VIZR Heads Up Display Review 2022: Best hud for car?

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VIZR Heads up Display

Ease of Use 9.5
Design 9.5
Features and Functionality 9.5
Reliability 9.5
Pricing 10.0


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Easy to use also means easy to mount and install
  • Display is clear and easy to see


  • Initial set up and downloading of app can be a little slow
  • App responsiveness may vary depending on your phone

Introducing the VIZR heads up display

Driving is one of my main modes of transportation, yet it's also one of the most dangerous. Looking away from the road for a split second can be disastrous. But how can we avoid it when most of the information we need to know is on our dashboard or our phone? The simple answer is getting a heads up display (HUD). A HUD ensures that you don’t have to take your eyes off the road, making you a safer driver. But where and how can you get one? I have a simple answer for you: VIZR by FIXD. VIZR is an easy to use app and gadget that turns any smartphone into a heads up display. The real question is whether or not if it's the best hud for cars. Let's take a look at VIZR heads up display.
Picture of the VIZR HUD tool

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What is the VIZR app?

Sounds like something out of of the movie Iron Man, right? Technology has come a very long way since I was a young man and something such as the VIZR app completely changes my driving experience. The VIZR app makes navigation simple. It includes fun and useful features, such as navigation, fighter jet mode, and trip mode. Have you ever played a video game and wished that your GPS would be as easy to see as the game’s GPS is? Well look no further, navigation mode is here. The navigation mode is a simple GPS that has no learning curb and is easy to read. It makes your hud into a VIZR GPS HUD, providing you with a full and safe navigation system that’s practically on the road in front of you.

Have you ever wanted to feel like you were flying a plane? Or living in a video game? Fighter jet mode has your back. This feature displays your speed, direction, and G-force all in a dynamic plane-like display. It’s perfect for when you know the route and wish to make the drive more interesting. Why drive when you can fly.

Do you ever wish you could track everything about your trip in one place? I know I have. The trip mode has your back. It’ll display your speed, direction, the time of day, and your fuel level. On top of that, it easily connects to your GPS. This mode also has day and night displays to ensure easy and clear visibility of the HUD. This mode is your all-in-one for driving.

This VIZR app also has the following features: the ability to track your gas mileage, a 0-60 meter, freeze frame data, and live gauges, a dash light database, a penny test for your tires, a battery test, and a wear tracker. All these features aid you in optimizing your vehicle’s performance. With this, you can minimize your gas consumption, your trips to the mechanics, and your worry. Thus making your driving experience that much better. Still not convinced that it's one of the best HUD for cars? Keep reading.

Why choose the VIZR app over other navigation apps? Simple: this app is constantly evolving while remaining easy to use. Most apps have a learning curve with every update, whereas VIZR simply doesn’t. Once you know the VIZR app, you know it.

What is the VIZR Heads up Display?

The VIZR HUD is, to put it simply, the best HUD for your car. This HUD is easy to install, use, and move. In 3 simple steps, you can securely install this gadget in any car. No wires, no mess just ease. And it even comes with a pretty cool VIZR app for you to use on your phone also, helping it's case to be one of the best HUD for cars.

  1. Remove the gadget from its packaging.
  2. Clean your dashboard.
  3. Find where you want to install the gadget, and stick it there.

The adhesive is firm and will not lose its stickiness. The VIZR HUD’s adhesive does not damage the dashboard either, making it easy to move. As for the use, it's a matter of adjusting it to your liking. The heads up display is easy to tilt making it a quick-adjust to fit your eyes’ comfort.

The gadget itself has 3 simple parts, all connected right out of the box. The mount, the base, and the clear plastic heads up display. The mount has an adhesive strip that is firmly connected to the gadget. The base is where your phone will rest safely. It is a flat surface with three non-slip strips, guaranteed to keep your phone in place through any driving conditions. The HUD is clear plastic with a reflective film applied to it. This ensures that your view of the road is not obscured, while also allowing your phone screen to be displayed and readable.

A few notes on the design: it is sleek in appearance, it has no bumps in its surface that would block you from charging your phone or plugging an AUX cord into your phone, and it is optimized to not obscure your vision at all. These design notes guarantee ease of use without compromising the appearance of your car. Another great reason to be using VIZR heads up display.


VIZR HUD on car

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What Features does the VIZR HUD Have?

There are 6 main features that this gadget has.

  1. It’s Universal Design: This gadget works in every car there is. The brand, make, and model don’t affect the effectiveness of this gadget. Although many newer luxury vehicles come with built-in HUDs, the VIZR HUD is the best aftermarket HUD there is for cars lacking that feature.
  2. Works 24/7: This gadget is built to have clear HUD resolution day and night. No matter where the sun or moon is in the sky, you will be able to read the HUD.
  3. Multilayered Coating: The plastic HUD has a multilayered coating, protecting it from getting scratches or smudges on it. Alongside this, for as long as you clean and maintain the HUD with non-abrasive cloths the HUD will remain spot free and clear.
  4. Compliant with all HUD apps: Although VIZR has an app, this gadget is made to be useable with all HUD apps. Allowing you to use the gadget in a way to make you the most comfortable. It should be noted, that you should always ensure that your app is in HUD mode. This will assure that the display is accurate.
  5. The Installation is Completely Wireless: Although VISR appears to be sophisticated and high tech, it is easy to install. As we’ve already touched on, there are absolutely no wires involved in this installation. This means that anyone can install this gadget with complete ease.
  6. The Surface is Made to be Non-Slip: As we’ve touched on, the surface is non-slip. This ensures that your phone stays in place for the duration of your drive. This eliminates all instances of unsafe driving and panic caused by your phone. As it is mounted away from your hands, and it won’t go flying on any sharp turns and bumps.

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Some Extra Information About VIZR

VIZR HUD’s design of their VIZR Heads up Display allows you to connect anything you need to to your phone via their VIZR app, without affecting your view of the display. This goes handy with the VIZR app because it allows for you to be running other apps under it. Hence, you can play music and podcast while driving. This feature also allows you to have phone calls whilst driving without affecting your navigation or using your hands, making it one of the best HUD for cars out there.

Besides just their VIZR app, VIZR recommends the use of HUDWAY Go, too. This app is a navigational app, made for simple use. This app is a beast in the navigation world. It is comfortable to use, yet it sacrifices no features.

vizr hud display tool

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Pricing for the VIZR heads up display

What does VIZR cost? VIZR UK has three price packages for one, two or three of the products. All prices have added shipping and handling. Each purchase will get you one complete set up, which includes access to the app. For two VIZRs the price per VIZR is reduced with a “buy 1 get 1 50% off” deal. Up to three VIZRs the price works out as “buy 2 get 1 free” deal. And if you aren’t happy, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, though do make sure you check the requirements and policies on this.


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My Conclusion for the VIZR heads up display review

So what do we conclude with our VIZR hud reviews? Is this the best hud for car? VIZR is well worth its cost because it provides you with state-of-the-art technology. This technology will increase your safety, free time, and it will decrease your worry, and car cost. Yes this HUD product is one of the best HUD for cars out there and will definitely give your car that futuristic feel.

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