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The concept of SoLoMo marketing which is also known as Social Local Mobile isn’t a new trio in the digital marketing realm. This buzzword has been around for a few years now, but now might be the year when we will envisage its full potential. By definition, SoLoMo is a mobile-centric, highly targeted form of marketing that leverages on the high usage of smartphones and the accuracy of geolocation, particularly as it associates with the search engine results.

Some of the relevant examples of Social Local Mobile marketing are focused on apps (mobile), such as Foursquare, AroundMe, GoWalla, Yelp and Groupon that provides search based results on the user’s location (local) and impel them to “check-in” and share with their friends (social). Although, Social Local Mobile marketing isn’t just kept for search apps, a lot of brands are implementing the same principles into practice.

What is SoLoMo & How It Helps?

In a mobile dominating world, it would be imprudent not to espouse a strategy that blends the Social, Local and Mobile elements. From a marketing point of view, SoLoMo is an efficient practice of targeting mobile users based on their existing location with content or promotions intended to be shared through social networks.

Social media, and Facebook, especially have a tendency to contextualize the experience and the use of smartphones. Furthermore, over 500 million people access Facebook solely on mobile. Now, do you know the tools that this social media platform offers for SoLoMo strategies? Above and beyond, incessantly improving its mobile version, it has also launched Local Insights, through which local businesses can gather the data of the people who are close to their stores.

You can also make precise ads for the local target: to make them even more powerful, you can also add a map pointing out the location of the local store and a call-to-action button that offers driving routes to reach it. Another remarkable alternative is that of signing up in a local business. This information is featured on the brand’s page and that of the user’s; hence it creates a sort of free sponsorship.

Some Stats Shedding Light On Influence Of SoLoMo

  • 71% of respondents disclosed that they use their mobile device to access social media. This inclined connection between social and mobile should not be a surprise to you when you consider that mobile users choose visual, succinct, and contextually pertinent content.
  • 70% of respondents disclosed that they use their mobile device to search for local information like maps, reviews, and event times.
  • Approximately a third of respondents have checked in through a location service on their mobile device, and 30% of those have said they received an inducement to check in.

Social Marketing + Mobile Marketing+ Local Marketing = Future Of Digital Marketing

Supporting SoLoMo is the contextual significance which originates from the organic interaction between social, mobile, and local.


If you don’t use it, then you must think about embedding social sharing icons into the emails that you shoot out. Enabling your correspondence to be shared directly from the inbox through social media platforms is a dynamic way to augment your reach far further compared to your existing network. Marketers must also look forward to promoting e-newsletter sign up options on all their social networks. By making use of social channels like Facebook, you can invite fans to connect with your brand and then invite them to sign up to get your email communications from time to time about latest updates.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could know where in the world users are opening your emails? Well, the dotMailer dashboard shows a pretty effective and extremely powerful geo-mapping tool that finds the accurate locations of recipients when they are engaging with your email correspondences. This data is very much useful when you would want to plan strong location-based follow-up strategies.


The good thing about smartphones and tablets is that they allow you to connect with prospects instantaneously at any time, regardless of where in the world they are.

Here are some of the simple ways that you can integrate mobile into your email campaigns:

  • Push recipients to ‘click to call’ as a call to action.
  • Incorporate an ‘add to my calendar’ option if you are promoting an event or sale.
  • Link your email through to your businesses’ app download.

How To Integrate Solomo For Success Of Your Business?

To set up this new SoLoMo marketing strategy, businesses require focusing on offering 24/7 user experiences that deal with and resolve the needs of their target audience but still reveal the goals and values of their company. Organizations with a brick-and-mortar existence need to make sure that they are effortlessly accessible when prospects are nearby. Whether it’s geo-fencing, SMS Text Marketing, local SEO, offers location-specific daily deals, or local discounts and, proximity creates updated awareness and increases conversion; each of these geo-local marketing tactics is very helpful when implemented by keeping SoLoMo in mind.

The Final Say

By putting into action the most recent digital techniques and tools like multi-media content marketing, responsive web design, interactive, and real-time social media engagement, brands can seamlessly provide fully-integrated user experiences anywhere, anytime that present day SoLoMo consumers anticipate receiving as part of their fundamental new reality. Hire an experienced expert to leverage the benefits of Social, Local, and Mobile.

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