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What is the problem?

A picture speaks a thousand words, as the old saying teaches us. But combine a lot of images in succession, combine it with an audio track and you have the most powerful tool video agency professionals of digital marketing and public outreach, have been using since invention of the e-mail – the video.

Our technology has evolved to freely allow convenient and effortless video streaming only in the last decade or so. As a concept, video marketing is nothing new, late-night TV-shop channels have been utilizing it for decades. Digital video and marketing, however, is a rather recent marriage, in the grand scheme of things.

Why does this matter?

With the ever-growing dominance of social media and video sharing services, there is no better time to capitalize on this paradigm shift. Our whiteboard explainer video services are the best of their kind as they are done by veteran experts of the video marketing agency industry.

Your average internet user is very easily distracted, every video content agency knows this. No wonder – we have more access to information and data these days than ever before in the entire human history. There are many things to read about, learn and store in our minds. Too many for most, so they develop their interests and focus on them, consuming bite-sized bits of information instead of entire essays of text or hour upon hours of documentary footage.

Short, concise, informative, exciting and easily accessible – that is the name of this digital video marketing game. Here at Stuart Kerrs, we have mastered this discipline with pride and dedication. We find that colourful and easily understandable animated video clips would get overwhelmingly better feedback in comparison to the same information just written in a couple of paragraphs. More than seventy-five percent of users would rather engage with a video, than actively researching and reading about the subject on their own.

There is a very good reason for those snazzy looking videos at the top of all our services pages, they catch the customers eye and are so simple yet effective at conveying their message.

Why choose Stuart Kerrs for your Animated Video’s?

When it comes to explainer video production services, London companies offering this service are abundant, but at Stuart Kerrs we really strive to be the best of the bunch, the top video agency London has to offer. We offer our eye-catching animated corporate video services for any occasion and goal. Do you need to explain your product? Perhaps you wish to show your clients how to operate your product or use your service? Perhaps you just want to explain what your business is all about in the easiest and quickest way possible.

You have come to the right place – our video marketing agency and our digital video marketing services will allow your business to hit the ground running. Excellent animation quality, local native English speaking voice-over artists combined with popping and interesting content, expertly paced to deliver your message the way you intended.

  • We employ native voiceover artists at our video agency, if needed, so no alienating foreign accent for your British products and services.
  • All our videos are created by native designers/animators with decades of experience in the video content agency, so it always carries that fine British touch.
  • Our animation company services are done after strategic planning. Different videos for different purposes and at different phases of your brand cycle.
  • Stuart Kerrs offers video marketing so all your Whiteboard Video production will receive ample exposure and an increasing view count.
  • Our explainer video production company services will go viral more often than not. We make efforts to make these videos easily shareable so they can go viral, serving your business goals.
  • A range of animated video production and sound effects are available, including 3d animation, whiteboard animation and motion graphics as we know one size doesn’t fit all. Whatever your requirements might be, we have a solution for you.
  • We offer special discount for start-ups on all animated video content production in UK.
  • Planning to create a crowd-funding campaign? We have special Pitch explainer video production service to explain and promote this complex concept.
  • All of our animated video production and whiteboard videos are designed and completed in the UK.

Stuart Kerrs has proven its mastery in animated video production in the video agency London market, as well as all of UK over the years and we continue to churn out viral, attractive, engaging whiteboard explainer video every day as a video agency London based. Take advantage of our amazing rates and get your first video rolling today. Let Stuart Kerrs help support and promote your business by designing the best animated explainer videos. UK companies love us so much they just keep coming back for more! Stuart Kerrs animated explainer videos UK services will ensure all the above plus many added advantages for every business.


Will you promote the video on my behalf?

Yes, check out our video marketing packages and select the one appropriate for you. In some cases, we may do it for free as well.

Do I need to host the video on my server?

Not necessarily, in fact, putting it on YouTube and integrating it on your website is easier and has many added advantages.

Will you integrate the video on my website?

If you want us to do that then it is fine. We would need the access to your website and we can easily place and optimise the video.

How long does it take to complete the animated video production?

It depends on the length of the video but usually it is one to two weeks. We will have a better idea, however, after knowing your exact requirements.

Have a project in mind?

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