What are the changes Google made to call extension?

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AdWords advertisers received a notification from Google about changes to call extensions. What do these new extensions do, and how will they help? In summary, the new extension ensures that when using a main number for different locations, the call will be directed to the local business number regardless of the number displayed on the map. Let’s dive into the specifics.

Key Changes to Call Extensions

When you receive a call-only ad, you typically see the caller’s number but not the company name. Last summer, Google tested an extension that allows users to see the business name alongside the phone number. For example, instead of just seeing (800) 888-8888, you would see (800) 888-8888 – X Company. Google noted an increase in conversions due to this update, prompting its global rollout.

Account-Level Extensions

Google’s new account-level extensions are designed for advertisers using a single main number for call extensions. This update means advertisers no longer need to apply the same call extension to various numbers within their accounts.

Local Search Enhancements

Google announced that AdWords results would now include the advertiser’s local address as listed in their Google My Business account during local searches. This enhancement ensures that local searches redirect users to the nearest business location.

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Changes Effective January 19, 2017

Since January 19, 2017, the display of phone numbers in Google AdWords has changed. Previously, only accounts with a call extension could display their phone number. Now, Google My Business phone numbers can appear on all accounts with a location extension, making these numbers preferred over call extensions.

Why Use Google My Business Information?

Google promotes Google My Business profiles for local SEO and AdWords advertising. Advertisers must own their clients’ Google My Business listings to add location extensions to AdWords. The consistency provided by using Google My Business numbers prevents confusion caused by displaying different numbers for the same company in search results.

Advantages of Using Google My Business Numbers

  • Standardization: Ensures the same phone number is displayed across search results, reducing user confusion.
  • Relevance: Google considers Google My Business information highly relevant, boosting your visibility.


If you don’t manage your Google AdWords account, you might notice a different number on your ads. Advertisers often use specific tracking numbers to accurately measure call conversions from advertising campaigns. Using Google My Business numbers can affect tracking accuracy, potentially leading to underreported conversions.

Addressing Conversion Tracking Issues

Google is aware of the tracking inconvenience and is working to improve online advertising tracking. However, if you want to prioritize your AdWords call extension number over your Google My Business number, you have options.

Options for Advertisers

  1. Remove the Google My Business Location Extension: This will ensure only the AdWords call extension number is used. However, this option is not recommended because location extensions are valuable for targeting nearby customers.
  2. Contact Google: Request to have the Google My Business number removed from your AdWords account. This change won’t affect your impression rates, and your extension number will be used for online ads.

Ensuring Accuracy

If you decide to keep the Google My Business number for your ads, ensure that all information on your listing is accurate and up-to-date.


Google’s changes to call extensions aim to improve user experience and conversion rates by providing more consistent and relevant information. These updates offer both opportunities and challenges for advertisers. By understanding and adapting to these changes, you can optimize your AdWords campaigns for better results.

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