Screenklean Review 2022: Clean with cool carbon molecular tech!

Updated May 8 2022
Loy Heaton
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Ease of Use 9.5
Design 8.5
Features and Functionality 8.0
Reliability 9.5
Pricing 8.0


  • Cleaning pad is reusable, making it eco-friendly
  • Compact and small, easy to transport


  • Might have trouble getting rid of hard stains, as you can't really apply pressure and push down on the cleaning pad

What is Screenklean?

Let me ask you all a quick question. Who here has gadgets such as a mobile phone (smartphone), some sort of tablet, workpad, Kindle or laptop. Or pretty much any gadget or tool that has a screen? That’s a rhetorical question because let’s be honest, we all do! You wouldn’t be reading this article now if you didn’t have such a thing.

Since you’re most likely to be reading this article right now either on your phone, tablet or computer and/or laptop, you understand the fact that gadgets (or anything for that matter) with screens or a lens; can and ultimately will get dirty. You can be the most clean and neatest person, but dirt, grime and dust seems to always find a way to build up and dirty our favourite belongings.

The usual method and most common and rather easy solution is to simply get a tissue or a cloth and wipe down the dirty gadget. Maybe dip and dab it into a tiny bit of water just to help get the screen clean and fresh, right? Sure, this method works and has worked for everyone for years.

But what if I told you, there’s a better and more efficient way? That eliminates the cons of using traditional tissue and wiping or drying cloth that you have lying around the house. Let me introduce to you this Screenklean reviews.

Screenklean Gadget


Why you need to use Screenklean?

Let me start this section of the Screenklean reviews with the obvious cons of the old traditional method of cleaning your gadgets screens. By traditional methods, I mean cleaning and wiping your gadget touchscreens with tissues and/or cloths and rags. They arn't the best laptop screen cleaner, which you'll see why in this Screenkleen review.

Carry around messy liquids. Wanting to get a better clean means you probably have to carry around messy liquids when going about cleaning all your iPads, tablets and e-books.

Your old cloth gets dirty. What’s the point of using a dirty old cloth to try and wipe something clean?

Using the wrong cloth means scratches. If you aren't using the right type of cloth, or at least good quality tissue or microfiber cloth, then you might end up scratching your gadget touchscreens!

Bad habit of using tissue or your shirt to clean touchscreens. Yes, this is a bad habit. Why? You put your gadget at risk of scratching the touchscreen with something like your shirt, and you shirt may be dirty depending on what you’ve done for the day. Also, tissues can leave white residue (especially when wet).

Screenklean carbon pad

As you can see, there are quite a few concerning problems when it comes to using the traditional methods to clean your touchscreens. At best, you’re doing a bad job. At worst, you can end up scratching and damaging your gadgets.

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How to clean screens with this Screenklean review?

In this Screenklean reviews; here are a few terms or “keywords” if you will; that you’ll need to get familiar with for this Screenkleen review are: carbon molecule (also known as carbon molecular tech), carbon clean and invisible carbon cleaner. 

I’ll go into them as we continue on in this Screenklean reviews so you can understand what they mean and what they do.

So, let’s get rid of the messy liquids and dirty cloths that you’ve been using and let’s take a look and get into this Screenklean reviews.

The Screenkleen gadget tool itself is a plastic handle and cap. The cap itself works as both a protective carrying case/cap, as well as “molecule recharging” station. Once you remove the cap, it reveals what we call a carbon cleaning pad, which is what you’ll be using to clean your touchscreens.

It’s as simple as just holding the Screenklean by its plastic handle, and then using the carbon cleaning pad by wiping it and brushing it against your touchscreens. As easy as that.

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How does the Screenklean actually work?

Let’s explore further on just how the carbon cleaning pad and it’s carbon molecules work in this Screenklean reviews. Screenkleen does it’s cleaning job easily and efficiently as you can see in this Screenkleen review. It does this by NOT just “smearing” the dust and dirt on your touchscreen around, but rather it removes it. “How?” you ask. “How does it help me on how to clean my laptop screen?”

Screenkleen review will tell you that they work great as a LED screen cleaner. And that's true. From reading Screenklean reviews; you'll see that the carbon cleaning pad works effectively by using what we call: Carbon Molecular Technology. 

You may recall a little bit about carbons and carbon molecules back from secondary school. Recall positive and negative charges? That's similar to how the Carbon molecular technology of the carbon cleaning pad works for the Screenkleen review. The Carbon cleaning charges itself with the carbon cap of the cleaning tool, and then uses positive charges in order to help it to attract the dust particles, dirt and grime. Because of this positive cleaning charge, your device touchscreens will be clear and lifted from any dust particles, dirt and all sorts of grime that's accumulated over time. It also removes oil and sweat that seeps out from your fingers with the help of it's patented microfiber cleaning pad.

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Screenklean Features

For this Screenkleen review; let's take a look at the screen cleaning kit and what comes with the Screenklean and how to clean touch screen laptop with it.

Features of Screenklean gadget tool

The Screenklean itself functions as the cleaning tool, the charging cap and all together it functions as a compact travelling case. The first pad that comes attached to the tool can be used and re-used for at least 150 cleans! Because of this fact, the Screenklean boasts a eco-friendly factor; as it eliminates the one time use factor of most cleaning products.

Due to the carbon molecular technology of the cleaning pads, Screenklean also helps to remove germs and other unwanted particles from your touchscreen also. Something I found really great when testing for my Screenklean reviews.

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Where can I buy Screenklean?

You can get your very own Screenklean packages from their retail stores scattered throughout the world, as well as their online store. To make it super easy and convenient for you, you can just click here to go to the official site where they have the best discount.


The gadget comes with a 1-year warranty and they even offer a 30-day money back garuantee. So, if you find yourself unsatisfied and meet their refund requirements; you don't really have anything to lose!

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My Conclusion

As an avid gadget user, keeping my device's touchscreens clean and nice looking it a priority for me. And there's nothing worse than why trying to use the Fingerprint ID verification on my devices, and the dirt, grime and oils from my fingers block that device's feature. Super irritating to me. So, Screenklean really helps me on that end and does me a huge win by keeping all of my devices nice and clean. I had a great time using it when testing it for this Screenkleen review.

It's small, it's easy to use and it didn't punch a hole through my wallet. What's not to like?

That’s all for now:

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