Honest Printify Reviews 2024: What is Printify?

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Printify is a print-on-demand platform that allows e-commerce businesses to create and sell custom products. It offers a wide variety of products, including clothing, accessories, home decor, and more, which can be customized and printed only when an order is placed, reducing waste and inventory costs.

  • Ease of Use - 88%
  • Features & Flexibility - 89%
  • Help & Support - 86%
  • Pricing - 85%


  • Offers a free pricing plan for small enterprises or individual creators just starting out;
  • Offers over 750 unique products in its catalog;
  • Has an extensive global network of suppliers, enabling it to service clients from across the globe


  • Subpar customer service;
  • Does not have its own marketplace service;
  • Customization options are limited even on premium plans

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Introduction to our Printify Reviews:

Welcome to our Printify reviews!

For many creatives, the best way by which to get their work out to the public is to create printed collateral that can be considered collectibles or limited edition must-have items by paying customers.

However, the problem here is that some creatives often go the route of buying and holding their own inventory and end up with more items than they can actually sell.

For this reason, print-on-demand service platforms came into vogue. In ourPrintify reviews, we’ll see how this particular platform works for its clients.


Print on demand is a form of marketing wherein the client works with a supplier to customize white-label items (essentially plain, unprinted materials like T-shirts, tote bags, and other things that can be used as promotional giveaways) with designs they have created to sell them on a per-order basis under their own brand and/or through their websites.

It is more cost-effective as the client doesn't have to pay for the custom products until it's actually been sold; thus, there is no need to hold any inventory in stock, let alone buy products in bulk.

Another keen thing about print-on-demand services is that everything that comes after the sale is managed by the supplier. All the client has to do is click a few parameters, and the order can be fulfilled. That said, most print-on-demand suppliers tend to work through websites where clients can create accounts, set the necessary parameters, and essentially get the show on the road.

Printify is one such platform for selling products, and we will be going into detail about how it works.

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What is Printify?

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Let's start this Printify reviews by doing a quick run-through of this service. In essence, Printify is a comprehensive print-on-demand service that enables online business owners to create custom designs that can be applied to practically no end of printable products, from clothing, phone cases, to stationery.

So what is Printify like as a service?

As with all print-on-demand service providers, Printify does not print items in bulk and only starts working on them when their users have closed a sale. The user must accept the order, and Printify handles the fulfilment side of the equation.

The beauty of Printify print on demand is that it has a built-in mockup generator that enables users to see what products will look like even before they go into sales and production. Users are shown a selection of colours and sizes they can offer to their customers, making their selections before putting items up for sale.

Ease of Use:

First up on our Printify reviews, what is Printify in terms of ease of use? Why it only takes around three minutes to create a new high quality product on the platform! You can open a Printify account for free or download a Printify app on your phone.

Indeed, Printify offers a four-step process through which its customers can create items for sale with absolute ease.

1. Product Selection

Users can take their pick from a catalogue of over 750 products ranging from stationery, tableware, clothing, and even home accessories for customization. The beauty of the product selection process is that you can select the best product for your business based on your print provider location, fulfilment time, and price range;

2. Customize Your Items

Using the mockup generator, users can apply their original artwork or patterns to their products of choice. Here, they can upload the product design, see what colour and size versions are possible with it, and even get high-resolution previews of the finished product;

3. Order Your Samples

Pretty much like a try-before-you-buy feature, Printify UK enables users to order samples of the products they’ve selected before they actually commit to an order. That way, users can keep tabs on the print quality of the finished products they pass on to their customers;

4. Publish and Produce

Once the samples have passed muster with the user, they can now publish product specifics in their online stores for the items they have chosen. Remember that, as this is a print-on-demand service, the supplier will only begin production once the user has closed a sale with a customer. Also, keep in mind that Printify has third-party platform integration with several of the leading ecommerce platforms: Wix, Printify Shopify, Printify Woocommerce, Printify Etsy, among others.

printify reviews - connections
printify reviews – connections

Features and Flexibility:

Moving on in our Printify reviews, what features can we expect?


What is Printify capable of doing? The platform’s key features are as follows:

  • Mockup generator
  • Integration with Shopify, Etsy, eBay and more
  • Manual order creation
  • 24/7 merchant support
  • Self-serve help centre
  • Custom order import
  • Up to 20% discount on all products
  • Early access to new features
  • Custom API integration
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Branded customer support

Product Range Printify Reviews:

Printify offers a wide variety of products for printing, ranging from clothing items such as t-shirts, hoodies, and tank tops, to accessories like phone cases and bags. They also offer home and living items such as mugs, pillows, and blankets, as well as wall art and stickers. This extensive product catalog provides a vast canvas for creativity, allowing businesses and individual designers to cater to a diverse audience with different tastes and needs.

Print Quality Printify Reviews:

Printify is recognized for its high-quality prints. The company uses Direct-to-Garment (DTG), Sublimation, and Embroidery printing techniques which provide vibrant, detailed, and durable prints. However, the final quality can also depend on the design's complexity and the specific print provider chosen within the Printify network. Overall, many users report satisfaction with the print quality, noting the sharpness of images and the durability of prints even after repeated washing.

Printify also relies on the following printing technologies to produce items for its users:

Direct to Garment Printing

What is Printify direct to garment printing?

This involves spraying jets of ink onto the fabric. Then, the design appears because the ink soaks into the garment's fibres. Think of it as conventional printing but instead of paper, you're using cotton and other fabrics. This is one of the easiest methods employed by any print on demand business, and it's more environmentally friendly than conventional screen printing which is notorious for wasting material over time;


Next, what is Printify sublimation printing? Also known as all-over printing, designs are printed on a specially-treated sheet of paper. The printed image is then transferred to a shirt or other product using heat. The heat essentially melts the ink, superimposing it onto the fabric. It's a bit more expensive than other methods but has the advantage of producing products whose designs won't crack, peel, or deteriorate over time.

In this case, items printed using the sublimation method are of good quality and more durable than those printed using other methods. Sublimation commonly involves polyester or polyester derivatives in printing but can also be used on items treated with a polymer coating. Keep in mind, however, that sublimation is a CMYK printing technique, so designs where the color white features prominently cannot be printed with this method;

Professional-grade Digital Printing

Here, Printify t shirts are made when images are mapped out by pixel, and small amounts of professional-grade ink are applied. Given the nature of this method, this is best used on paper items;


How does Printify work for embroidery printing? For a truly high quality professional-looking – and rather bespoke – selection of apparel, embroidery is a creative's best bet. Indeed, Printify prides itself on having designs tools and guides for those considering embroidering their designs as opposed to simply printing them on cloth. However, there is one drawback when it comes to embroidery: you can only use sixteen-thread colors in your products.

Shipping Printify Reviews:

Printify offers worldwide shipping since they have printing partners located across the globe, including in the USA, UK, China, Australia, and Germany. This allows for faster shipping times to customers. The shipping cost and time can vary depending on the product, quantity, printing partner, and shipping destination. They also provide tracking on all orders. While shipping times are typically reliable, it's important to note that external factors, such as postal service disruptions or customs checks, can sometimes cause delays.

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Support and Resources:

What is Printify support and customer service like? Printify is supported by the following suppliers who help them fulfil each user’s orders:

  • AVMM
  • Air Waves
  • ArtsAdd
  • Awkward Styles
  • Big Oven Tees
  • Colorway
  • Ink Blot
  • Monster Digital
  • Personalized Luggage
  • OPT OnDemand

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Regarding customer support, channels are limited to its online help centre, 24/7 email support, and live chat facility.

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Printify Prices:

Now, next on our Printify reviews, what are Printify costs? Standard pricing for Printify subscription packages is as follows:

  • Free plan with five stores per account and unlimited designs;
  • Printify Premium is at $24.99 monthly with the following inclusions:
    • Ten stores per account;
    • Unlimited range of designs;
    • Up to 20% discount on products;
    • Custom pricing for Enterprise Plan (shops with more than 10,000 customers on average) with the following inclusions:
      • Unlimited number of stores;
      • Unlimited range of designs;
      • Up to 20% discount on products

Be sure to click though on our Printify Coupon Code link to save more money!

Printify Reviews Free trial/refunds/money-back guarantee:

Printify offers a free-to-use plan, but keep in mind that it does not have the same level of creative leeway as on a premium or custom plan. Know more about it by reading their terms of service.

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Conclusion and Recommendation to our Printify Reviews:

Now wrapping up our Printify reviews;

What is Printify?

Printify is one of the best options we have seen so far concerning print-on-demand services, especially because of its integrations with several leading ecommerce platforms.

What is it best for?

An excellent choice for small and medium-scale online establishments or creatives who are out to build an initial customer base.

What is it not best for?

This may not necessarily be a good choice for those looking for an all-in-one printing hub (or a print-on-demand service that doubles as an ecommerce builder and an online marketplace.)

Printify Alternatives:

If you are looking for alternatives, here are some good Printify competitors:

  • Printify vs Redbubble. Redbubble offers an extensive range of POD services for users but Printify has more integrations with third-party apps.
  • Printify vs Printful. Compring Printify or Printful, the latter has no setup or monthly costs and no minimum order requirements.
  • Printify vs Teespring. If you have to choose between them, Teespring is more affordable than Printify.

Printify Reviews Final Word:

Again: while we’ve made the case for Printify as a potential option for those looking for a print-on-demand hub to show off their work, this review is based on our own experience and is meant to help users make informed decisions. In this case, we recommend doing your own due diligence to see which print-on-demand platform will work best for your specific requirements.


Can I use Printify for free for selling products?

Yes, and it’s not even a trial - it’s free to use for good. However, remember that you may only link up to five online stores on a free account. Still, you are entitled to an unlimited number of designs for your products.

How much do I need to pay for an Enterprise plan on Printify?

As we said in our Printify reviews, it would have to depend on how large an enterprise you’re running. Printify offers custom pricing for online stores with over 10,000 customers on average under its Enterprise category.

That's all for now:

If you've read all the way through this Printify reviews, we are thankful! We have a large collection of articles, guides, and comparison reviews of eCommerce solutions, web hosting providers, website builders, and more! Feel free to check them out;


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