Shopify Reviews UK 2021: The ultimate selling on Shopify review!

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Shopify: Best for overall Features

Ease of Use 9.0
Features & Flexibility 9.5
SEO & Mobility 8.5
Help & Support 9.0
Pricing 9.0


  • One-stop-shop: Shopify offers all tools required to create a successful online store
  • Wide range of templates (themes): In excess of 100 stunning, professionally designed templates (themes) give an extensive choice to make your online store look great
  • Inclusive marketing tools: Designed to help you increase brand awareness
  • ‘True’ around-the-clock support: Shopify offer real 24/7 support via online live chat, phone or e-mail


  • Entry level pricing = Limited options: The entry level price feature-set is limited compared to other platforms.
  • Crop ratio of product images: Be aware that unless a photo editor app for product images is employed that uploaded images may be displayed in different aspect ratios.
  • Multi-3rd Party Apps costly: The extensive choice of 3rd party apps offers easy integration although many of these cost. Employing multiple 3rd party apps gives convenience but will add to monthly outgoings.
  • Transaction fees: Unless the Shopify Payments system is used, transaction fees will be charged for every sale.

Introduction: What is Shopify? Why Shopify excites so many?

Welcome to our Shopify store reviews! The Shopify web application allows businesses to create their own online store using a wide choice of customisable templates. The flexibility of this customisation ensures that your individual product and branding requirements can be displayed exactly as you wish.

Shopify website reviews also highlight the fact that, as a business, you can sell either physical or digital goods via this platform. The fact that it is currently powering over 600,000 online stores with a collective sales total in excess of $40 billion should tell you that this online store builder is a force to be reckoned with.


Overview: Our Shopify store reviews could be the solution to your eCommerce needs.

Shopify is purely an ecommerce platform and is a fully hosted offering. This means you do not have to worry about finding a provider to host your site. The popularity of Shopify is based largely around an extensive range of free and paid-for, well-designed, modern templates which online store owners can choose from.

There is a comprehensive, highly informative online ecommerce University that offers education, training, support and mentoring while the convenient and extensive Shopify app store allows purchase of add-ons as and when required.


Ease of use:

If you are planning on selling on Shopify reviews relating to the ease of use are a key pointer to the flexibility of this platform.

Users really do not need much knowledge in terms of technical or design skills to create a store and can do so without involving a design agency or web developer. However, if you are familiar with HTML and CSS the flexibility of use extends to both and will give extensive control over template designs.


Features and Flexibility:

When looking at any selling on Shopify reviews UK, it will clearly show that taking this service is your route to the rapid creation and running of an online store:

Out of the box:

Everything required to create, manage and sell services or products comes with your monthly subscription. It goes without saying that the higher the price plan, the more features you receive (our pricing section below explains exactly what features per plan you receive).

Shopify templates and themes:

When it comes to Shopify theme reviews; there are in excess of 100 professionally created, beautifully designed templates (Shopify themes) are offered. Some are free, some you will pay for, but the implementation of a crisp, clear, easily navigable store is crucial to grab visitor interest, have them stay around, return regularly and ultimately purchase on a regular basis.

3rd party Apps market:

When considering Shopify website reviews major on the extent of their 3rd party Apps choice. The platform offers in excess of 1,200 different free and paid for Apps. These tools not only meet your immediate needs, but are there for all future improvements to store functionality.


When it comes to Shopify Hosting reviews; the fact that Shopify is a hosted solution means you will have no concerns about web hosting, software installation, data security or technical upgrades. This SaaS (software as a service) tool also means that as long as you have access to the internet you can manage your store from anywhere.


This e Commerce platform creates automatic backup points on a daily basis. This means you can retrieve up-to-date data whenever required.


You can use an existing domain name or choose a new one for your eCommerce site. Shopify will fully assist in configuration of your existing domain or sell you a new one.

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eCommerce Tools:

When it comes to Shopify online store reviews, the eCommerce tools this platform offers are awesome. Below we list 10 as bullet points, but must make a special section mention to the 11th and final one as this really does have the ability to add to your bottom line profit:

  1. Easy insertion of images, add products, descriptions and details.
  2. Inventory management
  3. A category organiser that allows prospective customers to easily find what they are searching for
  4. Discount code engine
  5. Ability to create additional web pages and blogs that will enhance and positively impact on your online presence
  6. Customer and order detail tracking
  7. Payment acceptance of over 70 different payment gateway processors in different currencies. In terms of Selling on Shopify reviews UK focussed this is highly important for those selling abroad
  8. Personalised customer account set-up allows each customer to log into their private accounts. This gives them the ability to manage personal information such as delivery/billing addresses and credit card fees information. It also allows rapid, convenient purchase completion each and every time
  9. Looking at Shopify reviews UK online shops can use the client analysis function that allows them to clearly understand where their customers are based and their spending behaviours. This allows for far more targetted marketing
  10. Multiple staff login permissions – If you have staff assistance you can grant different permission levels which allow them to help in your online shop management

11. Abandoned checkout cart recovery function – 

Shopify store reviews should all make this tool a key factor when considering the benefits of this powerful eCommerce platform.

While it depends on the statistics you wish to believe, and the sector you are operating in, there is no doubting that a huge percentage of visitors to online stores actually load their cart, but do not complete a purchase.

Many studies place this ‘loss’ at between 70-80%. With figures this high it means a significant loss on  potential sales for any business.

Undoubtedly, if you are looking at implementing a Shopify store reviews on abandoned carts should be read and digested but gaining an understanding of this platform’s abandoned checkout cart recovery tool will go a long way to helping you ‘rescue’ such abandonments.

This highly effective, automated tool allows you to track and email those potential customers who have abandoned their carts. It then allows a polite but persuasive reminder to be sent urging purchase completion.

The link the customer will receive is unique to each individual and brings them directly back to their abandoned cart containing items already selected. This allows completion of purchase with ease.

An important point that should be made by any Shopify website reviews you read is that this service is only available on the “Shopify” and “Advanced Shopify” plans. We will delve into the payment plan options later in the piece.

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SEO and Mobility:


It is a stated fact that if you are planning on setting up a Shopify store reviews will make it clear you need recognition. You can have the best design possible, you may have the coolest brand and sizzling services or products to offer, but without sound SEO practices you will struggle to be recognised.

While it must be said that availing of the services provided by a professional marketing agency is the most effective way to achieve such recognition there are also some very useful SEO features and tools offered by Shopify. These include:

An Advanced eCommerce, CMS and shopping cart function; that offers built-in SEO features.

Under the hood is Shopify’s SEO-friendly CMS approach to best practice. Examples being customisable H1, title and meta tags. It also includes the automated generation of sitemaps.xml which means new products, services or site changes show up quickly on search engines

Advanced eCommerce analytics; are built in to help you keep an accurate track of your website’s progress. This benchmarking of your store’s online performance gives important business insight and offers knowledge which can be used to grow your sales.

These detailed statistics include:

  • How customers found you
  • Which country they reside in
  • URLs that are referring to your online store
  • Search terms used to find you
  • Tracking in terms of visitor numbers. This includes by page hits and unique visitors

Google Analytics; is fully integrated. Shopify’s eCommerce transaction tracking connects automatically to your Google Analytics web usage data that provides details of customer purchases and shopping cart transactions.

Shopify marketing advantages:

Taking an in-depth look at Selling On Shopify Reviews UK or globally should result in a realisation that marketing of your brand is crucial to the success of your business.

The online world offers a host of opportunities, it also offers a host of competition!

If selling on Shopify reviews on a whole host of this platforms abilities need to be understood and appreciated. Here are 4 immediate marketing advantages you will receive:

A discount code coupon engine;

Can be used to create discount codes and coupons. These can be defined as either fixed amounts, a percentage amount, or free shipping.

The flexibility of this engine allows you to set limits for the number of times a code is used, for a specific product, a minimum order amount, or date range validity only.

Free Google AdWords credits;

To the tune of $100 is on offer. Shopify have partnered with Google, and all customers setting up a new AdWords account can take advantage.

Google AdWords allows you to advertise your online store to those searching for the product range you offer. It is seen as an effective advertising medium to attract new customers and generate sales.

Google product search;

is an ideal way of being discovered by more customers. You have the option of automatically feeding your inventory into the Google product search engine for this purpose.

Email marketing;

 is easily achievable as Shopify keeps track of customers who subscribe to your newsletter. You can then copy and paste this list into your email system of choice to regularly send newsletters or promotional offers.

Mobility and mobile features:

When considering the commercial advantages of mobile access to your Shopify website reviews and recommendations are a must read.

Online purchases via mobile continue their upward trend and certainly show no signs of abating. The stark truth is that an eCommerce store builder is not complete without mobile features.

Thankfully, Shopify does not disappoint. Their service includes AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for a better mobile viewing experience along with free, pre-built-in mobile eCommerce shopping cart features that allow any prospective customer to browse and purchase your products and services directly from their mobile terminals.

But, just as crucially it goes further in terms of allowing you to manage your online store on-the-go.

The Shopify mobile app allows you to:

  • View all vital information relating to your store using iOS or Android devices
  • Check your sales statistics
  • View your products, orders and customer data
  • Receive push notifications for new orders
  • Manage multiple storefronts
  • Effectively manage inventory
  • Fulfill orders
  • Capture payments

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 Support and Resources:

The support and resources Shopify store reviews describe have to be yet another major reason for favouring this all-round eCommerce platform.

To put it bluntly, their customer support knocks the spots of other’s in this industry.

The pressures of running an online store are testing enough without having to worry about how you implement a certain aspect, concerns over the best way to go about introducing features, or using valuable time trying to fix technical glitches.

Shopify gives you peace of mind in 3 highly effective ways:

Live chat:

You can chat directly with a Shopify Guru for immediate answers to your questions


You can email a question or request any time and expect a prompt answer

Phone support:

You can talk to their support team 24/7

Knowledge base, forums, University:

In addition, Shopify should be commended for their knowledge-based tutorials loaded with screenshots and helpful tips. There is also access to the Shopify Community Forum which puts you in touch with other business store owners and is an excellent knowledge sharing resource.

The final resource many take advantage of is the Shopify Ecommerce University which provides access to their excellent learning centre.

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If you are planning on selling on Shopify reviews and reports can be studied, but it is of utmost importance that you are aware of costs involved!

Selling on Shopify reviews of each cost structure:

Note: Opting for a 1-year contract will see a 10% discount on monthly costs and opting for a 2-year contract achieves a 20% discount on monthly costs shown.





Pricing plan points to note:

  • Outside of these 3 plans, Shopify offer a “Lite” plan. You cannot build an online store with this plan, but for those who already have a website (such as with WordPress, Wix, Weebly) and just need an easily convertible eCommerce add-on, can achieve this through the “Lite” plan and adding the Shopify Buy Button.
  • There is also an Enterprise pricing plan available for huge online stores – Pricing is dependent upon needs and can be obtained by speaking with Shopify customer service.
  • Extending shop functionality is eminently ‘doable’ by adding Apps. If these are chargeable they will add to monthly outgoings, but if chosen carefully will enhance your selling prospects.
  • The Abandoned Checkout Recovery tool is only available when subscribing to “Shopify” and “Advanced Shopify” plans, but recovered sales using this tool is worthy of the additional cost.

>> Check for latest pricing plans <<

Conclusion and Recommendation:

So, our Shopify reviews UK conclusion; Looking at this and other Selling on Shopify reviews UK focused, should tell you that this eCommerce platform has an awful lot in its favour. To be clear the Shopify ratings and reviews across the internet are all excellent.

What is it not best used for?

But, it should also tell you that you will not achieve full benefits unless you are prepared to invest in the higher priced monthly plans as well as considering some paid for apps which offer far greater business efficiency.

What is it best used for?

The point is, that those who are serious about getting their brand out there and increasing online sales need to start with a solid base. In our opinion, the solid base that is, online sales will be very well served by this platform.

Shopify Alternatives:

For those looking for a BIGGER shop size from the start. Then a BigCommerce and Volusion comparison should be considered.

If you are someone who is say looking to get online and then advance to an eCommerce store in the future as your business grows then we recommend taking a look at Wix and Squarespace.

While investigating Shopify heavily we also written our findings with detailed comparison articles. Hopefully these can help you compare and find the best website builder solution for you;

Final Word:

If you are planning on selling on Shopify reviews UK and elsewhere quite correctly point to taking full advantage of the free 14-day trial offered.

What they do not always point out, but we will! is that during the free trial period all features of the platform are unlocked and available for you to use.

This means that you can comprehensively put this platform through its paces to understand which features are of most benefit and therefore which price plan is appropriate for you now.

Remember: You can upgrade your price plan as your online store develops and experience the fantastic customer service as and when required.

With this in mind we thoroughly recommend the no charge, no commitment 14-day trial offer as your first step to successful online selling.

That’s all for now:

Thanks for reading our Shopify reviews UK article and also make sure to check out the shopify website reviews on sites such as Trust Pilot. Also, don’t forget to keep an eye out for our ever-growing blog of review and comparison articles. You may be interested in our related website builder, eCommerce platform review and comparison articles below;

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