3 Best VPS Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting Providers 2022

Updated May 14 2022
Sophie Leah

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Do you want to skip the read and get right to my top pick? The best VPS unlimited bandwidth hosting provider for most people is Dreamhost.


Virtual private servers (VPS) are the most cost-efficient way to host a website in the sense that they provide the same services as a dedicated on-site server but at considerably lower capital and operational costs.

We've created websites for two decades and believe me. Hosting your website on a VPS unmetered bandwidth can greatly enhance its performance, as well as its safety. In a VPS hosting scenario, a website can be sectioned off into its own safe zone, virtually unimpeded by traffic from other websites. In doing so, site visitors are assured of a more secure browsing (and, in the case of retail websites, shopping) experience. Also, it cuts down on the cost of purchasing and maintaining hardware at an equal if not superior level of service to that of a conventional dedicated server.

But, as with all hosting services, not all VPS hosting providers are made equal.  The need for a VPS unlimited bandwidth is a key consideration for many companies. Today’s feature highlights the three best VPS unlimited bandwidth hosting providers.

What is VPS Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting?

Similar to a shared hosting service, VPS hosting accords a more secure and stable platform that gives clients all the benefits of a dedicated server but on a considerably smaller physical scale and at a fraction of the cost.

VPS hosting is the typical choice for those whose website traffic has exceeded the standard limits of standard shared hosting plan, but do not as yet require the provision of a dedicated server. Hosting plans in this category can be configured to suit the specific needs of clients.

Our Top Three Unlimited Bandwidth VPS Hosting Providers:

Based on our evaluation, these are the best VPS unlimited bandwidth services for you:

  1. Dreamhost – overall best unlimited bandwidth VPS
  2. GoDaddy – flexible VPS unlimited traffic hosting plans
  3. OVHCloud– great for affordability

How We Chose Our Best Unlimited Bandwidth VPS Hosting Providers:

Our criteria for selecting the best unmetered bandwidth VPS hosting providers includes the following:

  • Ease of use – Essentially, how user-friendly is the VPS unmetered bandwidth? Regardless of whether you're a developer, site manager, or someone who's just had more experience than most when it comes to handling servers and websites, your unlimited bandwidth VPS of choice should be easy enough to set up and use;
  • Extensive range of resources – By this, we mean the amount of memory (RAM in gigabytes), storage volume, and even the number of processors they have on hand can profoundly impact the overall performance, loading speed, and future scalability of your website. In today's traffic-reliant days, a VPS with unlimited bandwidth is a must;
  • Reliability – This pertains to the uptime and loading speed. Ideally, we're looking for a VPS hosting provider with a 99.99% uptime rating or higher and significantly rapid loading speeds, making it ideal for unmetered site traffic without users needing to worry that they have to compromise elsewhere;
  • Great features – Here's what you should consider about VPS unlimited bandwidth hosting providers: it's best to read the fine print. The platform may offer bandwidth unmetered, but skimp on all other features. You will have everything you need built into your hosting plan. Plus, you can add features at a most reasonable price; and
  • Security – This is the criterion that drives many people to opt for a VPS hosting service as opposed to conventional shared hosting. Your VPS hosting provider of choice ought to be able to fend off attacks and resolve issues without causing serious trauma to users.

Our Top Three Unlimited Bandwidth VPS Hosting Providers in Detail



The thing about Dreamhost is that it isn't kidding when it offers unlimited features. Even at its most basic, this reasonably-priced VPS hosting provider offers exceptional managed VPS hosting with built in provisions for server maintenance, software updates, and security patches.

With its entry level plan, Dreamhost offers users 1GB RAM with 30GB in SSD storage, both of which are easily scalable to 8GB RAM and 240GB for storage. Unlimited bandwidth is guaranteed, but this VPS hosting provider ups the ante by offering unlimited websites as well as email accounts.

Security-savvy users will likewise appreciate the inclusion of free SSL certificates in all VPS unlimited traffic hosting packages – something which is actually offered as an extra you need to pay for with other hosting services.

In terms of performance, Dreamhost also lives up to its 100 per cent uptime guarantee, but this could be affected by your ISP's own loading speeds.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited site hosting;
  • VPS unlimited traffic;
  • Solid state drives for storage;
  • Easy to use VPS control panel;
  • Scalable RAM; and
  • 100% uptime guarantee


  • Highly user-friendly interface;
  • Competent website loading speeds;
  • Excellent customer service


  • Migrating websites from a different server/host for this unlimited bandwidth VPS may prove challenging;
  • Some software updates can crash sites;
  • This VPS unmetered bandwidth is not recommended for those with minimal knowledge of VPS hosting


VPS unmetered hosting plans are reasonably priced, with costs running between $10.00 and $80.00.


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If you're looking for self-managed VPS hosting at reasonable prices, then GoDaddy is worth a look. This is an unlimited VPS bandwidth hosting provider we'd recommend for developers or advanced users/site managers who have good working knowledge of running their own servers.

GoDaddy also spoils customers for choice. It easily offers the most packaged to choose from in terms of unlimited bandwidth VPS hosting services. There are currently sixteen in all – eight for self-managed VPS hosting and eight for managed VPS – and each is based on the number of CPUs and RAM a user deems necessary for their use. Quick caveat, though: while the self-managed VPS packages are reasonably priced, the cost of managed VPS hosting is nigh on astronomical.

Standard RAM ranges from a modest 2GB to 16GB, while those who need more RAM can choose from plans offering between 4GB and 32GB. Free features include protection against denial of service attacks, a dedicated IP address, and free SSL for a year. For better security, however, you will need to shell out extra.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited user accounts;
  • Performance monitoring and alerts;
  • Backup and recovery console;
  • Multiple global data centres; and
  • Root access for developers


  • Easy to use UI;
  • Offers periodic discounts;
  • Good selection of hosting packages


  • Check-outs can get sketchy as their system tends to add items to one’s package without prior warning;
  • One of the most expensive in terms of managed VPS hosting;
  • Support options are limited



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OVHCloud is, by far, the cheapest self-managed VPS unlimited traffic hosting service that we've encountered. Granted that it has fewer features than either of the competitors featured in this VPS hosting provider review, but it's a great choice for those who are just scaling up to VPS hosting from conventional shared hosting.

You can choose a plan with a dedicated server unlimited bandwidth VPS and various other features.

While its primary data centre is located in France, OVHCloud boasts of data centres across the globe. This enables it to provide unlimited bandwidth VPS month after month. But even this has a caveat: unlimited bandwidth will depend on your location, as the farther you appear to be, the service may set a cap on your bandwidth per month.

Likewise, while it boasts of great loading speeds, you would have to check on the uptime every once so often.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited bandwidth;
  • CPanel integration;
  • Security toolkit;
  • Ecommerce integration;
  • CMS support;
  • Web framework support; and
  • Database support


  • Lowest rates for self-managed VPS hosting with unlimited bandwidth;
  • Good range of hosting plans;
  • Multiple data centres


  • Very little differentiation in hosting plans;
  • VPS unlimited traffic service may be dependent on location;
  • Not so great customer support for this VPS unmetered traffic provider


VPS unlimited traffic hosting for this provider runs between $4.18 and $23.70


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Conclusion and Recommendation:

If you are looking for a reliable and reasonably priced VPS unlimited bandwidth hosting provider, we would recommend Dreamhost as our top choice thanks to its proven performance in terms of reliability, functionality, and cost efficiency.

Nevertheless, it would help to shop around to see which VPS unlimited traffic hosting provider or free website hosting unlimited bandwidth VPS would work best for your needs.


Which VPS unlimited bandwidth hosting service would you recommend for an ecommerce site?

That would be GoDaddy as this platform offers an extensive range of hosting solutions specific to the ecommerce sector.

Should I get self-managed or managed VPS unmetered hosting?

That would depend on how savvy you or your tech team are in terms of server management. Self-managed VPS hosting works best for those who have good working knowledge of server management and it does cost less. However, if you aren’t at all that confident with your knowledge, it pays to shell out a little more for managed VPS hosting.

Can any of these VPS unlimited bandwidth providers deliver on their promise?

While both Dreamhost and GoDaddy can assure their users VPS unmetered bandwidth, we take issue with OVHCloud as your location may merit the placement of a monthly limit.

That's all for now:

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