Website Builder Reviews 2023: Our Top Picks for Building Your Dream Website

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Do you want to skip the read of website builder reviews and get right to my top picks? The best website builder programs for most people is Squarespace.

Introduction to our Best Website Builder Reviews.

I provide professional web design services, but even my team and I no longer code our websites anymore. Nowadays, using a website builder makes the process easier and faster for many people. It's no longer a tall order as before, and anyone can build a website without (dare I say) the help of a web design agency.

Why so? The best website builder programs come with drag and drop features and all-inclusive tools: templates, domain, and hosting. Therefore, you can build a website – without touching code.

We have tried and tested every website builder, so you don't have to. We've written numerous sitebuilder reviews and summed up our findings on each. Having done that, we reiterate our strong recommendation that as a final step, you make a preferred short-list of 2 or 3 of the best website builder programs.

Your selection should depend on your website requirements and resources. Once you made your top choices, take each of them on a free trial basis to see which you feel most comfortable using.

Overview: What is Web Builder Software?

In this Website builder reviews, let's get a few definitions sorted.

Web builder software programs are drag and drop tools that allow users to construct and maintain websites without extensive code knowledge. For our best website builder reviews, these software are usually categorised into two: online and offline website builders.

Online web builder software programs operate as software as a service (SaaS) and require users to sign up with a hosting service. Typical online website builders provide a wide range of services and functionalities such as SEO, eCommerce tools, analytics, 3rd party apps integration, content management, and mobile functionality. Design-wise, website builder programs can be template-based or completely flexible design from scratch. This type of website builder suits businesses of all sizes and persuasions to get their website up and running in no time.

Offline web builder software programs are more suited to professional web designers contracted to create client websites. Unlike the drag-and-drop functionality in online website builders, offline web builders usually go with WYSIWYG and manual editing of CSS and source code. As a result, these tools require basic-level HTML and CSS knowledge.

What are the most popular web builder software platforms?

More and more people are using website builders to create their online presence. The reason? Web builder software empowers users with minimal technical skills to set up a website. Previously, creating a website required a highly specialised skills set. You needed a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and other acronyms for code regular people have no clue about.

The best website builder reviews highlight those that eliminate the skills barrier and democratise the website creation process by making it more accessible and affordable.

Here are some interesting statistics to note for our sitebuilder reviews:

Squarespace – highest market share in the top 1 million websites

  • 8,209 of the top 1 million websites are powered by Squarespace, topping Wix
  • 2 million live Squarespace websites
  • #1 most popular website builder in the UK, US, Canada, Hong Kong, and Australia

Shopify – the most popular eCommerce builder

  • 1.44 million Shopify websites
  • 12% market share of website builder sites
  • Largest app store with 5,526 apps (and counting!)

Here is our ultimate list for The Best Website Builder Programs:

Rank Website Builders Our View
1 Squarespace Best for Design & Creatives
2 Shopify Best All-In-One eCommerce solution
3 Zyro Best for value
4 Webflow Best for advanced design tools
5 Weebly Best for ease of use
6 Best for beginner blogging
7 Carrd Best for single page websites
8 Wix Good for general use

Out Best Website Builder Programs in Detail;

Squarespace: Best web builder software for design and creatives


Nothing beats the sophistication and elegance of Squarespace websites. It may not be as elementary as using Wix, but those who are gunning for a visually stunning website will love this platform. However, while definitely stylish, beauty isn't its only strong aspect. It's not a slouch on Commerce, SEO, and blogging features, either.

Shopify: Best web builder software for eCommerce Solution


Shopify is arguably the best online store builder in the market today. It is a cloud-based and hosted platform that boasts a range of features to help you create, grow, and manage your business. Despite its wide array of features, it's easy to use and flexible.

What to look for when choosing Web Builder Software?

There is a wide selection of tools that we cover in our website builder reviews. However, before we compare the top website builders, it's essential to do a personal audit of your website needs.

Write down (or type) your website's overall purpose.

Why are you creating this website, and what goals are you looking to achieve with it? For instance, are you planning to create an online store or just a personal blog? Do you need a blogging feature or a photo gallery? What about social media – do you need your website integrated into your social accounts?

If you're a total newbie to website creation, here's what you can do. Check out some competitor websites and get some inspiration! You can get ideas on features, functionalities, and content that would help you reach your goals.

After you're through with your initial planning, the next step is to think about growth requirements.

Are you looking to transition towards selling products eventually? Will you consider a blog section for client engagement? The website builder you select must have the features you need to scale in the future.

Of course, you need to evaluate your resources.

What budget can you allocate to a website builder, given your current status? There are paid website builders that cost a premium, but there are also free plans (with limited functionality) available if you're budget-constrained.

You need to have these questions settled before you start shopping for a website builder.

Criteria for our Website Builder Reviews:

In my 20 years of digital marketing experience, my team and I have helped thousands of users create their website. We've thoroughly tested and tried nearly every website builder there is – and our website builder reviews have helped clients make an informed decision.

But in this website builder reviews, we're not here to tell you what to think or do. It's good business sense to do your own research to get an accurate understanding of how each popular website builder works. Doing so adds to your knowledge and helps you decide better on which platform fits you best.

In doing head-to-head sitebuilder reviews, you need to look at various criteria to rate each option. We have six points of comparison for our site builder reviews, namely:

Ease of use:

How easy is the platform to use? Will you go through a steep learning curve, or will your experience be as frictionless as possible? To get a high rating, the builder needs to be non-techy-friendly and have drag-and-drop functionality.

Features and Flexibility:

When looking at website builder comparison charts, you will find a wide-ranging difference in templates & designs available. For most, there will be a generic design to suit their business, but if you have a specific requirement, make sure that this can be achieved. Then consider what comes “out-of-the-box,” as well as how flexible and easy to use these features are. The best website builders should have their own active apps store. They should also offer comprehensive 3rd-party add-ons that give you a good choice of tools to take advantage of.

SEO and Mobility:

Moving on to our best website builder reviews criteria, SEO is no longer an option but a necessity. Therefore, it's important to evaluate the best website builder for SEO and what essential SEO tools you should have access to when choosing a platform.

There is one thing we need to reiterate. While the best website builders offer SEO tools that help you rank, SEO is best leveraged with the assistance of a well-respected, professional and proven digital marketing agency. Effective SEO is an art, and it is only with the benefit of best practice SEO that you will achieve the exposure your brand deserves.

SEO tools can only really get you as far as your skills take. Without sufficient technical knowledge and experience, these tools can't be maximised to boost your SERPs performance. To be free of tedious SEO work, hire a competent digital marketing agency and focus on the tasks that matter most.

eCommerce tools:

Nowadays, eCommerce functionality helps to supercharge your business. With current conditions favouring online shopping, the best website builder should let you deploy eCommerce tools not only to boost sales but to enhance user experience.

Support and Resources:

When choosing the best platform to sell online, you must prioritise the level of customer support offered. In this best website builder reviews, do bear in mind that this will vary dependent upon your chosen price plan. It is also vital that prompt, efficient and informative help is available when you need it.

SiteBuilder Pricing:

We acknowledge that in choosing the best website builder, value for the price is perhaps the most crucial consideration to those starting. Not just initial costs for the price plan that currently suits, but upgrade costs and such things as domain name/hosting costs where applicable. Also, consider whether there is a free plan/trial available, money-back guarantee, and additional hidden costs if any.

How much should Premium Web Builder Software cost?

In our best sitebuilder reviews, the cost is always a primary consideration when shopping for software. We get that. What costs come into sitebuilder pricing?

A website could incur one-time fees for design and development, which may include the following:

  • Domain
  • Hosting:
  • SSL certificate:
  • Theme or Template
  • eCommerce Tools
  • SEO tools
  • Third-Party Apps

Premium website builders structure their pricing plans with several free built-in tools mentioned above.

Then the higher the pricing tier, the better and more flexible your website becomes. Usually, eCommerce functionality is an add-on feature, which means you pay extra.

Free vs Paid Web Builder Software: Which Is Better?

Many of the best website builder programs and software now offer 100% free entry-level plans. Yet, this free offering still comes at a cost with onsite advertisements and allow you only the bare-bones functionality from your website builder.

Of course, it's possible to build a functional website sans the premium features. If your goals are in sync with what free website builders offer, then you're good to go. However, if you want to appear at your professional best, a paid website builder is well worth it. Moreover, generating profits from your website requires that you have access to paid features.

So, which is the better option – a free or paid web builder software?

Ultimately, it boils down to what you need. The most popular website builders provide a decent free option but remember that they offer very affordable pricing options too. Getting premium features to boost your site's capabilities won't make you break the bank.

What is the Best Free Web Builder Software?

We've given you a rundown of our top choices for best website builders. Apart from paid options, there's a wealth of free website builders that vary in quality and capability. There are certainly a lot of attractive options, while some aren't even worth a look at.

In this sitebuilder reviews, what free website builders deserve your attention? And how do they stack up in terms of features, ease of use, pricing, support, SEO, and eCommerce?

The only and therefore Best Website Builder Program which is totally free is GoogleSites however this does come with many limitations. Instead we strongly recommend a free trial with Squarespace.

What is the Best Cheap Website Builder Software?

We all love a good bargain. Therefore, it's vital to be price-smart when choosing a website builder software, whether you're a small business owner, solo entrepreneur, or personal blogger. In our sitebuilder reviews, we have tried and tested several options that are not only easy to use but also easy on the pocket. There are several prestigious brands on the list that are surprisingly affordable.

The cheapest website builders allow you to build and publish your site, and some of them even throw in SSL, decent storage, and exceptional designs. Compared to hiring a professional web design agency, paying for an affordable website builder gives you more value for your money.

Therefore, if you are working on a budget, what is the best cheap website builder that meets your needs?

The Best Website Builder Program to create powerful yet cheap websites is

How easy/difficult is it to use a Website Builder?

Generally, getting a website up and running has become more accessible through the years. Based on Statista data – in 1994, there were only over 3,000 websites. Fast forward to 2019, there were 1.72 billion – and a good percentage of this was made by ordinary people.

The point of a Website builder software is that it should simplify the task of starting a website. As you'll learn in our many sitebuilder reviews, depending on which platform you choose, there are variations on ease of use. There are super-intuitive “a fifth-grader can use it” web builder software, while there are builders that take a while to get comfortable.

Therefore, just about anyone can make a website. With a bit of study, upskilling, and dedication, creating a great-looking website is definitely no longer the uphill battle it once was.

Conclusion and Recommendation;

What are the Best Website Builder Programs for your Industry?

Website builder reviews consider that each software appeals to various audiences, and as a potential user, you need to familiarise yourself with what works for your particular niche or industry.

Best Website Builder Programs for general use;

You'll discover on our sitebuilder reviews that there are fantastic website builders that are industry-agnostic. They are general-purpose website builders that bloggers, solo entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses, and mid-sized business can use to create an impact online.

They are easy to use, drag-and-drop site builders with visually stunning templates, impressive out-of-the-box features, and decent SEO and eCommerce tools.

The Best Website Builder Program for general use for most people is Squarespace.

Best Website Builder Programs for Artists and Musicians;

Are you a creative or artist who want to showcase your works of art through a sophisticated website?

The Best Website Builder Program for artists for most people is Format.

Best Website Builder Programs for eCommerce;

If your primary intent is to set up an online store, the best eCommerce builders have robust sales and marketing features to boost revenue and customer experience. From our eCommerce sitebuilder reviews,

The Best Website Builder Program for eCommerce for most people is Shopify (and Shopify Plus).

Final Word: Our Pick Of The Best Website Builder Programs in 2023?

It's time to wrap up our website builder reviews of the best website builder programs in the UK. Remember though that your choice of website builder software ought to be dictated by your objectives, resources, and experience that you and your team bring to the table.

Ultimately, choosing the best website builder will go a long way to ensuring your brand's strong online presence. Therefore, aside from reading our sitebuilder reviews, do your due diligence and conduct your own independent research.

In conclusion, our choice is the easy to use and feature-packed web builder software that unburdens you from technical jargon while supporting your business growth trajectory. For its all-inclusive and robust features, our current pick of the best website builder programs is Squarespace.


I don't have programming knowledge. Will I be able to create a website?

Thankfully, website builder software can let you create a website even if you have zero programming know-how. Indeed, you can fashion a decent-looking and functional website without coding skills. However, basic HTML and CSS skills will go a long way in making your website as error-free and functional as possible – and it wouldn't hurt to acquire such a toolset in the long-term. Still, with website builders, coding skills are no longer a must-have.

How can I get people to visit my website?

Here is where additional features of your website come in handy. While you might have accomplished starting a website, getting it to rank is a whole new arena. First, you need to ensure SEO and content quality. Second, authoritative backlinks will add credibility to your site and more Google love.

Are website builders worth it?

There is a time and a place where website builders are worth it. For beginners, website builders are a perfect choice. Site builders are easy to use, economical, and fast. However, as your business grows and requires enormous amounts of content, you might need a CMS like WordPress and not a website builder.

Our Best Website Builder Reviews in Detail:

We hope you have enjoyed this best sitebuilder reviews and have gleaned some useful information on the best website builder for small business solutions out there. Please do keep an eye out for our articles as we have lots of information relating to online services offered;

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