Teachable Review 2024: Teachable Plans, Features, Alternatives

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Teachable is an all-in-one platform for creating and selling online courses. It provides tools for creating, marketing, and selling courses, as well as a user-friendly interface for students to access the course content.

  • Ease of Use - 93%
  • Features - 82%
  • Course Content - 82%
  • Support & Resources - 82%
  • Pricing - 89%


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Convenient for creators
  • Course compliance features
  • Low cost


  • Limited design options
  • Average support

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Introduction to our Teachable Review.

In this Teachable review, I’ll walk you through the ins and outs of this platform. Let’s talk ease of use, features, content delivery, support, Teachable plans, and Teachable alternatives. Be sure to read throughout, as I will be sharing some tips on how to apply your Teachable coupon code for greater savings!

Overview: A hassle-free online course platform

Teachable is among the most popular names in the world of learning management system (LMS) providers. From its former iteration as Fedora, it has become the go-to online course platform for people who’d like to create and sell an online course but have zero background in programming.

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Ease of Use:

An online course platform should make creating and selling online courses a walk in the park. This is why, for this Teachable review, ease of use comes as the very first criterion I evaluate.

Overall, I find Teachable to be really simple and straightforward. Anybody, even the coding-illiterate can breeze through its interface without a problem. As a result, the critical tasks necessary to start course creation has become simpler.

Nevertheless, in this Teachable review, you can do everything you need to get your online course up and running. A Curriculum Editor helps you create online courses and group your content topically or thematically. Drap-and-drop functionality works great, and there is an acceptable degree of customisation you can do with their editor. If you want more than your “run of the mill” features for an online course platform, feel free to check out some Teachable alternatives I will be sharing with you later.

Is Teachable plans are affordable and worth your money? Read more below to find out, and know how to access a Teachable coupon code for more savings!

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Teachable Features:

Let's evaluate features in this Teachable review.

Course Navigation:

For creators, Teachable has built-in navigation links and footer menus that can help you set up an intuitive course. If you're a student, it's easy to pilot across any Teachable course. Above the course curriculum, a Start New Lecture button is provided. Clicking it lets you move from one lecture to the next.

You can organise your lessons according to categories. As a result, students are allowed to navigate your course as they would a syllabus. One weakness of Teachable, however, is that you can't create subcategories. Therefore, if you have a more complex course structure, you might find Teachable limiting. If your course structure is simple and basic, then, Teachable works.

Different Teachable plans offer different tools – read them below!

To enforce student compliance, Teachable has a content dripping feature. Students will not be eligible to access the next lesson without completing a previous lesson or passing a quiz. A video compliance feature is also offered so that students cannot skip over to the subsequent video without completing a minimum percentage of the existing one.

Teachable Review of Video Quality:

It has to be said in this Teachable review that the platform has great video hosting features. It works for all major file types for films and images. You can host videos without needing coding or embedding. As soon as you upload the video files, they're good to go.

The platform offers high streaming quality for videos. Playback is good and possible with various devices, such as tablets and iPad. Teachable also allows video playback at several speeds and automatically adjusts video quality based on connectivity.

To find out more about Teachable plans and Teachable coupon codes, scroll down below.

Community Interaction:

While e-learning courses work great for self-paced learning, community interaction is still important to the process. Teachable plans all come with student email accounts that can be used to communicate with instructors. The platform also has robust integration with email software, such as Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, and ConvertKit. Teachable WordPress integration comes through the Zapier platform. Zapier lets you send info between Teachable and WordPress automatically.

Teachable also has a comment feature to allow exchange between course owners and students.

Teachable Review of Layout:

Students who are wishing for a pleasant visual experience will find Teachable a bit of a letdown. The layout is pretty basic – functional – but basic. It would appear that Teachable operates by making it as convenient for the course creator as possible. However, the design and visual journey that is crucial for online learning are lacking.

Teachable Review of  Mobility:

Teachable courses are accessible through their iOS app. Therefore, the platform works only for all Apple devices.

Teachable's membership site:

Teachable's membership site feature allows instructors to create a gated community for their students, with exclusive content, discussions, and member perks. Instructors can set up multiple membership tiers, manage members' access, and collect recurring payments for their courses and memberships.

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Course Content:

Range of courses:

There is a total of sixteen online courses that are curated in the Discover by Teachable platform. Between Teachable vs Udemy, Udemy has a more expansive list of categories and sub-categories of courses. For Teachable, the categories include:

  • Art
  • Careers
  • Marketing
  • Productivity
  • Music
  • Food & Drink
  • Photo & Video
  • Home & Garden
  • Design
  • Travel & Languages
  • Writing
  • Lifestyle & Hobbies
  • Course Creation
  • Business
  • Tech and Programming
  • Health and Fitness

Best-selling courses:

The most popular Teachable courses range from self-improvement to marketing. Here is a list of the best-selling courses on the platform:

  • Email Marketing Magic Pat Flynn – $399
  • How To Crush It on Twitter David Perell – $149
  • The Habits Academy James Clear – $239
  • Sourdough U Mike Greenfield – $97
  • Productivity Design Your Habits Tiago Forte – $35
  • The Complete Python Course Mosh Hamedani $ – 23
  • The Houseplant Masterclass Summer Rayne Oakes $129


Course creators can easily create a certificate of completion for their students. However, Teachable is not an accredited institution, so these credentials are not formally recognised.

Teachable Review of Content Quality:

Teachable courses have variable quality since creators have full control over the content. However, Teachable lays down recommended quality standards for video such as 720p resolution for video files and 1000 px for image files. That being said, users are likely to provide dissimilar reviews over courses, which can range from poor to excellent.

Remember to review the Teachable plans to be familiar with the tools offered and get a Teachable coupon code with the following link;

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Support and Resources:

For help and assistance with anything course-related, Teachable has a useful knowledge base you can consult. There is a great number of support articles that can answer the most common queries for both creators and students. Should that not suffice, Teachable has a ticket system you can reach out to, as well. You can make an enquiry on deals and Teachable coupon codes, too!

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Teachable Plans:

Let's go to our Teachable plans evaluation. Teachable is a low-cost online course platform. For Teachable, there are three pricing options:

teachable review pricing

Compare full plan details

If you want to integrate 3rd party applications such as CRM, Webinar software, and more, separate payments need to be made.

Apply a Teachable coupon code to get more value for your money through the link below.

Teachable free trial/refund policy/money-back guarantee:

Taken from the terms of use page, Teachable comes with a 14-day Teachable free trial for the Pro Plan. To access the Teachable free trial, click on the “Get started” icon, and you'll be automatically enrolled to Teachable. You can also use a Teachable coupon code for a better deal.

Students can secure a refund within 30 days of purchasing a course. However, this only applies to courses paid directly via Teachable. The refund policy does not cover payments not made through the platform.

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Conclusion and Recommendation to our Teachable Review

Who is this dedicated course platform for?

This online course platform suits creators who are still starting their journey as school owners. Beginners will enjoy the easy and hassle-free interface to build their online course. Students looking to have access to a diverse range of courses will benefit from Teachable, too.

Who is this dedicated course platform not for?

Users who want a pleasant visual experience will find it difficult to love this platform. The interface and design are run-in-the-mill; so if you're strict about design and UI, it's better to find alternatives.

Teachable Alternatives:

Here's a list of the best Teachable alternatives;

[wpsm_comparison_table id=”57″ class=””]
  • Thinkific vs Teachable: When comparing Thinkific vs Teachable, Teachable looks and feels pretty basic. Thinkific has a much more developed interface. Through this simple Teachable interface, you can upload your content, monitor analytics and reports, check payouts, interact with students, and manage payments or refunds.
  • Teachable vs Udemy: Both are popular online course platforms, but Teachable is better suited for course creators who want more control over the design and branding of their courses, while Udemy offers a larger marketplace and potential for more exposure to students.

Teachable Review Final Word

To wrap up this Teachable review, I advise you to try the 14-day Teachable free trial to test the waters and decide from there if you want to move on to another platform.

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Is Teachable legit?

Definitely. It's a legitimate company started in 2014 by Ankur Nagpal. It currently hosts courses built by more than 70,000 creators.

Is making money possible with Teachable?

Yes. You can sell online courses that you create through the platform. Once you subscribe, you can upload your course and monetise it. Check out Teachable pricing plans to know more.

That's all for now:

Thank you for reading our Teachable review! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our ever-growing blog of review and comparison articles of education platforms, website builders, eCommerce platforms, and more!


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