Wix eCommerce Review 2020: Our honest Wix online store review.

WIX Store: Best value eCommerce solution for small shops

Ease of Use 8.5
Features & Flexibility 8.5
SEO & Mobility 8.0
Help & Support 9.5
Pricing 8.5


  • Ease of use
  • Template temptation galore
  • Highly effective Mobile editor
  • Superior selection of Sales & Marketing Apps
  • Excellent Value


  • Limited scalability for larger stores
  • 75+ individual products make management tricky
  • No template switching

Introduction: What is a WIX Store?

Welcome to our Wix eCommerce Review. In this Wix store review we will look at why the world’s largest ‘drag and drop’ web builder is a perfect fit for small businesses looking to build a website and quickly get their products and services online and start selling just as fast!

Before we get into our Wix webshop review, here are some fun facts to watch:

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Overview: Our Wix store review could be the solution to your eCommerce needs.

Let’s kick-off with a snapshot of the company itself. This should give you comfort during our Wix eCommerce review as to just how incredibly popular their offering is:

When you look at straightforward statistics to be found on many Wix store review sites the numbers are truly astonishing.

Here are 5 of ours using the latest (August 2018) statistics dating back to the company’s launch in 2006. Since then they have built a business responsible for:

  1. Creating more than 131 million websites in 190 countries
  2. Currently host in excess of 90 million domains
  3. 500+ professionally designed templates
  4. Code free, Drag and Drop website builder
  5. 3.7 million Paying subscribers (and rising!)

Why Wix should make you sit up and look?

The statistic which interests us the most, and should push the right buttons with you is an important one. 8 out of 10 people who use one of the Wix paid-for subscription plans actively extend their subscription and remain with the company for longer than one year. We find this so important because as a business looking to expand you must demand the best from your chosen web building provider. Because surely you are looking to provide your current and future customer base with the best in terms of products and/or services. Your reward in doing so will be customer loyalty and it is this loyalty that will be the foundation of your growing success.

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Ease of use:

Our Wix webshop review will major on the platforms eCommerce capabilities, but it is important to point out that millions of users across every small business category, and from 190 countries opt to use Wix as their go-to provider for high quality website building.

It is our intention to explain how this versatility extends to your online store.

The excellent range of templates (510 and counting), and the ease at which you can drag and drop images and information make professional online store design a reality. This is regardless of the need for web building experience.

Our Wix e Commerce review will explain the key functions offered in terms of setting up an online store. It will also emphasise why this increasingly popular online selling platform can match and surpass your small business selling ambitions.

Create your store in 7 steps:

To explain how straightforward it is to create your online store from scratch, you simply need to complete these 7 steps:

  1. Sign up for free or log into your account.
  2. Choose a template from the wide selection offered in the Online Store category.
  3. Edit and personalise the text, add your business name.
  4. Go to “My Store” – “Manage Your Store”.
  5. Add individual products to your store.
  6. Select “Business Setup”. This allows you to add Payment options as well as to optimise Shipping and Store settings.
  7. Publish your site, connect to your own domain, you are set to go!

No code experience, No commission taken:

Two points all Wix webshop review articles will make repeatedly are extremely valid:

This online store builder does not necessitate the need to know code (unlike some of its competitors), and unlike other dedicated online selling platforms it will not take any percentage of your sales commission.

Wix ADI:

Some older Wix online store review articles will not mention the recently introduced Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) solution. This unique AI tool is not offered by other It will build a site for you in minutes, simply by walking you through a series of questions. Based on your answers it will build a customised site for your personalised website.

Wix Code:

Wix Code is a next-generation customisation tool which will make your online store that much more powerful and intuitively easier to run.

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Features and Flexibility:

Here are some major reasons our Wix online store review leans towards implementation in terms of features and flexibility. As we proceed through this Wix store review it should become clear why this eCommerce platform allows you to work smarter not harder.

Out of the box:

All the tools required and the inclusive WixStore app will set you on the road to a healthy online business. More on the Wix CMS review as our Wix webshop review continues.

Drag and Drop Editor:

The WixStores drag and drop editor allows you to resize as well as reorder any website element. This will ensure your site looks perfect when viewed on a mobile device. It also allows you to hide certain elements from your mobile website without altering the appearance of your regular web presence.

Social media integration:

This is one of the key ‘here, now and future’ functions our Wix eCommerce review needs to state. It is vital that any online business understands the importance of social media integration in order to boost brand awareness, increase target customer base and maximise selling opportunities.

The Wix eCommerce platform allows you to add the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube with just a couple of clicks. Those all-important icons, feeds and share buttons will help tremendously to get your name out there and your brand noticed.

Themes and templates:

Astonishing array of professionally presented, enticing themes and templates to choose from.

Attention-grabbing design:

You should find any Wix store review worth its salt commenting on the breadth and variety of templates available. Whatever kind of business is your design you are sure to find a template design to meet it!

Beautifully presented:

Once you have decided on your design of choice you can then customise all aspects of your business website. Attractive presentation when viewed from any mobile device.

3rd party Apps market:

Unrivalled number of 3rd party eCommerce tools and other apps to increase your conversion rates.

Any Wix online store review you read should clearly emphasise the immense benefits offered by available applications. The Wix Stores app is built-in to all online store templates and will cater for many needs, but if you need to delve further simply access the Wix App Market.

With a collection that exceeds 260 advanced app add-ons and includes a healthy section in its ‘Online Store’ category, Wix is unbeatable. You will find tools galore to further boost your online sales figures.

Some of these apps are free, others require a Wix eCommerce or VIP plan to use, but what all have in common is that they can be added with just one click – No code writing, no software install.

Choosing the appropriate apps should lead to significant online sales advantage.


With ALL subscription plans Wix will manage security and all technical aspects. This will ensure your website is continuously kept up and running. Any software maintenance is handled automatically by the Wix technical team with upgrade alerts as standard.


This cloud-based platform offers safety in the form of automated back-up points.


The choice is yours. When signing up for a Wix premium plan, you can opt to connect your website to any domain you own. You also have the option of transferring a domain purchased elsewhere to Wix. This latter choice would give you ease to manage your entire online presence in one place.

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eCommerce Tools:

In terms of our Wix online store review we have to again quantify some of the major eCommerce tools Wix offers. These are extensive and include all features you need to build your online store:

  • Stunning product galleries
  • Online/eCommerce tools aplenty
  • Abandoned cart recovery feature
  • Multiple payment solutions
  • Global tax and shipping calculator
  • Individual and multiple discount function as well as coupon facility
  • Secure checkout

Real vs Digital goods:

Your choice! Whatever your product or service these can seamlessly be sold with tax calculations and shipping assistance wherever your chosen markets happen to be.

Inventory accuracy:

Keeping an accurate inventory is key to good business practice. You certainly don’t want to be hanging on to excess stock and ordering more of the same, equally you do not want to be caught short by running out of popular goods.

As well as tracking your inventory the Wix Store Manager updates inventory every time a purchase is made.

Payment gateway systems:

Another stand-out Wix store review feature is the ability to receive secure payments via all major channels. This includes credit cards, PayPal and even offline payments. You can also assure customers that their personal information is protected for all transactions.


The Wix eCommerce dashboard enables you to set shipping and tax rules for your goods. This function will then automatically adjust pricing dependent upon where your customers are. Add to this the functionality of tracking orders and you know exactly where you are!

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SEO and Mobility:


A key aspect of any Wix online store review must consider SEO functionality and we are duty-bound to highlight what the inclusive ‘Wix SEO Wiz’ function offers. Essentially it provides tools for easy on-page and technical SEO works only, but it should be noted that although sometimes limited, Wix are upgrading this all the time.

It must be said that this area of SEO is best farmed out to professionals who will work a full SEO package including important off page back linking SEO works. The important point is that Wix has tools which can be used by a professional digital marketing agency or yourself if you wish to take this duty.

Examples being:

  • A personalised plan – Wix ADI created websites come with tailor-made, SEO-important content. Website creation using the Wix Editor allows unique text customisation that best describes your business. Both methods ensure high search engine relevancy is achieved
  • Keyword analyser
  • Meta tags
  • Complete control over your main and individual page URLs
  • Optimised Heading Tags (H1, H2, H3)
  • Anchor text editing
  • Alt Text – Descriptions that get your images indexed
  • Mobile optimisation tips
  • Tools and Apps to improve site SEO – A host of inclusive tools and Apps include the already highlighted Wix SEO Wiz App. and a Wix Site Booster App that makes the most of local area directories. 3rd party Apps and tools galore include Google Analytics
  • Technical SEO features – These include 301 Redirects, Google indexing, Header Code and functions that make Social Media site sharing easily achievable


The importance of presenting an attractive, tempting mobile experience for those visiting your online store cannot be stressed strongly enough. The numbers of online shoppers who browse and complete transactions using their mobile devices continues to grow and certainly shows no signs of abating.

A key factor of our Wix eCommerce review is how well the platform adapts and adds to a mobile user’s experience. Their visit to your online store via a mobile device will dictate whether they commit to a purchase or not. The harsh truth in terms of mobile users is First impressions count – Your brand, product and/or services need to attract and impress on that first visit when viewed on a mobile or tablet.

The WixStores Mobile Commerce offering is tailored to achieve this well through good mobile view optimisation. One click will ensure that WixStores automatically optimises your HTML5 website for mobile device viewing. Once this feature is activated your website will be instantly responsive to look attractive on mobile devices too.

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Support and Resources:

Another key element of our Wix Commerce review is the extensive help centre offered by Wix. It is there for you to learn and understand everything about the eCommerce platform, and more.

You can browse text as well as video-based tutorials and ask online questions which will be answered.

If this extensive online library of resources does not answer your query in full, fear not. Subscription to the eCommerce plan gives you 24/7 telephone support, while in addition; VIP plan subscribers get priority treatment by being automatically moved to the front of the queue when calling.

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Wix Pricing:

We are fully aware that this aspect of our Wix online store review is of extreme interest to all. Here follows our Wix Premium plans review.


Point to note:

It would appear the smart money goes on selecting an annual subscription. This is borne out by the fact that 82% of Wix subscribers opt for an annual plan with just 18% choosing the monthly payment plan option.

Taking the majority and using an annual subscription figure this is what you get for your money on each plan:

You receive a free domain name for 1-year when signing up for any Wix annual plan.

Signing up to the VIP plan entitles you to a 1-time free Wix webshop review of your website design, user interface and SEO.

Each plan includes:

  • FREE Hosting
  • Domain connection
  • NO set-up fees

Do remember: You have a 14-day trial period. During this time, you can cancel with a money-back guarantee. This trial period is also applicable to those on the connect domain, combo and unlimited premium plans.

Two other important ‘extras’ you receive with the VIP plan are:

Email Marketing Program:

You will get 10 Wix ShoutOut email campaigns per month. This allows you to send out unique, self-designed newsletters or promotional emails to your subscribers.

As earlier mentioned in this Wix eCommerce review it needs to be stressed that you do not need any coding knowledge to produce this promotional material. Why? Because, once again it is drag and drop.

This type of ‘mailshot’ is an ideal vehicle for those wanting to promote their services, products and raise brand recognition.

Anyone who ranks email marketing highly in their business growth strategy should consider this plan as excellent value.

Professional Wix Store Review:

In terms of value, this Wix webshop review feature has got to be right up there with the best.

Basically, the Wix experts will review and give feedback regarding your websites design, user-interface and SEO effectiveness.

Asking an independent professional to complete a comprehensive Wix eCommerce review (or any review for that matter!) and give recommendations could easily cost you 6-12 months VIP subscription and more as a once off cost.

This ‘inclusive’ Wix online store review is certainly a worthy recommendation and an excellent approach to giving your online operation a thorough ‘health check’.

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Conclusion and Recommendations:

So, our Wix store review conclusion;

What is it best used for?

It really is the perfect vehicle to start or expand your online shop. The most popular of site builders on the planet and our highest rated website builder certainly has a lot going for it. Add to this the additional benefits offered through the eCommerce and VIP premium plans and it is crystal clear why our Wix eCommerce review recommends you try this eCommerce platform.

By opting for either of these premium subscription plans you are on the way to getting your name, products and services out there. This should result in an expected, regular increase in the all-important brand recognition stakes.

Wix Alternatives:

We owe it to the readers of our WIX online store review; we must point out that there are better eCommerce platform Solutions available if you are looking for a BIGGER shop size. Then a Wix vs BigCommerce comparison should be considered and of-course never forgetting Shopify which is a best all round solution. These can be considered stronger when looking for a more flexible e-commerce platforms for bigger shops and so should be at least tested with their free trials too.

Final Word:

We recommend heading over to their website, see if they have any special Wix offers available. Then you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving Wix a 14-days free of charge?

Before you go here are some fun Wix Facts to watch:

That’s all for now:

Thanks for reading our Wix eCommerce review and don’t forget to keep an eye out for our ever-growing blog of review and comparison articles. You may be interested in our related website builder, eCommerce platform review and comparison articles below;

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