Stromonic Review 2024: How Good is it?

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Stromonic is a provider of software and technology solutions. It offers reliable and secure hosting solutions for websites, applications, and other online projects, as well as a range of tools and features to manage and maintain them.

  • Ease of Use - 85%
  • Features & Flexibility - 85%
  • Performance - 85%
  • Help & Support - 85%
  • Pricing - 85%


  • Free domain and site migration
  • Free CDN and SSL
  • Free site builder and SSD storage
  • Responsive 24/7 live chat support


  • Limited storage for shared hosting
  • Only one server location for shared hosting

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Introduction to our Stromonic Review:

Welcome to our Stromonic review!

Are you getting confused with a variety of options for WordPress Web Hosting? Since you’ve reached here, there are high chances that you’re in search of the fastest hosting service. That’s an obvious step to rely on professionals for keeping up the WordPress website backed up and secure.

Stromonic can be the suitable managed WordPress hosting you’ve been looking for. However, we recommend you read our detailed review before signing up.

In this Stromonic review, I am going to reveal the features, usability, performance, and various other benefits you get access to. Even if you’re aware of all the basic features of managed WordPress hosting, this Stromonic review is going to share plenty of other advantages that only Stromonic can offer. You will even find the live test results proof obtained while assessing the hosting quality & performance aspects.

Gone are the days when you can get easily swayed by stylish marketing and fancy websites. Stromonic is one such managed WordPress hosting provider that deserves the top preference because of the prominent benefits and usability. The data in this Stromonic review will assist you in making an informed decision on how Stromonic can be the best for your website.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into your answer to the search for the best WordPress hosting.

Overview: About Stromonic Managed WordPress Hosting

Since its launch in 2017, Stromonic has been working very hard to become the first-hand managed WordPress hosting provider choice. It is suitable for every user who is looking for fast loading WordPress website along with secure infrastructure at decent prices. These are very basic aspects related to web hosting but not that commonly available with other hosting providers.

Stromonic offers cost-effective hosting plans for WordPress websites. The basic price of Managed WordPress hosting plan starts from $29.95/month along with various other extended plans. You can choose the one that fits your business requirement. Stromonic is suitable for every small website hosting or heavily featured hosting.

At this price, Stromonic handles almost every aspect related to managing the fast and secure WordPress website. It brings the perfect environment specifically optimized for WordPress websites ensuring reliable performance.


Ease of Use:

In this Stromonic review first we shall analyse its ease of use;

Stromonic Account Management Dashboard

To manage your Stromonic hosting account, the company has designed its custom dashboard panel. The Managed StromBolt allows seamless navigation and maximum tasks via the single-screen interface itself. The client dashboard allows new WordPress website creation, emails set up, file manager, one-click installation, cPanel access, domains, subdomains, and managing backups.

Overall, Stromonic provides an intuitive and impeccable custom dashboard for website & account management. You’re even allowed to check the resource usage like how much disk and bandwidth usage you’re consuming. There is also an option to check the website analytics too.


 One-Click WordPress Installation

While you’ve signed up with Stromonic, access the cPanel right away from the dashboard to create the WordPress website. There is even a faster method to add a new WordPress website just by entering the title, path, and password. They have kept the process completely straightforward and allow you to create a fresh WordPress installation in just a few clicks. Even if you create multiple WordPress websites through a single Stromonic account, all of them can be managed via the same dashboard.

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Features of Stromonic Managed WordPress Hosting

Next in this Stromonic review we shall analyse Stromonic features. Although there are countless featured benefits with Stromonic WordPress hosting, we are mentioning some notable ones. The best part is that the company is not relying majorly on Google or other’s shared resources for web hosting services, instead, they’re focused to serve users with their profound resources. We are sure that these can surely make clear how Stromonic hosting stands out among others.

Stromonic Cloud

Unlike other hosting providers, Stromonic has created its cloud platform. You get to experience the premium quality services with handpicked resources, drives, and channels.

Stromonic CDN

Their CDN network (also known as Stromonic CDN) doesn’t leave you hanging in the shared CDN hassles. Instead, with an exclusive powerful CDN by the company, your website is likely to get a quick boost and faster performance.

Stromonic Review of Encrypted SSL

Add SSL security to your WordPress site and run it with SFTP and SSH encryption. You can get free of cost SSL certificate while setting up a WordPress website.

Stromonic Review of Real-Time Cloud Scans

Stromonic scans your website for potential viruses and malware. Choosing them as managed WordPress hosting provider will keep you free from any trouble of hacking attempts. Their support team is always available to assist with any suspects.

Stromonic Review of Uptime Monitoring

They usually check the uptime every five minutes and that allows them to keep a close eye on any adverse situation.

Hassle-Free Migration

While getting your website migrated from any web hosting to Stromonic WordPress hosting, be assured about no downtime or expense. They have the reliable expertise and automation tools to handle efficient website migration.

That’s just a glimpse of some of the feature highlights of Stromonic managed WordPress hosting. You can check the complete list from their features page. Now, since we’ve covered the major aspects this hosting has to offer, let’s explore how it likes to be a Stromonic customer.

Stromonic Review of Daily Backups

Get your website backed up regularly or weekly or monthly. In case, you’ve made a wrong change or facing some problem, there is always an option to revert to the previous version with a single click.

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As mentioned earlier in this Stromonic review, one of the main reasons to choose premium managed WordPress hosting is the faster website loading times you can expect. However, with so many web hosting companies now offering WordPress-optimized services, simply choosing a plan marketed as fast managed WordPress hosting doesn’t guarantee impressive site speed.

Stromonic GT Metrix Report

To make the choice of managed WordPress hosting easier, we’ve run the GT Metrix performance analysis on Stromonic. Check out the below screenshots of the latest Stromonic performance report:

There is no doubt that Stromonic managed WordPress hosting is the fastest solution. As depicted in the above test result screenshot, the company can offer the best-in-class performance standard with faster loading. The real-time tests are performed in the general configuration without any specific optimization. Hence, we can be assured about the faster loading of the WordPress website in almost every scenario.


Stromonic Review of Uptime Test Results

Another reason to choose Stromonic managed WordPress hosting is its 99.99% uptime. While the number seems great to you here, it is going to be amazing for your WordPress website performance.

The above test report is real-time proof of the potential that Stromonic WordPress hosting possesses. The 100% uptime was recorded for consistent week and month time with no downtime. The impressive results are for multiple time duration and these outshine Stromonic among leading hosting providers.

Now, since we’ve visualized the powerful testing results of Stromonic managed WordPress hosting, let’s explore how much you need to pay for your website hosting.


Support and Resources:

Faster Support Access

The Stromonic dashboard account has a support option too. You can instantly reach out to the support team 24/7 and raise your concern. One thing that is commendable about the Stromonic support is that they are responsive and always polite to assist with anything you want. Irrespective of any technical assistance or just a basic query, the support staff is always ready to provide reliable assistance. You can even reach out to the management through contact us or live chat on the website.

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Stromonic Hosting Pricing Details

Next in this Stromonic review we shall analyse Stromonic pricing. Stromonic brings quite a good range of managed WordPress hosting plans at affordable prices. It has four different hosting plans with specific benefits as mentioned below:


The above prices are amazing to get featured and premium quality WordPress hosting these days. You can make both monthly as well as annual payments to remain stress-free about your website hosting performance.

Stromonic Free trial, refund policy, and money-back guarantee:

From their terms of service page they offer a generous 45-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked, across all plans.

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Conclusion and Recommendations to our Stromonic Review.

Hopefully, you would have got the complete details in the above Stromonic review. To summarize the same, I think Stromonic is a premium quality hosting provider for WordPress websites with fast loading and decent prices. When we compare Stromonic with other similar companies, the unique features, impressive uptime, reliable performance even in case of high traffic are some factors that are quite rare in the industry.

No matter which plans you choose, there is every basic and worthwhile feature available for everyone. Avail of the 24/7 live chat support, automatic backups, security monitoring, etc., and experience a world-class hosting experience without any flaw. So, if you’re planning to start your new WordPress website, Stromonic is highly recommended as a faster and more reliable choice.

Stromonic Alternatives:

If you’re not impressed with Stomonic and want to look around, best Stromonic alternatives include;

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Stromonic Review Final word:

Thanks to the 45-days money-back guarantee, you can rest assured about your money safety. So, I would advise you to try them once to see how worthy they are in reality. In case you’re unhappy, the refund guarantee has got you covered.

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What makes Stromonic hosting so fast?

The major reason behind the faster performance of Stromonic is its company’s cloud platform. Their in-house designed Stromonic Cloud can contribute to better performance. They even have a dedicated hosting infrastructure-focused to deliver a faster and more stable WordPress website experience.

What is Stromonic CDN?

A CDN can be referred to as a numerous server network distributed geographically. They possess their CDN with a global server to deliver faster results to worldwide website users.

Does Stromonic allow WordPress website migration?

Yes, you can rely on them for migration of WordPress website to Stromonic hosting. They come up with free of cost WordPress migration service. All you need to do is to connect with the support to get started with website migration.

That’s all for now:

Thanks for reading our Stromonic review, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for our ever-growing blog of review and comparison articles. Check out related website builder, and eCommerce platform review and comparison articles such as;


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