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Name: WinRar

Description: WinRar is a powerful archive manager that supports various file formats, including RAR, ZIP, and other archive formats. It provides users with features such as data compression, file encryption, and the ability to split large archives into smaller volumes for easier sharing.

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WinRar is a powerful archive manager that supports various file formats, including RAR, ZIP, and other archive formats. It provides users with features such as data compression, file encryption, and the ability to split large archives into smaller volumes for easier sharing.

  • Ease of Use - 90%
  • Features and Flexibility - 91%
  • Support and Resources - 89%
  • Pricing - 88%


  • Has a 40-day trial, but is actually free to use forever
  • Excellent compression/decompression capabilities
  • Works with numerous file formats


  • Unproven for Windows 11
  • Can be pricey in terms of individual licenses
  • Post-trial, free edition is riddled with pop-ups

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Introduction to our WinRar Review:

Welcome to our WinRar review!

Compression tools were specifically created to decrease the size of large computer files. They make them easier to archive and send through email or download via a file-sharing platform. On the other hand, these same tools also have a decompression function that enables users to open the said files and transfer them to their own drives or external storage devices.

In today’s review of the classic compression tool WinRar, we’ll see whether or not it’s still worth getting, if it’s worth it to buy WinRar, and possible free WinRar alternatives at your disposal.


This tool was originally developed in Germany in 1995 by programmer Eugene Roshal. WinRar is a trialware file archive utility specifically created for Windows users. It can create, view, and decompress archives formatted as either RAR or ZIP. In addition, it can compress and decompress files saved to other file formats.

As a tool, WinRAR enables the creation of encrypted, multi-part, and self-extracting archives. To ensure the integrity of archives generated and/or decompressed using the tool, CRC32 and BLAKE2 checksums are embedded into each file stored in an archive.

Stick with this review and learn its features, WinRAR price options, how to buy WinRAR, and WinRAR alternatives.


Ease of Use:

Let's begin with the first agenda in this WinRAR review: ease of use.

Considering how WinRAR has been around for nearly three decades, it still has a strong following among those using Windows.

For one thing, this is one of the easiest compression/decompression solutions you can use right out of the box. The fact that it has lasted this long in the market negates others questioning, “Is WinRAR safe?”.

One of the features that can be said to be part of WinRAR’s lasting appeal is that all you need to do is download it from the official website, install it on your desktop or laptop, set its file permissions, and off you go. It’s as easy as that where decompression is concerned. Plus, as stated earlier, you can use it to open a wide range of archived files in a variety of formats.

When it comes to compressing files, on the other hand, WinRAR offers an easy seven-step procedure that enables users to cut down file sizes and make archives much easier to send through email or file-sharing services online.

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Now that we've set in this WinRAR review that it's a user-friendly tool, let's hop on to features.

One of the things that have long characterized WinRAR is the fact that it has numerous features that have made it a great but not free tool to have on hand for the better part of nearly thirty years. These include:

  • 16-bit and 32-bit iterations. These work with specific Windows releases, ensuring that users get a version that works most efficiently with the operating system they're using;
  • Compression and decompression support for the following file types: RAR, ZIP, CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZip, UUE, ISO, BZIP2, Z and, 7-Zip;
  • Auto-selection feature. This determines what compression methods would specifically work on multimedia files based on a specific algorithm that compresses audiovisual files, executables, and object libraries;
  • Archive-splitting feature. This makes it possible to divide a massive file archive into separate volumes for easy cataloging either physically (by saving on external media like disks or drives) or virtually;
  • 256-bit password WinRAR encryption and authenticated signature technology for file security; and
  • Multiple language and platform support.

Scroll down to learn where to buy WinRAR, WinRAR price, and WinRAR alternatives.

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Support and Resources:

There are several ways by which users can get help should they need it. If you buy WinRAR, you'll find that its support page is certainly no slouch when it comes to giving the correct information and solutions to them.

For one thing, even thirty years on, the platform’s frequently asked questions (FAQ) page is constantly updated with new developments regarding the tool and vital information on how to best use new features.

Likewise, for those who managed to misplace or delete their license keys, the developers offer an email-based key retrieval system that resolves the issue within 48 hours. Individual sales support is also provided through email and staff can reply in either English or German.

Also, given some issues with Windows 10, WinRAR latest edition has a specific page concerning compatibility, possible workarounds, and support.

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WinRar Price:

If you're impressed with WinRAR buy it at different user-based rates.

How to buy WinRAR at lower prices? An individual WinRar license will set a user back by $29.00 the price goes down considerably based on the number of users involved. Indeed, it can go as low as $6.00 per user within a maximum group size of 999 individual workstations.

For user groups with 1,000 members or more, it would be best to contact WinRAR directly for special WinRAR price.

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WinRar Free trial/refunds/money-back guarantee:

In this WinRAR review, is there a free trial?

WinRAR is free to download. When reading their terms and conditions, technically WinRAR is only free to use for 40 days. However, we note that you can still use it long after the trial period has expired but now you have to deal with reminder pop-ups advising you to upgrade to a licensed edition whenever you open the application.

In case of refunds, WinRAR accepts applications for such only if the customer is unable to use the licensed application in the same manner as the trial edition. In this case, the dissatisfied customer must notify WinRAR within 30 days of licensed product activation.

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Conclusion and Recommendation to our WinRar Review:

Okay, now to wrap up our WinRAR review;

Thirty years since it was first introduced, WinRAR remains a top choice as a compression/decompression platform for home, business, and very large enterprise users – and for numerous reasons.

What is it best for?

Just about anyone who needs a compression tool to work with and happens to be running any Windows OS straight up to 10.

What is it not best for?

Unfortunately, WinRAR not been tested on Windows 11 workstations.

WinRAR Alternatives:

If you don't feel that it's the best product for you, there are lots of WinRAR alternatives you can try;

WinRAR vs WinZIP. It's considered one of the longest-running rivalries in the compression tool sector. WinZip is a great WinRAR alternative as it essentially offers the same level of functionality,

There are also WinRAR free alternatives you can use.

WinRar Review Final Word:

All things considered, we recommend in this WinRAR review that you buy WinRAR if it suits your needs. While we have given readers a general overview regarding the most recent edition of WinRAR and WinRAR prices, we nevertheless suggest that they make the most out of the free edition before deciding to purchase a license.


Can I use WinRAR completely free?

Yes. Technically, the WinRAR trial only runs for a total of 40 days. But we note that you can still use the tool. However, you will be bombarded by frequent pop-ups asking you to sign up for a licensed edition.

What compression format does WinRAR work with?

WinRAR works with any of the following: RAR, ZIP, CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZip, UUE, ISO, BZIP2, Z and, 7-Zip.

Is there WinRAR Android users can use?

Yes, there is a RAR for Android that users can download on Google Play.

That’s all for now:

Grateful to you for reading our WinRAR review! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our ever-growing blog of review and comparison articles of eCommerce platforms, SEO software, screen capture tools, webinar and conferencing software, education platforms, website builders, and more such as;


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