What Is The Importance Of A Regular Website SEO Audit?



Companies of every size need to realise the importance of a regular website SEO audit within their On Page SEO workflows. Here is why, and some key benefits offered.

Essential insight:

The web presence of a company is its electronic face to the world. It is often the first port of call for visitors who have been referred by friends and colleagues or those searching for the product or service you offer.

In this sense, first impressions really do count. If the website is relevant, clearly structured, offers interesting and informative areas, clearly defined contact details you will find visitors lingering that little bit longer as well as regularly returning. Companies that sell product on-line should also strive to achieve a straight-forward, easy to navigate, check-out process.

Social media links:

Social media sites are perfect platforms for spreading the word, attracting new visitors and giving exposure to your brand. To achieve this, you will need to have your finger on the ever-progressing social media marketing pulse to keep abreast of developments. It is also essential that you clearly understand which social media channels are ‘best fit’ for what you have to offer and those with potential to grow your business rapidly.

Guesswork will not get you far:

Statistics that are clear, easily reviewable and allow you to understand how your web presence is performing are absolutely vital. They will show what aspects are working well and those that need improvement. They will reveal which sources are providing healthy referrals and give comparisons as to how you are currently matching up to the competition.

Google ranking factors – Comprehensive, Complex:

In excess of 200 factors in Google algorithms determine where a website ranks. This should tell you that achieving and maintaining high site ranking is no easy task.

It also needs to be understood that Google regularly review, amended, add and fine tune these factors. This means that like most other things in today’s electronic world of commerce, changes and advancements need to be acted upon swiftly.

A regular website SEO audit will reap rewards:

The answer to ensuring you are fully aware of the status of your web presence is to have a comprehensive, regular, website SEO audit carried out. If you do not have in-house specialists capable of producing, quantifying and presenting prioritised actions based on the audit results it would be wise to choose a digital marketing company worth its salt.

Carry out some in-depth research on the companies offering this service, understand the range and depth of the full suite of services offered and delve into their portfolio for an understanding of past and current projects.

It is often the case that these audits will be offered free of charge. This is a win-win situation. You will receive detailed reporting outlining how your web presence rates in terms of performance and ranking. As for the company carrying out the audit, they will look to provide you with solutions that will address any areas of concern.

Comprehensive reporting:

A website SEO audit will check and report on a comprehensive set of issues. Here are just 10 of those to give you an idea of what will be checked:

  1. Meta tags
  2. Common Keyword
  3. Keyword usage
  4. Header tag
  5. txt
  6. Sitemap
  7. SEO friendly URL
  8. Google analytics
  9. Image alt tag
  10. Social media

The list goes on, but a detailed list of the checks to be carried out and the audit procedure should be clearly outlined on the website of competent digital marketing companies.

Reap the rewards:

By understanding the importance of a regular website SEO audit, you will understand how your web presence is performing, what areas may need fine tuning and those that require improvement.

Such knowledge will empower you to make positive, informed decisions relating to your all-important web presence. These decisions will increase company exposure and help achieve greater recognition for your brand or services offered.

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