SE Ranking Review 2023: How Does It Stand Out From the Alternatives?

Last Updated on   January 25 2023,
Fact Checked  by     Stuart Kerrs.
SE Ranking: Best for Beginners 18.60
  • Ease of Use - 95%
  • Features - 90%
  • Performance - 90%
  • Support and Resources - 95%
  • Pricing - 95%


Great user interface
Excellent support
Great rank tracking tools
Free trial available


Lacks advanced features
Limitations on tools

Introduction to our SE Ranking review

If you’ve been scouting for a user-friendly and powerful SEO tool, then you should seriously consider SE Ranking. In this SE Ranking review, I will evaluate whether this software meets my personal criteria is a great SEO tool.

Overview: What is SE Ranking?

It is a leading cloud-based SEO solution that powers the ranking initiatives of more than 25,000 businesses and 400,000 users worldwide. It is a comprehensive suite of SEO tools that include site audit, keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, and white label SEO services.


Ease of Use:

To begin this SE Ranking review, I’m going to talk about its ease of use. Like any other all-in-one SEO platform, there are plenty of features. Therefore, you can expect the dashboard to be a bit perplexing the first time you encounter it. However, the interface is quite straightforward and intuitive once you get a past a slight learning curve. Let’s say I’m not a fan of platforms with interfaces that I need to consult a “how-to” video tutorial to use. Thankfully, that isn’t the case with SERanking.

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SE Ranking Features:


In this SE Ranking review, what needs to be understood is that we’re not talking about one tool – but a collection of tools. Hence – an all-in-one SEO solution.

SE Ranking Keyword Research:

A worthy SEO tool has to pack a powerful keyword research feature. By this standard, in our SE Ranking review, the platform passes. Its Keyword Rank Tracker and Keyword Suggestion tool help you monitor how your keywords perform and discover the right keywords for your marketing campaigns.

Keyword Rank Tracker:

This feature provides a historical ranking on your targeted keywords. Unlike other SEO tools like SEMrush that tracks only Google rankings, this platform tracks how keywords perform on at least five search engines. These include Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and YouTube. The tool also tracks keywords by device to give you an idea of how well your mobile pages are doing.

Apart from keyword rankings, SERanking also monitors how you rank on Google Ads, Google Maps results, and SERP features.

Keyword Suggestion:

The keywords you use for visibility can make or break your search engine rankings. SERanking has a keyword suggestion tool that’s easy to use and derived from an in-house database made of 2 billion keywords. You only need to enter a seed keyword, URL, or domain into a field – and the software generates suggested keywords to help you rank.

Keyword Grouper:

This tool is a unique feature that can help your efforts in planning your site's SEO blueprint. You specify keywords and let SERanking intelligently group them based on URLs appearing on the SERPs.

This impressive array of keyword research features come cheaper than other products. You can also save more with SE Ranking discounts or if you apply our SE Ranking coupon link.

On-page SEO:

Besides having the right keywords, you also need to ensure that your pages are optimised for specific queries. SERanking has an on-page diagnostics tool that tells you what's wrong with your pages and recommends how you can improve it. When you know which aspects have room for improvement, you can start fixing them.

For this SE Ranking review, the tool evaluates a page based on several parameters, including:

  • Title and meta tags
  • Domain characteristics
  • URL structure of the page
  • Image optimization
  • Page speed
  • Keyword density
  • Social signals
  • Index status
  • Links
  • Headers

Site Audit:

Like its top competitors SEMrush and Ahrefs, SERanking can audit a site through a comprehensive crawl capability. You can choose more than one source for the platform to crawl, such as a list of URLs, link by link crawling, pages indicated in an XML sitemap file. The SE Ranking website audit tool can also crawl a subdomain if you wish. You can even choose a closed domain after HTTP authorisation. You can perform all these tasks with the inexpensive SE Ranking pricing.

If you're not familiar with how a site audit works, let me explain it. A software systematically browses any page, looking for data that can indicate the following indicators:

  • Overall website health
  • Technical errors
  • User experience issues
  • Website loading speed
  • Parameters per page
  • Image optimization
  • Meta tags and headers
  • Internal links

What's nifty about this platform's site audit feature is the availability of a downloadable PDF report. You can use it internally for your own website or share it with your clients.

Competitor Analysis:

For modest SE Ranking pricing, you get valuable insight into your position in the competitive milieu. SERanking has three tools to help in this regard: SERP Competitors Tool, Visibility Rating, and Competitor Research.

SERP Competitors Tool:

With this feature, you can identify your top competitors based on your targeted keywords. If you input a keyword, the tool can give you the top 10 to 100 competitive URLs. You can also track new competitors using your specified keyword.

Visibility Rating:

This tool allows you to determine how visible your pages are to potential customers. The higher the visibility rating, the more promising your marketing campaigns will be.

SERP Research:

For this SE Ranking review, you need detailed insight into your top competitors. This comprehensive SE Ranking research tool coughs up crucial information presented in visually appealing graphs and charts:

  • Paid and organic traffic data of your competitors
  • Adjust the location of search engine traffic
  • Identify the top 5 competitors (organic and paid)
  • Your competitive position in terms of traffic volume and number of keywords
  • Unique, common, and missing keywords between you and the competition presented via a Venn diagram

While immensely useful, this research tool can only be used quarterly. Moreover, you can get information by device or social media.

Link Building:

Backlinks are a vital pillar of any SEO strategy. Therefore, in this SE Ranking review, it's fortunate that the platform has a backlinks profile tool. It provides a backlinks diagnostics, based on several parameters, including:

  • Number of external links
  • Backlink URL
  • Google index status
  • Alexa rank
  • The IP address of servers hosting the link
  • Social popularity
  • Trust flow (via Majestic)

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Support and Resources:

For this SE Ranking review, I have only praises for its level of support and resources:

  • Knowledge Base
  • FAQ
  • Help Center
  • Video Tutorials
  • Phone Support
  • Chat

SE Ranking Pricing:

Plans and SE Ranking Pricing:

SE Ranking pricing is more inexpensive than premium tools. You can also apply our SE Ranking coupon to lower rates further.


What's great about the platform are SE Ranking discounts they give away based on how frequent you conduct keyword ranking.

  • Daily: 20% total SE Ranking discount
  • Every 3 days: 40% total SE Ranking discount
  • Weekly: 60% total SE Ranking discount

SE Ranking Free trial/refund policy/money-back guarantee:

In this SE Ranking review, I appreciate the platform's generous 14-day free trial. They also offer a demo account before purchase. Their terms of service page states that they do not refund paid or unused funds, except for cases when poor service is delivered.

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Conclusion and Recommendation to our SE Ranking review:

What is it best for?

To wrap up this SE Ranking review, this platform is an all-in-one SEO solution that works best for smaller companies and marketing agencies that work within a budget.

What is it not best for?

There are some limitations and lack of advanced tools compared to SE Ranking alternatives.

SE Ranking Alternatives:

Here's a list of the best SE Ranking alternatives;

Ranking SEO Platform Our View
1 SEMRUSH Best for all-in-one SEO solutions
2 Google Analytics Best for website traffic and user behavior analysis
3 Ahrefs Best for backlink analysis and management
4 Moz Best for in-depth technical SEO analysis
5 Rank Math Best for Wordpress
6 SE Ranking Best for keyword research and tracking
7 SERPSTAT Best for tracking competitors and analyzing market trends
  • SE Ranking vs SEMrush: The former is undeniably cheaper. You're able to track up to thrice the number of keywords with SERanking for similar pricing. Still, the latter's advanced features can make your SEO projects go a long way.

SE Ranking Review Final Word

I still highly recommend SERanking. Get your hands on this SEO solution with a free trial;

Sign up for a 14-day SE Ranking free trial


When was SERanking launched?

As far as age goes, SERanking is the new kid on the block, launched only in 2012. Despite its relatively modest business experience, this UK-headquartered software as a service (SaaS) has greatly expanded its reach, audience, and products.

Is there a mobile app?

You can download the mobile app for SE Ranking Pro on Google Play or the Apple Store.

What integrations does SERanking have?

This platform has impressive integration with Zapier, giving you access to a wealth of third-party apps, including the Lead Generator widget. Moreover, it can integrate seamlessly with Bitrix24 for CRM tools and for useful reports.

That's all for now:

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