The importance of choosing the right Domain Name

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It's undeniable fact that having your own domain name is more professional and makes it a lot easier to promote your business brand and create a niche in the online world. It’s quite common that many newbie bloggers go and purchase a domain name which they quickly discard.

Everyone knows that their blog’s (or website’s) address would serve them as the online business card and identity on the WWW. If you look at the popular and successful blogs like TechCrunch, readWrite, SmartPassiveIncome or WarriorForum they have easy and simple domain names. And yes, one more thing. It is not compulsory to stick with .com extension; you can always go and purchase a local domain extension such as A lot of people don’t follow simple principles that experts say and that may be an obstacle in the upcoming future for their business site.

The Significance of Domain Name

There are various key benefits to registering your own domain name.

Serves As Online Permanent Address

Domain names furnish as a permanent place for people to locate your business online. Regardless of how your business changes over the years, your domain name can remain constant. Whether you change hosting partner of your website, redesigning of your brand, or pivot your business model, your domain name can stay unchanged.

Increases Brand Awareness

With no branded domain name, it will be difficult for your business to show up. It will always support the brand your are sharing your domain with. It will be tricky for web browsers to remember your URL.

Enhance Trust and Credibility

Spending some money registering your own domain is an indication that your business is legal. Not only will this boost your trust and conversions with your customers, but it will make other businesses more feasible to collaborate with you and media to write with ease about you.

Some Rules For An Impressive Domain Name

The basics:

Be short, attractive and memorable! You should also make your name simple to pronounce as well as spell.

The implicit rules:

When buying a domain name, keep away from something too similar to rival domain names and ensure not to infringe someone else’s trademark.


The”.com” is the most well-liked top-level domain and it can be tough to find one that is available. In the majority of cases, you should favor a”.com” however if you are deciding to sell in a particular country only then you should think of a country specific domain such as “” for the UK or “' for Australia.


Having a strong brand is vital, even if you are only mechanizing one product at present and might add other products in the future. Select a domain name that you can develop into, although your website or business changes.

Be imaginative:

Most single-word domains are used and you may require creating your own word. Try combining two whole words (crazyegg), using a saying (Six Apart), merging parts of two words together (Microsoft), fine-tuning a word (Flickr), attaching a word with a prefix or a suffix (Topsy), or making up a completely unique name (Amazon).

Some Tools to Help you Brainstorm Names

  1. Business Name Generator – Free tool from Shopify to generate business name ideas.
  2. Domainr – Type a work and it will find “domain hacks”.GoSpaces – Free tool that helps you generate a business name. Quick and easy!
  3. Domaintyper – Checks domain name availability instantly.
  4. NameStation – Generates a list of available domains based on a submitted word.

Most likely you will not get your first choice; don’t get disappointed. You will find an amazing domain name to represent your business.

Buy Domain Names from a Digital Marketing Specialist.

It’s very easy to buy a domain name that you might be repentant later on. A few domain name that were may be useful and fashionable years ago unexpectedly may be ungainly and a pain to explain at present. In worst scenarios, you could disburse a huge sum for it later, or even forfeit quite a little money rebranding and redirecting years after you have become renowned just because that domain you have always wanted has out of the blue become available.

It might be tempting to purchase a domain name quickly to prevent other people from buying the one you are at present looking for. Even though, it won’t damage to take a few minutes to make sure what you are buying is exactly what you searching for, what works, and what will facilitate you to stay in good condition for a long time.

There are many service providers in the market who will offer you attractive domain names that fulfill your business website need. However, the dilemma is that all of these service providers are not unavoidably a genuine ICANN approved registrar. This mainly holds truth for bundled domain as well as hosting plans. This will make it complex to move your domain when you shift hosting providers and evade you from doing greater configurations as you grow.


Definitely, you will come across a big list of accredited registrars who sell domains, especially Google. Yet, it is always recommended to buy domain names from a Digital Marketing Specialist with whom you have previously worked or you are currently working with. Your Digital Marketing expert is the right person to help you in buying a domain name since they have great experience in the domain industry, making it unproblematic for you to sign up and more.

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