My WiFi Ultraboost Reviews 2022; does it work?

Updated May 8 2022
Loy Heaton

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Wifi UltraBoost

Ease of Use 9.0
Design 9.5
Features and Functionality 8.5
Reliability 9.0
Pricing 8.5


  • Small and very portable!
  • Super easy to just plug in and get started
  • Easy to understand and nice looking design


  • Extension strength may vary depending on layout of your house/office and materials of the walls

Thank goodness for Wifi!

Do you remember back in the young days of the internet? We had to use those dial up modems in order to get dial up internet access? Remember the sounds it would make? Or if whenever someone in the house wanted to use the home telephone; you would have to wait and unplug your computer from the internet so the phone could be used?

Thank goodness for Wifi. Since the early 2000’s, wifi and wireless access to the internet has gone from becoming just popular; to becoming the norm in many households around the world. Though some still prefer the use of a traditional ethernet cable, directly connected from the router to their computer; there’s no denying that wireless internet access is the most dominant form of internet access there is today.

From mobile devices, to home computers and work computers; wifi is used everywhere. Restaurants, cafes and hotels frequently give out the login information for their guests to access the wifi. Ever since it’s conception, wifi has really only ever been a boon. But there are definitely some downsides. But what if I told you how my wifi ultraboost reviews can help with all that.

The Issues with Wifi and how Wifi Ultraboost tests helps

First and foremost; whilst it is comparably close in terms of speed; having your computer wired up with an ethernet lan cable does definitely give you the edge on internet speed. But then of course, you need to actually have a physical lan cable from your router to your computer. And depending on where each may be; that might be a little more than just a hassle.

people using wifi ultraboost

Wifi fixes the issue of having messy cables lying around, but it does come with it’s downfalls. Despite what many think; there is indeed a “range” factor when it comes to your router's wireless capabilities and giving your household access to wifi. Plus; the further away your device is from the router and modem (the source of your internet for your house or workplace), you will see both your internet's speed as well as the connectivity severely be diminished. If you have a big house or a big office, this is definitely a problem that occurs. This is where the wifi ultraboost UK devices and its wifi ultraboost repeater comes into play and help.

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Your internet speed and wifi coverage is dependent on both your internet service provider as well as the servicing wifi router. It also depends on where your router is positioned within your house or office. Ever noticed sometimes you get great signal and connection at one spot, and then terrible internet connection in another? We call those “dead spots”. In this wifi ultra booster review; I will walk you through my wifi ultraboost test and show you how this great device helps to bridge any dead spot gaps in your home or office, and allow greater and better connection all around.

You may have even seen this device featured on a shark tank episode once “wifi ultraboost shark tank“, and may already know how it works. But for those that don't, not to worry; I will get into that in this Wifi Ultraboost reviews UK.

white wifi ultrabooster in use

How Wifi works: So, you WiFi (officially spelt as Wi-Fi) comes from your wifi router. Your router is essentially a electronic device that retrieves data from your land internet cable and then transmit that data to other devices wireless. It does this by sharing data via radio signals. Devices such as your smartphone, tablet and computer (or anything really; that needs to connect to the internet) is then able to receive the signal and access the internet wirelessly (through the router).

What are wifi “Deadspots”:  As already stated in this Wifi ultraboost reviews UK test; wifi sends out “data signals”. Dead spots are essentially areas within your home and/or office that are either too far from your WiFi router and/or are spots that are enclosed/surrounded by thick walls or signal blocking materials. This is something that the wifi ultra boost UK device is able to help with.

wifi range being extended

So, how does wifi ultraboost reviews uk devices work exactly in helping you against deadspots? If you take a look at the name of the device itself for a moment: “Wifi Ultra Boost UK”. What does that tell you? The device essentially acts as a Wifi booster. And that's basically what it does! The Wifi ultra boost UK devices take the signal that's been let off by your wifi router. It then amplifies that original signal before re-transmitting and resending it back out towards and/or in another area. So, not only does it boost your signal range, but due to the amplifying of the signal strength; you don't lose out on any of the speed or connection strength on the extended range either!

Now that we've talked about how the WiFi ultra boost UK device helps you with your internet problems; let me discuss the features of the device that I came across when conducting my wifi ultraboost tests for this wifi ultraboost reviews UK.

Specs and Features of the WiFi Ultra Boost UK Device

The wifi ultra boost UK devices are very sleek and nice in its overall design. Being about the size of your palm; the ultrabooster is obviously designed with the attributes of being sleek, practical and portable in the highlight.

wifi ultraboost black spec list

It features a single touch WPS button (WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Set Up). And many tech enthusiasts will know; if a device features a WPS button then it's likely going to be very easy to set up that device to your internet access point. The single touch WPS button that's located on the the top front side of the repeater also supports the following encryption types: WPA2, WPA/WPA2, WEP, WPA.

There are 2 main basic functions of the WiFi Ultra Boost UK device. Repeater Mode and AP Mode. The repeater mode does as the name suggests; takes your signal, amplifies and repeats. AP mode allows you to turn the device into a new internet access point and the box itself comes with a RJ-45 network cable (your standard LAN cable), as well as the user manual for the device itself. So, don't worry too much if you don't quite know what to do; just follow the instructions within the user manual to set the repeater up for whatever it is you need it to do.

The extender function of the wifi ultra boost UK repeater does have it's limits. But those limits have quite a high sky ceiling. For example, the repeater is able to repeat your signal and speed by up to 300 Mbps. Now that's some serious extending power from the wifi ultraboost uk device that I used in my wifi ultraboost tests for this wifi ultraboost reviews UK.

list of functions and specs of wifi ultraboost

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How to use the WiFi Ultraboost?

This is going to be a very short part of this Wifi ultraboost reviews UK, as it's super easy. So, the wifi ultraboost does it work? Yes it does, and to use it; it's extremely easy. Literally plug in your wifi ultraboost test device, make sure it's powered on and then press the WPS button. That's it! That's all there is to it. It's easy to install and start using, something you'll find true when you conduct your own Wifi Ultraboost test once you get your very own.

WiFi Ultra Boost Price and Purchase

Let's get down to the gist of it. How much is an awesome little handy device like this going to cost? Well, the base price for 1 is at 99 USD. But, at the time of writing this wifi ultraboost reviews UK and conducting my WiFi Ultraboost test; they had a sale going on. And from what I've gathered: sales, deals and promotions happen quite frequently! So, be sure to check up on wifi ultraboost reviews UK often.

pricing for wifi ultraboost device

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50% discount and free shipping is a hard deal to pass up on. And in case you do habour any doubts, they do in fact offer a 30-day money back guaranteeTo which in case you are unable to find their contact details, you can always email them at: [email protected] Extending my wifi range has never been easier. It's easy to purchase, easy to get and even easier to set up and start using.

My Conclusion

Dead spots and dead zones have always been annoying. Ever since coming across some wifi ultraboost reviews uk specific and buying some to do my own wifi ultraboost tests, I couldn't be happier. Before I couldn't sit in my garden back porch, but not it's no problem! My wifi ultraboost repeaters cover just about every angle of my house. I have to give credit where credit is due: The Wifi Ultraboost test was a sure success.

Why mess around with expensive options for fixing and extending your home and/or offices internet when a simple and efficient solution stands before your very eyes. Save yourself the hassle, get yourself a Wifi Ultra boost UK device. The convenience and efficiency is worth the price.

That’s all for now:

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