Pluralsight Review 2024: Is This Tech Training Platform Worth the Expense?

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Pluralsight is an online education platform that offers video training courses for software developers, IT administrators, and creative professionals. It offers courses on various topics, including software development, IT operations, data and security, cloud computing, and design.

  • Ease of Use - 96%
  • Features - 92%
  • Course Content - 92%
  • Support & Resources - 88%
  • Pricing - 80%


  • Invaluable, applicable knowledge learned from quality course content prepared by industry experts
  • Access to an umbrella of 7500+ courses
  • Automatically updated content on courses


  • Costly option
  • No refunds
  • Not suitable for tech newbies

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Introduction to our Pluralsight Review

Are you looking to start or advance in your tech career? The first step would be to read this Pluralsight review.

While Pluralsight is an excellent online education program for IT and related tech fields, it is not for everyone. This Pluralsight review will look at and itemise its strong and weak points of a Pluralsight subscription. I'll also discuss Pluralsight cost and explore what Pluralsight free trial offerings are available. I’ll also compare it to a few Pluralsight competitors and let you decide if a Pluralsight subscription is right for you.

Let's get going!

Overview: US-based online training platform

Pluralsight is an American company that provides online training in software development and IT, with valuable courses in cloud, security, data, and IT operations. Unlike other online training platforms, Pluralsight offers focused training for tech skills.


Ease of Use:

To start this Pluralsight review, I begin by dissecting if it's easy to use. Since it is a platform intended for tech professionals, the user experience is exceptionally intuitive. As it teaches UI/UX and web design courses in its library, the site and platform are automatically prime examples of best practices. Additionally, when glitches are found on the site, they troubleshoot the issues as soon as they receive the issue report so that many subscribers do not even encounter these glitches.

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Course Navigation:

When you look at the Pluralsight website, you notice right away that there is no introduction to what Pluralsight is. There is a promo on the landing page, and you go straight to featured courses as you start to scroll down. Anyone not working in the tech industry may be initially confused as to what the site is for. But Pluralsight banks on the fact that those who check out the site are already in IT and looking for something specific. Their main dropdown offers options for both individual users and teams and quickly itemises what you’re likely looking for.

Video Quality:

As this platform is for the development of technological skills, it only makes sense that the quality of course videos is technologically advanced, as well. Generally, the videos are clear, with a high resolution, and the audio is very crisp. This Pluralsight review praises the platform for its video quality.


The black background feels like a futuristic tech setting, probably making Pluralsight subscribers feel most at home. It is easy to find courses with this layout.

Community Interaction:

The premium Pluralsight subscription, which is a level-up from the regular subscription, offers interactive courses and projects, where you are given guided feedback for practice coding challenges and projects.


The site and education platform are fully accessible on mobile devices. Also, a mobile Pluralsight app can be downloaded through Google Play and the Apple Store. You should be able to download courses to work on them offline. However, in our Pluralsight review, I have to warn you that there are complaints on its download function.

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Course Content:

Range of Pluralsight Interactive Courses:

If you pay for a Pluralsight subscription, you'll see that courses are organised according to Novice, Proficient, and Expert, and you take an assessment test to determine which level you are at, and which courses you can take. Course categories include Software Development, Data Professional, IT Ops, Architecture and Construction, Manufacturing and Design, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning and AI, Information and Cyber Security, Business Professional and Creative Professional.

Best-selling courses:

Some of the best-selling courses (of 7,500+) on Pluralsight are:

  • An overview course on Python
  • Beginners’ basics course on JavaScript
  • Intermediate course on Python
  • An overview course on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • C# Fundamentals
  • Beginner’s overview of Ethical Hacking
  • Java Fundamentals

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While you will receive a certification from Pluralsight that says you completed such courses, these are not industry-official certificates that can replace a school diploma.

Content Quality:

In our Pluralsight review, let's talk about the usefulness of the level of information in each course. Pluralsight takes pride in the authors of their course content, as they are the most celebrated tech professionals in the industry. Additionally, the courses are reviewed for accuracy before they are uploaded, and the content is refreshed continuously when new information becomes available.

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Support and Resources:

Pluralsight has an extensive knowledge base that is easy to navigate but also offers a section on how to use the website if you need it. Much of the “How-to’s” are presented in short videos, which more people find easier to comprehend. Their phone support is currently unavailable, but have 24/7 chat assistance and responsive email support.

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Pluralsight Pricing:

How much is a Pluralsight subscription? The biggest con I found in this Pluralsight review is the steep Pluralsight cost for a Pluralsight license. Compared to other online training platforms, it is pricey. However, Pluralsight cost is not unreasonable. Unlike competitors that offer access for single courses, Pluralsight’s subscriptions give you access to the entire library of 7,500+ courses.

Pluralsight offers courses and pricing options under two product areas: Skills and Flow. Pluralsight Skills focuses on training while Flow emphasises on data metrics and analytics.


Personal Plans:

There are three payment schemes for individual subscriptions under Skills.

Firstly, the Monthly scheme charges $19 per month, while the Annual scheme is $159 for the full year, which is a grand discount off the monthly price. Lastly, the Premium scheme at $239 per year adds unlimited practice exams for certification and interactive courses and projects that let you apply what you learned in simulated real-world situations.

Pluralsight review of pricing-skills-personal-plan

Team Plans:

The Professional scheme charges $579 per user, while the Enterprise scheme charges $779 per user.



Concerning Pluralsight cost under the Flow category, there are three pricing tiers:


Pluralsight free trial/refund policy/money-back guarantee:

A 10-day or 200-minute Pluralsight free trial on Skills is offered. Meanwhile, each Flow plan comes with a 30-day Pluralsight free trial available after the product demo.

From their terms of use page, unfortunately the platform does not issue refunds. Still, you may opt to cancel your subscription and access all courses within the period paid for.

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Conclusion and Recommendation to our Pluralsight Review.

Who is this course for?

  • Tech professionals who wish to keep updating their knowledge
  • Small and big businesses looking to upgrade workforce skills and training

Who is this course not for?

  • Those “trying it out” or not committed to a career switch in tech
  • Tech newbies without any working knowledge
  • Those who aren't looking to make a career in IT and software development

Pluralsight Alternatives:

For those who are looking for accredited courses, here's a list of the best Pluralsight alternatives;

  • Pluralsight vs Udemy: Udemy has a lot more courses because they do not limit themselves to IT; you can find any course under the sun in Udemy.
  • Pluralsight vs Coursera: Coursera is a strong contender because it features actual courses from top universities. It also offers courses in several languages, and you can audit courses free of charge.

Pluralsight Review Final word:

In conclusion, Pluralsight is an excellent online learning platform for tech professionals. However, it isn't for the less dedicated or those merely exploring a career change. It is expensive because you have all the courses available to you, on-demand, and you are assured of getting the best. I encourage you to sign up for a Pluralsight free trial today to judge for yourself!

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What are Pluralsight skills?

Pluralsight Skills is a technology skills platform within Pluralsight. It informs you what skills you already have and that you still need, to see where your gaps are and what you need to work on to acquire mastery.

Is Pluralsight cost worth it?

Pluralsight aims to give you as much knowledge, training and personalisation as you would need to succeed in your tech career. Many current users consider their Pluralsight subscription as a necessary investment.

That’s all for now:

We hope you have enjoyed our Pluralsight review and have gleaned some useful information. Please do keep an eye out for our articles as we have lots of information relating to online services offered. Read our related platform review and comparison articles below;


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