Unbounce Reviews 2021: Is The Hefty Unbounce Pricing Tag Worth It?

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Ease of Use 9.0
Features 9.0
Performance 9.0
Support and Resources 8.6
Pricing 8.6


  • Easy to use even for the inexperienced
  • Extensive lead generation tools
  • Mobile functionality
  • Free trial


  • Expensive
  • Limited themes and templates

Introduction: Presenting Unbounce – Emerging Landing Page Builder

The hefty tag with Unbounce pricing will send your eyebrows rising to the roof at first glance. But when you start working with Unbounce, you’ll find that every penny was worth it.

Headquartered in Canada, Unbounce landing page builder has revolutionised the industry with its no-brainer user interface paired with expertly developed online marketing tools. Since 2009, Unbounce has become a staunch favourite of marketing agencies and eCommerce firms who work tirelessly to build up engagement and conversions between online users and the brands they work with. That said, Unbounce is favoured for digital marketing and brand building. For this Unbounce reviews, what exactly sets it apart from Unbounce competitors?

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Ease of Use:

As landing page builders go, Unbounce landing page is pretty straightforward: a drag-and-drop UI takes much of the guesswork out of the site-building experience for even the most inexperienced newbies.

For this Unbounce reviews, you can easily whip up a new site with all (well, most) of the necessary bells and whistles in mere minutes, including the addition of promotional add-ons like pop-ups and sticky bars.

Marketing and promotions are clearly a priority for the developers here. It is easy to transform different parts of your site into pop-out menus or forms to maximise user engagement and convert page clicks into viable transactions.

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Features and Flexibility:


As I write this Unbounce reviews, it’s easy to see that Unbounce landing page builder is an online marketer’s best friend from the standard inclusions. Even in its most basic iteration or package, Unbounce makes promotional work easy with built-in provisions for creating pop-ups and sticky bars that users can easily launch from any of their pages.

As with the standard page builder, it’s a drag-and-drop affair that makes light (and short) work of something that used to take days to do. Plus, you can even optimise it for deployment on mobile. There's also an Unbounce for WordPress plugin that makes creating landing pages more straightforward.

Unfortunately, it’s in creating animations or dynamic content that Unbounce falls short. We’ve noted that the UI can get clunky when creating interactive content, particularly for mobile screens.

Themes and Templates:

Unlike most landing page builders, Unbounce currently offers only slightly more than a hundred templates.

However, in this Unbounce reviews, I find that templates were all designed with functionality and efficacy in mind. These can fall into any of the following categories:

  • Industry-specific (floristry, food and dining, travel, real estate, etc.);
  • Promotional (discount coupons, sale alerts, special offers, events);
  • Lead generation;
  • Getting started (product-specific, service-specific, sign-on); and
  • Learning (webinar, online white paper, online library/document archive.)

Subscribers also have access to an extensive font library and a photo archive with over 850,000 stock images.

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Customisation Tools:

Among those included in the Unbounce landing page builder are tools for adding custom scripts for optimal functionality, script managers, video background generators, and lightboxes.

Lead Generation/Conversion Tools:

Unbounce landing page builder has its own built-in lead generation form builder, which enables site owners to maximise their pages' functions to get the information they need. Likewise, conversion becomes easier through the use of two-step opt-in forms and dynamic text replacement.

Unbounce Integrations:

Unbounce interfaces easily with WordPress, Zapier, and Google Analytics for numerous functions ranging from dynamic CMS, payment platforms, and periodic metrics.


Unbounce landing page builder offers its own web hosting service. However, users need to log into their domain registrar if they want to use a custom domain.

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SEO and Mobility:

Interestingly, the Unbounce landing page builder has a diagnostic tool that helps site owners see how well their pages are performing with regard to SEO. The resulting report also offers recommendations on how site owners and developers can maximise or optimise their SEO through certain functions built into the Unbounce landing page builder. It’s easy, virtually painless, and it gives you insights on how you can make your site more effective when it comes to sales and conversions.

Mobility is another aspect where Unbounce shines. Optimising pages for mobile display is a cinch. The UI has a built-in mobile layout assistant that enables developers to swap between desktop and mobile screen views to see how elements look and how functions work in a handheld device.

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Support and Resources:

Unbounce has its own extensive online knowledge base where users can read through relevant documents and modules. Likewise, it also offers rapid-response online technical support and an interactive portal on its social media channels.

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Unbounce Pricing:

For this Unbounce reviews, “pricey” only begins to describe Unbounce pricing, with its least expensive plan pegged at $80.00 monthly. The drag-and-drop builder comes standard with all four of Unbounce’s current packages, along with unlimited landing pages, pop-ups, and sticky bars.

The Optimize plan in the Unbounce pricing option is recommended for first-time users. It has all the basic functionalities and A/B testing and a host of conversion intelligence tools.


A 10% discount is offered for customers who choose to pay a year’s fees upfront. Also, for those who want more conversions, visitors, or domains, Unbounce pricing includes custom packages to suit their needs.

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Free trial/refund policy/money-back guarantee:

Don't be turned off immediately with expensive Unbounce pricing. The Unbounce free trial runs for fourteen days and enables users to experience the Launch package's functionality. In fact, you will need to sign up for the Launch package to avail of the trial, but you can rest easy: you won’t be billed until you officially sign up during or at the end of the period, and you can opt-out at any time.

However, Unbounce’s refund policy doesn’t exactly include a money-back guarantee.

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Conclusion and Recommendation:

To wrap up this Unbounce reviews, it is a viable option for anyone looking to generate more leads for businesses. However, steep Unbounce pricing may turn off potential users. Those keeping an eye on their finances in these constrained times might think twice before subscribing.

What is it best for?

Marketing and promotions agencies or small businesses that need to boost their online presence through more assertive digital marketing initiatives.

What is it not best for?

Personal pages that do not need so much in the way of promotion. Likewise, this may not be the choice for those who need to develop dynamic content on the fly.

What are Unbounce alternatives?

Unbounce vs ClickFunnels. If you're searching for a great landing page builder, Unbounce will suffice. However, if what you're looking for is a sales funnel builder, ClickFunnels is it.

Unbounce vs Instapage. Instapage is a cheaper option for building landing pages. It's also more beginner-friendly than Unbounce.

While easy enough for first-timers to use, Unbounce is recommended for those who need extensive marketing for their sites. The functionality is excellent, and it goes a long way when it comes to online brand building.

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How much does the most basic subscription cost?

The monthly subscription for Unbounce’s Launch plan will set you back $80.00, but you get 10% off if you opt to avail of it on an annual basis.

Does Unbounce offer web hosting?

It’s part of the package. However, for those with custom domains, they need to log into their registrars and link up content developed with Unbounce.

How many impressions is my site allowed per month?

Depending on your package, you can have anywhere between 20,000 to 50,000 impressions per month.

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