Why Is SEO Important For Small Businesses?

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Small businesses need to make concerted efforts in terms of brand promotion and increasing visitor numbers to their site. To achieve this, effective SEO is absolutely crucial.

Continuing to increase visibility

Targeting the major area these statistics offer and also improving those areas that need it is the way to go. It is the route to take in terms of continually increasing traffic to your site and growing your brand reputation. This increased customer interest has to be good for the health of your company and your bottom line.

Gaining recognition

Starting out as a business is never going to be easy. Only limited numbers of people are aware of your activities and there is a pressing need to get your name out there to attract a wider audience. This is where your online presence can make all the difference. SEO is a vital tool in helping to increase awareness of your company, brand, products and services.

Great looking website but low visitor numbers

Regardless of how attractive and well-presented your website is, this means very little if you are not getting traffic. SEO offers optimisation and optimisation is a must.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and its aim is to increase the ranking of your web presence on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. You really do want to target 1st page presence on search engines because the vast majority of people searching for results on their chosen product, service or topic will never make it to page 2 and beyond.

Optimising the user experience

The aim of SEO is to provide visitors to your site with an enjoyable experience. By achieving this the customer is happy and it greatly increases the chance that they will regularly return. The more visitors you get the greater exposure you receive. The more return visitor you get the greater the chance of conversion.

Extending your reach

Good SEO goes towards multiplying the number of visitors to your site. When a person visits and likes what they see they will share this detail with their friends via social media. These friends visit, then also share. This is an excellent, self-increasing way in which SEO can get a small business the recognition it deserves.

Increasing conversion opportunities

An internet marketing strategy that includes effective SEO works to attract visitors who are already looking for the type of product or service you offer. Utilising effective SEO to get your page ranked highly on search engines is also increasing the chance that those searching will click and visit you.

Optimising brand awareness

This is a continuation of the last point. Web users unconsciously trust search engine results and although they will certainly ‘shop around’ with various search terms related to the product or service they are looking for, the more often they see your site in the top rankings relating to that search the more likely they are to become aware of your company and be encouraged to click and visit your site.

Clear insight into your customers

Once SEO is optimised to high effect you have 3 major assets:

  1. Search engine visibility
  2. Search engine usability
  3. Search engine credibility

These 3 factors all increase traffic visiting your site, but do not rest on your laurels. Use analytical tools to gather valuable information about your customers. These analytics offer such things as:

  • Which browser they are using
  • The keywords they are inputting
  • What type of device they are accessing from. This is particularly important with the constant increase of mobile terminal use.
  • Their geographical location
  • Days and time of day they are most active
  • How long they linger on your site

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