Smartdot Review 2022: Get Smart Dot EMF protection at home!

Updated May 8 2022
Loy Heaton
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Ease of Use 10.0
Design 10.0
Features and Functionality 8.0
Reliability 9.0
Pricing 9.5


  • It's tiny. You can stick it anywhere and everywhere
  • Because it's tiny, it's super portable and you will notice it's there
  • Can feel the affects rather quickly
  • Some consider it stylish too!


  • Lack of colour options to choose from.
  • If you live in a hot environment and stick it onto a device that really heats up, you may encounter adhesive issues

Electromagnetic Fields in our daily lives

How often do you use your smartphone every single day? How often do you use your computer or laptop during the week? Do you use it for both leisure and work? It’s very likely that you do.

Our daily modern life is surrounded by technology and it can be quite difficult to escape from it all. Living such a high-tech lifestyle can potentially put us under some sort of risk; as we are constantly exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF).

You may be wondering; what exactly are electromagnetic fields, what do they do, how are they harmful to us and what exactly can we do in order to protect ourselves from such risks or how to protect yourself from EMF? Don’t worry, as I will help you explore these topics in this smartdot review article.

EMF protection is the solution!

Technology is great. We have evolved to rely on technology. However, too much of it can put us in some risk (just as too much of anything can potentially be harmful to you also). But what exactly is EMF and how to go about providing ourselves and our loved ones with some EMF protection and EMF shielding materials. I mean think about it, you're reading this smartdot review on some sort of device right?

smartdot on ipad

Spoiler alert: the answer to that is to use Smartdot. Also known as Smart dot EMF protection UK and/or even sometimes a EMF harmonizer. But before we continue with this Smartdot review, let’s dive a little deeper into the topic of Electromagnetic fields (EMF), what they are and how they can potentially be harmful to us.

How EMF is potentially harmful

Electromagnetic fields are basically created by electric current flows. It is generated by pretty much everything that can generate electric fields such as your home power sockets, to various devices that are able to produce higher frequency radiowaves; such as TV, Radios, Wi Fi router and even game consoles and your computer and phones!

Infact, our smartphones are known to be one of the highest producers of EMF out of the everyday gadgets and machines that the average human interacts with and uses. Unfortunately for us; EMF is basically a form of energy wave that is invisible to the human eye. And according to the World Health Organization; due to our super-exposed modern lives, this amount of EMF exposure can potentially cause cancer, as well as lead to infertility amongst males and can even potentially cause levels of cell and brain damage in very young children.

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How does Smartdot help with EMF protection?

Technology helps to produce more technology. When there’s a problem caused by tech, you can expect for the solution to be provided by another piece of modern and/or advanced piece of technology also. And that comes in the form of Smart dot EMF Protection!

This nifty little device is basically a stick-on solution against EMF. The Smart dot EMF protection home shield acts as a barrier that offsets the potentially harmful EMF waves and electric radiation before it has a chance to enter through your skin.

This Smart dot best EMF protection is a form of technopatch that essentially functions as a filter for the EMF waves. It does this by using a process called entrainment. Think of positive and negative electrical charges and how they attract one another. What EMF Smart dot does is similar to that.

When the EMF wave comes into contact with the Smart dot EMF protection patch, it negates the radioactive waves. And it’s super easy to apply too! Which you’ll see further down in this Smartdot review.

How to apply and use the Smartdot EMF protection patch

It’s super simple and extremely easy to apply and use the Smart dot emf patch. You just have to stick the patch to any wireless device you wish. Apply the Smart dot emf patch on any device and feel the symptoms of electro stress wash away.

smartdot protection patch on devices

The Smart dot EMF protection patch itself is ultra thin, and when applied in the best specific spot on your wireless device, it really optimises it’s blockage of EMF waves. Whether that be an older cordless phone, your modern smartphone or even your laptop and/or fridge, it can be used anywhere!

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woman applying smartdot on router

If you’re worried about the EMF protection patch leaving a mark on your device, then just stick it to it’s protective case or something nearby (if it’s a stationary electrical device, like your desktop, TV or fridge). It will still protect you from EMF waves. On top of your wireless Wi-Fi router, or even below it. When testing it for this Smartdot review, we found that the patch works wherever it’s placed.

List of some of the more popular devices the Smart dot emf patch is applied to:

  • Mobilephone / Smartphone – Perhaps the most common and popular amongst Smart dot users. Since it’s a device that we use every single day, it’s perhaps one of the largest source of EMF waves.
  • Tablet, Laptop and/or PC – Same premise as the phone. If you work with computers and find and/or see yourself being on the laptop or a tablet every single day, then it’s worth throwing a patch on one of these as well.
  • Wi Fi Router – Ah yes, one of the biggest culprits. Depending on where it’s located within your house or office and how close (or far) you’re sitting from it, you might want to stick one on this as device as well.
  • Tv and Game Consoles – Many families still sit around the television, whether it’s to watch a TV series or movie together or just to play some video games. Due to its location in a living room, or next to the bed, it’s worth applying your EMF patch to these devices.

Smartdot Patch Pricing

The fantastic thing about Smart dot is that it’s super cheap and easy to get! And of course; in this Smartdot review; you end up saving and getter a better value out of the purchase when you opt for the bigger package. Plus, you get to share them with your friends or apply them to multiple devices!

smartdot price list

Another great thing to help you decide upon purchase is that it comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, just for those that are still on the fence regarding the purchase. How can you say no to that?

Where can I buy Smart Dot EMF?

Click through the link below to check availability to buy online through their store.


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smartdot emf patch

My Smartdot review conclusion

It’s easy to spend money when it comes to tech and gadgets. But we often neglect our personal health and it’s been proven that the modern lifestyle that we live now just isn’t as healthy as it used to be.

As you’ve come to understand in this Smartdot review, at least with this smart dot emf patch, we can worry a little less about the EMF waves emitted by modern tech. Just a small price to pay to continue a living life just a little bit better and healthier.

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