Redbubble vs Society6 Comparison 2024: Which is Better?

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Do you want to skip the read and get right to my pick? Between Redbubble vs Society6, the better print on demand sites is Redbubble.

Introduction to our Redbubble vs Society6 Comparison:

Welcome to our Redbubble vs Society6 comparison!

Dropshipping allows enterprising creatives to outsource the handling and shipment of their products through a third-party platform. As a result, artists can bring their work to markets far beyond their home shores and boost profit margins.

Of course, no two creative dropshipping platforms are alike. That said, today’s Redbubble vs Society6 review will let you see which is the better platform.

Overview of Redbubble vs Society6:


homepage of redbubble, as reviewed in this redbubble vs society6 comparison

Now six years in operation, Redbubble’s story began in Australia and is now 700,000-users strong. Redbubble also boasts several million fans who come to the site to discover new artists and buy their merch.


homepage of society6, as reviewed in this redbubble vs society6 comparison

Society6, on the other hand, touts itself as a platform made for artists by artists. It was started in 2009 after a team member couldn't join the Art Basel exhibitions . Society6 became a way by which artists could express themselves freely and make money in the process.

So let's get going with our Redbubble vs Society6 comparison!

Quick Comparison Table for Redbubble vs Society6:

Redbubble (My Choice!) Society6
Product Range Extensive range from clothing to home décor, spotlighting independent artists. Wide product selection, from art prints to furniture, with a focus on unique designs from independent artists.
Ease of Use User-friendly interface, easy for artists to upload and manage their designs. Simple, clean platform for artists and buyers alike.
Print Quality High-quality prints with designs from independent artists worldwide. Excellent print quality, especially lauded for their art prints.
Shipping Ships globally with varying rates and times based on location. Reliable delivery. International shipping available, but costs and delivery times can vary.
Pricing and Artist Commission Reasonable prices for buyers. Artists set their own margins, leading to varying profit. Pricing can be higher due to the quality and uniqueness of products. Artists earn 10% on each sale, higher on some items.
My View Ideal for artists seeking wide exposure and the ability to set their own prices. Best for artists wanting to sell high-quality prints and unique home décor items.
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Ease of Use:

So which is better Society6 vs Redbubble for artists?


This unique online marketplace makes things so much easier for creatives and their customers. All you need to do is create an account on the platform.

Thanks to its easy sign-on process, creating a Redbubble account is easy as pie. Almost immediately afterwards, you can go into your profile page, click the Add New Work button, and start the upload process of your designs.

Keep in mind, though, that you will need to upload your design in PNG format for the best possible printing quality in the finished product. Plus, all designs need to support a CMYK profile for faster, stress-free printing and it is also recommended that your backgrounds be transparent.


What we said about Redbubble also goes for Society6: create an account, log in, and start uploading your work. In terms of Society6 vs Redbubble quality, they're both great platforms.

What we like about Society6, though, is that it has its own webinar which walks potential users through the entire process from sign up to production. Also, we appreciate that it also includes PayPal verification in its sign-up process as it is a way to prevent fraud and ensure that artists get properly compensated for their work.

Graphics quality and format are, however, where it really differs from Redbubble. Society6 allows users to upload both JPG and PNG files with the following minimum specifications:

  • Dimensions between 6500 x 6500 to 16000 x 16000;
  • Resolution of 150 pixels per inch to 330 pixels per inch;
  • File size no greater than 150MB; and
  • RGB colour format

That said, when you talk about Redbubble vs Society6 quality, the latter has an edge.

Winner -Redbubble! This one was pretty close to call, but we are giving the round to Society6 in this Redbubble or Society6 comparison.

Redbubble vs Society6 Features and Flexibility:

Product Range:


Redbubble offers a vast and extensive product range. As an online marketplace, Redbubble provides a platform for independent artists to sell their artwork. They can place their designs on a wide variety of products including clothing (t-shirts, hoodies, etc.), stickers, phone cases, wall art, home & living products (mugs, pillows, clocks, etc.), and more. This allows artists to reach a broad market with diverse product preferences.


Society6 also presents a wide product range. What sets Society6 apart is its focus on unique designs and artistry. Artists can sell their designs not just on clothing and small items but also on large home décor products, such as furniture, curtains, beddings, and rugs. This makes Society6 an attractive platform for artists specializing in interior design elements.

Out of the box:


Simple Three-step Workflow

Using Redbubble only has three key steps for users. Initially, the user must create their designs and familiarise themselves with the Redbubble UI. Second, one selects the product on which they want to have their design printed, looking over more than 70 available options at their fingertips. Finally, once the choice has been made, they need to determine how much they want to charge for the finished item. Everything else that follows afterwards is taken care of by Redbubble;

Open-ended Call for Creatives

The beauty of Redbubble is that it does not discriminate when it comes to the art it accepts in its UI for production. Indeed, everyone from graphic designers to fan-artists can contribute and produce items within a wide range of categories; specifically: apparel, tote bags, shower curtains, art prints metal prints, stickers and stationery, phone cases and accessories, wall art, home accessories and lifestyle products, kid-friendly items, and personal accessories. Having said this, many artists find that it's much easier to work with Redbubble than it is with other print on demand hubs. All they really need is to set a price and they're good to go;


The Artist’s Studio Creation Platform This is literally a one-stop shop which lets users do all their work from uploading and creating online samples to marketing and accepting orders. Key subfeatures include the following:

  • My Artwork Page in grid or list view;
  • Pricing dashboard with which to set product prices and dictate shop markup;
  • My Products Page; and
  • Artwork detail section to allow customers to take a closer look at designs before making a purchase;

Themes & Template Design:



Redbubble offers a variety of templates and does not discriminate when it comes to the art it accepts in its UI for production. As a result, everyone from graphic designers to fan artists can contribute and produce items within a wide range of categories; specifically: apparel, stickers and stationery, phone cases and accessories, wall art, home accessories and lifestyle products, kid-friendly items, and personal accessories.



Now, to ensure that what you’re posting is something you’ve created and not a pastiche or copy of someone else’s, Society6 has an Artist Agreement that users need to sign off on before they can upload their work. In doing so, the platform prevents copyright infringement or creative piracy within its community to ensure that everyone gets a slice of the proverbial pie;

Moreover, Society6 is big on specialty items. Its offerings run the gamut from art prints to apparel. However, what really sets it apart from the competition is the fact that you can actually put your artwork on really big pieces of furniture like credence tables/credenzas, coffee tables, and even benches.

Print Quality:


Print quality is a strong selling point for Redbubble. They have established a reputation for delivering high-quality prints. Their printing process ensures vibrant colors and clear details. Customers have expressed satisfaction with the print quality, stating that it's excellent and the printed products are true to the online previews.


Society6 prides itself on delivering excellent print quality, particularly when it comes to art prints. They use high-quality materials to ensure that the prints are not just beautiful, but also durable. Reviews from customers frequently highlight the exceptional print quality, citing the vibrancy of colors and the sharpness of details.



Redbubble ships products worldwide. Shipping rates and times vary based on the customer's location and the nature of the product ordered. They use different shipping methods (standard or express) depending on the delivery location. Generally, Redbubble has a reliable and timely delivery system that meets customer expectations.


Society6 offers international shipping, but shipping costs and delivery times can vary depending on the destination. They do not offer express shipping, and some customers have noted longer delivery times. However, they are generally reliable and aim to ensure that their products reach their customers in good condition.

3rd party apps market:


The platform has no third-party integrations.


Similar to Redubble, Society doesn't offer integrations.



Redbubble lets you know if there are threats and vulnerabilities to your site. You may encounter several vulnerabilities listed under the OWASP Top 10, remote code execution, and vulnerabilities related to authentication and authorization. Once these issues are reported, the tech team steps in to resolve the issue.


You can consider Society6 as a safe space for buyers and sellers.


Both Redbubble and Society6 do not offer POS features.

Abandoned cart saver:

The platforms under review don't offer this feature.

Payment Gateways:


You can use either a business or personal PayPal account to be able to sell on Redbubble.


Buyers can purchase from Society6 through major debit and credit cards, and artists get paid through PayPal.


Both Redbubble and Society6 don't come with SEO features, but they do offer tutorials on how to optimize your pages for search engines.

Mobile First:

The Redbubble app is available for both iOS and Android devices while Society6 app is available only on iOS for now.



Metrics and Analytics

This is a feature that we found a pleasant surprise; it's not often that you have an integrated ecommerce platform and print on demand service that has the ability to tell a user how well their shop is doing online. Redbubble gives its users regular updates on how much traffic they're getting within a given time period, along with how many products have been sold within the same amount of time. Demographics as to the age and location of customers is also given, enabling users to calibrate their product offerings for emergent markets;

Social Media Integration

Today's social media-linked world means that creatives need to have an active presence on leading networks like Facebook and Instagram. Redbubble makes this possible by allowing users to connect their shops to their social media accounts on different platforms to gain both a loyal following and sell their work to the audiences that matter the most to them.


The platform offers traffic analytics and lets you promote your products to sell on Pinterest and other platforms.

Winner – Redbubble! All things considered, we are giving the win on features to Redbubble in this Redbubble vs Society6 comparison.

Support and Resources:


Even if you’re just learning how to use Redbubble, the platform makes it a great deal easier to navigate through it via its video-centric knowledge base RBTV. This unique YouTube channel offers numerous tips and tricks that users can implement, making their creative and mercantile experience more meaningful over time.

However, online customer service is limited to direct messaging on-site or through Twitter and Facebook Messenger.


One of the things we like about Society6 is its Help Centre. More than just another knowledge base, it actually walks users through each of the steps involved in the creative production process.

However, we take issue with the Support widget on the Society6 website: all it really does is send you to the relevant page in the Help Centre as opposed to keeping you online as they sort your issues out. The only alternative to this is to send the support team an email – and this bites as they do take a while before replying.

Winner -Draw! Both platforms could improve on support, so we're calling a tie in this Redbubble and Society6 support comparison.

Pricing for Redbubble vs Society6:

Pricing options:


Pricing system is where Redbubble differs from the competition. Everything that can be bought on site has a specific price and markup is determined by individual creators.

Likewise, getting paid for one's work is also easy, but you will need to hit a threshold before you can start collecting your payments. You can browse over the service's user agreement for more details.

Check the latest Redbubble pricing


Prices on Society6 are determined by the base price set by the platform for different products and the markup which you need to set yourself. Iour earnings are calculated based on the price sold after any discounts are applied to purchase during checkout.

The default markup for pricing on Society6 is pegged at 10% and all prices are rounded off to the nearest dollar on site. Note, however, that the rule does not apply to art prints, canvas prints, and framed prints.

All earnings are reflected in the Earnings Dashboard located on one’s account page. Read their community guidelines page before committing to anything.

Check the latest Society6 pricing

Free trial, refund policy, and money-back guarantee:

Users may create accounts on Redbubble for free. The same goes for Society6.

Winner – Redbubble! While both offer free accounts, Redbubble offers better value for money in this Society6 or Redbubble pricing comparison.

Comparison Winner: Redbubble vs Society6?

Redbubble is the winner in our Redbubble and Society6 comparison test!

Conclusion to our Redbubble vs Society6 Comparison:

In most comparisons we’ve done between creative dropshipping platforms, we normally call it a draw, as most share features and capabilities. However, for this comparison, we're giving the win to Redbubble.

What is Redbubble best for?

Suitable for independent artists and designers who need a beginner-friendly platform with relatively inexpensive products.

What is Society6 best for?

Artists and designers who are extra careful with their intellectual property and fraudulent transactions.

Redbubble vs Society6 Alternatives:

Some of the best Redbubble or Society6 alternatives include;

Redbubble vs Society6 Final Word:

All things considered, we find Redbubble edges Society6 in this comparison. We believe it can increase sales and boost artist margins better than Society6. When it comes to comparing two highly thought-of and widely used print on demand platforms, we recommend that your company check out the best deals to suit your overall budget.

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That's all for now:

If you've read all the way through this Redbubble vs Society6 comparison, we are thankful. We hope you can now answer the question of what are the pros and cons of this print-on-demand platforms! We have a large collection of articles, guides, and comparison reviews of eCommerce solutions, web hosting providers, website builders, and more! Feel free to check them out;


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