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Do you want to skip the read and get right to my top picks? The best torrent client Android software for most people is qBittorrent.

Introduction to Torrent Client Android, iOS, MacOS Software:

Welcome to our guide to Torrent Client Android, iOS, MacOS Software.

One of the biggest problems that many of us have is finding safe and secure ways by which to download large files off the internet. While there have been a number of file hosting services available over the past decade, much of the large-scale downloading that people do is usually through the use of torrent client software.

Torrent client software has the virtue of being free and easily accessible, but – as with everything – not all torrent clients are made equal. In this post, we present the best in terms of features, practicality, and online security. We made our judgment for this list based on actual user feedback, developer notes, and updates from individual service providers, so this is as unbiased an opinion as it gets when it comes to torrent client software.

Before you start downloading, be aware that torrents can hide nasty malware. Whatever you do, don't accept an .exe download that's billed as a downloader or accelerator. You'll also want to make sure you are using a leading VPN service. I recommend avoiding the free VPN's instead using a premium service like ExpressVPN.

Just a Technical Introduction to Torrents:

Now, even for long time users, the term torrent is something that has never been properly defined, so let us break it down for you.

A torrent is a file shared via a peer-to-peer (P2P) network, usually one that is decentralised. This allows users to exchange the files without having to post or upload these onto a third-party server.

Since it doesn't depend on a server for file storage, bits and pieces of data from large individual files are saved within peer computers participating in the network. P2P communication protocols will break the files down and move them from uploaders (seeders) to downloaders (leechers) through a third-party client software which will read all the information in the file and connect users to facilitate the exchange of data.

Torrent client online files hold information as to which computers are participating in this file-share. Some torrent software download websites may even provide details regarding the files and subfolders being downloaded.

Our Handpicked Best List of Torrent Client Android, iOS Software:

Based on feedback from users and technical experts, we are proud to say that we have found our top five when it comes to the best torrent client Android, torrent client iOS, torrent client for iPad, and torrent client for iPhone:

Our honours list includes the following:

  1. qBittorrent – best overall torrent client software

  2. BitTorrent – best torrent client Android and torrent client iOS

  3. uTorrent – quickest for download and management

  4. BitLord – best desktop-only torrent client

  5. Vuze – best in features

How to Choose the Best Torrent Client Software

Like we said, not all torrent client Android, torrent client iOS, torrent client iPad, or torrent client desktop software is created equal. In fact, some may even leave your computer/device prone to attacks from cybercriminals.

In which case, the torrent client best choices tend to have the following qualities:

  • A known track record for online safety and security;
  • Recognition from two or more tech or online safety authorities;
  • Built-in protection against malware and Trojans; and
  • Excellent torrent client download speed regardless of what network you're on.

Our Top Five Torrent Client Software

Based on the criteria presented above, here are our tried and tested picks for the best torrent client Android, torrent client iOS, torrent client for iPad, and torrent client for iPhone:


qbittorrent home, a leader for Torrent Client Android, iOS, MacOS Software

This free open-source torrent client is one of the easiest software packages of its kind to use. Compatible with iOS, Windows, MacOS, and Linux, consider qBittorrent as one of the best torrent client iOS, torrent client for iPad, and torrent client for iPhone.

Learning how to use the interface is a cinch and navigating your way through it is a breeze even for the more advanced tools and settings. That's not a bad deal at all, but most especially for users who aren't necessarily tech-savvy.

Also, we love it because it is absolutely ad free: pop-ups are a thing of the past and even aggressive banner ads are practically absent. Plus, it won't take up so much room in your CPU: qBittorrent doesn't do bloatware like other torrent clients.

However, setting the client up with the more advanced features does take a fair amount of time; but we assure you that it's worth the wait.


  • Has a built-in media player;
  • Allows torrent and file prioritisation; and
  • Has an integrated torrent-specific search engine.

The Pros:

  • Torrent client for iPad, torrent client for iPhone with no pesky or aggressive ads;
  • There are no hidden downloads when you install it; and
  • The additional tool suite does come in handy.
  • Available in 70 languages

The Cons:

  • Is not a torrent client Android-compatible software;
  • It takes time to set up;
  • There is a limited number of compatible extensions; and
  • Novices may find advanced features hard to use at first.


bittorrent home, a leader for Torrent Client Android, iOS, MacOS Software

The thing about this widely popular torrent client software is that it's very democratic when it comes to the OS you want to run it on. It's compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. It can also be used as torrent client iOS, torrent software for Mac, and torrent client Android.

One of the oldest torrent clients available, BitTorrent remains fresh and competitive through frequent updates. Unfortunately, BitTorrent is also somewhat notorious for bundling bloatware into its download and the ads pop up hard and fast whenever you use it.


  • Built-in torrent software search function;
  • Magnet link support; and
  • Encrypted connections

The Pros:

  • The download itself is lightweight;
  • One of the easiest to set up and use; and
  • You can actually schedule your downloads.

The Cons:

  • Bloatware is bundled in with the download;
  • The free edition is riddled with ads; and
  • Even the pro edition throws in marketing ploys whenever you log on.

If you're considering BitTorrent, do read their service terms page.


utorrent home, a leader for Torrent Client Android, iOS, MacOS Software

Mostly accessed as torrent client desktop and torrent client Android, uTorrent boasts of the biggest user base as it is the torrent client software of choice for millions of downloads across the globe. It's widely regarded for being the quickest in downloads and management. The feature-rich client brings functionality to users' fingertips even in its free plans, offering options to limit bandwidth, remote client management, as well as scheduling speed caps.

What we hate about it is that it is one of the most bloated software downloads anyone could encounter and it can seriously drain your CPU's resources. Throw in the fact that the advertising on this torrent client is off the charts, and uTorrent can be a serious disappointment.


  • Allows remote download management via smartphone;
  • Speed cap scheduling; and
  • Conserve bandwidth by setting limits or caps

The Pros:

  • A great torrent client Android and desktop software;
  • Users can manage downloads on the go;
  • Features-rich; and
  • Allows users to conserve bandwidth.

The Cons:

  • Poses a serious security risk to users;
  • Is NOT a torrent client iOS, torrent client for iPad, torrent client for iPhone users
  • Highly aggressive in-app advertising; and
  • Best features hidden behind a paywall.

If you're considering UTorrent, do read their service terms page.


bitlord home

This desktop-only torrent client (it's only available for Windows and Mac) is one of the easiest torrent clients to use. Offering a more intuitive way to organise one's downloads, BitLord allows users to browse through available torrents by category or by time (year, month, week, and even day.) This particular software is absolutely free to download and use.


  • Has its own media player;
  • Allows playback via Chromecast even in the middle of a download;
  • Automatic subtitles

The Pros:

  • Very user-friendly;
  • Search functionality is built in; and
  • 100% freeware

The Cons:

  • Lacks in terms of more advanced functions;
  • NOT suitable as torrent client Android, torrent client iOS, torrent client for iPhone, or torrent client for Ipad
  • Linux incompatible;
  • You can miss your chance on add-ons.


vuze home

Vuze makes looking for a specific torrent so much easier thanks to its built-in search function, and you can already enjoy watching your videos even while they're downloading as it has its own video streaming player. But we'll be honest: that fuss-free experience is only available on the premium version of this torrent client software. The free edition tends to be riddled with ads. Also, it tries to throw in its proprietary antivirus programme into your download – and that is a serious deal-breaker for us.


  • Remote download management for Android devices;
  • Well-organised in-app search engine;
  • Streaming media player

The Pros:

  • Works best as torrent client Android;
  • Easy to download and use;
  • Allows users to stream media during downloads; and
  • Allows remote download management on mobile.

The Cons:

  • Not a torrent client for iPad or torrent client for iPhone;
  • Bloated with a trial edition of proprietary antivirus; and
  • Free edition is riddled with ads.

Conclusion and Recommendation for best Torrent Client Android, iOS, MacOS Software:

While all of the recommended torrent client software suites mentioned in this article are, essentially, free to download, keep in mind that you will need to pay for premium user packages for some of these in order to use their advanced features.

While uTorrent has long been a favourite of many users throughout the world, it doesn’t rank as highly as qBittorrent due to how it has posed numerous security risks to users over the past few years. Likewise, the latter may pose a challenge to novice users as it isn’t the easiest programme to use, but it offers the most in terms of online safety and functionality.

As stated earlier in this article, you would do well to read through the info sheets or any other reviews regarding torrent client software before downloading one to use on either your desktop computer or mobile device. The more that you know, the better the decision you’ll be able to make later on.


I don’t feel like paying for a torrent service. Can I use any of these for free?

While all of these torrent client software suites can be downloaded for free, only BitLord may be considered true freeware. You may have to contend with pop-up ads when you use the free editions of the other brands mentioned above.

Do any of these torrent services offer remote download management via mobile?

Bittorrent can be used on both Android and iOS devices, but uTorrent and Vuze are only compatible with Android.

That's all for now:

If you've read all the way through this best torrent client Android, torrent client iOS, torrent client for iPhone, and torrent client for iPad, we are thankful. We hope you can now answer the question of what is the best torrent client option for you! We have a large collection of articles, guides, and comparison reviews of eCommerce solutions, web hosting providers, website builders, and more! Feel free to check them out;

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