Rakuten Viber Review 2022: Is This Messaging App Worth Getting?

Updated September 15 2022
Ailsa Margatte
Ailsa Margatte

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Ease of Use 9.0
Features 8.9
Help & Support 8.9
Pricing 9.4


  • Free VoIP-based communication technology
  • Easy to use right out of the box
  • Extensive range of online support resources


  • Multilingual technical support is limited
  • Viber for Business has a steep learning curve
  • VoIP call charges are dependent on location

Introduction to our Rakuten Viber Review:

Welcome to our Rakuten Viber review!

We’ve come a long way since the introduction of instant messaging for desktops and SMS / MMS for mobile devices. Indeed, today’s instant messaging industry is a battlefield where the likes of Meta’s WhatsApp and Telegram are pitted against Viber, the instant messaging platform developed by Japanese tech company Rakuten.

Today’s Viber review will show how this popular app compares to similar platforms, whether one can use Viber for business, and how easy it is to download, install and use.


Let's kick off our Rakuten Viber review with a little background.

Viber is, technically, a hybrid voice-over IP (VoIP) and instant messaging application that is provided as freeware for several desktop and mobile operating systems; specifically Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Users register into the app using their mobile phone numbers, though the service may be used on a desktop or laptop sans mobile connectivity.

The messaging app may also be used to exchange files among users worldwide, including images and multimedia files.

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Ease of Use:

Now let's start our Viber app reviews by analysing its ease of use.

Viber is one of the easiest instant messaging apps available. In fact, if you know how to send text messages or email, you can use Viber right out of the box – there are cute Viber stickers and Viber chatbot, too! Indeed, it works just fine for both messaging and making domestic and international calls without needing to use one’s mobile plan. Even sending Viber files is as easy as choosing it and sending it within seconds.

Stick with us in Viber app reviews to find out the Viber rates for outside calls, and available Viber coupons to make them more affordable.

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For this our Rakuten Viber review, let's discuss: out of the box, what does it offer?

The standard Viber package includes the following:

  • Texting and sending messages;
  • Voice and video call function;
  • Group call (voice and/or video) capability;
  • One can join online groups depending on their interests;
  • Create and/or share static images and GIFs;
  • Set disappearing messages for optimal privacy; and
  • Viber Out function to call numbers that aren’t listed in Viber or don’t have active Viber accounts.

Different iterations of Viber are also offered, such as Viber for desktop, Viber for Mac, Viber for iPhone, and Viber for tablet. You can do Viber calls or Viber group chats with little difficulty through this app.

Likewise, Viber for Business offers additional features for corporate users in communicating with customers:

  • In-platform advertising and promotional stickers;
  • Commercial messaging solutions for numerous purposes, including customer support and product promotion; and;
  • Viber Business messages go through highly secure channels to properly transmit confidential information.

In this Viber app reviews, we're giving you an idea about Viber messaging costs and rates when you're calling outside the Viber network. Watch out for Viber coupons to lower the prices of outside Viber calls.

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Support and Resources:

Both desktop and mobile users can access the Viber Support Page in order to report any technical issues affecting the app’s performance. Take note, however, that this pretty much works like an online queuing system, so it may take a while before they get back to you.

Likewise, the Viber support team recommends that screenshots be included in one’s issue report to ensure that they can get a clear idea as to what’s going on with the app.

Keep in mind, however, that multilingual support is not the strongest point for Viber’s online support channel. Currently, queries are only entertained in English, Japanese, standard Arabic, and Russian.

Read below to know more about rates and Viber coupons available for you.

See more Viber support features

Viber Pricing:

In our Viber app reviews, how much would it cost to use this app?

Viber is, technically, free to download from either Google Play and the Apple App Store for mobile users or through its official website for desktop users.

Its VoIP service, Viber Out, is charged per minute and the actual amount charged depends on the location of the person you’re calling. It can be as low as $0.02 per minute to around $1.99 a minute.

However, note that there are Viber coupons available so you can save up on calls.


With regard to Viber for Business, users are charged per generated message, but the rates are – as above – dependent on their location.

Viber Free trial/refunds/money-back guarantee:

Viber is free to use for non-business users, save for those availing of the Viber Out function. Don't worry, there are Viber coupons and promo codes offered by the app, so make the most out of them.

In any case of transactions made by Viber for Business users, any and all payments are nonrefundable.

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Conclusion and Recommendation to our Rakuten Viber Review:

Now to wrap up our Viber app reviews;

Much like WhatsApp and Telegram, Viber is one of the handiest apps anyone can use as a call and messaging service that is not reliant on local telecommunications networks.

What is it best for?

From our Rakuten Viber review, we conclude that it is best for individual users, corporate departments, and even special interest groups who need a reliable communication platform to stay in touch.

What is it not best for?

Currently, not everyone is on Viber for Business as the learning curve does take some figuring out. If this happens, people ought to consider alternatives until the platform offers a solution that is easier to use.

Viber Alternatives:

For personal messaging, we would stick to WhatsApp or Messenger as alternatives to Viber messaging app. In the case of corporate messaging, on the other hand, Telegram would be a better bet.

  • Viber vs WhatsApp: This is a great secure messaging platform with end-to-end encryption.
  • Viber vs Telegram: Another great alternative but works well for secure messaging.
  • Viber vs Skype: An oldie but a goodie still, it's perfect for both personal and corporate messaging.

Rakuten Viber Review Final Word:

To conclude our Viber app reviews, while we do recommend Viber as a viable messaging application, we would suggest that potential users consider their options before downloading and using the app. Also, be sure to read their privacy and service terms prior to downloading.

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I travel a great deal. Can I still use the Viber app I downloaded in my home country?

Yes, Viber can be used just about anywhere in the world as long as you have a good Wi Fi or mobile data connection.

Can I use Viber with wearable tech?

If your smartwatch uses the Android-specific WearOS, you can. Just make sure to sync the device with the corresponding app on your phone. However, Viber cannot, as yet, be used with Apple wearables.

That’s all for now:

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