Best Website Builder for Nonprofits 2023: 5 Top Picks!

Last Updated on   May 23 2023,
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Do you want to skip the read and get right to my top pick? The best website builder for nonprofit organisations for some people is Squarespace.

Introduction to Website Builder for Nonprofits:

Welcome to our guide to the best Website Builder for Nonprofits.

The term non-profit organisation – or, more simply, a non-profit – covers a number of entities, including non-government organisations, sub-agencies of the United Nations or aid agencies like the Asian Development Bank or the British Council, or independent cause-oriented groups or societies such as PeTA.

While these organisations continue to serve their respective causes through brick-and-mortar offices, they have also created websites with which to engage a broader, more international audience. This is where a great website builder for nonprofits becomes handy.

In today’s review, we feature the five best non profit website builders and free website builders for non-profit organizations may use to create the best possible websites to engage their core audiences and encourage them to support their cause.

What are Non Profit Website Builders?

While not exactly exclusive to the non-profit sector, non profit website builders are those platforms that offer several key features that can help these organisations achieve their goals. These may include any of the following characteristics that help developers or staff build website for nonprofit institutions:

  • A stable blogging interface that can be edited or updated on a regular basis;
  • Campaign creation and management features for engaging core audiences;
  • Great website builders for nonprofits have features for creating information-gathering instruments such as polls and surveys;
  • Event calendars and registration modules;
  • Social media integration is a must to build website for nonprofit organizations; and
  • Features for accepting donations through reputable payment gateways are important for non profit website builders.

Our List of the Best Website Builders for Non-profits:

Our top five choices for the best website builder for non-profit organizations is as follows:

  1. Squarespace – stunning design and visual appeal

  2. Zyro – non profit website builders for high engagement

  3. Site123 – user-friendly website builder for non-profit organisations 

  4.– extremely flexible to build website for nonprofit

  5. Wix – decent general use website builder for non-profit organisations

How We Chose the Best Website Builder for Nonprofits:

As with our review of the best proprietary and open-source drag and drop website builder for nonprofits, we compiled our list of the best non profit website builders based on how each of these creation platforms performed in terms of the following aspects:

  • Ease of use – is it easy or difficult to build website for nonprofits with this builder?
  • Features and functionality – does this website builder for non-profit organizations have enough features to help you establish an online presence and run your organization? What about aesthetic flexibility and templates – can you build website for nonprofit that is both stunning and functional?
  • Performance and resilience – can you build website for nonprofit organisations in a reliable way?
  • Value for money.

As stated in the previous section, for website builder for non-profit organizations, additional features for online marketing, campaign development and deployment, donation drives, and event management are also vital.

Our Best Non Profit Website Builders in Detail:

Here's a detailed look at our options to build website for nonprofit organizations;


squarespace Website Builder for Nonprofit


One of the key reasons why Squarespace has become a site builder to be reckoned with is the way it has enabled those in service-centric industries such as physical therapy, personal grooming services, and even the performing arts to be able to offer a variety of services or to schedule gigs with clients. In doing so, it has gained quite a following and many can attest to how effective and efficient its schedule management and calendar functions can be.

In the context of a website builder for nonprofit, the same functions enable organisations to hold online events and even organise onsite events, drawing in followers from a broader area of exposure. Those who have subscribed to the mailing list may get first crack at event schedules and, in the case of paid events or those requiring a minimum donation, can safely transfer funds by way of a reputable gateway such as Stripe or PayPal.

The fact that Squarespace has enabled creatives to distribute and market digital downloads – and this was well before the current NFT boom – also allows non-profits to distribute their regular newsletters, special-interest publications, and even audio-visual material from a single site as opposed to simply posting links to a third-party archive.


  • Drag and drop site builder with built-in ecommerce capabilities;
  • Over 100 industry-specific design templates;
  • Built-in site customisation modules;
  • Cloud-based hosting so you can be assured of reliability;
  • Mobile application for editing or site management on the fly; and
  • SEO toolkit so you can boost your search engine rankings


  • Truly optimised for ecommerce site creation and management;
  • Industry-specific templates allow creators to have a professional look for their sites;
  • Top notch when it comes to technical support


  • Drag and drop nature of this non profit website builders can be difficult to manipulate, especially for those new to the platform;
  • Scores low when it comes to customisation; variety is not a strong suit to build website for nonprofit.


Subscription cost runs between $12 and $40 a month, with eCommerce plans pegged at $26 monthly at the most basic.


Squarespace trial comes in 14 days of free testing of the Business Plan taken from their terms of service.

>> Try Squarespace For Free <<


site123 Website Builder for Nonprofit


A strong analytics management feature powered by Google paired with social media integration with over 35 possible platforms is the key selling point that SITE123 offers non-profit groups as it enables them to properly study the results of surveys and online polls, along with monitoring the impact of different initiatives deployed online.

It's actually a good site builder to have for non-profits that are just getting off the ground, as you can literally create a site from scratch in minutes, link it to your social media accounts, and start pushing for audience engagement.

Unfortunately, as organisations grow, this website builder for non-profit organizations that may not necessarily grow along with them. The pet peeve we have with SITE123 is that the same simplicity and ease of use that draws users to it in the first place is also its Achilles' heel.

This non profit website builders is certainly not flexible and does not have the capacity to scale itself according to the growth of the site's key audience. In short, it's great for starting up, but you'll have to look for an alternative once your site metrics and reach get bigger.


  • Conventional drag and drop website builder for nonprofits;
  • Core SEO toolkit;
  • Google Analytics for metrics monitoring;
  • Social media integration for more than 25 popular social networking platforms, but note this does not offer live feeds to user pages


  • Predefined site creation parameters allow for the ultimate ease of use;
  • One of the few site builders to offer a free-to-use edition;
  • Offers multilingual options to make things easier for site creators whose native language isn’t English


  • Free edition of this website builder for non-profit organizations is riddled with pop-ups that tend to distract site creators from their work;
  • One of the pricier website building options, but it doesn’t really give that much bang for your buck;
  • Layout templates are very pedestrian at best and there are very few ways by which these can be enhanced.



The terms of service page states you can cancel your service contract and receive a full refund within 14 days of your initial purchase.

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zyro Website Builder for Nonprofit


One of the newer – and more tractable – site builders currently available, Zyro is rapidly becoming the platform of choice for those who want to create highly engaging blogs.

Unlike other platforms that walk users through their processes before they can sink their teeth into the process of content creation, Zyro is one that anyone can use straight out of the box. Plus, the AI feature allows anyone to create custom content if inspiration fails them – but it's a tool we would use sparingly in the context of cause-oriented material.


  • Drag and drop website builder;
  • Customisation toolkit;
  • AI Writer for creating placeholder pages; and
  • Ecommerce toolkit


  • Optimises the use of AI for absolute ease when it comes to site creation;
  • One of the easiest drag and drop website builders to use;
  • The marketing features included in the ecommerce toolkit can give organisations a leg up when it comes to crafting custom campaigns


  • Customisation options are still quite limited;
  • Unreliable technical support;
  • Domain management can get unnecessarily complicated


  • Monthly costs range between $1.30 and $19.99, with a money-back guarantee;
  • Unfortunately, Zyro does not offer free plans or even a free trial

Unfortunately, Zyro does not offer free plans or even a free trial. However, according to their terms and conditions, you're entitled to a 30-day-money-back guarantee.

>> Try Zyro For Free <<

wordpress-com Website Builder for Nonprofit


WordPress has long been the gold standard when it comes to the easiest manner by which anyone can create a website. In the case for a website builder for nonprofits, it has easily become a favourite given how easy it is to use.

If you consider the fact that sites include managed hosting, it takes quite a bit of stress out of site creation, allowing non-profits to focus on what they do best.


  • CMS site creator / editor;
  • Integrated news and blogging function;
  • Post scheduling feature;
  • Responsive web design;
  • Extensive selection of functional plugins; and
  • Numerous aesthetic / design options


  • Users are assured of secure hosting for their sites compared to more conventional builders or hosting providers;
  • SEO and mobile-ready sites to ensure maximum reach across the organisation’s core audience;
  • Offers above-average functionality when it comes to social media integration and marketing


  • While you can use the platform for free, customising your site may prove costly as many themes, templates, and plugins need to be paid for;
  • The CMS engine used for site creation has long been known to be vulnerable when it comes to hackers and denial of service attacks;
  • Too many updates tend to distract users from their work


  • Free to use version available, but take note that the functionality and features included are considerably less than what you would get with a paid subscription;
  • Monthly rates range between $4 to $45

A 14-day money-back guarantee applies to all paid subscriptions as per their Terms of Service.

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wix Website Builder for Nonprofit


The thing about this Israeli-founded website builder is that it gives organisations a two-way approach to effective site building. On one hand, you can create a site using Wix's intuitive AI-design module (Wix ADI); on the other, you can create one using the platform's standard drag and drop builder.

Either way, your organisation would get a smart-looking and functional website in minutes.

What we like about Wix is that it is highly versatile and offers numerous options with which to create and deploy engaging content. As a result, this website builder for non-profit organizations encourage readers to lend their support to a cause or to heighten their awareness regarding critical issues.


  • WIX Artificial Design Intelligence (WIX ADI) site builder;
  • Conventional drag-and-drop builder;
  • SEO tool suite; and
  • Ecommerce tool suite is available in this website builder for nonprofits.


  • One of the easiest site builders to learn and use;
  • Offers possibly the most extensive selection of functional add-ons;
  • Offers maximum creative flexibility;
  • Excellent technical assistance


  • No reversion function – if you create a page using a specific template, you can’t easily swap it out and need to start again from scratch;
  • The more scalable features involve premium third-party applications that need to be paid for;
  • One can easily get lost with all the available features in the UI


Monthly rates of this website builder for non-profit organizations range between $4.50 and $24.


As stated on their terms of use page, there's a Wix free plan as well as a 14-day money-back guarantee on all plans.

>> Try WIX For Free <<

Conclusion and Recommendations for Best Website Builder for Nonprofits:

Wrapping up this review of website builder for nonprofit organisations, we found that Squarespace tops the list.

Regardless of whether these are CMS or drag-and-drop with regard to their methods, not website builders work alike. But, where non-profit organisations are concerned, the best ones are those that are very easy to use and have the necessary tools for driving up browser and social media engagement when it comes to core audiences.

Squarespace is the top performer in this regard, though we do know that will always be the standard by which all other platforms will be judged. Nevertheless, we recommend that non-profit groups looking for a reliable website builder for nonprofit institutions ought to read up, do their own research, and find a builder that really suits the way they work.

>> Try Squarespace For Free <<


What is the best website builder for nonprofit organisations?

In this review, we conclude that Wix is the best website builder for nonprofits. With nearly 800 templates and counting and AI-driven editor, nonprofit organizations will have their website up and running in no time.

How much does it cost to build website for nonprofits?

If you're taking out a subscription on a website builder for nonprofit, the monthly average cost will be around $27. However, there are free website builder non-profit organizations that will cost you $0.

That's all for now:

If you've read all the way through this best website builder for nonprofits, we are thankful. We hope you can now answer the question of what is the non profit website builders for you! We have a large collection of articles, guides, and comparison reviews of eCommerce solutions, web hosting providers, website builders, and more! Feel free to check them out;

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