Screenrec Reviews 2024: It’s Free, But Is Screenrec Software Any Good?

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ScreenRec is a lightweight, screen-capture software that allows you to record your desktop activity and take screenshots.

  • Ease of Use - 92%
  • Features - 80%
  • Performance - 80%
  • Support & Resources - 82%
  • Pricing - 95%


  • Completely free
  • So easy to use
  • Screenrec to MP4 HD recordings with no time limit
  • No ads or watermarks


  • Lacks editing feature

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Introduction to our Reviews

In this Screenrec reviews, I analyse this simple yet powerful productivity tool and answer this question: does it fulfil what you need it to do?

Overview: Lite yet Full of Might

Screenrec is a free software that captures whatever is on your screen and saves it as a video file. It was designed as an in-house tool to quickly explain strategies and processes using the screen-recording as a visual aid. They aimed to make the software comprehensive yet straightforward. It performs all that it needs to do while minimizing the time that would have been wasted on lengthy meetings and numerous email exchanges. Of course, Screenrec downloads are completely free. That's a strong point – but does it perform as expected?


Ease of Use:

Since its developers made Screenrec for their own use, the workflow from recording to sharing is smooth and fluid. The interface of Screenrec for Windows is pretty straightforward, and you can start recording your screen using one hotkey. It’s also easy to choose between audio settings, whether you’ll include the screen audio or use a microphone to input your voice. At the end of your recording, you can either save the recording or send the file by mail or your preferred messaging app. It also has a content management system where you can keep track of and rename your files.

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Screenrec Software Features:


In this Screenrec reviews, Screenrec is simple, straightforward, and free. As mentioned, its creators had developed the recorder for effective communication. It has the most basic functionalities of what we would desire in a screen recorder. This is basically all it is, though. Screenrec for Windows does not edit your video. What it does is to capture the screen and let you store or share the files. Screenrec also generously comes with a 2GB storage cloud that is secure and private for a free product.

Other stand-out features of Screenrec for Windows, Mac and Linux are:

  • There are no watermarks on the videos.
  • There is no recording limit.
  • It has its own antivirus.
  • The Screenrec download barely takes any space on your computer as it is so light.

Screen Recording:

So what’s the catch with a Screenrec download and installation? You’re probably thinking – if it’s free, it’s probably not very hardworking. However, it records your screen in high definition and does not have any time limitations. As a result, you can record your screen for however long you wish. You can record the whole screen or choose only a portion of the screen for recording.


The only downside to Screenrec app is it doesn’t have an editing function.

Publishing and Sharing:

From Screenrec to MP4 files, the platform automatically generates a link that you can share with others to access your file from the cloud. The link is encrypted, and your files can only be accessed if you provide them.

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Support and Resources:

Clicking on Contact Us at the bottom of the Screenrec website will direct you to a chatroom. In these chatrooms, you will find a few possible questions, such as how to use Screenrec for Windows and other OS and how to access your videos from the cloud, among others. Each question leads to a detailed knowledgebase entry but also lets you send them an email.

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Screenrec Pricing:

Free Screenrec downloads are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. But before you commit, make sure to read their service terms.

Conclusion and Recommendation to our Screenrec Reviews:

What is it best for?

To conclude this Screenrec reviews, Screenrec software records your screen in HD, saves it to a secure cloud of 2GB worth of storage, and lets you share the recording with your contacts. All for free.

What is it not best for?

If you prefer a platform with more advanced features, you can try Screenrec alternatives.

Screenrec Alternatives:

Here's a list of the best Screenrec alternatives;

Screenrec Review Final Word:

There are better paid alternatives but let’s be thankful to Screenrec developers for thinking of sharing this brilliant solution with the rest of the world.

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Why is Screenrec software free?

Screenrec software is free because it is simple and straightforward and will stay this way because the developers don’t see the need to monetize the software as they’re using it for their own needs.

Can the Screenrec developers access my videos?

No. Screenrec software uses StreamingVideoProvider to store and encrypt your videos. Not even the developers have access to that unless you send them the link to your recording.

That's all for now:

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