Luke has a determination to learn and a long-term ambition to achieve a prominent and respected position in the web development arena. Another interest he hopes to pursue is App design for smartphones.

If first impressions are what you set store by then this keen, enthusiastic Junior Developer certainly fits the bill.

He currently looks after back-end development of websites and this role allows opportunities to collaborate with web designers and content creators as they progress projects through to completion of final product. His willingness to understand the roles, responsibilities and talents of these disciplines is further proof of his desire to learn.

Luke ranks reading as a highly enjoyable pastime and this trait must be considered a real positive considering the learning curve ahead. From a business perspective he keeps a keen eye out for articles, information and releases that relate to current and future technology topics.

His reading interests when not at work give a distinct feel of intrigue, mystery and ‘who done it’. Authors of interest are varied but examples such as Dan Brown, Frederick Forsythe and Agatha Christie show that structure, plots that often surprise and quality of writing rank highly in his choice.

We are pleased to say there is no mystery whatsoever in how pleased we all are that Luke is part of our team. Protection Status

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