Square Online Store vs Weebly Comparison 2023: Which eCommerce Builder Suits You?

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Do you want to skip the read and get right to my winner? Weebly is our winner in the Square Online Store vs Weebly comparison platform test.

Introduction to our Square Online Store vs Weebly Comparison:

In this review, we'll put Square Online Store vs Weebly, its forerunner, on the same ring.

Square Online Store and Weebly may be the same company, but they're still distinct in many ways. Upfront, they appear to be allies sharing almost the same form of the interface, but there is still a healthy sibling rivalry.

Overview: Which is best for eCommerce?

Here's a gist of our rivals – Square Online Store Weebly.

Square Online Store:

Square Online store keeps everything simple. From the essential functions, operations, layout, and theme of the website, you can expect uncomplicated experiences.



A prominent name in website building, Weebly has its eCommerce solutions that respond well to any business needs. Consider Weebly if you want a competitive online store website that holds great appeal to your market.



Ease of Use:

Let's look at how user-friendly Square Online Store Weebly are.

Square Online Store:

Creating a Square account is impressively easy. However, customisation may be a bit tricky compared to other rival platforms.


Anyone can easily create a Weebly account. The drag and drop editor, which allows any user to select and place elements anywhere on the page, makes the process almost effortless.

Winner: Weebly! Within our ‘Ease of Use' Square Online Store vs Weebly comparison.

Features and Flexibility:

If we analyse Square Online Store Weebly's features, which is the better builder?


Square Online Store:

Square Online Store took the significant parts of Weebly and combined it with exceptional square POS. You can choose a payment option that suits you best, whether it's apple pay, via credit card, etc., with transaction fees covered in the process.


Weebly is known for its user-friendly interface. You can personalise elements in your online store as customisation is flexible.

Square Online vs Weebly Themes and Templates:

Square Online Store:

Comparing Square Online vs Weebly, the former has limited themes and templates.


You can choose from over 50 different choices of Weebly's themes.

Customisation Tools:

How good are Square Online Store Weebly's editing tools and customisation?

Square Online Store:

When it comes to customisation, the Square Online Store covers the basics. However, it still needs to upgrade its editor to compete with other platforms.


Weebly eCommerce has built-in customisation tools into the user interface. You can easily tailor elements of your website based on your standards.

Square Online Store Weebly 3rd Party Integrations:

Square Online Store:

With Square Online Store, you'll have access to more than 150 third-party apps, tools, and programs.


Comparing Square Online Store Weebly, the latter connects to more than 300 third-party apps and add-ons.


Square Online Store:

Square Online provides complete hosting. Its free plan also comes with 500 MB of storage.


Weebly has a free eCommerce hosting service. It boasts on its cloud-based hosting that provides remarkable site speed and reliable performance.


Square Online Store:

Square Online allows you to transfer data and edit CSV files. All the data from your store, like sales and customer information, are backed up on the server.


Despite the development in the eCommerce features of Weebly, a lot of customers are still discontented with Weebly's lack of a backup system for data.


Square Online Store:

Depending on your domain, you can automatically transfer your site to square or do it manually.


Moving your existing online store out of Weebly may require both manual and automated migration procedures. But when you migrate to Weebly, you don't even need a third-party app.

Winner – Weebly! Within our ‘Features and Flexibility' Square Online Store vs Weebly comparison.

SEO and Mobility:


Square Online Store:

The square online store has SEO tools that allow seamless integration of meta descriptions, keywords, etc., on the product images making them more visible in any search engine.


SEO tools are readily available in Weebly's user interface. You can easily place SEO titles, meta description, meta tags, and more that could lead you to the first page of SERPs.


Square Online Store:

You can benefit from Square Online's mobile access and mobile commerce. There's no need to think about how your online store will look like on a mobile screen.


Your online store will look stunning on any mobile device with Weebly's mobile-friendly features. You can also take advantage of the Weebly eCommerce management app to check on your store without needing a computer.


Square Online Store:

There have been several complaints about Square Online's page speed. However, the platform is on the verge of fixing issues related to store page performance.


Weebly sites have a tested page speed of 99.97% uptime which further boosts SEO.

Winner – Weebly! Within our ‘SEO and Mobility' Square Online Store vs Weebly comparison.

Square Online vs Weebly eCommerce Tools:

What eCommerce features do Square Online Weebly provide the user?

Square Online Store:

Square Online's has an integrated payment processing system, inventory management, and overall efficient POS functionality.


When it comes to eCommerce tools, Weebly covers all the necessary. It has intelligent marketing tools and an automation system that makes online ordering a walk in the park.

Winner – Square Online Store! Within our ‘eCommerce Tools' Square Online Store vs Weebly comparison.

Support and Resources:

Square Online Store:

You'll learn everything you need to understand with Square Online's Blog and its Seller Community page. It also has an Online Store Help Centre, but it is only accessible during specific schedules.


Weebly has a set of impressive answers to FAQs that cover the most basic and advanced queries. You can also rely on the Weebly community section for help from seasoned users. You can also quickly contact their customer service via phone calls, live chat, and more.

Winner – Weebly! Within our ‘Support and Resources' Square Online Store vs Weebly comparison.

Square Online Store Weebly Pricing:

What's the pricing like between Square Online vs Weebly?

Square Online Store:

You can start website building for your online retail store for free. But if you want access to other tools and customer support, you can choose from Square Online's Plans paid monthly:

Square Online Store vs Weebly pricing

Their terms of service page states that if you cancel a Subscription Service, you will continue to have access to that Subscription Service through the end of your then current billing period, but you will not be entitled to a refund or credit for any Subscription Fee already due or paid.


The cheapest eCommerce option you can avail of with Weebly is its Pro plan;

Square Online Store vs Weebly pricing

Their terms of service page states a 30-day money back guarantee is applicable to all paid subscriptions. Therefore, users who aren't happy with the service can receive a full refund if they cancel their account within 30 days of activation or within 30 days of the service contract renewal.

Winner – Weebly! Within our ‘Pricing' Square Online Store vs Weebly comparison.

Comparison Winner: Square Online vs Weebly

Based on our thorough review and testing, we declare Weebly as our winner in the battle of Square Online Store vs Weebly.

Conclusion and Recommendation to our Square Online Store vs Weebly Comparison:

To wrap up our Square Online vs Weebly comparison review. This result is reasonably expected as Weebly is already an established website builder. Nonetheless, Square Online store is still developing its platform as it joins forces with Weebly.

What is Square Online Store best for?

If you're a small business owner who's just starting to put up an online store, consider Square Online store.

The platform works best for start-ups with its user-friendly features that do not necessarily require technical knowledge on eCommerce website building.

What is Weebly best for?

Weebly eCommerce works well with those who have already gained previous followers online.
Its current tools remain the best choice for those who are well versed in selling online.

Square Online Store Weebly Alternatives

Here's a list of the best Square Online Store Weebly alternatives to create a an eCommerce website:

Rank Key Features Price (Basic Paid Plan) Transaction Fee My View
1. Shopify Comprehensive e-commerce features, large app store, excellent SEO tools $29/month Check Pricing 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction (for online credit card rates) Ideal for most online stores due to its comprehensive features Try For Free
2. Squarespace Beautiful templates, great for small to medium-sized stores, powerful marketing tools $12/month Check Pricing None (but payment processor fees apply) Great for creatives and those who need a visually stunning online store Try For Free
3. Webflow Deep customization options, good for web designers, CMS features $12/month Check Pricing 2% on customer's checkout total Best for designers needing high degree of customization Try For Free
4. Square Online Syncs with Square POS, good for small to medium-sized stores, unlimited products Free to start, e-commerce from $12/month Check Pricing Yes, 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction Great for existing Square POS users Try For Free
5. WooCommerce Open-source, highly customizable, requires WordPress Free Check Hosting Pricing Depends on payment gateway used Best for WordPress users and those who want total control Try For Free (with Nexcess Hosting)
6. Wix User-friendly, great for small stores, wide range of templates $14/month Check Pricing None (but payment processor fees apply) Great for small businesses or beginners Try For Free
7. Big Cartel Designed for creators and artists, easy to use, limited features Free for up to 5 products, plans from $9.99/month Check Pricing None (but payment processor fees apply) Ideal for artists and creators with smaller product lines Try For Free
8. Ecwid Can be integrated into any website, good for small to medium-sized stores Free for up to 10 products, plans from $15/month Check Pricing Depends on payment gateway used Good for those who want to add a store to an existing site Try For Free
9. Volusion Good inventory system, comprehensive e-commerce features $29/month Check Pricing None (but payment processor fees apply) Good for medium-sized businesses Try For Free
10. Weebly Easy to use, good for small stores, powered by Square Free to start, paid plans from $6/month Check Pricing 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction Good for small businesses or beginners Try For Free

Square Online Store vs Weebly Final Word:

This review on square online vs Weebly provides the essential information you need in choosing an eCommerce website builder.

Nonetheless, the best reference for your choice will always be your business needs. You can always start with the free plan of both Square Online Store and Weebly and see for yourself which one suits you best.

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