you can use to improve the look and enhance the functionality of your site or store.

Wix vs BigCommerce 3rd Party Integrations:


The Wix App Marketplace puts nearly 300 third-party programmes and applications at the user’s fingertips. These solutions run the gamut from apps to improve overall productivity to computing shipping fees, international taxes, and domestic and foreign delivery times.


The platform is specifically towards online store building. Yet BigCommerce’s integrations include solutions for enhanced productivity, inventory management, online marketing, accounting, shipping and delivery management, and even international taxation.



The platform hosts its sites via a content delivery network (CDN) across all subscription packages, and technical support is available when you need it. The CDN servers scattered across the globe ensures service delivery even if one goes down.


99.99% uptime is the BigCommerce promise to its users. Indeed, its use of the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure makes it possible.

This ensures quick loading times and round-the-clock security. It also makes BigCommerce one of the few web developments companies in the world that complies with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 online service quality standard. In addition, users are given unlimited bandwidth and file storage.

BigCommerce vs Wix Backups:


Wix provides regular automated backups at regular intervals across all subscription packages.


Unfortunately, BigCommerce doesn’t have an automatic backup function built into its UI, but relies, instead, on third-party backup apps to facilitate data retention. While there are several possible choices available through the BigCommerce app centre, platform users swear by Rewind as their backup app of choice.

BigCommerce vs Wix Migration:


Wix has a Transfer Site function built into the UI though it only works for transferring sites from one Wix account to another. To date, however, there is still no way by which sites built on a different platform can be migrated onto the Wix platform.


You won’t encounter such issues with BigCommerce. The platform offers several native migration apps that enable users to move their product catalogues and price lists from several competitor platforms.

Winner – Wix! in the Features category of this BigCommerce Wix comparison.

SEO and Mobility:

How does BigCommerce Wix help you achieve a first-page appearance in the search engines?

Wix vs BigCommerce SEO:


Wix’s platform already has several built-in and third-party sourced tools to enable creators to make SEO-friendly sites.


BigCommerce helps users make individual pages from their sites search-engine friendly. This is through the use of an SEO box in the back end for extensive metadata. The platform automatically optimises the titles and URLs of each page. Also, having site-wide SSL certification definitely helps sites become more search engine-worthy.



Wix stores may be optimised for viewing on mobile screens, but you can’t edit or manage your Wix site unless you’re willing to peer down at a very small mobile browser.


BigCommerce has its own proprietary site management app for both Android and iOS devices. This condensed version of the platform enables store owners to access all their stores with a single log-in, monitor store performance, and manage their catalogues, orders, and customer database whilst on the go.

Wix vs BigCommerce Pagespeed:


Compared to BigCommerce Wix’s sites currently load at three seconds flat on average and are a bit slower.


BigCommerce has a respectable loading time of 2.4 seconds.

Winner – Draw! When it comes to SEO functionality, we have to call this Wix vs BigCommerce match a draw.

Wix vs BigCommerce eCommerce Tools:

What eCommerce features do BigCommerce Wix offer?


Aside from its standard site builder, Wix also offers its own fully functional ecommerce builder with a full complement of tools, security options, and access to a growing number of global payment gateways.


Its name says it all: online commerce is BigCommerce’s main line of work. As a result, it offers a diverse range of solutions, including creating product rules, selling digital products like tickets and film downloads, an easy to use order process management system, a facility for creating bestsellers’ lists, and a reward system for frequent customers.

Winner – BigCommerce! Hands down, ecommerce is where BigCommerce rules in this BigCommerce Wix toss-up.

Support and Resources:

A great site builder would have ready support and resources should you need help. So how does BigCommerce Wix extend a hand to you?


This platform offers 24/7 multi-channel technical support, extensive knowledge bases, and community forums. These allow for meaningful interaction between expert and novice users.


Like Wix BigCommerce’s online knowledge base is well researched and frequently updated by its own pool of technical experts. Likewise, it offers 24/7 customer service through phone (and freephone options are available in several countries), email, live chat, and community forums.

Winner – Draw! We have to call this Wix BigCommerce a draw in the support and resource category.

Wix vs BigCommerce Pricing:


Wix’s top of the line subscription package is priced at $35.00 a month all in. But it’s quite a bargain as it gives you everything you need to create and maintain a well-performing online store.

wix vs bigcommerce pricing

As stated on their terms of use page, there's a 14-day money-back guarantee on all plans.


Users are pegged to pay between $29.95 to 299.95 a month for the platform’s subscription packages. Note that several of these will give you access to all the best parts of BigCommerce’s site builder. However, be sure to read the fine print first, as transaction fees may be charged.

wix vs bigcommerce pricing

As stated on their terms of service page, BigCommerce offers a 15-day free trial.

Winner – Wix! This was a tight match between BigCommerce Wix, but for sheer value for money, we’re going with Wix.

Wix BigCommerce Comparison Winner:

After thoroughly testing and evaluating both, we find  Wix the Winner in this BigCommerce Wix comparative analysis.

Conclusion and Recommendation to our Wix vs BigCommerce Comparison:

All things considered, this match was definitely a tough one to call.

What is Wix best for?

We admit that Wix emerges as the comparison winner if we strictly consider its merits as a straight-up site builder.

What is BigCommerce best for?

However, if we are going to talk about the functionality necessary for creating a high-impact web store, this match has to go to BigCommerce.

Wix BigCommerce Alternatives

Here's a list of the best BigCommerce Wix alternatives to create a an eCommerce website:

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Wix vs BigCommerce Final Word

We have tried as much as we could to give an unbiased look at the two platforms presented in this article. However, if you have specific needs for your website, you would do well to trail some platforms to see which will work best for you.

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