Typepad Review 2024: Is It Better Than Free Blogging Platforms?

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Typepad is a blog hosting platform that provides users with a range of customizable templates and design options to create and manage their own blogs. It offers features like custom domains, built-in search engine optimization, and integrations with a variety of third-party tools for marketing and social media sharing.

  • Ease of Use - 90%
  • Features and Flexibility - 81%
  • SEO & Mobility - 84%
  • Help & Support - 80%
  • Pricing - 88%


  • Easy to understand active dashboard
  • SEO friendly
  • Stable and secure


  • Customisable only at the more expensive plans
  • Relatively expensive

Introduction to our Typepad Review

This Typepad review analyses what features this platform has over free sites. After reading this article, you may be convinced to make the switch. Unfortunately Typepad is currently not accepting new signups. New customers are instead encouraged to check out their partner, Bluehost. Bluehost is similar to Typepad, but offers a greater array of plans and services and is a leading WordPress host perfect for bloggers. With Bluehost, you'll get 24/7 support, increased value and an exceptional experience.


Overview: A popular blogging platform

Typepad is a premium blogging platform, which means you have to pay for the service. There are many free blogging platforms available, so it’s a frequently asked question – “why isn't Typepad free?.” Blogging sites are free mostly because they’re open source and their codes are accessible to the public. Type Pad is not, and it used to be difficult to customise. Nevertheless, it has since developed the program to have better flexibility and customisation. However, the tradeoff is you will have to pay more for it.

Ease of Use:

The software's customisations were initially too simplistic because the platform was geared for newbies to use. You don’t need to be technically proficient to build a blog on this platform. It's certainly one of the most remarkable things about it. Setting up your blog from your first Typepad login to hitting Publish is effortless. The dashboard is straightforward and easy to navigate and comprehend.

Therefore, this TypePad review gives Ease of Use high marks.

Typepad Features and Flexibility:


Essentially, what you’re paying for is the security and stability of a hardworking blog. Its uptime is consistently 100%. Moreover, it is hosted on a secure server and very SEO friendly. Furthermore, it features flawless integration with eCommerce sites and social media. Additionally, you can do live video and audio broadcasts from your blog. These features are not always guaranteed with the alternative blogging platforms, a good point to consider when deciding if TypePad pricing is worth it.

Themes and Templates:

The blogging platform has hundreds of pre-made themes to choose from. All the paid accounts have access to these themes. Yet it is only from the Unlimited plan upward that you will have access to Advanced Templates and custom CSS.

Customisation Tools:

The platform's Design Lab took a while in development, but with it, you can create fully customisable blogs that are also fully mobile responsive. Customisations are only available with higher TypePad pricing plans.

3rd Party Integrations:

This software integrates with Google Analytics, Facebook and Twitter, Zemanta for ad management, Disqus for discussion boards, and PayPal and Ecwid for eCommerce.


Your blogs will be fully hosted on the Type Pad servers, which can be a good thing. All Type pad packages come with unlimited storage and bandwidth, so you don’t have to worry about how much or how often you post, although the Plus plan only allows up to 150 MB for uploads.

SEO and Mobility:

TypePad ensures that your blogs are highly optimised for search, and partners with Google Analytics. Meta-tagging, RSS feeds, link placement, and Google authorship mean your blog has a high chance of landing on the first search pages.

All the themes made from the Design Lab are fully responsive for mobile, and you can view your blog from any device.

eCommerce Tools:

The platform has collaborated with Ecwid – eCommerce for Small Businesses to create and manage your online store and integrate it into your Type Pad blog. You can also add PayPal buttons to your sidebars in a feature they call the Tip Jar.

Support and Resources:

Type Pad provides online support through a ticketing system. However, they have a vast and comprehensive knowledge base that can guide you through the different processes of setting up or enhancing your blog, as well as a regularly updated blog of their own. Additionally, you get tips and hacks for better writing, catchy titles, SEO, and featured Type pad blogs. As a result, you'll be inspired to go for new content ideas.

Typepad Pricing:

For this Typepad review, TypePad pricing plans start with the Plus plan, which is discounted if you pay annually. It allows one author and four blogs, but also the unlimited storage and bandwidth, and domain mapping enjoyed by the higher plans.

The Unlimited plan yields unlimited blogs and multiple authors by invitation and access to Advanced Templates and Custom CSS.

Premium and Enterprise add on priority support to the lower plans. At the same time, Enterprise has the option to invite a Blog Administrator to manage each blog and full ownership of your content.


Typepad free trial/refund policy/money-back guarantee:

There is a TypePad free trial for 14 days, but you have to provide your billing details to register. So if you decide not to continue after the TypePad free trial, do remember to cancel your account. Terms of service page sates all charges for paid versions of the Typepad Service are non-refundable, even if your use of the paid version of the Typepad Service is cancelled before the end of your current billing period.

Conclusion and Recommendation to our Typepad Review:

What is it best for?

This TypePad review concludes that it is best for new bloggers who are serious about setting up a reliable, stable blog. It is excellent for small businesses as it allows eCommerce and information blogs that regularly update with quality content that should show up on the search engines.

What is it not best for?

If you’re not sure what content you want to put up and are just faffing around, better play with the free blogging platforms first. Perhaps its biggest con is the need to pay for better flexibility and customisation. Still, security and stability are equally important, especially if you’re running a business.

Typepad Alternatives:

Here's a list of the best Typepad alternatives to create an online blog;

  • TypePad vs WordPress: Self hosting WordPress.org is free to download and use. The hosted version WordPress.com can also be used free. WordPress is a superior platform in many ways but one feature that leans towards Typepad is that TypePad is arguably easier to use, while learning how to create and blog on WordPress takes somewhat longer.

Typepad Review Final Word:

We would recommend a free trial so that you can better judge for yourself however unfortunately Typepad is currently not accepting new signups. New customers are instead encouraged to check out their partner, Bluehost. Bluehost is similar to Typepad, but offers a greater array of plans and services and is a leading WordPress host perfect for bloggers. With Bluehost, you'll get 24/7 support, increased value and an exceptional experience.




Is there a TypePad mobile app?

It's web-based and the company has yet to develop a TypePad app. However, after setting up your blog, it’s not difficult to blog from your mobile phone or email.

Do I have ownership of my blog?

Your blog is partially owned by Type Pad because the platform is fully-hosted unless you subscribe to the most expensive TypePad pricing plan.

That's all for now:

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