What SEO Terms Does A Webmaster Need To Know?

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In terms of increasing traffic, increasing exposure and attracting new customers google rankings are crucial. Here is a brief explanation of why rankings are so important followed by some key SEO terms every webmaster needs to know and act on.

Only 1 page really counts:

The importance of a website ranking is best explained in one sentence: Three-quarters of those looking searching the web for a specific topic never get past the 1st page of results. Actually as of today, with the current Google search layout, arguably only top 3 – 5 organic positions really matter.

Webmasters and rankings:

It is a webmaster’s responsibility to ensure that the website they are optimising achieves and maintains good rankings. This will be achieved in a variety of different ways and with the use of relevant tools.

Serious SEO terms:

Always bear in mind that the SEO world is a constantly changing one. The need to make full use of proven practices should mesh with tactics old and new to maintain and improve website exposure. Start by considering, implementing or reviewing the following:

Google analytics:

This may seem too obvious, but the traffic being generated to your web-presence needs to be closely analysed, understood and acted upon accordingly. Accurate analysis of such things as:

  • Details of the websites which are referring the most traffic
  • Which blog posts are generating most interest
  • A break-down of geographic regions that are sending you traffic
  • The percentage of visitors that convert into paying customers
  • Understand and monitor the effectiveness of your current marketing strategy
  • Identify specific problem areas and mark them for improvement

User-friendly URL’s:

URLs should be designed to attract. They should be relevant. If those searching the web understand them so will search engines. A concise summary will appeal to potential visitors and be more intelligible to Google.

Meta titles:

Do not dismiss the importance of meta titles. After the main title the meta description is what people will see when viewing Google search results. It takes time and thought to produce attractive meta titles. They should be unique and summarised in less than 160 characters. It is true that writing an eye-catching, relevant meta title for every new page published will take up precious time, but this effort will be rewarded in your long-term SEO efforts.

Page speed:

Today’s world is an impatient one and today’s web users are even more impatient when it comes to ‘wait time’ while a page is loaded. Current statistics show that around 40% of web users will leave a page if it does not load within 3 seconds and that percentage will continue to rise. Webmasters must make site speed an absolute priority. If not, a huge amount of the effort, planning and creativity put into the structure and content of your web presence that justly deserves attention will be overlooked. In today’s online world increased bandwidth is easily found and implemented. Webmasters must ensure that page access speeds satisfy today’s online user needs.

Ever-changing, ever-progressing:

Any business looking to grow and prosper needs a web presence that is worthy of attention. As with all things related to the online world of today and tomorrow they must keep abreast of the constant developments, applications, services and tools being released and introduce as appropriate.

Never rest on your laurels:

As part of this ongoing progression and development the SEO terms every webmaster needs to know will also evolve. A good webmaster will never rest on their laurels. They will be aware of, understand and implement practices that afford the web exposure a company web presence deserves.

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