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⏳ What website builders for designers are the best? Do you want to skip the read and get right to my top pick? The best website builders for graphic designers is Squarespace.

Introduction to Website Builders for Designers:

Which website builders for designers do you absolutely need to consider? Welcome to our guide to the best website builders for graphic designers!

The word designer is a catch-all term for creatives in various fields, including fashion and interior spaces. But graphic designers are a special breed: they can do practically everything from promotional design to logotyping for brand identification devices for both products and companies.

Historically, the heyday of graphic design was never centred on a single decade. Rather, it appeared in the form of specific art movements in key points of the 20th Century. Firstly, there was the Art Deco movement of the 1930s, the colourful psychedelic designs of the 1970s, and the edgy, streetwise grunge aesthetic that characterised the 1990s.

Today, with the advent of digital technology, the work of graphic artists is no longer confined to posters, stickers, print advertisements, and static logos. Modern graphic design also involves the creation of online collateral like digital banners, aesthetic widgets, dynamic logos and imagery, and promotional GIFs among others. Therefore, a conventional portfolio may no longer suffice to show off a graphic designer’s best work.

In today’s review, we will discuss the best website builder for graphic design portfolio to see which one can help draw in clients and build one’s reputation in the field.

Our List of the 8 Best Website Builders for Designers:

Our top five choices for the best website builders for graphic designers are as follows:

  1. Squarespace – overall best website builders for designers (🌟 My Top Pick!)
  2. Webflow – best website builders for designers wanting advanced design tools
  3. Format – best website builder for graphic design portfolio
  4. Wix – good general use website builders for designers
  5. Zyro – best value website builders for designers
  6. Carrd – best for single page websites
  7. Simvoly – smart website builder that integrates websites and funnels
  8. Site123 – best website builders for graphic designers simple projects

Quick Comparison table for the 8 Best Website Builders for Designers

PlatformEase of UseKey Features & FlexibilityCustomer SupportPricingMy View 
🥇 Squarespace (My Choice!)User-friendly with professional templatesAdvanced design features, analytics, SEO tools24/7 customer supportStarts at $12/month

Check Pricing

Best for high-quality, professional-looking design portfoliosTry Squarespace For Free
🥈WebflowSteep learning curve but powerfulAdvanced customizability, integrationsEmail and forum supportFree plan available, paid plans start at $12/month

Check Pricing

Best for designers wanting full design controlTry Webflow For Free
🥉 FormatEasy to use with intuitive interfacePortfolio-focused features, online store24/7 supportStarts at $12/month

Check Pricing

Best for online portfolios with e-commerce capabilitiesTry Format For Free
WixDrag-and-drop builder, easy to useWide range of templates, apps, and features24/7 supportFree plan available, premium plans start at $14/month

Check Pricing

Best for flexibility and scalabilityTry Wix For Free
ZyroUser-friendly, AI-driven designSEO tools, integration with social media24/7 supportStarts at $2.90/month

Check Pricing

Best for small businesses and beginners looking for cost-effective solutionsTry Zyro For Free
CarrdSimple and intuitiveBasic one-page websitesHelp documentation and email supportFree plan available, pro plan at $19/year

Check Pricing

Best for simple, one-page portfolio sitesTry Carrd For Free
SimvolyUser-friendly with drag-and-drop builderFunnel builder, A/B testing, analyticsLive chat and email supportStarts at $12/month

Check Pricing

Best for designers interested in sales funnelsTry Simvoly For Free
Site123Easy to use, but less flexibilityBlogging, SEO tools, ecommerce24/7 live chat supportFree plan available, premium plans start at $12.80/month

Check Pricing

Best for simplicity and ease of use over customisationTry Site123 For Free

Why Would a Graphic Designer Need a Website?

Having a website gives graphic designers, specifically freelance designers, a way to show off their work from current projects to previous initiatives. In doing so, they give potential clients a way to see what they can do in order to determine if they are the designer who meets their requirements, as well as a point of comparison against other possible design firms in the event that they're canvassing.

A website also serves as a way by which a designer can establish a foothold online in order to build their individual brands or a shared online practice over time.

How We Chose the Best Website Builders for Designers?

Aspects that give a designer the advantage are what we used as our primary criteria for choosing our top five website designers for graphic designers. These are as follows:

Ease of Use

As a rule, graphic designers want more time to create – so a website builder that takes them forever and six days to learn how to use or navigate through is out of the question. Indeed, the best website builder for graphic design portfolio would be even more advantageous if it can be used right out of the box.

Gallery Function

Another criteria for the best website builders for designers is a gallery function. Having the ability and the requisite tools with which to put one’s visual portfolio online is always a plus. Therefore a best website builder for graphic design portfolio for both individual designers and bigger design studios needs to have a good gallery function. Similarly, it could have display options like slideshows and lightboxes to show off their best creations;

Graphics Quality

Sure, you’ve found a reasonably-priced website builders for designers. Yes, you can use it right out of the box. But can you upload high-resolution images to help your target market appreciate your hard work? Aside from the gallery function, the best website builders for graphic designers need to let them upload high-quality scans of their work or, in the case of photographic pegs, high-resolution image files;

Value for Money

What about the cost for the best website builders for graphic designers?

Certainly, finances are a concern for many creatives, especially those who are just starting their careers in the field. That said, a platform for graphic designers ought to have a free option, a reasonable and no-commitment free trial, and subscription plans that aren’t a pain in the pocket.

Our Best Website Builders for Designers in Detail:

Squarespace – The Best Website Builders for Designers! My Choice!!!

homepage of squarespace, one of the best website builders for designers


First on the list of our list of the best website builder for graphic design portfolio – Squarespace!

Fully functional and offering some of the most beautiful themes and templates in the industry, it’s nor surprising that Squarespace has long been our choice – and the design industry’s, as well – when it comes to creating custom sites for graphic designers and other creative agencies.

It is an excellent option for monetising one’s website, for accepting commissions from clients, and for scheduling appointments with clients as it offers extensive functionality, allows users to upload high-resolution static images and high-definition audiovisual material,

We’ve often called it out for being somewhat more difficult to get started with, especially for beginners. But for younger, more tech-savvy creatives, Squarespace is a welcome challenge that will eventually yield exceptional results.

It’s also a platform we recommend for graphic designers who teach or write, as the built-in blogging function enables them to share their thoughts and ideas with their audiences, as well as open a channel through which clients and followers can interact with the artist / designer.

Website Builders for Designers Site Examples – Made with Squarespace: AndieGraphics

andiegraphics, one of the site examples of the best website builders for designers

https://www.andiegraphics.com/ – With its soft pastel colour scheme, this Eastern European graphic design site takes pride in being a design studio for women founded and operated by women. Characterised by easy-access content blocks and an easy to scroll through interface, AndieGraphics has a refined aesthetic and an easily navigable interface that makes it a delight to browse through.


  • Extensive range of templates and gallery tools;
  • Ecommerce functionality offered by this best website builder for graphic design portfolio;
  • Scheduling and appointment function;
  • Mailing list builder to keep clients abreast of developments; and
  • Social media integration


Standard rates and pricing packages for this best website builders for graphic designers option are as follows:


Raring to create your own website through Squarespace? Squarespace trial comes in 14 days of free testing of the Business Plan. Read through their terms of service page before you commit.

>> Give Squarespace a try <<




A website builder that is specifically for creatives has been a long time coming, but it’s finally here in the guise of Format, an online graphic portfolio builder that has photographers and visual designers in mind.

The beauty of this particular site builder is that it delivers on the promise of gorgeous uncluttered layouts to properly show off a user’s work, whether it be photography or prime examples of graphic or industrial design.

What we particularly like about it is how you can try the platform free for a fourteen-day trial period. That way, potential users can consider the feasibility of Format with their work-style and metier before coming to a decision.

Website Builders for Designers Site Examples – Made with Format: Elora Crawford

www.eloracrawford.format – The beauty of Elora Crawford’s work lies in its diversity. This talented graphic designer covers all the bases from promotional design to gorgeous book jackets that capture the spirit of each author’s style and genre. Crawford’s website also has an academic side to it as it features case studies wherein she goes through development and redesign projects in detail. It's because she chose one of the best website builders for graphic designers that she was able to execute such an excellent website.


  • Creatives-centric site creation platform;
  • Mobile application for designing on the fly;
  • Free custom domain;
  • Free code editor;
  • Lightroom and Capture-One integration; and
  • Design copyright protection



Do you think Format is the one? Before you commit to anything, read their terms and conditions first.

>> Give Format a try <<




Value for money and ease of use are what this Lithuanian site building platform delivers to its users.

We ranked it as one of the best website builders for graphic designers because it pulls out the stops regarding aesthetic flexibility. Specifically, it allows users to create stunning websites even if they don’t have that much experience with site creation.

Talking about Zyro wouldn’t be complete without mentioning its amazing blogging function. This is particularly useful for creatives in the fields of advertising, marketing, and public relations as it enables them to create client-specific pages where they can explain design studies in detail, pointing out specific nuances wherever applicable.

Website Builders for Designers Site Examples – Made with Zyro: Studio Schurk

https://studioschurk.nl/ – Studio Schurk will definitely make you see red – because its homepage is stained in the vivid hue. As you scroll down, the studio’s whimsical and funny animated shorts will play for visitors’ entertainment. This is all made possible because he used one of the best website builder for graphic design portfolio.

Indeed, the easy to navigate interface on this Zyro-driven website brings visitors into different aspects of the studio’s work and discusses matters in detail for those interested to learn more.


  • Drag and drop website builder;
  • Customisation toolkit;
  • AI Writer for creating placeholder pages; and
  • Ecommerce toolkit


Monthly costs range depending on subscription plans.


Unfortunately, Zyro does not offer free plans or even a free trial. However, according to their terms and conditions, you're entitled to a 30-day-money-back guarantee.

>> Give Zyro a try <<




The thing about Webflow is that it is a hybrid between a conventional content management system (the editing suite that has been WordPress’ bread and butter for decades) and a more au courant drag and drop website builder. That said, it offers a more flexible way to build an aesthetically pleasing, functional, and engaging website in a snap, giving us reason to include it on our list of the best website builders for graphic designers.

Website Builders for Designers Site Examples – Made with Webflow: Rachel Bavaresco

one website example using the best website builders for designers

https://www.rachelbavaresco.com/ – Graphic designer and animator Rachel Bavaresco’s Webflow site is magnificently fun and whimsical thanks to vivid splashes of colour and viewable snippets of her animated productions.

Along with animations, Bavaresco also presents an extensive portfolio of motion and still graphics for the perusal of fans and potential clients, thanks to Carrd, one of the best website builder for graphic design portfolio.


  • Over 100 design templates available with this best website builder for graphic design portfolio;
  • Block-driven site builder;
  • Extensive range of third-party applications;
  • Marketing portfolio functionality; and
  • Scalable solutions for ecommerce and marketing


Standard rates and pricing packages are as follows:


No free trial is provided by this website builders for designers option. However, there is a free version and the terms of use page state a 30-day money-back guarantee.

>> Give Webflow a try <<




Word-based creatives aren’t the only ones who need to put their shingle out in the world; graphic designers need to show off their works through beautiful websites – but, in today’s world where time comes at a price and people are always in a hurry, it’s a bit of an own goal to offer a multi-page website.

Carrd gets around this particular issue by giving artists just enough space – as in three webpages’ worth of space – to show off their work to both fans and potential clients. In doing so, they can bring out their very best work or rotate their pieces to give people a very good look at what they can do.

It’s also a great way by which the media, collectors, and clients can reach out to them for projects and contract proposals.

Website Builders for Designers Site Examples – Made with Carrd: Ian James

https://ianjames.cc/ – Stunning in its simplicity, graphic designer Ian James’ Carrd page is a great way to show off his diverse portfolio without giving too much away. James actually gets away with one example per genre to give visitors a look at his work in a nutshell.


  • Users can create three pages under the free plan;
  • Online page builder;
  • Online stock image gallery;
  • 100 element allowance per page;
  • Social media widgets; and
  • 56 free themes and templates


Can be used for free, but premium plans that let users have more than three pages start at $9.00 monthly


>> Give Carrd a try <<




It wouldn’t be pushing too far to say that Simvoly is something of a dream platform for graphic designers. That's why it makes our list to the best website builder for graphic design portfolio!

Boasting of one of the most extensive galleries of usable themes and templates, this all-in-one white label site builder offers users over 200 block templates, more than 200-page templates, and over 100 funnel templates.

Simvoly has a rich range of options for customisation. These include pop-up builders, over 30 widgets for functionality, global styling, a header builder, and more than 900 fonts with which to make one’s site absolutely unique.

Website Builders for Designers Site Examples – Made with Simvoly: B.O.S.S. Website Design


https://blackownedsitestarter.com/ – This inspired website design professional website is sleek, clean, and modern. Its CTA buttons and gold lettering peppered throughout the site makes it eye-catching.


  • Hybrid AI and drag and drop builder;
  • More than 800 visual templates offered by this website builders for designers;
  • 900-entry font library;
  • Header and pop-up builders;
  • Global styling platform


Standard rates and pricing packages for this best website builders for graphic designers option are as follows:


Simvoly offers users a fourteen-day, no-commitment free trial. However, one needs to sign up for a paid account to retain their site following this time frame.

The platform likewise offers a fourteen-day money-back guarantee where unsatisfied users can get a full refund. Take note, however, that this only applies to those who opt to pay for their subscriptions annually.

If you want to maximise savings, you can grab a Simvoly Lifetime Deal through Simvoly Appsumo.

If you're interested in using Simvoly, read their terms and conditions beforehand.

>> Give Simvoly a try <<




If you’re a young creative, particularly one straight out of art school or a self-taught artist who wants to get their digital shingle out, then SITE123 is the platform for you.

Incredibly basic, this website builders for designers is the sort that enables even those who have absolutely no knowledge of HTML coding and site design. The drag and drop builder makes site creation absolutely simple. It also offers a template-driven gallery feature where designers can show off their work.

However, do take note that SITE123 isn’t exactly ready for the big time. While it is good for the basics, you may need to shift to a different platform when you decide to scale up.

Website Builders for Designers Site Examples – Made with SITE123: Sound Creative Design

one website example using the best website builders for designers

https://www.soundcreativedesign.co.uk/ – This website features the work of British graphic designer James who lives and works in Manchester. This stark-looking site provides an excellent backdrop for the creator’s visual works as well as his sound recordings and compositions.


  • Conventional drag and drop website builders for designers;
  • Core SEO toolkit;
  • Google Analytics for metrics monitoring;
  • Basic gallery creation feature;
  • Social media integration for more than 25 popular social networking platforms, but note this does not offer live feeds to user pages


Standard rates and pricing packages are as follows:


The terms of service page states you can cancel your service contract and receive a full refund within 14 days of your initial purchase.

>> Give SITE123 a try <<




With two ways by which to build a website – intuitive AI and more conventional drag and drop approach – Wix has become the darling of those who have little to no experience when it comes to building websites.

In the case of graphic designers, Wix offers an extensive array of useful things, including over 800 themes and templates, the Wix Pro Gallery feature to help creatives display their work in various modes, and numerous built-in and third-party applications to help designers monetise their work.

Website Builders for Designers Site Examples – Made with Wix: Lynx & Co.

one website example using the best website builders for designers

https://www.lynxandcompany.com/ – Sleek and elegant, Lynx & Co’s website is refreshingly straightforward. This design studio specialises in lettering and typography for a clientele that includes renowned film director M Night Shyamalan, Comcast, Mattel, and cosmetics giant Elizabeth Arden. The straightforward aesthetic of the site allows potential clients to appreciate the studio’s portfolio sans distractions.


  • One of the easiest drag-and-drop best website builders for graphic designers builders available;
  • AI-driven site creator for those who are short on time;
  • Powerful analytics;
  • Gallery builders;
  • Built-in online marketing suite; and
  • Social media integration


Standard rates and pricing packages for this best website builder for graphic design portfolio option are as follows:


There's a Wix free plan as well as a 14-day money-back guarantee on all plans.

Do your diligence and read their terms of use before committing to create a website via Wix.

>> Give Wix a try <<

Conclusion and Recommendations to Website Builders for Designers:

Now to wrap up this guide to the best website builder for graphic design portfolio;

Today’s creatives in virtually all fields are spoilt for choice when it comes to site builders that will help them present their work to the world.

For us, however, the top choice amongst the eight best website builders for designers reviewed here would have to be Squarespace. It may have the heftiest learning curve, but it packs a punch to show off one’s work in the best light and allows creators to interact with clients and fans.

>> Try Squarespace for free <<


I don’t know much about coding, so I don’t know if I can create a website for my work. Are there any best website builders for graphic designers to help make things easier?

If you have a working knowledge of word processing/document editing, Webflow’s CMS interface would be your best bet. But for a much easier approach to site creation, we would also recommend an intuitive AI-driven platform like Simvoly or Wix.

Is there a best free website builder for graphic designers?

Among the site builders featured here, only Site123 has a free-to-use (or freemium) subscription packages. You can also check Weebly since it has a free option. Remember, though, that in-platform ads will be placed on your site.

Is there a best website builder for graphic design portfolio that could help me keep tabs on clients?

Specifically developed for those working in the gig economy, Squarespace has features that enable users to set appointments with clients and keep tabs on meetings and submissions through a calendar function.

That's all for now:

If you've read all the way through this best website builders for designers, we are thankful. We hope you can now answer the question of what is the best website builder for graphic design portfolios! We have a large collection of articles, guides, and comparison reviews of eCommerce solutions, web hosting providers, website builders, and more! Feel free to check them out;


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