SiteImprove Reviews 2024: Pricing, Competitors, Alternatives

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SiteImprove is a cloud-based website optimization platform that offers website management, SEO, accessibility, analytics, and more. It aims to help businesses improve their online presence and ensure a positive user experience for all visitors.

  • Ease of Use - 91%
  • Features - 90%
  • Performance - 92%
  • Support & Resources - 85%
  • Pricing - 82%


  • Excellent accessibility check tool
  • Impressive SEO management features
  • Bespoke to suit any organizational requirement


  • Expensive
  • Support features are lacking
  • No free trial

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Introduction to our SiteImprove Reviews:

With the constant stream of digital marketing tools flowing through the marketplace, how does the platform stack up against SiteImprove competitors?  In this SiteImprove reviews, let's talk SiteImprove features, SiteImprove pricing, and SiteImprove alternatives.

Overview: Exceptional Web Governance Platform

Website accessibility has gone from being optional to indispensable among brands. With the release of Website Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), sites have to be accessible to all, especially differently-abled persons. Yet even if you have an accessible website, low visibility will seriously hurt your brand.

True to its name, SiteImprove Inc promises to boost your site significantly. It promises a unique web governance platform that enables you to efficiently and comprehensively fix accessibility issues. Having an accessibility-compliant website enhances your brand image, creates interaction among people with disabilities, and promotes conversion.


Ease of Use:

For this SiteImprove review, this platform is straightforward to use from the get-go. With its assembly of impressive tools and features, you'd expect SiteImprove to be complicated to use. However, it was designed for use by beginners and users with little to no training. It also grants any user or marketing person a 360-degree overview of the status of any website.

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SiteImprove Features:


Site Improve beats other players by offering a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance your digital presence. Its most innovative feature is the SiteImprove Accessibility Checker with the proprietary Digital Certainty Index (DCI) – a metric of the degree of a site's accessibility barriers. With just one figure, you're able to get an idea of your website's overall quality. This unique tool sets it apart from SiteImprove competitors.

Accessibility Checks:

What feature gives the platform an edge over SiteImprove competitors? For this SiteImprove reviews, its Accessibility checks make SiteImprove pricing worth your money. This tool features automated testing to diagnose whether your site is WCAG-compliant. With this accessibility checker, you have the capability of auditing thousands of site pages in more than a dozen websites. For this SiteImprove reviews, this feature can significantly beef up website accessibility for all your web assets. The Accessibility checker is a free tool, too – as a SiteImprove Chrome extension.

SEO Management:

While Site Improve is usually branded as a web governance tool, it also has an impressive SEO feature. Like top SiteImprove competitors, it has all SEO bells and whistles you'd expect from a leading SEO platform, including keyword research, on-page SEO, backlink analysis, and content optimization.

Keyword Research:

Site Improve allows you to discover keywords that genuinely engage your audience. In other words, you'll be able to”speak your audience's language.” This tool is integrated directly through Google's Search Console to capture high-impact standard or long-tail keywords. It also reveals keywords' search volume, competition level, and estimated traffic. As a result, you can decide the best keywords to reach and interact with your audience.

On-page SEO:

The platform also features an on-page SEO diagnostics feature with more than 70 SEO checks, including poor readability, broken links, spelling mistakes, outdated files, missing meta descriptions, and toxic links.

After it runs scans, you'll get an SEO score – a figure represented by a number from 0 to 100. The SEO score is categorized into User Experience, Technical, Content, and Mobile standards. Errors in these aspects are reflected on the page directly.

Competitor Analysis:

Let's face it. Running a competitor analysis is taxing and time-consuming. Luckily, SiteImprove does the heavy lifting with its competitor analysis tool. With it, you're able to monitor all your competitors and surface any rank threats. It also scans the digital environment for targeted keywords to give you ideas on which to use or optimize. This service performs exceptionally well than most SiteImprove competitors.

Backlink Analysis:

For this SiteImprove reviews, the platform features a Backlink tool that offers at-a-glance SiteImprove analytics into your overall backlink profile. This way, you can determine undesired or toxic links that may seriously damage your rankings. As a result, you can ensure that your site improves its authoritativeness and credibility.


In this SiteImprove reviews, the platform has an extensive range of integrations with browser extensions, SiteImprove plugins for CMS, and connectors. If you want greater flexibility, you can use Site Improve API to develop solutions that will let your SEO projects succeed.

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Support and Resources:

Site Improve provides support and resources to make sure that you maximize the platform, but without email or phone support. It has three support streams:

  • Training page
  • Help Centre and SiteImprove Academy
  • In-person assistance
siteimprove reviews support

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SiteImprove Pricing:

The platform offers no standard plans. Compared to other services, this web governance tool is on the expensive side, so if you have a tight budget, consider SiteImprove alternatives. Specifically, it provides bespoke services with tailored charges depending on your organisation's requirements.

SiteImprove Free trial/refund policy/money-back guarantee:

Their legal page states no SiteImprove free trial or money-back guarantee is offered. However, you can request a demo to get a glimpse of what the platform has to offer.

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Conclusion and Recommendation to our SiteImprove Reviews:

What is best for?

Overall, the platform is a powerful all-in-one solution incorporating accessibility and SEO management tools to improve digital presence. It's easy to use and transforms web management into a stress-free process.

What is not best for?

However, SiteImprove cost is steep, making it an optimal solution for organizations with bigger budgets. If you're looking for a robust yet cheaper SEO SiteImprove alternatives.

SiteImprove Alternatives:

Here's a list of the best SiteImprove alternatives;

SiteImprove Review Final Word

I urge you to take the free demo;

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Who uses Site Improve?

Small, medium, and large businesses, educational institutions, and nonprofits used Site Improve. It is the choice of more than 7,200 organizations, according to the official website.

Is Site Improve free?

No, but its Accessibility Checker is free as a SiteImprove extension on Google Chrome.

That's all for now:

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