4 Best Wedding Website Builders 2024 (And Wedding Website Examples!)

wedding website examples

Do you want to skip the read and get right to my top picks? The best wedding website maker for most people is Squarespace.

Introduction to our Wedding Website Builders Guide with Wedding Website Examples.

You're reading our guide to the best wedding website builders, including wedding website examples!

Ah, there is nothing like a wedding to bring everyone important to you together – but getting everyone together may also prove to be a bride’s or organiser’s worst nightmare! In a post-COVID scenario, it would be tempting to try to go back to a “business as usual” context where you can easily haul in a crowd of over a hundred to the venue – but, for reasons of health and safety, this is still impossible.

For this reason, we are considering an expanded use of wedding websites. In the past, as seen in wedding website examples, they were just a quick and easy way to let people know about the details of the big day: ceremony and reception venues, dress codes, who’s who in the entourage, and even what to buy (and not to buy) on the wedding registry. Today, their role extends as a way to integrate the couple’s social media channels and even to broadcast the ceremony to those who cannot be physically present.

But which wedding website creator could best serve the needs of the happy couple? And, is there a free wedding website builder? What are the options available? That’s what this review of the best wedding website creators and best wedding websites examples intends to find out.

Our List of the Best Website Builder for Weddings:

Our top choices for the best wedding website builders are as follows:

  1. Squarespace – best overall wedding website maker (My Choice!)
  2. Webflow – best advanced design tools for a wedding website creator
  3. Carrd – best for single page wedding websites
  4. Wix – good wedding website maker with diverse templates

Quick Comparison Table for the Best Website Builder for Weddings:

Ranking Design Flexibility Template Selection Ease of Use Pricing My View
1. Squarespace (My Choice!) Excellent with stylish, modern designs Good range of wedding-specific templates User-friendly with a slight learning curve Starts from $12/month

Check Pricing

Best for design-conscious couples wanting a sophisticated wedding website
2. Webflow Outstanding, especially for designers and developers Limited wedding-specific templates Steep learning curve, but powerful Free to start, paid plans from $12/month

Check Pricing

Best for tech-savvy couples wanting maximum customization
3. Carrd Good, with emphasis on single-page layouts Limited template selection, but customizable Very user-friendly, easy to get started Free to start, Pro plan at $19/year

Check Pricing

Best for couples wanting a simple, single-page wedding website
4. Wix Excellent, with drag-and-drop builder Wide range of wedding-specific templates Very user-friendly, intuitive interface Free to start, premium plans from $14/month

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Best for couples wanting a comprehensive, easy-to-build wedding website

Why Would You Need a Wedding Website Maker?

We stated in the previous section that providing vital information regarding the event is one reason why you should consider making a wedding website. There are several others, and we’ll discuss each one in detail.

  • These serve as information hub regarding the event.
  • It enables you to streamline communication with your guests – and it’s more cost-effective than printed invites.
  • You can collate responses to your invitations.
  • You can livestream the wedding to those who can’t attend in person.
  • You can keep tabs on just about everything leading up to the big day.

How We Chose the Best Website Builders for Weddings:

When it comes to wedding website makers, we want to consider the following capabilities:

  • Their overall ease of use as this determines how far users can go without getting frazzled;
  • Themes and templates, especially those which are wedding-specific so as to match the couple’s personal style or the event motif;
  • Integration with social media channels and / or conferencing platforms which make it much easier to livestream the event to those unable to attend physically; and
  • Efficiency measures like scheduling apps and functional widgets to help users keep an eye on the progress of their wedding planning, and even the flow of activities on the day itself.

With these features, you can build your own wedding websites with ease.

Our Best Wedding Website Makers in Detail: (With wedding website examples)

Let's take a look at the best wedding website builders with wedding website examples:

1. Squarespace – My Choice for the best wedding website maker!


Squarespace is best known as one of the leading ecommerce site creation platforms, but even non-business users appreciate it for its numerous features, which make starting and maintaining a website so much easier.

The beauty of Squarespace lies in its calendar/appointment function, which allows users to keep track of different milestones in the wedding planning process, and makes it a whole lot easier to keep tabs on everyone who replies to the RSVP.

The platform’s blogging function also allows the happy couple to share their thoughts on the big day, and the way it connects to social media (Facebook or Instagram Live, in particular) makes streaming the event to far-away loved ones a breeze.


  • Drag and drop wedding website maker with built-in ecommerce capabilities;
  • Over 100 design templates, including several options that are perfect for a wedding website;
  • Built-in site customisation modules;
  • Cloud-based hosting offered by this wedding website creator;
  • Mobile-responsive sites which enable visitors to check them out even while on the go

Rebekah and JP Wedding Website Examples – Made with Squarespace

wedding website examples using squarespace

www.rebekahjp.com – While this particular wedding website examples looks Spartan-simple, its beauty lies in the way things are laid out in a most effective manner. The button linked to the Zoom broadcast is right at the top of the main page. Furthermore, the wedding registry features links to retailers as well as a funding page to help sponsor an experiential present for the newlyweds.



Squarespace trial comes in 14 days of free testing of the Business Plan.

Read through the terms of service of this best wedding website builders option before you commit.

>> Give Squarespace a try <<



The thing about Webflow is that, much like its primary CMS competitor WordPress, it’s the sort of site builder that those who are used to working with word processing software or apps like MS Word or Google Docs can easily get a hang of.

The block-driven site creation process is great for those who just need to create a simple website. Plus, the fact that it has a free edition means that it is perfect for those on a tight budget but doesn’t scrimp at all when it comes to both features and functionality.

Chris and Jessica Wedding Website Examples – Made with Webflow

wedding website examples using webflow

jessandchrisforevz.com – With its whimsical, comic book look and feel, this couple’s wedding site is a playful and inviting way to draw their guests into the excitement leading up to their big day.

What we love about this particular wedding website examples is that it gives importance not only to the bride and groom, but also the members of the wedding entourage as well as the city where the wedding will be held. Along with detailed instructions as to how to get to the wedding venue, guests are also given a list of the best places to visit while they’re in town.


  • Over 100 design templates for this wedding website creator;
  • Block-driven site builder;
  • Extensive range of third-party applications;
  • Social media integration; and
  • Linking with messaging apps like Zoom;



No free trial is provided by this website builders for designers option. However, there is a free version and the terms of use page state a 30-day money-back guarantee.

>> Give Webflow a try <<



Our inclusion of Carrd in our list of the best wedding website creators may raise a few eyebrows; it is, after all, more of a portfolio builder/online profile site maker. But hear us out: Carrd is a great option for those who want to keep things as simple as possible. It is also our choice for the best free wedding website creator.

Carrd’s free plan allows users to create sites with up to three pages, making it a great option for a wedding website as it lets you place only the most relevant bits of information your guests need to know for the big day. Everything else can simply be linked.

Annika and Derick Wedding Website Examples – Made with Carrd

wedding website examples using carrd

www.weddingwire.us/website/anika-guthrie-and-deric-keener – This beautiful website keeps everything to the barest minimum but does it elegantly. The single-page / scroll-down site is highly informative, as well, advising guests about the venue, what to contribute instead of physical gifts, as well as the schedule of activities on the day itself.


  • Users can create three pages under the free plan of this wedding website maker;
  • Online page builder;
  • Online stock image gallery;
  • 100 element allowance per page;
  • Social media widgets; and
  • 56 free themes and templates


Can be used for free, but premium plans that let users have more than three pages start at $9.00 monthly.


>> Try Carrd For Free <<



If you want to create a fun and really user-friendly website to hype up your wedding, you’ll want to give Wix a go.

Along with gorgeous themes which may suit your personal aesthetic or event motif, its AI-driven site building option speeds up the creation process. If you also want to add a hint of whimsy to your site, you can even add widgets that guests can play with – games and quizzes – and get them all het up for your big day.


  • WIX ADI wedding website maker;
  • Conventional drag-and-drop builder;
  • Great range of themes and templates; and
  • Extensive range of third-party integrations

Sarah + Stephen Wedding Website Examples – Made with Wix

wedding website examples using wix

www.sarahstephen.com – This Wix wedding website is a beautiful single-page / scroll-down website created by a couple who married just as the pandemic began to rage throughout the United States.

Along with the usual round of registries, the couple’s love story, and details, the site also gives a diplomatically-worded explanation regarding how COVID-19 restrictions have impacted their wedding plans and how both ceremony and reception have been reduced to a more intimate affair with relatives.


What's the price like for this best wedding website builder option?


As stated on their terms of use page, there's a Wix free plan as well as a 14-day money-back guarantee on all plans.

>> Try Wix For Free <<

Conclusion to our Best Wedding Website Builders Review:

Now to conclude our review of the best wedding website builders and wedding website examples;

In closing, all of these wedding website creator options will help you create a great-looking and fully functional website for your wedding in next to no time at all. However, we admit that there are a couple that earns extra points:

Squarespace takes top marks for functionality, making it a great choice not only for announcing the event, but also for keeping tabs on the different activities leading up to the wedding day itself. Coming a close second is Webflow followed by Carrd for its simple approach to site creation, making it excellent for sites that are just about the key details of an event.

Since all featured options here either offer a free plan or a free trial, we highly encourage you to give them a try!

>> Try Squarespace For Free <<


Are there any wedding website makers I can use for free?

With the exception of Squarespace which only offers a twelve-day trial, you may use Wix, Webflow, and Carrd absolutely free. Keep in mind, however, that functionality tends to be limited on free plans.

Which of these wedding website makers and wedding website examples can double as a work calendar for a wedding planner?

That would be Squarespace, as the built-in scheduling feature that is part of its ecommerce suite works for those handling different tasks prior to the wedding.

That's all for now:

If you've read all the way through this best wedding website builders, we are thankful. We hope you can now answer the question of what is the best wedding website creator! We have a large collection of articles, guides, and comparison reviews of eCommerce solutions, web hosting providers, website builders, and more! Feel free to check them out;


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