Be Naturally Healthy

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About Client:

Our client is a women's health specialist from Be Naturally Healthy. She offers support to women exploring their birth control options and navigating their overall wellbeing. With a background in Naturopathic Nutrition, she uses her expertise to help women understand their hormonal health and make informed decisions.

Her journey was sparked by a series of ordinary events that led her to realize the lack of awareness about the impact of hormonal birth control methods on women's health. These revelations led her to delve deeper into women's hormonal health, which she believes is crucial to their overall wellbeing.

Aside from being a women's health advocate, she is deeply interested in feminine wisdom, incorporating these insights into her practice. Her aim is to enable women to feel exactly as they're meant to – empowered, informed, and healthy.

The Goals:

The client wished to expand her reach, empowering more women by providing them access to her valuable insights and knowledge. She was seeking an online presence that reflected her holistic approach to women's health and wellness, and also wanted to rank better on search engines for related keywords.

The Strategy:

Our strategy at StuartKerrs was two-fold, encompassing a comprehensive WordPress website development process and a robust SEO digital marketing plan.

We built a user-friendly website, incorporating advanced technologies like PHP, Ajax, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS 3, and Twitter Bootstrap. We ensured the design reflected the client's holistic approach to women's health, providing a calming and welcoming online space.

The SEO strategy involved identifying relevant, high-volume keywords and incorporating these across the website. We optimized all on-page elements, from metadata and header tags to image alt tags, and established a content calendar for regular, fresh, SEO-optimized content.

Link-building was another critical aspect of our strategy. We focused on obtaining backlinks from high-authority websites, leveraging guest posts, press releases, and active social media engagement.

The Result:

Our efforts paid off with significant improvements in the client's online visibility. The website traffic surged, and the chosen keywords improved their rankings within a few months. The bounce rate decreased by 9%, and returning visitors increased by 86%.

Moreover, the local SEO strategy generated numerous local inquiries, demonstrating that the target audience resonated with the client's holistic approach to women's health.

The most rewarding outcome was a rise in conversion rates, leading to more consultations booked, which translated into a higher ROI for the client's digital marketing efforts.


“I'm incredibly pleased with the results StuartKerrs achieved. They've managed to build a website that truly embodies my approach to women's health, and their SEO expertise has drawn more women towards the knowledge and support they need. It's a pleasure to see my online presence have such a meaningful impact, and I couldn't have done it without StuartKerrs.” – Be Naturally Healthy.

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