Webnode Review 2024: Does Easier Mean Better for a Website Builder?

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Webnode is a website builder that allows users to create professional-looking websites without coding knowledge. It offers a drag-and-drop editor, free web hosting, and various templates to choose from.

  • Ease of Use - 90%
  • Features & Flexibility - 80%
  • SEO & Mobility - 80%
  • Help & Support - 80%
  • Pricing - 90%


  • Easy to use
  • Multiple languages (more than 20 languages)
  • Great for beginners


  • Limited integration
  • Cannot tweak HTML
  • Limited eCommerce features

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Introduction to our Webnode Review.

Webnode is a cloud website builder famous for its simplicity. Our Webnode Review demonstrates how it is in league with other renowned builders.

Webnode's simple drag-and-drop system is so straightforward and convenient that it competes with the easiest of alternative platforms. Webnode boasts of having assisted more than 40 million users in building their websites in the ten years it has been in existence. However, is it still a viable option to consider when creating a website? Learn more about its features, pricing, and deals through our Webnode voucher links in this Webnode review.

Overview: The Easiest Website Builder?

Launched in the year 2008, Webnode is a Swiss-developed site builder. The project eventually became a hit among aspiring website owners worldwide that the company has now grown to support millions. What are the programs and features in its arsenal? Does it perform as they advertise? In this Webnode review, learn about its features and our Webnode voucher links you can use.

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Ease of Use:

What we love about Webnode UK is its simplicity. But is it better when compared side by side to the best of alternatives? We explored the builder thoroughly for this Webnode review, and we give it props for ease of use.

All in all, Webnode is very straightforward to use. Webnode's landing page is sleek and minimalistic. If you don't want clutter in your life, then you'll give the Webnode look a thumbs up.  The system is also simple, and the Webnode sign up a breeze. Their drag-and-drop system may not be completely intuitive, but it can be executed by any newbie without much difficulty.

It takes minimal effort to learn and understand Webnode's mechanics, making it a novice website builder's dream come true.

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In the above, we laid out how Webnode scores highly on ease of use. The next item in our Webnode review is an assessment of its features.  Let's talk out of the box features, themes and templates, third-party apps, hosting and backups, and migration.


The competitive advantage of Webnode is its languages. It supports more than 20 languages, allowing website owners to create numerous multilingual websites. Another valuable add-on is that their support and resources also supports these 20+ languages.

Also, you can build your own Webnode site for free. Like most website builders, Webnode's free offering has a catch: there are Webnode ads, domain name excluded, and only 100 MB storage.

Themes and Templates:

Webnode is known as the easiest website builder that offers a variety of free templates and tools capable of creating the best website. The templates are aesthetically pleasing, modern, and well designed.

In our opinion, Webnode has a wider selection than the best of alternatives. A caveat: there is no room to play with HTML as in say WordPress. Also, if you decide to change the template for your Webnode blog, expect all of your content to be wiped out.

3rd Party Apps Market:

Webnode ranks low in terms of integrations. At present, there are none. However, you can add embed third-party tools such as Survio, YouTube, and Vimeo content to enrich your site.

Hosting and Backups:

Hosting through Webnode can be done in as fast as 5 minutes. Just sign-up, pick your template, add the content, and then run it live. For backups, everything is remembered; you can restore previous versions of your work easily with just a single press of a button.


Getting into Webnode while already having a domain does not need much of a hassle. You need to do some several steps which they will provide and then meet some conditions then you can finally migrate.

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Webnode eCommerce Tools:

Webnode premium and standard plans include eCommerce functions that allow you to put up your online store easily. Its eCommerce features include:

  • Conversion tracking
  • Analytics
  • Product tracking
  • Product import
  • Payments via PayPal or credit card

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Webnode SEO and Mobility:

Now that we've identified Webnode's features,  let's move on to its SEO and Mobility in this Webnode review. Both are very important in terms of your website getting noticed, so it is worth a read. Here is what this Webnode review came up with in terms of those aspects.

Webnode SEO:

SEO is also one of Webnode's strengths and one that benefits beginners. You can edit page titles, Meta tags, image ALT tags, and URL fields to get some Google love.


All Webnode plans, even the free version, support mobile devices and offer mobile-friendly templates.  Your site visitors can enjoy your website on larger devices such as a desktop and in smaller devices like smartphones.


The average loading speed for Webnode pages ranges around 70-90 for desktops and higher than 80 for mobile devices.

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Support and Resources:

In this Webnode review, we evaluate Webnote's customer support.  This service is localised through their in-house support team and Webnode email available in multiple languages.

In terms of resources, the Webnode knowledgebase has guides and tutorials on their page ready to assist you if you need some Webnode help.

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Webnode Pricing:

What about Webnode pricing? Clearly, Webnode is more affordable than most builders in the industry.

Our Webnode Website Reviews finds that there is a free version with only small ads. Unfortunately Webnode limits free sites to 1 GB of bandwidth— which doesn’t get you very far. None of the free website builders I recommend have a bandwidth limit.

They have website premium plans that are categorised into:

webnode review of pricing-plans

Profi is their full-service plan meant for professionals while the rest have varying number and quality of features depending on the price tag.

They also have premium plans for eCommerce that include:


How to get a Webnode voucher? To avail a Webnode voucher, click though our link below. You can get up to 80% off when using our Webnode voucher link, so it is good to watch out for some.

Webnode Free trial/refund policy/money-back guarantee:

Then the terms of service page states you can cancel your service contract and receive a full refund within 15 days of your initial purchase.

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Our Webnode Review Conclusion and Recommendation:

What is it best used for?

Based from this Webnode review and other Webnode website reviews, we conclude that Webnode is best for those who want to create a website with ease while also not having less in features, performance, and aesthetics. It is affordable and very user friendly.

What is it not best used for?

If you want more on that technicality and options in regards to performance, Webnode is not fit for you.

Webnode Alternatives:

Here's a list of the best Webnode alternatives to create a website;

[wpsm_comparison_table id=”48″ class=”custom-table”]
  • Webnode vs Wix: Webnode is a more flexible and customizable website builder, while Wix is a more user-friendly drag-and-drop website builder.
  • Webnode vs WordPress: When choosing between Webnode vs WordPress, if you want powerful SEO, best to consider switching to WordPress. In terms of customer service, when comparing Webnode vs WordPress, Webnode surely wins. WordPress has no support and no multilingual support capability.

Our Webnode Website Reviews Final Word:

If you are curious enough, try using Webnode and apply for their premium plan. If it does not work well with you, then you can ask for a refund. They have a 15-day money-back guarantee, and you can have the full amount you have paid returned to you.

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Webnode vs WordPress: Which is better for eCommerce?

When it comes to eCommerce, WordPress has more advanced features because it has plug-in integration. Webnode is somewhat limited in this aspect.

Webnode vs WordPress: Which is better for a beginner?

If you're still working your way into the website building game, Webnode is the one to choose with Webnode vs WordPress. WordPress, on the other hand, is the right fit for those who know how to code.

That’s all for now:

We hope you have enjoyed this Webnode review and have gleaned some useful information. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our ever-growing blog of review and comparison articles offered such as the ones below;


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