Wix eCommerce Review 2023: Is Wix good for eCommerce?

Last Updated on   September 11 2023,
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Wix offers a fully integrated eCommerce platform, allowing users to create an online store and sell products. Wix eCommerce includes features such as customizable storefront, multiple payment options, shipping and tax management, inventory management, and more.

  • Ease of Use - 85%
  • Features & Flexibility - 85%
  • SEO & Mobility - 80%
  • Help & Support - 85%
  • Pricing - 85%


  • Ease of use is unparalleled
  • Astounding number of free themes and templates
  • Impressive eCommerce features
  • Great value for money
  • Excellent SEO and Mobility features


  • Not suited for high-volume merchants
  • No live chat support option
  • No switching templates

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Introduction to our Wix eCommerce Review:

Welcome to our no-holds-barred Wix eCommerce review! We assume that you have some idea about Wix. Given the star power behind its clickbait ads, who wouldn’t? Banking on its drag and drop editor and superior ease of use, the software now has over 165 million registered users.

This figure alone is strong proof of Wix online builder’s popularity – and the numerous positive Wix store reviews propel its ever-growing user base. But did you also know that Wix has rolled out an all-inclusive eCommerce platform? Like its site builder counterpart, it promises to be hassle-free and super easy to use.

The question is – as far as marketing and sales features go, is Wix good for eCommerce? Can it go toe to toe with the more established online store builders like Shopify or BigCommerce? In this article, discover whether Wix stores have enough features and functionalities to float your boat.

Overview: Is Wix good for eCommerce?

Wix is arguably today’s most well-known website builder. Feast your eyes on these stats to appreciate why Wix’s eCommerce option leads the pack:

  1. Wix is the choice of 165 million users around the world
  2. More than 600 million Wix eCommerce-powered stores
  3. User-friendly functionality to make setting up your online store a walk in the park
  4. Stunning aesthetics with 800+ themes and templates to choose from
  5. 22 million Wix mobile sites
  6. 44,000 Wix apps installed daily
  7. Zero code, zero hassle drag, and drop site builder

For this Wix store review, why is Wix turning heads?

Users have found it so reliable that 82% of Wix subscribers don’t look elsewhere for at least one year after signing up. Judging by this loyal customer base alone, Wix offers positive experiences for its users. You can head out to any Wix store review and find out what actual users are saying about Wix.

In this Wix online store review, let’s assess the software on some of the most important criteria, like ease of use, features, and pricing. Based on personal experience with this software and research gathered from several Wix eCommerce reviews, this unbiased review should take out the guesswork in considering whether you should trust Wix for your eCommerce needs.

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Ease of use:

Is Wix good for eCommerce if you're inexperienced? A resounding yes!

This Wix store review concurs with several Wix online store reviews: Nothing beats Wix when it comes to ease of use. From the get-go, Wix prides itself as a pioneer in drag-and-drop website development. When it comes to how simple it is to construct a website, the software is in a league of its own. Let's be clear in this Wix online store review that promising an easy-to-use and intuitive site builder continues to be Wix’s biggest selling point – one that it delivers to a tee. Plus, you have a wealth of design options from its database of 800+ stunning Wix templates.

Moving on in this Wix eCommerce review, allow me to elaborate on this software’s versatility.

Wix ADI:

Wix has completely revolutionised website development with Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI). ADI makes Wix a smart website builder that simplifies and speeds up online store creation exponentially. The software asks you a couple of relevant questions, like your site name, phone, and address. Its step-by-step website design process automatically builds your website in a flash.


Zero coding needed!

Wix has made coding a non-issue when building a website – explaining why it gets two thumbs up in this Wix online store review. You don’t need a technical background or deep pockets to craft a professional-looking online store. Using Wix is like using Microsoft Word to compose a page. All you need to do is use the placeholder to drag, drop, move, play around with elements, and upload media files. It’s that simple and intuitive!

Wix Corvid:

To create websites without boundaries, Wix Corvid (its most recent version – Velo by Wix) makes it possible for you to broaden your online store’s functionality. Wix Corvid runs on JavaScript for backend, front-end, and APIs.

7 Steps to Set Up Your Online Wix Store:

  1. Sign up for an account – then log in.
  2. Select from 800 plus Wix online store templates – go to the category “Online store.”
  3. Make it personal – customise your store.
  4. Start adding your products by going to “My Store.”
  5. Go to “Business Setup” – tie up to a payment channel and set up shipping.
  6. Select a domain.
  7. Publish your online store and sell your wares!

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Features and Flexibility:

Now that we’ve established excellent ease of use in this Wix online store review, let’s turn to features and flexibility.

Wix Out-of-the-box:

For this Wix eCommerce review, Wix guarantees peace of mind and ease of use out of the box. If it’s your first time creating an online store, you’ll rest assured that you’ll accomplish the task without stress and anxiety. Since the website creation process becomes DIY, you’ll cut costs because hiring a developer is out of the question. The best built-in features for Wix eCommerce are:

Drag and drop smart builder:

Other eCommerce platforms don’t have the same ease and intuitiveness as Wix’s drag-and-drop site builder. As a result, we believe in this Wix store review that it deserves full credit for being one of the most user-friendly storefront builders in the business.

Mobile-optimised eCommerce site:

Wix supports the need for greater mobility. It features a built-in mobile editor that lets you create a website that looks stunning on any device.

Multichannel Selling:

This Wix built-in feature widens your market reach by enabling multichannel sales through social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

Zero commissions charged:

Wix doesn’t take any commissions from any sale you make – another box ticked in this Wix store review!

Wix eCommerce Themes and Templates:

Apart from superior ease of use and impressive out-of-the-box features, Wix has made a mark for its beautiful templates. For this Wix eCommerce review, the platform scores highly on themes and templates.


Is Wix good for eCommerce as far as designing your storefront goes? With more than 800 templates (and counting) in its database, Wix gives you unparalleled access to high-quality, professional, and mobile-responsive themes and templates – with over 100 templates under its “Online Store” category.

You have the option of working on a blank template, of course, but to make quick work of your online store, it’s better just to select a template. The good news is that all Wix online store templates are entirely free, so that’s another sigh of relief. No need to take out your credit card!

One important must-know for this Wix online store review is that you have to be thorough in selecting your template. Be sure that you’ve chosen the best because Wix doesn’t do takebacks once your site goes live. Switching isn’t allowed, which is a real downer. If you must absolutely switch templates, you’ll have to re-do everything.

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Wix eCommerce Review of Customisation Tools:

Even when you’re using a Wix template to create your online store, you need to incorporate a personal touch. In this Wix store review, the platform allows you that. Again, zero coding skills are required to customise your site and make it distinctly “you.” Wix lets you add images, delete content, add elements, create new pages, move or drag boxes, or install features. While there is great freedom to edit your site design, the same isn’t true for the checkout page. You can only customise your business name and business logo.

Suppose you want to expand your site’s design and functionality? Wix Corvid (formerly Wix Code) will make that possible. You can add dynamic pages and set up user journey, among others, to boost your site’s functionality.

Wix eCommerce Review of 3rd Party Integrations:

Wix puts another feather on its cap with its impressive integrations capability. So, is Wix good for eCommerce when it comes to interfacing with other apps?


The Wix App Market gathers more than 300 Wix- and third-party apps that you can choose from – 50 of which belong under the “Online Store” category. Comparatively, though, between Wix vs Shopify, Shopify is capable of more apps integrations. You can access the Wix App Market to discover practical tools such as coupons, analytics, and live chat apps. Business owners need to take advantage of live chat apps since 71% of users prefer live chat.

Wix eCommerce Review of Hosting:

Wix provides its own web hosting service and domains, which means that all your site’s content is exclusively hosted on Wix servers. You cannot export them to another web host. If you opt for a custom domain, you can buy a Wix domain for $14.95 per year.

Wix eCommerce Review of Backups:

Is Wix good for eCommerce, especially when disaster strikes and content gets lost? Thankfully, Wix has an autosave feature that makes it possible for you to restore your site or retrieve lost files.

Wix eCommerce Review of Migration:

So far, Wix is performing exceptionally well in this Wix eCommerce review. However, migration is another story. You will likely have found several Wix online store reviews have users complaining that migration using the platform is a frustrating process. It’s a breeze if you migrate your non-Wix site to Wix. However, if you’re thinking of migrating your Wix site to a non-Wix site, think again. Instead, you will have to source a third-party migration tool or you’ll be recreating your site from square one.

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eCommerce Tools:

For this Wix eCommerce review, the following are some of the most exciting Wix eCommerce features:

Product differentiation (physical vs digital goods):

This feature allows you to sell physical or digital products. Before listing a product down, you can choose whether you’re selling goods that require shipping (physical) or goods that will require downloading or printing (digital). Having this option streamlines your product management and improves your product display.

Abandoned cart recovery:

Is Wix good for eCommerce – does it help you convert? If you want to boost your conversion rates, abandon cart recovery is a must-have feature. In this light, Wix ticks the box.

An abandoned cart feature sends emails to customers automatically when they leave their shopping cart without checking out. Through this email, you can further entice customers to return to your sales pipeline. Studies have shown that a third of all clicks lead to a purchase.

Social selling:

With everyone doing anything and everything for the ‘gram, is Wix good for eCommerce – especially selling through social media? Wix does that and more by allowing you to integrate your store to Facebook and Instagram. Here, you can spread the word about your products or creations.

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SEO and Mobility:

In this section of your Wix store review, we tackle two important points. First, is Wix good for eCommerce sites’ search engine ranking? Second, does Wix deliver on the need for speed in websites?

Wix eCommerce Review of SEO:

Today, being on Google’s first page can do wonders for your business’ visibility. We couldn't emphasise that further in this Wix online store review. The more visible you are in the search engine results pages (SERPs), the higher your chances of selling to your target market. While Wix eCommerce has native SEO functionality to assist in your SERP rankings, we find in this Wix store review that it’s not as extensive as specialised SEO tools. Still, SEO is an area Wix has continually improved on over the years.

What’s impressive with Wix SEO is that it’s integrated into the dashboard; therefore, no need to locate a widget or plugin for this. Moreover, you can easily connect your Wix online store to Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

For this Wix eCommerce review, the platform ticks boxes as far as basic SEO is concerned. Here are some of the SEO tools to expect from the platform:

  1. Personal SEO Plan
  2. Meta title
  3. Custom Meta description
  4. Image alt text
  5. Custom URLs
  6. Structured data
  7. Robots.txt editor
  8. Canonical tags
  9. Sitemaps
  10. Bulk 301 redirects
  11. Image optimisation
  12. Google Search Console integration
  13. Smart caching


All Wix online stores are mobile-optimised. As a result, search engines won’t have difficulty crawling them. Moreover, the Wix mobile editor offers the same drag and drop functionality as the desktop version. Its one-click “Page Layout Optimizer” feature creates instant mobile-friendly pages.

Wix eCommerce Review of Pagespeed:

Wix sites have good page speeds and 99.98% uptime – which makes Wix stores reliable.

Overall, is Wix good for eCommerce in terms of SEO support? Yes – the platform delivers in this area.

csee more wix seo features

Support and Resources:

In this Wix store review, your eCommerce platform must offer the best possible help and customer service. Wix offers a comprehensive Wix Help Centre where you’re able to access articles, videos, and tutorials. If you’re ever in a bind about your Wix account, you can submit a ticket. Also, you can avail yourself of their 24/7 call-back service.


For this Wix review on support and resources, a big letdown is that live chat support isn’t available. A positive thing is the vibrant Wix Community, where you can engage with Wix users directly.

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Wix Pricing:

We are fully aware that this aspect of our Wix online store review is of extreme interest to all. Here follows our Wix eCommerce plan review.

Is Wix good for eCommerce price-wise?

For this Wix online store review, the platform features more affordable pricing than some of its key competitors.

While Wix offers relatively customer-friendly pricing, be prepared for hidden costs that go with apps.

Wix eCommerce Review pricing

Wix eCommerce Free trial/refund policy/money-back guarantee:

One thing we think is disappointing in this Wix store review – Wix stores do not come with a free trial.

However as stated on their terms of use page, there's a 14-day money-back guarantee on all plans.

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Conclusion and Recommendations to our Wix eCommerce Review:

Wrapping up this Wix eCommerce review, here is our conclusion –

What is it best for?

Wix eCommerce works best for small businesses who want to launch an attractive online store hassle-free and without a technical degree. With its drag-and-drop builder and editor, and access to 800+ templates and apps, you can get your Wix store up and running in no time.

What is it not best for?

However, we don’t recommend Wix for large enterprises with high-volume requirements and high storage capacity needs.

Wix Online Store Review Alternatives:

The best Wix eCommerce alternatives include;

Rank Key Features Price (Basic Paid Plan) Transaction Fee My View
🥇 Shopify Comprehensive e-commerce features, large app store, excellent SEO tools $29/month Check Pricing 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction (for online credit card rates) Ideal for most online stores due to its comprehensive features Try For Free
2. Squarespace Beautiful templates, great for small to medium-sized stores, powerful marketing tools $12/month Check Pricing None (but payment processor fees apply) Great for creatives and those who need a visually stunning online store Try For Free
3. Webflow Deep customization options, good for web designers, CMS features $12/month Check Pricing 2% on customer's checkout total Best for designers needing high degree of customization Try For Free
4. Square Online Syncs with Square POS, good for small to medium-sized stores, unlimited products Free to start, e-commerce from $12/month Check Pricing Yes, 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction Great for existing Square POS users Try For Free
5. WooCommerce Open-source, highly customizable, requires WordPress Free Check Hosting Pricing Depends on payment gateway used Best for WordPress users and those who want total control Try For Free (with Nexcess Hosting)
6. Wix User-friendly, great for small stores, wide range of templates $14/month Check Pricing None (but payment processor fees apply) Great for small businesses or beginners Try For Free
7. Big Cartel Designed for creators and artists, easy to use, limited features Free for up to 5 products, plans from $9.99/month Check Pricing None (but payment processor fees apply) Ideal for artists and creators with smaller product lines Try For Free
8. Ecwid Can be integrated into any website, good for small to medium-sized stores Free for up to 10 products, plans from $15/month Check Pricing Depends on payment gateway used Good for those who want to add a store to an existing site Try For Free
9. Volusion Good inventory system, comprehensive e-commerce features $29/month Check Pricing None (but payment processor fees apply) Good for medium-sized businesses Try For Free
10. Weebly Easy to use, good for small stores, powered by Square Free to start, paid plans from $6/month Check Pricing 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction Good for small businesses or beginners Try For Free
  • Wix eCommerce vs Shopify. While Wix scores high on ease of use and design, Shopify edges the former on apps integrations and more advanced features. Shopify also has faster loading times than Wix.
  • Wix vs Squarespace for eCommerce. Squarespace and Wix have more or less similar eCommerce features,  but the former offers a better blogging option and more aesthetically-pleasing online store templates than Wix.
  • Wix vs BigCommerce. BigCommerce doesn’t come cheap, but it’s a great option for large enterprises with higher demands. It’s perfect for stores that are geared for growth. It also has better SEO functionality than Wix.

Wix eCommerce Review Final Word:

To conclude this Wix eCommerce review, it’s the best eCommerce software for small businesses. With a user-friendly interface, affordable pricing, and impressive eCommerce tools, Wix can be the eCommerce solution you’ve been looking for. Check out their website for the latest Wix deals available.

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How many apps does Wix integrate with?

There are more than 300 Wix- and third-party apps that you can choose from in the Wix App Market. From this number, 50 fall under the “Online Store” category.

Is Wix good for eCommerce?

It’s a robust eCommerce solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Given its many features and functionalities, you get value for your money.

Does Wix sell domains?

You have the option of purchasing a custom domain from Wix at $14.95 per year.

That’s all for now:

Thanks for reading our Wix eCommerce review. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our ever-growing blog of review and comparison articles of eCommerce platforms, SEO software, screen capture tools, webinar and conferencing software, education platforms, website builders, and more such as;


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