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About Client:

XLProjects is a division of Advanced International Networks Ltd., an esteemed global logistics network operator since 2003. Since its inception in October 2012, XLProjects has become a notable platform for some of the world's most recognized project logistics companies, facilitating profitable business partnerships.

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, the XLProjects Network is helmed by a multinational and multilingual team of professionals. Their mission is to propel the international agency businesses of project logistics companies.

The management team at XLProjects brings a wealth of experience from both sides of the project logistics field and network management. This allows them to understand the nuanced needs of project forwarders and charterers and apply that knowledge effectively in managing the XLProjects Network.

The team maintains rigorous standards for accepting companies into the network, ensuring a thorough examination of their credentials, operational capabilities, and project know-how. XLProjects' commitment extends to working closely with their Member Partners, offering full support and even traveling globally to run meetings, events, and forums.

The Goals:

While XLProjects had already amassed a noteworthy presence within the logistics industry, they sought to enhance their online exposure to reach more potential partners and clients. They aimed for higher online visibility, better keyword rankings in relation to their services, and an improved conversion rate for online inquiries and applications.

The Strategy:

At StuartKerrs, we kicked off with an extensive WordPress website overhaul, incorporating advanced web technologies such as PHP, Ajax, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS 3, and Twitter Bootstrap. This enhanced user experience, making the site more visually appealing and functionally robust.

Simultaneously, we initiated an all-encompassing SEO strategy. We identified and implemented high-volume keywords across their website and optimized on-page elements like metadata, header tags, and image alt tags. To ensure regular fresh content, we established and followed a weekly content calendar.

Link-building was a significant part of our strategy, acquiring backlinks from high-authority, relevant websites through guest posts, press releases, and active social media engagement. We also boosted their local SEO, listing the business on Google My Business and Google Maps.

The Result:

The outcomes were remarkably positive. XLProjects witnessed a substantial increase in website traffic, and their keyword rankings showed significant improvement in a short period. The bounce rate decreased by 8%, and returning visitors increased by 87%. The local SEO strategy also yielded excellent results, generating more local inquiries.

The most meaningful achievement was the rise in conversion rates, leading to more leads and partnership inquiries, translating to a higher ROI for their digital marketing investment.


“StuartKerrs has played a key role in boosting our online visibility. Their skill in website development and SEO has driven more traffic, leads, and partnership inquiries to our platform. We are exceptionally satisfied with the results and would highly recommend their services.” – XLProjects Management Team.

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