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Weebly by Square: Best for beginners

Ease of Use 9.5
Features & Flexibility 8.5
SEO & Mobility 8.0
Help & Support 8.5
Pricing 8.5


  • No nonsense website builder: Weebly is arguably the easiest website builder out there. A fantastic site can be created within hours whether you have experience or not
  • Customisable templates: Impressive, very cool, mobile responsive template (themes) designs are available to choose from. Unlike Wix, Weebly allows theme switching, customisation using HTML & CSS is yours and you can download site code
  • Page layouts: With over 40 pre-designed page layouts covering different page types, ease of navigation should be assured
  • Wide choice of Apps: The Weebly App centre gives access to more than 200 free and paid-for apps. This range of tools & widgets complements the 3rd party apps available


  • Limited feature-set: Ease of use is a plus, particularly for 1st-timers, but its feature-set and customisable elements are on the low side compared to other builders
  • Less updates: There are fewer Weebly website creator updates released when compared to their major competitors
  • Blog posts features need further improvement: This is an area Weebly have improved recently, but further improvements would be welcome. It is true that all basic functions such as social sharing buttons and scheduled publishing are yours, but something we feel is a basic blog feature; highlighting the latest or most popular posts, is not yet possible.
  • Support: UK and European customers should note that GMT is 7 hours ahead of Pacific Time

Introduction: What Weebly is all about? Weebly's Suite is now even stronger!

Welcome to our Weebly review. Weebly website creator review articles across the board quite rightly praise this simple drag and drop web builder. This platform has been created to stay close to company principles of making website building as easy as possible. All newly introduced features, including those after becoming Weebly by Square, adhere to this ethos.

In this respect it is crystal clear that the company have struck a good balance; in excess of 40 million weebly blogs and websites are currently powered by this platform. There is a reason why this platform has been partnered by over 22 hosting providers including Siteground, iPage.com, HostMonster.com, NetFirms.com, PowWeb.com, Dotster.com, aSmallOrange.com, Verio.com, WebHostingPad.com and Midphase.com. Take note no hosting providers have partnered with Wix or Squarespace.

In terms of global usage, the platforms home market (USA) is dominant, Weebly UK comes 2nd, closely followed by Canadian users.

Weebly is an intuitive, user-friendly builder that allows users, entrepreneurs and small businesses with little or no experience to create a website with good design without worrying about a single line of code.

It also goes a step further, Weebly has a code editor built-in. This means that anyone who is HTML or CSS-aware can develop and customise their site far more extensively.


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Overview: Our Weebly review could be the solution to your online presence.

Excellent news for all online stores currently using Weebly and those for those considering it. Since the initial completion of this very recent Weebly review, the extremely well-positioned, all-in-one payment processing company Square (please do not confuse them with Squarespace!) has purchased Weebly for a reported $365 Million Dollars.

What does this mean to current and future Weebly users?

In Short: E-Commerce platform benefits that are worthy of note.

The union of Weebly’s excellent web building platform with the wide-ranging payment platform that Square brings to the Global Payment table can only be good news for the existing Weebly eCommerce platform.

Whether you have your sights set on capturing local, national or global on-line business (or all three!), the ease of purchase is a crucial aspect for visitors.

The Square acquisition of Weebly has just made online stores built and managed through the Weebly platform a lot more attractive to purchase from. An added bonus is that these stores should benefit from lower sales transaction fees when sales are completed via the Square platform.

It stands to reason that an all-in-one purchase and payment transaction system coupled to your products and services offers customer convenience. It also has the ability to keep them closer to you.

Any online businesses with ambitions to showcase their products or services while promoting the ease of transaction an integrated payment platform offers will see benefits from the new Weebly + Square offering.

Check out Weebly’s New Suite of eCommerce Tools in full!

We have already upgraded our Weebly by Square reviews and scores accordingly!

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Ease of use:

How to use Weebly? Weebly is WYSIWYG!

(‘what you see is what you get’) – Basically you can drag, drop, resize and move around different elements such as menus, icons and photographs onto your screen pages without concerning yourself about any code whatsoever.

The WYSIWYG Weebly website creator tools available mean that what you see is exactly what your visitors will see once you have published your website. It goes without saying that you can add to and change your sites appearance and attraction as new ideas come to you.

The functionality of the Weebly website creator is so easy to grasp. You will find continual website improvement and enhancing its overall look becomes a natural part of your web building experience.

It is also important to bear in mind that ‘professional’ improvements can be achieved by those who have HTML or CSS experience.

If that is not currently you, do not fear, many find that paying for the services of a professional web design agency reaps rewards. These competitively priced services could be considered if you have the budget After all, if you are going to prospoer, your ultimate goal should be to attract, engage and encourage visitors to come back time and again. But important to note you dont need this to use Weebly well.

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Features and Flexibility:

When considering Weebly, reviews and actual user experience are important pointers to what is on offer:

Out of the box:

The basics to establish an easily created, attractive website all come out of the box. As with all other web builders, the more you want to do with your site the more you will pay in terms of a higher subscription plan or through paid-for apps.

Weebly UK users as well as those building websites in many other languages should find no problems. It must be said that there are no special multilingual site features, but workarounds do exist. Although anyone building a ‘non-English’ character set such as Chinese, Russian or Arabic would be better suited using another builder as Weebly does not fully support these languages.

Themes and Templates:

While Weebly's themes and templates are not as exessive as other major competitors there are certainly offer enough choice to please the vast majority of users and don’t forget, if you are confident with coding, or choose to invest in the services of a professional design company, an added Weebly advantage is that, unlike other builders they give you access to the template source code.

3rd party Apps market:

Weebly offer in excess of 200 apps from their App Store centre which are categorised into 4 groups:

Made by Weebly:

This range of apps includes such things as form and FAQ builders, tables and Gmail integration that are either free or paid for. Many Weebly reviews are not so favourable with regard to some of these apps and due to this we recommend you also look in one of the following 3 groups.

  1. Boost Traffic: These are apps designed to boost traffic by improving search rankings through the use of SEO tools (we have a separate section below on SEO).
  2. Spike Sales: These apps help increase sales by enabling you to collect Weebly reviews and testimonials as well as creating coupons and promotions.
  3. Get Social: This range of apps allows social media account integration, the insertion of sharing buttons, streaming of social feeds and much more.


The free and subscription-based plans include free hosting. This web hosting is cloud-based and offers unlimited storage (bar the free and connect options that have a 500 MB limit). A maximum of 10 websites can be hosted on one account. It should also be noted that Weebly is one of the few web building platforms that allows you to export a site to another platform.


You can download backups from your site but this is a manual process and you will not be able to restore them.


The Weebly cost for an annual subscription includes the first-year domain name for free. After this it will cost $20+ per year. You can bring your own domain with you from your current provider, or redirect it to Weebly. In all cases their customer support will assist.

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SEO and Mobility:


When assessing Weebly reviews and comments from existing users relating to the SEO features available you should find the vast majority are positive, but there are two important exceptions. All is explained below:

Page Title:

SERPs (Search engine results pages) will display this title for your page. Weebly make this available for all pages, but they tag on the site name at the end. From an SEO point of view this is not best use.

Meta description:

Available for all pages.

Personalised URLs:

This important feature is available on all Weebly pages. Those using Weebly to promote and sell products/services need to be aware that the platform adds strings to some of its pages. Examples being; ‘store products’ and ‘categories’.

Heading structure:

Yet another very important function, but only H2 is offered as standard. However, it is possible to use apps from the Weebly app centre to add other headers such as H1, H3, H4 and H5.  So, you can certainly get around the H tags issue by using the free apps available, but we feel this really should come ‘out of the box’.

Customisation of image alt attributes:

Fully available.

301 Redirects:

Fully available.

SSL Encryption:

Https is seen as the standard for securing your website and is particularly important if you intend selling online. This feature is available on all Weebly cost plans.

Search Engine Instructions:

Fully available.


This is automatically generated.

Canonical tags:

This advanced way of allowing search engines to ignore duplicated content can manually be added.

Source file access:

Weebly allows this access. For advanced SEO purposes this should be seen as a huge plus.

Google Analytics:

While not exactly needed for search rankings, the in-depth analysis afforded is very useful to understand and improve SEO efforts and is available on Weebly.

Google Search Console:

This is also available via Weebly and gives lots of additional information to help improve site optimisation.


As can be seen from the above, and comments from various users of the Weebly website creator there are 2 stand-out issues that need addressing from an SEO perspective. These are to do with Heading (H) tags and URLs.

Although the header tags can be worked around, the URL issue, this is more frustrating:

These cannot be removed and therefore have the ability to hurt rankings. By default, they are in English and are obviously of concern to Weebly UK and other English-language regional sites, but there is much more of a concern for online stores that are non-English.

For this reason, in respect of SEO, those serious about getting noticed while moving up the rankings really should consider utilising cost-effective services offered by a professional marketing agency. We feel this type of assistance is well worth budgeting for and will reap rewards.

Mobility and mobile features:

All of Weebly’s themes/templates are responsive and all automatically adapt to any device. This is obviously good news for your visitors, however the Weebly website creator (editor) does not allow you to edit the mobile version of your site. It is possible to switch the editor to ‘mobile view’ but you cannot use it to change any elements.

We would hope that this is on Weebly’s priority list of ‘advanced features to introduce’ due to the growing importance of mobile access to websites.

Until then, if you have elements of a page you would like to hide for mobile users, purchasing the ‘Hide if Mobile’ app at $1.99 is an ideal way to achieve this.

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Support and Resources:

Our Weebly review has already pointed out the ease of use of this excellent web site builder offers, but it is only natural that at times you will require help and support.

Here are how the platform assists:

Weebly Help centre:

While this is accessed via the top menu ‘help’ section, we would suggest this is kept open in another browser when using the Weebly website creator. This is because there is no in-editor help to refer to.

In terms of assistance, you can either use the search box and type in your question or use 1 of the 8 categories to see common questions and answers, access guides and use the ‘how-to’ section. These categories are:

  • Getting Started
  • eCommerce
  • Building your Website
  • Email Marketing
  • Domains and Email
  • Videos and Webinars
  • Weebly Mobile Apps
  • Weebly for Education

Weebly Community:

This forum offers help and Weebly staff as well as its user community contribute answers to queries.

Email assistance:

When you click on the email icon it takes you to a page displaying a help form. You simply select the issue you need assistance with, describe your issue (file upload is optional) and give your email address.

Online chat:

You will see if staff are online by a chat button which appears at the bottom of the Help Centre screen. Available hours are (Pacific Time) Monday-Friday 06.00-18.00hrs and Saturday/Sunday 08.00-17.00hrs. Weebly UK and European customers should note that GMT is 7 hours ahead of Pacific Time.

Direct phone number:

There is a helpline available for users who are subscribed to the Pro Plan or higher (see our pricing section below for extensive details on Weebly cost and features of each plan)

See More Weebly Support Features


The Weebly pricing plans includes 4 plans but there are really only 2 Weebly plans that you should concentrate on. Weebly pro is the most common plan.


The Free plan is quite limited and not a recommendation we would give as a business platform solution. This is because it only includes 500MB of storage space, your site is hosted on a Weebly.com subdomain (yourwebsitename.weebly.com) and as with all other web building platforms, the free plan also means you have Weebly ads displayed on your website.

The Connect plan allows you to connect an external domain BUT you are still stuck with Weebly Ads! Again this is not desirable for any business.

This leaves the 2 we say you concentrate on; the first ad-free tier is the Weebly pro plan, while most small online businesses plump for the Business plan.

Again only these full 2 plans are valid in terms of allowing the set-up and operation of an online store. We have covered the eCommerce plans in detail with our Weebly eCommerce Review.

** Domain names: You can use an existing domain name for free or purchase one through Weebly. They include a free domain name the first year but there will be a renewal price in all plans.

Email Accounts: Weebly offers email accounts through G Suite, which are an additional cost per per user.

While there will undoubtedly be interest in the above offers, those who are still unsure as to whether this pricing plan structure will fit their immediate and future needs, it is recommended that you also review other web builder software to achieve a comprehensive understanding of what is out there. To compare competitors pricing against the Weebly website creator please follow these links to WIX review, our leading alternative with arguably better value with its plans.

>> Check for latest Weebly pricing plans <<

Conclusion and Recommendation:

So, our Weebly website creator review conclusion.

In terms of Weebly cost, the more 3rd party apps included the higher your outlay, but it has to be said that the base monthly subscription plans are highly competitive and whether you have a small online store or a larger presence there is a price plan and features to suit your needs. Remember, Weebly web hosting is also offered by them so you don't need to use a separate host.

What is it best used for?

When it comes to ease of use, the Weebly website creator is arguably the easiest to use builder out there. The platform is intuitive and many of its elements can be fully customised. Perfect for beginners or those with less online experience. It should also be remembered that you can import 3rd party themes so allows for more advanced works too!

What is it not best used for?

Our Weebly review must point to what can be seen as limited site-building features compared to its competitors, but those who do not wish to invest time in learning how to use an editor will appreciate the WYSIWYG functionality. The other side of this coin is for those looking at the flexibility offered by being able to edit their sites HTML code.

Weebly Website Creator Alternatives:

We owe it to the readers of our Weebly Review; we must point out that there are better value builder platform Solutions available including Wix and so should be at least tested with their free trials too. It is our current leader of the pack and we have also written comparison articles with it and other builders during our heavy investigations;

Final Word:

All subscription plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee. This should be more than sufficient time for you to decide what features and functions make most sense to you and of course, the free (but limited) plan can be used to get an initial feel for this highly effective web builder. The money back guarantee means you have nothing to lose, but lots to gain by giving Weebly a spin.


That’s all for now:

Thanks for reading our Wix Review and don’t forget to keep an eye out for our ever-growing blog of review and comparison articles. You may be interested in our related website builder, eCommerce platform review and comparison articles below;

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