WebinarNinja Reviews 2024: Read This Before You Commit

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WebinarNinja is a cloud-based software that provides a platform for hosting webinars, creating landing pages, sending email invites, and managing live chats. It offers a variety of features including custom registration pages, analytics, and integrations with popular tools like Zapier and MailChimp.

  • Ease of Use - 91%
  • Features - 86%
  • Performance - 88%
  • Support & Resources - 91%
  • Pricing - 90%


  • Easy to use interface
  • Affordable pricing plan
  • Great customer support


  • Limited number of attendees supported
  • No panic button
  • No money-back guarantee

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Introduction to our WebinarNinja Reviews: Results-Oriented Webinar Solution

Welcome to our WebinarNinja Reviews.

All around the world, businesses are leveraging webinars to convert strangers into loyal customers. Accordingly, brands like Webinar Ninja claims to be a highly efficient all-in-one webinar solution that allows you to present, market, and sell your digital products and know-how. Launched in 2014 by Nicole Baldinhi and Omar Zenhom, this platform is a relative newbie in the industry, if you compare WebinarNinja vs WebinarJam or WebinarNinja vs Zoom. However, by sticking to simplicity and conversion-centric software, WebinarNinja has become the platform of choice for many small business owners, experts, and creators.


WebinarNinja is a cloud-based webinar platform that enables businesses and individuals to host live and automated webinars, as well as hybrid webinars, using a variety of tools and features. This article provides an overview of WebinarNinja, including its features, pricing, pros, and cons, as well as user reviews and recommendations, to help readers make an informed decision before committing to the platform.

Ease of Use:

Simplicity is this platform’s main selling point. Therefore, its developers have taken great pains to assure that your focus will be on presenting your product, and not tweaking with the tech. That being said, this software is extremely user friendly. If you’re a UI junkie, then you’ll like how clean and intuitive its interface is.

Have you never used webinar software in your life? No problem – you’ll love how great this platform is at streamlining processes. As a result, you can have your webinar up and ready in a matter of seconds!

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Right out of the gate, this webinar software promises to make setting up webinars as painless as possible. Firstly, it does away with tedious 10-step processes and constructs your webinar in record time. Secondly, for the affordable WebinarNinja pricing, you can select from among 4 types of webinars:

  • Live webinars: live events or presentations
  • Automated or evergreen webinars: pre-recorded webinars presented one time or as a recurring event
  • Series webinars: several live events that are pre-scheduled
  • Hybrid: a pre-recorded webinar with an interactive chat session

WebinarNinja Reviews for Video and Audio Quality:

The software's video and audio quality are somewhat of a mixed bag. While it ensures HD via its WebRTC engine, intermittent quality has been reported as attendance increases. This can indeed create problems if you wish to do live product demos, share your screen, or upload high-resolution or very detailed slides.

Customisation Tools:

Offering your webinars to potential customers isn’t enough. You have to be able to do so in a way that leaves a good impression. Fortunately, the platform allows you to customise your registration pages even if you can’t do code. In addition, it offers a live Page Builder editor where you can do branding – with logos, fonts, images, colours, templates, or videos.

WebinarNinja Reviews for Screen Sharing and Presentation:

The platform supports screen sharing of a window or any application to attendees. Moreover, if you’re a presenter, you can easily share your PowerPoint slides or your desktop screen. When doing live webinars, hosts can insert slides or videos. To enable screen sharing among viewers, they need to install the Chrome extension. Up to 4 presenters are supported.

3rd Party Apps Integration:

For this WebinarNinja reviews, this webinar platform has impressive integration functionality. For instance, you can drive Webinar Ninja marketing campaigns by integrating CRM and marketing tools to enhance conversion. Some of the applications it’s able to integrate with are HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Aweber, MailChimp, and InfusionSoft. Also, its Zapier integration lets you connect to several popular apps. Its email marketing function, however, is basic and needs further improvement.

WebinarNinja Reviews for Customer Engagement:

What’s a webinar without interaction between host and audience? Webinar Ninja offers the following tools to keep your attendees engaged:

  • Q&A
  • Live polling and stats
  • Offers for attendees to purchase products conveniently


In our WebinarNinja reviews, thankfully, the platform was designed for monetisation. Specifically, you just need to sign up and set it up using Stripe as a payment gateway – and you’re good to go!

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Support and Resources:

What if you need help or guidance with navigating the platform or setting up accounts? In particular, Webinar Ninja has online support, FAQs, Knowledge Base, video tutorials, and the WebinarNinja Academy. The academy functions as a training centre that teaches you the ins and outs of the platform.

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Webinar Ninja Pricing:

For our WebinarNinja reviews, WebinarNinja pricing is comparable to the cost of other major platforms. However, series webinars and hybrid webinars are available only for the Pro or Plus plan. You can also get lucky and save if you're able to avail of Webinar Ninja Lifetime account.

Currently, here are the WebinarNinja pricing options:

webinarninja reviews pricing

Webinar Ninja Free trial/refund policy/money-back guarantee:

Form their Terms page, you can access a 14-day free trial. Due to this free trial offer, there’s no money-back guarantee.

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Conclusion and Recommendation to our WebinarNinja Reviews:

To sum up this WebinarNinja reviews, the platform is a robust yet straightforward webinar solution with sufficient tools to convert strangers to loyal customers.

While it has a decent amount of features, users looking for a more feature-packed option can consider WebinarNinja alternatives like WebinarJam and Zoom.

What is it best for?

WebinarNinja is best for small business owners, experts, and creators who want an easy-to-use platform for presenting, marketing, and selling their digital products and know-how through webinars. It is ideal for those who are new to webinars or want a streamlined process for setting up and conducting webinars without technical difficulties.

What is it not best for?

However, WebinarNinja may not be the best fit for those who require high-quality video and audio for live product demos, detailed slides, or screen sharing. The intermittent quality of the video and audio may cause problems as the attendance increases. Additionally, the email marketing feature is basic and may not meet the needs of those who require advanced email marketing functionality. Finally, if you require series webinars or hybrid webinars, they are only available with the Pro or Plus plan.

WebinarNinja Alternatives;

Here's a list of the best WebinarNinja alternatives;

  • WebinarNinja vs Zoom: WebinarNinja is a specialized platform for hosting webinars, offering features such as pre-made landing pages and email marketing. Zoom, on the other hand, is a video conferencing platform that can also be used for webinars, but lacks some of the specialized webinar features offered by WebinarNinja.
  • WebinarNinja vs WebinarJam: WebinarNinja offers a more user-friendly interface and simpler setup process compared to WebinarJam, which is more suitable for advanced users who need more customization options.

WebinarNinja  Review Final Word

Trying out WebinarNinja webinar wouldn't hurt. It could be just the right webinar platform you need.

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Does WebinarNinja support mobile devices?

Yes, it supports iOS and Android.

How can I pay for WebinarNinja?

The platform accepts all major credit cards.

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