SpyFu Review 2024: Free Trial, Pricing, Alternatives

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SpyFu is a search analytics software that allows users to download their competitors' most profitable keywords and ads for paid and organic search, as well as to track their rankings and more.

  • Ease of Use - 80%
  • Features - 85%
  • Performance - 90%
  • Help & Support - 85%
  • Pricing - 90%


  • Free version
  • Domain overview is handy
  • Affordable pricing
  • Fantastic SEO and PPC features


  • Backlinks analysis could be improved
  • Beginners may find tools hard to use

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Introduction to our SpyFu Review:

In this SpyFu review, know the ins and outs of this software, SpyFu competitors and learn if there’s a SpyFu free trial you can get.

Overview: What is SpyFu?

SpyFu is a competitive intelligence company that showcases a widely known SEO software. From the name itself, “spying” on competitors describes its primary value proposition. Since the company began in 2005, SpyFu has emerged as one of the leading SEO solutions today.

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Ease of Use:

With Spyfu UK business owners stand to benefit from its proactive competitive research tools. What I underscore in this SpyFu review is its organised and sleek dashboard/UI. As a result, the interface’s whole feel is comfortable on the eyes and pleasant to view. The dashboard contains seven tabs for easy access to the platform’s tools: keywords, PPC research, reports, and SEO tools. You have relevant and actionable insights right there on your screen, whether for pay-per-click (PPC) or SEO. You’ll also have quick access to a search bar located at the dashboard’s centre where you can quickly perform keyword searches.

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SpyFu Features:

SpyFu Review for Domain Overview:

To begin the process of spying on your competition, Spyfu’s Domain Overview feature gives you an at-a-glance snapshot of trends relevant to any domain. After you enter a domain in the search bar, the platform returns several pertinent metrics, such as:

  • How many keywords of the domain ranks currently on Google whether in PPC or SEO;
  • The domain’s biggest competitors in SEO and PPC
  • Keywords that have been relegated from Google’s page one for the domain
  • How many inbound links there are

Having these metrics in a flash can help any marketer or CEO make vital decisions in any SEO or marketing campaign.

Want to see how this feature works? There's no Spyfu free trial currently – but you can use the Spyfu free version instead!

SpyFu Keyword Research Tool:

All digital marketing campaigns must begin with keyword research. For this SpyFu review, the platform’s expertise lies in paid advertising campaigns, but it also can conduct keyword searches for SEO.


This feature allows SpyFu UK users to snoop on what keywords your competitors purchase from Google Ads and how they perform. Therefore, armed with this data, you can either reproduce their keyword formula or not – depending on their previous results. Other than that, you can view how many clicks per keyword, bidding on prospective keywords, and track your ad spending progressively. SpyFu UK's PPC data also helps you identify keywords your rivals have not bid on, yet so you can bid on them yourself.

The platform’s AdWords visualisation tools process PPC data to uncover keyword groups, the least-ranking words, and the words that should be your top priority.

Do you want to spy on your competitors' ad purchases? Use the free version of Spyfu in lieu of a Spyfu free trial.

Or better yet – subscribe to any of its paid plans. Check out SpyFu pricing options through this link.


In this SpyFu review, you’re also entitled to a robust SEO keyword research tool that lets you pry on the keywords and content your competitors are using to outrank you. The tool also helps you track the rankings and content of all websites related to your niche over time. Like the PPC research tool, SpyFu also does keyword grouping quickly and effectively. This way, you can do bespoke branding for your clients using targeted keywords that make sense for the market. You also enhance your site’s content by preventing keyword cannibalisation and ensure your keywords speak to your audience.

SpyFu Competitors Analysis:

What SpyFu UK users rave in several reviews is how effectively the platform identifies competitive gaps for marketers. In the company’s words, a great SEO tool allows you to “use the wisdom of the market” to drive any marketing effort. SpyFu’s SEO Kombat is a three-way competitor analysis feature that helps you get a more comprehensive picture of the keyword environment from where you operate. You can audit two competitor domains to identify which keywords are performing and which aren’t. You can also use this tool to unearth never-before-used keywords. In this manner, you’ll be able to include the right ones and exclude others.

SpyFu Review of Backlink Analysis:

For this SpyFu review, the platform is known for keyword research and competitor analysis as its two strong suits. However, it also offers a robust backlinks analysis tool. The principle is that if your competitors are ranking highly, it’s only logical for you to know what backlinks they’re using. All you do is type a target keyword for your domain and then analyse your competitors’ backlinks, such as:

  • Search for quality links common in first-position domains
  • Zero in on links that are common to your competitors
  • Find vetted links (those that aren’t junk or duplicate links)

These analytics can give you a quantifiable reason why your domain is not ranking as expected.

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SpyFu Review of Support and Resources:

If you need help or assistance with technical issues, SpyFu UK and its global support team can help you through phone or live chat. These support streams are accessible to SpyFu UK, US, and international customers. Aside from excellent technical support, the platform has a wealth of resources to help you master SEO and the SpyFu infrastructure, including tutorials, glossary, blogs, videos, and comparison articles.

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Cost is perhaps the make-or-break section of this SpyFu review. Does it break the bank? Comparatively, no. It’s not as expensive as its fiercest SpyFu competitors. All plans come with unlimited search volumes.

There are three pricing tiers:

  1. Basic,
  2. Profesional, and
  3. Team.

SpyFu free trial/refund policy/money-back guarantee:

While a SpyFu free trial is not available, the platform makes up for it with a free version. You can’t expect to experience its full functionality, however – you need a paid membership to do so. Nevertheless their terms page states that there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked, and forms-free cancellations.

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Conclusion and Recommendation to our SpyFu Review:

What is it best for?

To sum up this SpyFu review, I find that this platform is a digital marketer’s dream come true. To illustrate, using insight derived from the software, you can determine which keywords and phrases your competitors buy on Google Ads that generate site traffic. As a result, you can keep or even race ahead of your competitors for traffic and search engine rankings for a relatively inexpensive SpyFu pricing.

What is not best for?

Beginners may find the tools hard to use in which case better to seek out a SpyFu Alternative.

SpyFu Alternatives:

Here's a list of the best SpyFu alternatives;

  • SpyFu vs SEMrush: If you want a more feature-packed SEO offering built for large enterprises and multiple campaigns, SEMrush is the better bet.
  • SpyFu vs Ahrefs: SpyFu is a bit lean on the backlinks side, while Ahrefs is most vital in backlink research.
  • SpyFu vs MozPro: If comparing pricing, the former doesn’t bill you by search results.

SpyFu Review Final Word

I recommend SpyFu. Get your hands on this SpyFu SEO solution with a SpyFu trial;

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How does SpyFu generate its analytics?

It uses web scraping technology to help you research your competitors’ online advertising purchasing behaviours.

How useful is its keyword research feature?

With SpyFu keyword research tools, you can investigate the best keywords to use depending on search volume, SEO difficulty, and click-through rates. Not only that – you can view how many advertisers have bid on the same keywords.

That's all for now:

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