5 Best Church Website Builder & Church Website Examples 2024

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Is there a best website builder churches can use to make their online presence felt? Do you want to skip the read and get right to my top pick? The best church website builder for most people is Squarespace.

Introduction to Best Church Website Builders:

Welcome to our guide on the best website builder churches and religious associations can use!

Inevitably, we have moved most parts of our lives to the Internet. We socialise online through our social media networks; we pay our bills and keep track of our finances through banking websites and mobile financial apps. In the context of the pandemic, we have even shifted our work and education online through applications like Zoom and Google Meet.

Thus, we aren’t surprised that even places of worship – Christian churches, Islamic mosques, Buddhist or Hindu temples, and even affiliated ministries – are going digital. They build a church website to give parishioners or members a place where they can congregate online in times of need or be able to broadcast services to the faithful who are unable to leave their homes.

Today’s review presents our choices for the best website builder churches and free church website builders. How can they best be used by religious institutions to minister to their respective congregations? We also present sample church websites from which you can get inspiration!

Our List of the Best Website Builders for Churches:

Our top five choices for the best website builders for churches are as follows:

  1. Squarespace – best church website builder overall – stunning website and lots of functionality (My Top Pick!)
  2. WordPress.com – best website builder churches can use for blogging
  3. Wix– easy church website builder with diverse templates
  4. Weebly – best church website builder for beginners
  5. Webflow – reliable and great analytics

Quick Comparison Table For The Best Website Builders for Churches:

Rank Platform Ease of Use Key Features & Flexibility Customer Support Pricing My View Try for Free
1 Squarespace (My Choice!) User-friendly with professional templates Event calendar, donation system, podcast support 24/7 customer support Starts at $12/month

Check Pricing

Best for visually appealing church websites with full-featured functionality Try Squarespace For Free
2 WordPress.com Steep learning curve but powerful Extensive customization, plugins for added functionality Email and live chat support Free plan available, paid plans start at $4/month

Check Pricing

Best for highly customizable church websites with specific needs Try WordPress.com For Free
3 Wix Drag-and-drop builder, easy to use Wide range of templates, apps, and features 24/7 support Free plan available, premium plans start at $14/month

Check Pricing

Best for flexibility and ease of use Try Wix For Free
4 Weebly Easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder Membership areas, SEO tools, eCommerce capabilities Email, chat, and phone support Free plan available, paid plans start at $6/month

Check Pricing

Best for small churches needing straightforward functionality Try Weebly For Free
5 Webflow Steep learning curve but powerful Advanced customizability, integrations Email and forum support Free plan available, paid plans start at $12/month

Check Pricing

Best for churches wanting full design control and advanced features Try Webflow For free

Why Would a Church Need a Website?

Delivering information to its congregation is why many churches opt to build websites. Still, they face challenges avoiding information overload, monotony, and being too cumbersome to read through.

In this case, websites provide a way to present relevant innovation smartly and engagingly. Sites enable churches to present catechetical material through text, infographics, and audiovisual presentations.

Likewise, having a church website, particularly one connected to a secure payment channel, enables believers to send their tithes and donations online. You can learn more about them with church website examples we've provided below!

How We Chose the Best Church Website Builder and Church Website Examples:

We made our selections for the best church website builder and free church website builder based on the following criteria:

Ease of Use

Keep in mind that not everyone knows how the Internet works or how to build a basic website. Make sure that the builder you choose is one with a minimal learning curve or one that you can use right out of the box;


Church sites have, historically, been known to be prone to hacking or cloning – a scam perpetrated by those who want the donations for criminal purposes. In which case, site builders that offer the option of enabling only those with registered credentials to use the website ought to be on top of the list;

Payment Gateways

Your site builder needs to be able to access or interface with leading payment gateways to receive tithes and donations for fund drives;


Not only does your church's website need to be informative, but it also needs to look the part. In particular, the aesthetic needs to be eye-catching enough to draw in your online congregation. In which case, we recommend you look for a website builder churches can use or a free church website builder with an extensive range of appropriate templates for your institution.

Multimedia Hosting and/or Streaming

Spreading the Word of God online isn't just about presenting Scripture and sermons in literal text form. Still, it helps greatly if you can have a multimedia archive presenting recorded sermons, lectures, catechesis, and documentaries on various aspects of your faith. Plus points if your builder of choice also offers you the ability to stream live services through your website on days of worship or key feast days.


Plenty of free church website builders can help you achieve an engaging website. However, mind the limitations of functionality if you choose a free plan. So we're looking for a website builder churches can maximise without spending too much.

Our Best Website Builder Churches Can Use – In Detail:

Here is a rundown of our selected best church website builder. We've also added several examples of good church websites to inspire you!

1. Squarespace – My Choice for the Best Church Website Builder



Squarespace may be the big name when it comes to bespoke ecommerce site creation solutions, but it also works beautifully for churches and similar non-profit organisations thanks to its wealth of features which makes it so much easier to schedule and organise events – perfect for family-oriented or youth-centric churches that offer fellowship camps, lectures, and fundraisers.

Church Website Examples – Made with Squarespace: Northside Church

northside church homepage

http://www.gonorthside.com/ – With its dynamic front page presenting its Sunday worship schedule and inviting potential members to pay the Roswell, GA church a visit, this church website examples is simple yet pleasing to the eye.

Aside from offering in-person tours and services, Northside Church offers online a complete video archive of previous sermons by its pastoral team along with printable PDF modules to aid those using the material as reference for Sunday school or their own personal devotions.


  • Drag and drop site builder with built-in ecommerce capabilities;
  • Over 100 industry-specific design templates;
  • Built-in site customisation modules;
  • Cloud-based hosting;
  • Mobile application for editing or site management on the fly; and
  • SEO toolkit
  • Not a free church website builder; but offers a free trial.


Standard rates and pricing packages are as follows:


Raring to create your own website through Squarespace? Squarespace trial comes in 14 days of free testing of the Business Plan. Read through their terms of service page for this best church website builder before you commit.

>> Give Squarespace a try <<




The thing about Weebly is that it is so simple to use that practically anyone can create a website with it. In addition, this free church website builder can even benefit those who have absolutely no knowledge as to how to go about creating websites. The ecommerce features built into this best church website builder are quite basic. Still, they are enough to enable churches to get their message across, ensuring that their congregations can participate online through streamed events and various payment gateways.

Church Website Examples – Made with Weebly: Madison Baptist Church


https://madisonbaptist.com – This church website example keeps its website simple and to the point. Rather than hosting its media resources on the site itself, it links to its official channels on the homepage.

Navigating through the site is relatively easy as everything is laid out on top with drop-down menus. The site offers an edition in Spanish for its Hispano-Latin congregants. In addition, the site also provides links to its sectarian day school and seminary.


  • Intuitive drag-and-drop website builder churches can use easily;
  • Access to third-party applications for additional functionality;
  • SEO toolkit; and
  • Ecommerce toolkit


Standard rates and pricing packages for this website builder churches can use are as follows:


Before you buy a subscription from this website builder churches can use, check out their service terms.

>> Give Weebly a try <<




It’s as old-school as it gets, but WordPress does get the job done with its CMS-driven approach to site building and its wealth of plugins to improve the look, feel, and overall functionality of a church website.

What’s more is that WordPress’ extensive gallery of themes includes several options specifically for religious institutions, making it easy to create a visually compelling site for one’s congregation.

Church Website Examples – Made with WordPress: Elevation Church


https://elevationchurch.org/ – Offering access to its materials in its community's seven most common languages, Elevation’s homepage is deceptively simple. This church website examples hides an extensive range of live and recorded services, text and dynamic media resources for catechesis and personal devotion, as well as the ability to reach out to other church members through organised online groups, a watch party function for communal worship, and social media compatibility.


  • CMS site creator/editor;
  • Integrated news and blogging function for this website builder churches can maximise;
  • WooCommerce plugin for additional functionality, particularly access to payment gateways;
  • Easy integration with social media so you can increase your visibility;
  • Mobile-responsive templates; and
  • Industry-specific aesthetic options


Standard rates and pricing packages for this website builder churches can use are as follows:


If you're raring to give WordPress a go, make sure you've read their service terms first.

>> Give WordPress a try <<




We’ve ranked Webflow among our best church website builders for a good reason. Even in a limited manner, this free church website builder enables those who have zero coding knowledge and are also on a tight budget to create beautiful and engaging websites.

This particularly applies in the case of church sites made with the platform: they are executed simply but highly effective for their goal of online evangelisation, thanks to a range of engagement solutions like animation and dynamic media.

Church Website Examples – Made with Webflow: Calvary Church


https://www.calvarychurch.com/ – Elegant and dynamic, Calvary Church is online evangelisation taken into the 21st century. With its engaging mix of graphics and text, the homepage is a come-on for younger worshippers or twenty-somethings seeking a more meaningful expression of their faith. We particularly like the scroll-down simplicity of this church website examples and the way media plays automatically while one is browsing the site.


  • Over 100 design templates are available with this website builder churches and institutions can use;
  • Block-driven site builder;
  • Extensive range of third-party applications so you can aim for greater functionality;
  • Parallax scrolling;
  • Advanced SEO toolkit so you can boost your search engine rankings;
  • Automatic backups even for free edition;
  • Portfolio building tools; and
  • Scalable solutions for ecommerce


Standard rates and pricing packages of this free church website builder are as follows:


Like Webflow? Before you commit, make sure you've read their service terms.

>> Give Webflow a try <<




One of the most uncomplicated site builders to use, Wix has long been the choice of both churches and cause-oriented groups to create engaging websites at affordable rates. Combining ease of use with a good selection of tools and templates at the user’s fingertips, Wix makes church website creation a simple yet meaningful experience.

Church Website Examples – Made with Wix: St Thomas More’s House of Prayer

st thomas more homepage

https://www.liturgyofthehours.org/ – This church website is a Roman Catholic website dedicated to a retreat house that is part of the Diocese of Erie in Pennsylvania. Aside from that, it also offers unique insights into the Liturgy of the Hours, a series of prayers and scriptural readings used to mark the different parts of the day. Incredibly simple in terms of its aesthetic and straightforward writing, it gives visitors a much better idea of this unique Catholic form of prayer.


  • WIX Artificial Design Intelligence (WIX ADI) site builder;
  • Conventional drag-and-drop builder;
  • SEO tool suite; and
  • Ecommerce tool suite


Standard rates and pricing packages are as follows:

wix pricing

Before subscribing to this best church website builder, read their terms of service first.

>> Give Wix a try <<

Conclusion and Recommendations for Best Church Website Builders

Now, to wrap up this guide on the best website builder churches;

The Internet has become a powerful tool for evangelisation. Indeed, it is now being used to strengthen all faiths in these dark times.

What is the best church website builder for you?

From our evaluations, we find that Squarespace is the best church website builder because of its visual power and ecommerce functionality. However,  free church website builders like Weebly and Webflow greatly help churches work within a budget with excellent results. Wix and WordPress also have excellent features that can boost your church operations.

At the end of the day, we recommend that you do their research to determine which builder would work best for you and your church.



Our church isn’t exactly blessed financially at the moment. Are there any free church website builder options?

Our choices have a forever free-to-use edition that will enable your church to create a compelling website despite lacking funds. Weebly and Webflow offer a free plan. Our top choice Squarespace offers a 14-day trial, but note that you must subscribe when the trial period lapses.

None of us on our church team have any experience building websites. What's the best church website builder for beginners?

Wix’s AI-drive site creation tool will enable you to create a website given certain parameters. Weebly is also perfect for beginners. However, if you have a working knowledge of any word processing software, the CMS editing suites of WordPress and Webflow are so much easier to work with.

That's all for now:

If you've read all the way through this best website builder churches guide and church website examples, we are thankful. We hope you can now answer the question of what is the best website builder churches can use! We have a large collection of articles, guides, and comparison reviews of eCommerce solutions, web hosting providers, website builders, and more! Feel free to check them out;

Please share any comments below!


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